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GDT: Beat Maryland


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3 hours ago, wgstl said:

Can’t sleep. 10 hours. 

The wife and I are up now and we are ready.

No excuses our team should win we have the best point guard in the country Collins, and the best 3 point shooter to, surrounded by a strong center another elite shooter finding his way back from injury and a steady experience sneaky good forward/guard that played 4 years in the SEC.

A bench with another elite scorer, a strong bully guard, an experienced big man that gives us quality minutes when Okoro sits and a local energetic pogo stick that can jump out of the gym.

Keep the turnovers under 10 and they win.

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7 minutes ago, SluSignGuy said:

Dumb question, but is ESPNNews included on ESPN Plus?  Otherwise stated, is the game on ESPN+?

I looked at ESPN + and SLU / Maryland is listed.

On dish the game is on 142 ESPN news

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What you see below is a screen of the A10 MBB schedule. At the end of the line about SLU  vs MD there is a links box with a watch link. Clicking on it takes you to ESPN and a notification that the game has not started yet. I will try this at the time of the game, hopefully it will take me there.

Leagues can provide services not available at school level. The same view link with the exact same URL is available at the Big 10 MBB site. Good luck.


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1 hour ago, slufanskip said:

I just looked it up on ESPN+ and it says I get the game. I also have ESPN news on my cable package so maybe that affects what is available to me? But my espn+ says I get it

I believe this is correct. ESPN+ alone does not grant you access to the ESPN channels, but you can access them through the app if logged through your TV provider.

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