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  1. Steve is starting a new thread (and moving discussion from the radio thread), as this topic likely deserves its own thread.
  2. Didn't mean to change wording. Perhaps more accurately, most colleges would probably prefer the status quo for different reasons (e.g. the size of the core). But I think there is a large recognition that we need to establish a common core for accreditation purposes. With this, no one is 100% happy with the core, but most (not all) seem to find it to be a reasonable solution.
  3. Will not confirm this. No one is 100% pleased. But my sense is a vast majority of the faculty support the core proposal.
  4. I locked the older bumped threads regarding Crews to try to get threads off the front page.
  5. I have not read through all the threads...But I am going to discourage future bumping of 7 year old threads as it clutters up the board.
  6. Really don't know why weaver did not play more against Dayton
  7. We also got lucky that French's 3rd foul early in the second half did not cost us much. Ford, however, did appear to let Hargrove have it for not being the one to foul towards near the very end of the second half (to send Dayton to the line to stop the clock), as Goodwin then had to commit the foul - getting his fourth.
  8. Gotcha. Game is also Sportscenters college game of the year so far
  9. Also randomly... Our team sometimes struggles sometimes knowing who should inbound the ball. Goodwin often ends up inbounding to Yuri when it would be better to have both Yuri and Goodwin on the court to receive the ball
  10. It can be called from the bench, right? Or at least yell at French to call timeout.
  11. I am also not as down on the coaching... But a timeout should have been called before the jump ball where French had no where to go
  12. That French foul is killer. Gotta hang on until about the 11 minute mark
  13. This is the biggest non post season half in Billiken basketball since 2014.
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