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  1. How could we be playing at home against a team with no talent and be down 3 at the half?
  2. Richmond is playing without Golden and Cato got hurt towards the end of the half. Hi
  3. Some. Of it may have been in “garbage time”, but Has put up a double double with 5 blocks. He is a warrior. There were also other good takeaways from the game. Overall they were beaten today by a superior more mature team. The Billikens have great potential and will learn from this game.
  4. All members of the BEAST including member to be UCONN are ranked in the top 100 in kenpom. Is kenpom meaningless pre-season?
  5. Only one spot behind the powerhouse NJIT.
  6. Maybe Austin McBroom will return to Chaifetz on Nov 13th to root on his alma mater - Eastern Washington.
  7. So you're saying that JB is still a Pelican?
  8. What’s not to like about the baseball and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame?
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