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  1. Not going to be disappointed at all. I would prefer top talent wasted at Memphis over going to a coach that could actually do real damage against teams I care about.
  2. What has Hardaway done to prove he can do anything? He had a KY like team last year and he sucked. He's a high level AAU coach that rolls out basketballs and says let's shoot around for practice. He's already been exposed as a fraud. Memphis offers nothing that SLU can't offer.
  3. Bossi likes Nesbitt a lot and is pushing to get him a bump in the national rankings. He's taking some heat from Illinois and Mizzou trash. Didn't know Mizzou thought they had a chance with Nesbitt but they are the most delusional fan base not named Nebraska. He really likes SLU's team next year and believes they could be the next Dayton.
  4. KC has started to call themselves the real soccer capital. One "soccer" guy claims KC has blown by Saint Louis in youth soccer. I don't buy this at all but I don't know enough.
  5. How good is St.Louis area soccer compared to other cities in the Midwest? Have we fallen behind?
  6. I really hope it's the St.Louis Steamers. What an awesome logo. Really anything but FC because its soccer to us.
  7. Didn't UMass risk the future of the football team by rejecting full membership in the MAC?
  8. Sorry I meant to say a new EA sports NCAA football or basketball game.
  9. SLU was how many seconds away from being a top 25 team?
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