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  1. I know the money issue was with Who's Who. I was just using it as a comparison to anyone getting nominated fro MCD. Money? Don't know. Doubt it.
  2. Kudos on your statistical prowess. Always glad to see you hit it on the money. This just seems to be one of those games where losing is just inconceivable. Fordham is soooooooo bad, even with Daye Jr. What is bugging me most of all is the eye test. We LOOK incredibly bad and out of sync more times than not. To play as poorly as we did in those first 12 minutes, I just cannot wait to hear what the calamity it was that the team suffered through to propel such a putrid start. Maybe it was earth-shattering (I hope not for anyone's sake) but not knowing at this point makes it a smoke screen until the curtain is lowered. This team is slumping in January at the start of conference season. Usually, that is a circumstance held until mid- to late-February. Missing Linssen really hurts. It negates the two-headed monster in the middle and thrusts Traore into a role he can't handle just yet. Missing Thatch was tough because it resulted in another lack of production from our now-weak bench .... Strickland and WIlliams a combined seven minutes with no points. Yes, we had a Jones sighting but playing Jones and Collins together against Navarro and Quisenberry is actually an advantage for us in that combination. We need Jones to rekindle his confidence as we move forward to at least spell Collins if not playing with him. Where would this team be without Jimerson? This is a kid who sat on the three point line for his first year and a half and now looks like a real all-star going forward. But we just don't have any secondary options once Jimerson is used. Hargrove is incredibly inconsistent. Yes he makes a few threes here and there but the rest is an adventure. Nesbitt hasn't found any sort of consistent rhythm to his game and the time is now. Okoro is Okoro --- horrible one half, all-world the very next half. And I'll stop harping on just what this offense is supposed to do. I agree now with some of the rest ----- this is a NIT team at best. Maybe they get lucky and surprise. But I'd use the rest of the year to develop these kids so if and when Perkins is back next year, they'll be ready to go and there will be no excuses.
  3. Isn't a MCD nomination like a "Who's Who Among American High School Students" crap? Pay your money and you are nominated/listed. Means very little until selected.
  4. Well if that’s not it, someone else fill us in.
  5. Who wasn’t dressed? Who has had underlying health issues? I don’t know anything but Thatch and COVID make me jumpy.
  6. Nesbit with world’s dumbest foul.
  7. All we wanted from Traote were serviceable minutes. I think we are getting that. More plus than minus. Warts and all.
  8. So we pass to our big at the elbow and our bigs have no passing skills to unload from there?
  9. Even Fordham knows and can pressure our PG into dumb mistakes.
  10. Short of running, we have no discernible offensive scheme or set.
  11. Almost like a trap game but we aren’t good enough to worry about such. Every game is an adventure.
  12. I have never turned a Billiken game off. Today could be the day.
  13. Dumb foul 30 feet out. Nice Nez.
  14. Why not run a double at Ohams and see if someone else can score?
  15. Still —— anything less than a 20 point win is a loss.
  16. Thank god it’s Fordham or I’d be worried.
  17. I thought a trip was always a foul.
  18. Really glad Ford designed this offense. Genius.
  19. Under 16. Still with 2 points. 8 to 2 bad guys.
  20. Three minutes. Two points. Great offense.
  21. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of chatter today on Fordham. Not surprising. Dayton wiping Duquesne’s arse at half 40 to 28.
  22. Anything short of a 20 point win is a loss, figuratively speaking. At home. Better talent. Deeper bench. Coming off a loss.
  23. @lquarles---- yo lester! Point out some counter facts to some people and they resort to the lowest common denominator and go back to playing handball with the curb. You wanted basketball, I gave you stats. They back up my point --- that VCU is offensively challenged and go straight into the can when the fouls that are fouls are called. VCU will win its fair share of games and maybe even make the Dance. But I have them as one of the worst teams in the nation when it comes to actual skills. Baldwin is a good point guard with no really limited options. Williams is a decent sixth or seventh man. Shihonis can go off at time but is inconsistent. Nothing to see in the rest --- capable guys every now and then but inconsistent night after night.
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