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  1. I like #4 and #7. Would like to see a golf shirt come out. My first SLU shirt was #9. That one at #8 is very close to --- which would work to my first girl Cheryl at SLU!
  2. I want the 85 logo altered ..... middle finger on left hand extended.
  3. Coachspeak? What the hell is that, Hossier Pal? @ 3star --- Bell went from 31 games, 14,5 mpg, 3.8 ppg, and 3.1 rpg his freshman year to the numbers you stated along with 19 games played, and 8.8 mpg his sophomore year. Now a dear old friend of mine who shall remain nameless used to tell me guys got better by just being in the system longer. But not here. Still, what happened? What massive transgression befell Jimmy to see his number drop so significantly from year One to year Two? I don't know but am just curious. Linssen? Linssen took 11.9 mpg and that plus Bell's brings it back to Jimmy's freshman year numbers. The roster was essentially the same. There's a question that should be asked of the staff if they podcast or interview or whatever. What happened in the grand disappearance of Jimmy Bell, Jr. Not that it matters but curious minds would like to know. COVID? Malcontent? Development? Attitude? Injury? Matchups? Don't know.
  4. And kshoe thinks I can divert a topic ..... washing machines, weight machines, basketballs ..... Tom Frericks went D1 (UAB)-JUCO-D1(SLU). Why not Bell? Why not us?
  5. What are the chances that Jimmy Bell was "farmed" out to get some real playing time? And what if he is so thankful for the SLU help, he comes back next year? Discuss ......
  6. @kshoe --- I write one thing and I'm given credit for turning things. My power is limitless!!!
  7. @RUBillsFan --- my observation is neither pro nor con, just an observation. Just seems like a dichotomy of messages versus reality. All I see on the news is how this pandemic is far from over. That there is no room at the hospital inn. Yet the visuals seem to suggest otherwise, that's all I'm saying. Kind of hard to push one narrative when evidence pushes the contrary. Football appears to be much more important. Personally, I don't understand it but that's on me. About one month to indoor venues being all the rage. I suspect they will change the rules there once again.
  8. Verbal Commits doesn't even have Parker on our or anyone else's radar. Tweet say he visited Tulsa this past weekend. He is listed as a two-star prospect originally from Rockford, IL, via AZ Compass Prep, now in his second year at Moberly. Moberly just had an intra-squad scrimmage yesterday and thanked SLU coaches for coming out to visit on September 13. Listed at 6'3" and 180#. Can't find anything on his stats from last year.
  9. I just watched two weekends of NFL and College Football games. Supposedly 90,000 folks at the Swamp. Almost 110,000 at Happy Valley. Packed house at South Bend. Nary a seat in Vegas, Baltimore, Kansas City, Pittsburgh. And extremely few masks .... some, but rather rare. And don't stick me with the "it's outside" argument. Close quarters is close quarters. Kind of hard to follow the national line of "ongoing pandemic" when the visuals strongly say otherwise.
  10. The only expectation I have for this team is Perkins to be its leading scorer and Collins to be it's leading assist man. The rest frankly are unknowns. If only because last season was so disjointed given the COVID crisis. I don't think anyone has anywhere to go but up. Perkins can average a few more and pull down some rebounds. Collins need to be more of a scoring option to keep his passing options open. And I think he can improve his defense; he can't get toasted by the likes of Lofton, Gilyard, Shepherd,e tc. He must do more than hold his own. Okoro is an unknown. Linssen should have a bigger role. The shackles must come off Hargrove. Jimerson can never see any more than a few minute slump. Thatch must be an offensive option on a consistent basis. Nesbitt is gravy. I think this team will do well. Time will only tell. I was reading all the smack on the ESPN site about Memphis. I just can't wait for that game. The question remains can Penny bring all those forces together cohesively. Before us, they play two exhibitions against LeMoyne-Owen and lane Colleges. Then Tennessee Tech and North Carolina Central. They will be just as developmental as we are when we get there.
  11. As of today, Verbal Commits shows 367 transfers still in the transfer portal. At 13 scholarships per team, that is just over 28 TEAMS of players still available. I find that incredible and only post that here as a seperate observation.
  12. @Billikenbooster ---- right now yes to Duquesne. My neighbor went to school in Pittsburgh and wants to show us around for that weekend. Never really been there. First time I can remember we are playing there on a weekend.
