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  1. An obituary has been posted for Ford Stuen. https://www.osfuneralhomes.com/obituary/ford-stuen For those of you would who would like to support the Stuen family, it appears the family will setup a trust Once I learn details about how to contribute to the Trust Fund, I will post these. I suggest that Billikens.com users donate directly to the trust if they wish, as there could be complications if I try to coordinate/group the donations.
  2. I think this is a very good idea, and it would likely mean a lot to the family.
  3. Thanks. Again, Noob here. I was also surprised the clock sometimes stops.
  4. Jeez... Overtime is short (definite noob posting here)
  5. Well the announcers did just reference squeaky bum time
  6. Really dumb question... Is overtime Sudden death?
  7. I don't moderate much, but I am tempted to delete this post. No one needs that image
  8. This is my first game I am watching, but I like that the halftime feed is literally just staring at midfield
  9. You may want to look for Bally Sports Midwest. https://www.foxsports.com/midwest/story/bally-sports-midwest-faq-031721
  10. lol. Good detective work there. I bet it is the same person given the email address from 2010. Rick, likely registered again under a different account since. Rick! If you are out there! Let me know who you are!
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