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  1. Donated via PayPal on Thanksgiving morning since I am thankful for Billikens.com.
  2. 10 point lead at the half without Has and Fred. I’ll take it
  3. The way he’s hitting them tonight I don’t doubt it.
  4. The night waves easily carry the 50K clear channel signal to the east coast so that all of our. VCU and Saint Joe’s fans can listen to our games.
  5. “50,000 clear channel red hot watts of power”.
  6. St Joe’s ranked lower than Fordham? Unbelievable!
  7. Take away Andy’s one “n” and he had a nice career playing Latka Gravas.
  8. Hopefully we have already found him Roy.
  9. Then again, nobody has scored on us in decades either. I see the possibility of a scoreless tie. What do you think 50/50?
  10. Thanks torch. Great article; very informative.
  11. The Alaska State Museum in Juneau has a display of Billikens.
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