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  1. Does anyone know why he only played 3 games?
  2. The plan was to get TyTy and Pettiford with Mckissic as a back up plan. The writing was on the wall when he tried to commit last week and was told to hold on.
  3. Something to consider. Next year will have a numbers crunch for roster spots. There will be zero seniors and schools like Duke. North Carolina and Kentucky will be looking for some super seniors for reinforcements rather than go to the next 5 star kid. I'm sure Kansas will be looking for the best PG transfer they can find. Kids that would automatically be P7/ Dayton SLU players maybe left off. Talent should trickle down to lower level A10 schools and so on. Now would be the time to have a spare scholarship.
  4. The eye ball test says that SLU might be a top 10 team. The competition might not be great but they smash teams like a top 10 team.
  5. This is what great team do to bad teams.
  6. One thing that makes Travis Ford different than most of the coaches at SLU is he's built a program not a team. I have no idea how good Kern is but I don't see the need of a grad transfer. Ford has really made great moves to protect the program post seniors.
  7. DePaul seems to be the witness protection of the NCAA. It's where talented players go to disappear.
  8. 1. Pat Forde is a click bait ******. 2. Frank Martin says he knows who the cheaters are. See Michael Beasley recruitment.
  9. Not going to be disappointed at all. I would prefer top talent wasted at Memphis over going to a coach that could actually do real damage against teams I care about.
  10. What has Hardaway done to prove he can do anything? He had a KY like team last year and he sucked. He's a high level AAU coach that rolls out basketballs and says let's shoot around for practice. He's already been exposed as a fraud. Memphis offers nothing that SLU can't offer.
  11. Bossi likes Nesbitt a lot and is pushing to get him a bump in the national rankings. He's taking some heat from Illinois and Mizzou trash. Didn't know Mizzou thought they had a chance with Nesbitt but they are the most delusional fan base not named Nebraska. He really likes SLU's team next year and believes they could be the next Dayton.
  12. KC has started to call themselves the real soccer capital. One "soccer" guy claims KC has blown by Saint Louis in youth soccer. I don't buy this at all but I don't know enough.
  13. How good is St.Louis area soccer compared to other cities in the Midwest? Have we fallen behind?
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