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  1. First weekend averaged 9.12 million with the national championship game viewed by 18.1 million. Interesting the highest rated first weekend game was Duke vs. Michigan St. Followed by Michigan vs. Tennessee and Kansas vs. Creighton.
  2. Unfortunately people like to hear about the Cinderella story but not watch the Cinderella story. The pie is going to get bigger and the number feasting will get smaller. The winning network won't have to be convinced because they will be the ones leading the way. One thing to also consider is our definition of a Cinderella will change. What if the new Cinderella is Oregon St. that has a significantly larger alumni base than St. Peter's. This is going to happen by 2032.
  3. The NCAA doomed its self when they gave the NCAA Tournament to CBS for pennies on the dollar. The tournament is estimated to be worth anywhere between 2-2.5 billion a year on the open market. The conferences won't let the NCAA do that again. Probably some conferences will either be cut from an automatic bid or asked to share one. This should see more money in SLU's pocket because the Big East or Atlantic 10 will not get the axe. The tournament contract comes up at the same time the ACC Gor ends. That's when things will get ultimately settled.
  4. No they haven't, that was a troll post. That will never happen. What's probably going to happen is a merger of the Big 12 and the Pac after the Big 10 takes what it wants from the two conferences.
  5. The 1 time transfer rule was a hail mary attempt by the NCAA to stop NIL's. A way of removing that rule would be to say it was a way to help the student athlete during covid. Then again Charlie Moore played for a different school every year.
  6. I get you're upset and you bleed blue and im an outsider who is just a fan. Maybe right now a pep talk isn't what you want and if you did I'm not the one you want to hear it from. SLU will have a great next season.
  7. SLU's program isn't a dog and pony show. You have a top end basketball stadium that 95% of the college basketball world are envious of. You have a campus that is great and only getting better. SLU is a world class research university and yes that helps. You just took the best player away from a P5 SEC school. Saint Louis is a hotbed for top recruits. I get losing Yuri sucks but this isn't the end of the world. Stop looking at what you don't have and start looking ar what you do have. I think when you do that you will find SLU is an awesome basketball program. It's the Saint Peters of the world that are in trouble.
  8. Change is coming sooner rather than later to college basketball and I think SLU will be fine. I would strongly encourage SLU to be very proactive with NIL and do everything in its power to get to the Big East just to be safe.
  9. Honestly why would you spend money on a WNBA team when you could probably spend less to see a far superior St. Louis University game?
  10. Nothing would change except more money will go to SLU rather than division 3 rowing. It would give basketball schools a bigger voice. Some form of this will happen and it's probably all ready being planned.
  11. This WILL be a good thing for SLU and all of college basketball.
  12. What if and I know this sounds crazy but...what if the Big 10 bought the Big East conference TV rights? It would protect the Big East from what's definitely coming.
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