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  1. Nothing wrong with a Franziskaner Dunkel. It didn’t seem to suffer after being bought out by AB InBev.
  2. You bring up a good point about MLB testing, but Gov Cuomo has indicated that the quarantine will apply to sports teams. He made a deal with the Mets and Yankees to return any of their players at spring training facilities in FL before announcing the quarantine. He does allow the State Health Commissioner to make exceptions to the quarantine, so that could be the way this goes.
  3. Unless things change radically in the next month, baseball might not happen..If the Marlins flew into NY today to play the Mets and/or Yanks they would have to self quarantine for two weeks.
  4. Bobby Joe Mason is long gone from Bradley too.
  5. Good luck Dani! You are a class act who will do well in life.
  6. As Roger Whittaker sang "If's an Illusion, If is for Children"
  7. This must be part of the Orlando tournament, right?
  8. Pre season we were picked 7th. How are we not meeting potential?
  9. Not that it matters now but double double for French. Hi
  10. JG on his way to another double double.
  11. I'm afraid Auburn would have been able to score at will against Hargrove. I believe Coach Ford feels the same way, and that is why he didn't play.
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