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  1. Nothing would change except more money will go to SLU rather than division 3 rowing. It would give basketball schools a bigger voice. Some form of this will happen and it's probably all ready being planned.
  2. This WILL be a good thing for SLU and all of college basketball.
  3. What if and I know this sounds crazy but...what if the Big 10 bought the Big East conference TV rights? It would protect the Big East from what's definitely coming.
  4. The big schools would break from the NCAA and create it's own basketball tournament was my point.
  5. Right now no one knows what's really going on. Its amazing how lazy some of the reports have been. Some "reporters" have popped off and have been completely wrong. My guess is the religious schools in the Big 12 are really in trouble. K-State is also not in a good spot. How this is a SLU problem is the future of the NCAA basketball tournament. Its not going survive. I read some where someone said it's a cash cow. That is only true for the NCAA offices. The schools get a fraction of the profits. If you're a blue blood that sells the tournament you might want a bigger piece of the pie or all of it. I think it would be foolish to not include the Big East, Atlantic 10 or the Gonzaga conference but if you are not in the SEC, ACC or Big 10 you are in danger.
  6. Yes 60 players get drafted but a new thing is top players that would normally get drafted in the early 2nd round are increasingly telling teams don't draft me unless you give me 1st round money. The move is to create a bidding war and pick the best landing spot. Heck some players are even telling teams to not draft them late in the first round unless they get lottery money. It's a whole new world.
  7. Does anyone know why he only played 3 games?
  8. The plan was to get TyTy and Pettiford with Mckissic as a back up plan. The writing was on the wall when he tried to commit last week and was told to hold on.
  9. Something to consider. Next year will have a numbers crunch for roster spots. There will be zero seniors and schools like Duke. North Carolina and Kentucky will be looking for some super seniors for reinforcements rather than go to the next 5 star kid. I'm sure Kansas will be looking for the best PG transfer they can find. Kids that would automatically be P7/ Dayton SLU players maybe left off. Talent should trickle down to lower level A10 schools and so on. Now would be the time to have a spare scholarship.
  10. The eye ball test says that SLU might be a top 10 team. The competition might not be great but they smash teams like a top 10 team.
  11. This is what great team do to bad teams.
  12. One thing that makes Travis Ford different than most of the coaches at SLU is he's built a program not a team. I have no idea how good Kern is but I don't see the need of a grad transfer. Ford has really made great moves to protect the program post seniors.
  13. DePaul seems to be the witness protection of the NCAA. It's where talented players go to disappear.
  14. 1. Pat Forde is a click bait ******. 2. Frank Martin says he knows who the cheaters are. See Michael Beasley recruitment.
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