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  1. Governor Cuomo still requires masks in NY, so we shall see.
  2. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Thanks to both you and The Wiz for putting this together. Very informative.
  4. My prayers are with him and his family.
  5. I don’t believe Francis has announced yet that he is returning to the Spiders next year, has he?
  6. That was not his game for sure. I don’t know if Okoro is an upgrade defensively though. If he “easily” upgrades Has, he will be an all time great Billiken.
  7. Agreed. He may be an upgrade in terms of height, but I can’t believe he would be an upgrade otherwise.
  8. Yes. Just like Charlotte is the east coast.
  9. I predict at least one west coast team will win.
  10. Ironically, in a disappointing end to a disappointing season, Has ended his career with another double double tonight.
  11. Six A10 teams were chosen for the 2 tournaments. If VCU loses today there will only be one left. Hopefully it’s the Billikens.
  12. A10 now 1 and 2 in the NIT. The Billikens need to win today for the sake of the conference.
  13. Do schools get any money per game or per win playing in the NIT?
  14. Good call. Army is the team that kept the powerhouse Colgate from going undefeated entering the NCAAs.
  15. The Billikens have played in the NIT final four times and have only won the championship in 1948. Hope they make 2021 the second championship.
  16. Yes, but we really weren’t 71st. How many automatic qualifiers were we better than?
  17. Would we be the underdog if the game was played at Colgate?
  18. which vaccine did you have? My wife and I have each had 2 doses of Pfizer. This Saturday will be two weeks after the second dose. The only reaction either of us has had was a little arm soreness after the first dose.
  19. I heard that both Willie McCarter and Willie Wise have used up their eligibility, so Drake isn’t as tough as they once were.
  20. That shows you the weakness of the NET. If the committee went solely by that Colgate would be a 2 seed. What are the chances that a 15 seed would “upset” them? As Larry David would say: Pretty, pretty, pretty good.
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