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  1. Posted on the North Alabama Message Board: "St. Louis has a guy number 11 (can't remember his name). He is good. But they look good as a whole also". Hopefully they will know his name after Tuesday night.
  2. CenHudDude

    O.T. Rockhurst

    During last night's NY Yankees broadcast there was a lull in the game (this is baseball after all). David Cone filled in the time by talking about his high school - Rockhurst in Kansas City. He explained that the College's mascot is the Hawks and that the high school's is the Hawklets. He then went on to say - "In St Louis, the university's mascot is the Billikens- don't ask me what that is- and the high school's is the Junior Billikens." The game then resumed with no further discussion of our Billikens.
  3. CenHudDude

    2018-19 Schedule

    The Pittsburgh game at Barclays Center on Wed. Nov. 21st is scheduled at noon E.S.T.
  4. CenHudDude

    Women’s Soccer

    I’m afraid I’ll need Jimbo’s help with that.
  5. CenHudDude

    Women’s Soccer

    They open practice with a “stacked” lineup”? Isn’t that a bit of a sexist headline?
  6. CenHudDude

    2018-19 season

    Imo's hands down. It is the only St. Louis pizza. Everything else is a take off on NY or Chicago pizza and doesn't compare to the real thing.
  7. CenHudDude

    OT: Where tangental posts get moved

    Old Guy is our resident Sheldon Cooper.
  8. CenHudDude

    Grad Transfer & JUCO Tracker

    Miles will get to play Notre Dame in the Jimmy V Classic at MSG this next season.
  9. CenHudDude


    The Billiken women are playing UConn in St. Louis on December 4th. Maybe the two men's teams can schedule a game and make it a doubleheader.
  10. CenHudDude

    GW over Ford by 8

    I'm too tired this morning. I read the topic and thought "Travis Ford" rather than "Fordham". Whew!
  11. Interesting that this was your "666"th post.
  12. CenHudDude

    New Soccer Coach???

    I would say they both come on the same day.
  13. CenHudDude

    MSG Roll Call

    What happens in Foley's stays in Foley's.
  14. CenHudDude

    SLU Soccer 2017

    When we were in Ireland in September we took the political walking tour in Belfast. Fascinating. It is a 3 hour plus tour on both sides of the wall. The Catholic (Nationalist) side is led by a former IRA prisoner tour guide. The Protestant (Unionist) tour guide was a former Ulster Defense Forces prisoner. It gives you the perspective of the "Troubles" from both sides. As we were leaving the Catholic side I asked the tour guide Seamus if he and the Protestant tour guide ever get together for a pint. He said that they do meet each other from time to time, but on political issues, not for socialization. I would highly recommend the tour if you are ever in Northern Ireland.
  15. Actually, French is from Middletown, NY. Played one year at Middletown H.S. before transferring to prep school in MA.