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  1. Personally, I like NOT having the bull's eye on my back.
  2. Presented for reading pleasure: https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/30209086/mid-majors-2020-21-predictions-gonzaga-transcends-labels-win-title Some decent stuff but nothing too revealing on the Bills. Things we already knew. Only Lunardi picks us to win the A10. The rest says Richmond even with Sherrod's injury. I just don't see Gustavson, Burton and Crabtree replacing what a fifth-year senior was bringing to the table and the rotational change will hurt Richmond as well. Lunardi also tabs Crutcher as Mid-Major POY.
  3. St. Joe's is going to take some severe lumps there.
  4. @Cowboy ---- I went with this as its own thread because it discusses seating plans at similar collegiate venues like Novaand St. Mary's. Plus it's just related to seating and attendance.
  5. Both Villanova and St. Mary's hae announced their attendance plans for fans in this upcoming season. Nova is pulling a Big Ten policy ..... only players' family, students, faculty and staff are allowed at games. All season ticket holders have been asked to donate their season ticket costs to the school to help with the budget in these times of COVID. St. Mary's, with only a 3,500 seat arena, has yet to decide on game attendance but has made a similar request that season ticket holders either donate their costs to the school for budget purposes, apply the costs to next year's tickets
  6. As for NY, the kids had to cancel their Christmas visit plans. They were going to fly into NY and visit his family but if they did, they were told they had to register on landing and provide their itinerary and cell phone numbers for check up purposes. They would have had to sit put for 14 days and with only a week planned to come home, they thought better of it. My daughter works in a Phoenix hospital and is checked daily. Half her NICU unit was turned into additional COVID ICU space and they have since transformed back due to no uptick there. Her part of Arizona doesn't seem to be leadi
  7. My condolences, NH. I count my lucky stars that no one I know has even tested positive let alone died. And if i did contact tracing on that alone, the numbers would like be in the thousands or so. You pointed out exactly my question on current death rates ---- and you placed good testament where it is due. The death numbers to date are appalling given the society we live in and the medical advances made through the decades. It seems, to me, we have made some advances over the last nine months or so in treatment in order to do a better battle. But that is small solace. Sorry for your los
  8. So if Nick Saban were still at Michigan State, would he have to miss three weeks no matter the negative tests the Friday before the game? Love them false positives, y'know. In my old job, we had false positives all the time. For nerve agents VX and GB (Sarin) no less. Happily, no one died; no one even got sick. But the furor that arose when the machine ticked off as positive was one hell of a kabuki dance.
  9. Dayton has had supposed four-star recruits before .... Chris Wright, Brooks Hall and Chip Hare come to mind. Obi Toppin was considered a one maybe two star recruit. So Joaquin Andujar ...... youneverknow.
  10. Seems to me people are banking on the all-elusive vaccine. What is going to change in six weeks from November to January? As I see it, absolutely nothing. Nothing can really happen until the shot comes out. This bubble stuff may have worked for the NBA and MLS and even baseball, but it's not working for the NFL and society keeps seeing its data (short of deaths) go up. And it's somewhat irrational and haphazard. Nick Saban tests positive on a Thursday but is on the sidelines coaching come Saturday because he is cleared. WTF is that? Family members leave NY and travel to Arizona a
  11. I'm no expert and just go by what I read and I read Verbal Commits (which I know isn't all-inclusive). VC only lists Bones as a 2-star. Ditto the new kid coming in from Baltimore, Ace Baldwin. That's where McAllister is rated and that's where I got my numbers. Just revealing my (limited) research.
  12. In case you missed it, Dayton just got verbal commitments from not one but two four star forwards for 6'8" SF Kaleb Washington out of Georgia and 6'8" PFDaRon Holmes out of Arizona via Monteverde Academy in Florida. These guys are huge gets for the A10, Dayton and Anthony Grant.
  13. Anyone else find it interesting that all of sudden, since Shaka and Wade left, VCU has zero four-star recruits? De'riante Jenkins was the last I believe and that was last year. I take that back, Jarren McAllister is listed as a four star but that's a far cry from the Smart/Wade years. Frankly, I'dlove to hear from some of old VCU visitors and get their take on Rhoades and the state of their once vaunted program.
