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  1. French is making some nice passes. I am curious if the headband will be here to stay. Also, sorry for not changing the GDT Title. Only just started reading
  2. It is strange seeing former billikens commit Ryan Hollins during these cbs broadcasts
  3. @Brian Kunderman gets the shout out on CBS
  4. It is crazy that we can watch every game nowadays.
  5. Let me know if there are forum problems. Only our second game on the new server
  6. https://twitter.com/A10MBB/status/1355224733416103939?s=19
  7. This actually one of the features that broke with the new server upgrade (it is likely an easy fix, but I am bundling my requests to the forum software support team). What broke is my ability to add new emoticons easily.
  8. It is available in the emoticons.
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