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  1. I really hope it's the St.Louis Steamers. What an awesome logo. Really anything but FC because its soccer to us.
  2. Didn't UMass risk the future of the football team by rejecting full membership in the MAC?
  3. Sorry I meant to say a new EA sports NCAA football or basketball game.
  4. SLU was how many seconds away from being a top 25 team?
  5. Perkins was fouled 3 times down the court
  6. The announcers thought is might be traveling. Have they ever seen a basketball game
  7. Someone should let these clown announcers know that this is ESPN not Rhode Island Regional Cable. The homerism is disgusting.
  8. The womens basketball team will play St. Bonaventure in front of a packed house of local elementary and middle school students. Kudos to a great Billiken for organizing this cool event.
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