  14. Didn't see this anywhere else .... https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/30174875/over-30-college-basketball-teams-play-mohegan-sun-bubble From first blush, it looks like a version of the Orlando and Lincoln MTEs with a NE/East Coast regional flair altho BYU is listed as in. It's a simple jump frpm NYC to central CT for all those NYC holiday tourneys. Looks like Umass is the only A10 entry for now.
  15. Given the massive need for sports programming (only the NFL is running in competition) I think almost every game will have TV coverage from somewhere. That's why I intend to up my sports package in the winter and include ESPN+ in the buy alogn with ESPNU, ESPNews, CBS Sports, and anything else I can get my hands on. I already have Stadium. Facebook could even be more options.
  16. It's probably just me but some of those campus events are pure hogwash, with no real competition for the P6 team hosting it. Looks like a thinly-veiled attempt to just get games in. Cases in point: Kentucky hosting Detroit, Morehead State and Richmond (now minus Sherrod) Illinois hosting NC A&T, Ohio and Wright State. Iowa hosting Southern and NC Central. K State hosting SD State, Colorado (exception) and Drake. Ole Miss hosting Arkansas State, Central Arkansas and Jackson State. Washington hosting Portland State and Cal State - Fullerton. Xavier hostin
  17. Serious question: did they expand the rosters for this year? Limit is set at 13 scholarship players and we currently have that counting Okoro. Russell and Hightower are also on roster but are walk-ons so that's 15 players available for action if Okoro were to give it a go. But Dayton has 12 scholarships with Cohill in one and out and Weaver in another but redshirted. Duquesne, on the other hand, lists 15 players on scholarship, ala Memphis next year (for now). Seems to me that if the NCAA is going to give another year due to the situation this year, expansion of scholarship li
  18. I don't have anything to add over and above what HP said on Richmond. Mooney had expressed high hopes for rising sophomore Tyler Burton and there were times he looked pretty decent out there. Kind of like Maceo Austin at Duquesne. I think both have high ceilings. Burton was the sixth leading scorer on Richmond last year behind the rising seniors. It was about 5 ppg and he disappeared against the bigger stronger foes (like us - 3pts, 5 rebounds, 4 fouls). The answer is not Gustavson but Crabtree, transfer from Tulane, might work. Burton would make them look more traditional with C
  19. I didn't see where Sherrod said that. Can you link a source OG?
  20. Okay, which one of you a-holes warned of one injury to Richmond's starting five and ...... oh wait, that was me. https://richmondspiders.com/news/2020/10/19/mens-basketball-sherod-to-miss-season.aspx Sherrod will have to apply for a medical sixth year, yes? Mooney says Tyler Burton is good. We will see now. It's best not to look too closely at this as we don't want anything like it our way. Cohill. Sherrod. Who believes that things happen in threes?
  21. All I'm saying on Lorentsson is I have heard this before and am reserving judgement, that is all. I am okay being proven wrong. We tend to lean towards the overzealous side when it come to being parochial on our players. We want the next Kristas Porzingas but I'll settle for a close Cody Ellis clone. Let's remember too that Ellis was a career 33% shooter from three. Not that colossal by any standards.
  22. I'm going to take a 'wait-n-see' attitude with Lorentsson. I'd love for the guy to be the next Dirk Nowitzki, Goran Dragic, Marco Bellinelli Euro-shooter but I heard that Tanner Lancona, KC Hankton, Dion Wiley, Eliott Welmer, Drew Deiner, Ingvi Gudmundsson and a slew of others could shoot too. I'm trusting this one more than those others because it's Ford and his recruitment of Jimmmerson has broken the old mold. But history is not his side. Prove me wrong, Andre.
  23. By the way, once the Top 144 ranks you, they then place you in their projected NCAA bracket. They have us listed as an eight seed playing nine seed Memphis. Other 8 seeds are Arkansas, Florida and Richmond.
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