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  1. Two notes. One, I wonder how things would be different if Corey Tate stayed at Mizzou. Second, I always grin a bit when people praise this forum's layout versus Tigerboard's. I am also happier with this layout, but to get into the weeds, what we use is a "flat" layout. Tigerboard uses "threaded." We used threaded for a VERY long time - but no forum software really makes threaded anymore. But Billikens.com users at the time expressed strong resistance to moving from threaded moving to flat. So much so, that I actually contacted Nick to see if I could buy a copy of Tigerboard's software. That said, I am supremely happy with Invision Services and Invision Power Board (the software we use). I don't have the skills to make every little feature people want - but I got lucky in picking the right horse when we switched god knows how many years ago now.
  2. I am doing a little Billikens.com Maintenance over the holiday weekend. There may be some period down time - but I am hopeful there will not be. Just wanted to give people the heads up.
  3. That imply our season ticket base is no larger than that?
  4. If someone has one spare ticket for Wednesday's (11/20) High Point game, I would appreciate it. If possible, it would be great if it could be sent digitally via Ticketmaster to [email protected] Thanks, Steve
  5. I was not trying to suggest anyone was making that suggestion, instead trying to pay a compliment to the band.
  6. To chime in, the last game I brought two friends who have only been to one game before and each repeatedly commented how good the band was. We are lucky to have them!
  7. Not sure if related to the new web site, but my Google Calendar RSS feed just went from just men's basketball games to all billiken sporting events.
  8. Thoughts on Crews and his thoughts on his transition from Junior to Senior year (where he was asked to play the 4 more due to Ellis graduating.
  9. Agreed. The plastic card is a pain in the butt for ticket sharing.
  10. Anyone happen to know what is the expected length (in time) of Billiken Madness?
  11. Support responded quickly. At least for the mistake that arose today, the problem was that the user who got the false notification today used an IPAddress that was "banned" to prevent another banned user from posting. [This is absolutely not the fault of the non-banned user]. I have unbanned this particular IP Address, but if others encounter the problem in the future. Notify me of the problem, but try logging in from a different computer.
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