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  1. Too bad Brooke Flowers didn’t suit up for the men’s team last night. The game may have been a little closer.
  2. All good comments about Has, who is a warrior. Is it possible that the has had COVID-19 twice? We know that he had it when he returned home last spring. Since 80% of the team had it this winter, did he get it a second time? If so, was it a different strain? That would explain a lot.
  3. A lot of good points made in the post game section of this thread. It was a tough loss to take, but not totally unexpected. Dayton is not the Flyers of last year, but they aren’t this year’s versions of the Hawks either. A tough first game back after 34 days off. As a consolation, my 2021 SLU calendar arrived in the mail today. Just in time for February! On to Richmond, which is far from a “God Awful team” that one of our posters called them. Let’s go Billikens. Stomp those Spiders!
  4. Let’s start scheduling some games with Temple to bring that win % up.
  5. Great post TW. Full of interesting information. Can’t wait until Tuesday.
  6. Reports are that his girlfriend goes to Kent State and plays on the women’s team.
  7. Watch out for the Rams from the Bronx. I heard that they are still undefeated after going undefeated in Brooklyn last March.
  8. Oh I’m very familiar with the board having been a member the past 11 years. I constantly follow the threads, I just don’t post very often. Maybe I can reach the next level in less than 11 years with or without the Venmo.
  9. After being recruited for 11 years, I quietly committed on Sunday and am now a Freshman. I owe my commitment to Steve. Did I set a Billikens.com record by taking 11 years to move from “Recruit” to “Freshman”?
  10. Unfortunately it looks like they may add James Madison to replace VCU. Bummer.
  11. Army may not be too bad. They played Florida tough. The poor Explorers must be jealous of Christl Arena. Then again, they must be jealous of any court they visit.
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