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  1. A medical redshirt is awarded after the four years are completed. So we won't know for years.
  2. I don't know about better but this team is way more fun to watch than last year. It looks like SLU hit big time on 3 freshmen and the other 2 have big time upside. French looks significantly better this year. I expect them to be in the tournament this year.
  3. CBFan you make a fair point and you're right. In my zeal to take a shot at Mizzou I came across as a snob. Please accept my apology. Can anyone here point out one time in the past ten years where I talked down to SLU? SLU has a big time coach, campus and arena. I suffered on this board with everyone during S1 and S2 and you can look that up. The only one I can think of was when I said Pearson would not have left if SLU completed in the Big East. I dont think I'm the only one on this board wishing SLU in the Big East. I dont bring up KU, I only respond to others. I'm pretty honest here with my fandom. I have two teams I root for. KU is my number 1 school and SLU is my number 2 school. The only college clothing i will ever wear other than KU is SLU. I hate Mizzou and Kansas State which last time I checked seem to be the biggest thorns in your side. Remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  4. When you asked me how I know what the FBI found or didn't, I replied the trial was public information. Must be that great Columbia Community College degree you have.
  5. Seriously, the trial was made public record. This was big news.
  6. Remember that was said in closing argument by the defense authority with ZERO evidence. The FBI found everything and found no evidence of this. I doubt the NCAA found something the FBI couldn't.
  7. Unless the NCAA found something the FBI didn't, then nothing will happen.
  8. I'm not some expert, I'm going off reports by Eric Bossi. Bossi probably knows more about mid west than anyone else. Other than Mizzou or Alabama I'm not sure he can commit to the others schools right now.
  9. Fletcher apparently did not impress many this summer and his stock dropped.
  10. Maybe but 2020 class is very thin with big men. It might not be so easy to replace one of them.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking when I read the article. I was under the impression that Diarra was considered the better player over Bell. Once again Franchise proves he's one of the better posters on the board.
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