  13. @Billikenbooster --- in the world of MBM postings and 50/50 chances, the answer is "it depends." I have gone through ticket offices at La Salle and St. Joe's and Mason. I tell them I'm an alum and so far, only La Salle has placed me right behind the SLU bench for a game. Another time, they placed me top row of the bleachers behind the SLU bench. I then used StubHub and got midcourt seats across from SLU bench but paid a steeper price .... I mean it was La Salle so steep was like $25. St. Joe's has stuck us in an upper corner. Mason in the upper deck. Of course, none of these are actual "arenas" so you are not that far away and moving is always easy. SLU Alumni gatherings seem to be divided more and more now into the haves and have nots. The big donors get to sit behind the team bench; the young alumni and others get relegated to an upper level seat. This was done at George Washington on a few occasions. Dayton as well. Fordham doesn't matter because the arena is like nine rows high. Have yet to go to Rhodey, Amherst, Richmond, VCU or Davidson. VCU tickets are impossible to come by and very high priced. And i won't go to Olean --- need a few more dogs for that sleigh ride. I have never used the athletic office/ticket office at SLU for away games. Duquesne doesn't normally draw well and they just upgraded their 3000 seat gym into a 5000 seat gym. I have never seen a "crowd" at either so far.
  14. Eying coming in for Auburn. Likely at Dayton and at Duquesne and at La Salle and at Mason. Eying going to Richmond and Davidson.
  15. Thanks almaman. I needed it. It will be "The Bills from da'couch in SoCenPA" since I moved. f05 will be so thrilled. 2,000+ word dissertations rule again! Permission accepted!
  16. I had #70 and fourth in the A10. That's a PERFECT 50/50. What did I win?
  17. The assessment on Traore is nice news ... we'll have to wait and see how true it is. Top ten? Perkins, Collins, Okoro, Linssen, Hargrove, Thatch, Jimerson, Williams, Nesbitt and Jones? Leaves out holdovers Lorentson and Strickland along with Traore. I hope we get to see some of those last three in our first five games (exhibitions included) just for knowledge/evaluation sake. Lorentson is a real mystery as is Traore but I really liked what I saw from Strickland in minor minutes last year.
  18. @slu72 --- door is open. I prefer two other local establishment --- the Blue and Gray Grill on the Gburg circle, and Appalachin Brewing Company down near the battlefield. The wings at the Blue and Gray are my choice. The Rebel Yell wings will light you up. Down at ABC, try the beef on Wick. Just make sure you slather it in the home made horseradish that comes with it. Call if you get here. I will eb out of town September 3 - 8 and then again September 21 - 24/25.
  19. Curious. What has Bona done? Outside of the "Shoon Squad" shirt, I haven't seen anything else.
  20. @CBFan --- thanks for the offer and I will take you up on it IF I get there. That is a big IF. Retirement is no slow down for us. We have a trip to Cleveland (wedding) over Labor Day. Then I go to the hell hole known as Dayton (golf tournament) late September. October I have a Myrtle Beach trip (golf). Then to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Then the kids from Phoenix come here for Christmas. Next year is the big 4-0 and Mrs. Taj wants rum and Caribbean beaches. Plus I always get the Dayton away game and the A10 tournament. Bored in retirement? Not this guy. slu72 was coming to Gettysburg this year. And we're still waiting ..... just for info's sake.
  21. ESPN out with Top 100 form 2022 NBA draft. Who do we see? Jalen Duren, C, Memphis (#4). Jabari Smith, PF/C, Auburn (#7). Allen Flanigan, SF, Auburn (#19). Earl Timberlake, SF, Memphis (#23). Walker Kessler, C, Auburn (#43). Hyunjung Lee, SF, Davidson (#71). Osun Osunniyi, C, St. Bonaventure (#72). I'm a little surprised by Lee's listing and Perkins' absence. That Auburn game is going to be one tough mother if these rankings are to be believed. Might have to come in for that one.
  22. 6'8" .... playe din 16 games .... 4.6 mpg ..... 1.1 ppg. Was a freshman from Cameroon.
  23. Okay. I'll bookmark this assessment for return later.
  24. Hope springs eternal, I guess. I think Traore is a fine addition for practice fodder and (rare) insurance against foul trouble and/or injury. You young'uns haven't lived through 46 years of Billiken seasons and rising expectations. And usually failures to meet said expectations. Maybe Traore breaks the mold. Time will tell.
  25. Look, I'm just talking unemotionally, no skin in this game. And as brian noted, our developmental kid is 21 years old. If this "kid" gives us any more than what we saw from Anthony, or from Diarra, or from Husak, or Austin Gillmann, I'll be stunned. The bar is really not that high .....Jimmy Bell's carrer stats were 50 games played (I doubt we see that from Traore even over four years), 154 total points, 3.0 ppg, 130 total rebounds, 2.6 rpg. I will also say over time, I thought Cory Remekun had a disappointing career. I guess I just expected more. His upside was 133 games played. And he had a career FG% of over 50%. But only 400 points for a ppg of 3.0 left me craving something more. He did get his fair share of blocked shots.
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