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  1. I don't think it was intentional. Just more people said yes than expected.
  2. One of the key reasons for higher enrollment is that a considerable amount of financial aid was given. More students but not necessarily more revenue.
  3. That is some useful information. Thanks for posting.
  4. Shot clock rule will even further solidify the Billikens 20 point record.
  5. My uncle had a great idea to make a t-shirt with all of the versions of the Billiken on it. I tried to make it myself, but shirt printers wouldn't print it out of fear of trademark violation.
  6. I think you may be slightly over estimating the value of an academic signature. SignGuy signature, your appraisal is obviously on point.
  7. Key is foam board, and really bad marker penmanship. Going to go deep... @Triangle and Too That's old SignGuy That's @Taj79 age SignGuy (or SignPunk). More seriously, thanks everyone!
  8. 24 years ago, I waved a couple signs at a game...today, SLU granted me tenure. 11 year old Steve really did not see that coming when I got on the big screen with my signs... :)
  9. I think this is a very good take. I don't quite agree with the appreciation of Theon getting forgiveness (I honestly didn't care all that much), but I did really appreciate the Hound/Arya story and connection. For discussion about eyes: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/film-tv/a27303477/who-has-green-eyes-on-game-of-thrones/ I overall am not sure how I will be satisfied now by any ending. As the main "shock" ending would be the Night King winning everything, but I am not sure who I would be surprised by by taking the throne...other than maybe Lord Vary's. I think the most interesting plot items could somehow involve Bronn's assignment to kill Tyrion.
  10. I was a little disappointed. I am probably in the minority, but the episode seemed slow to me. I did not really feel "suspense" in the beginning of the episode, and it did not seems like a lot of the scenes were meaningful. I, however, could of just had too high of expectations. For example, I expected more main characters to die. These characters could be needed for future plot - but I am somewhat skeptical that all of them will be needed for future plot.
  11. In the last week, I have gotten a couple of reports that users encounter errors accessing different parts of Billikens.com (e.g. News section or message board). Last week, I was able to identify what the problem was and provide a fix. However, I am getting another report this week of a problem (and at least it doesn't seem to be immediately related to how I fixed things last time). If people are experience problems (e.g. on their home browser but not work browser, or vice versa), please let me know at steve@billikens.com. Thanks, Steve
  12. I appreciate that Mike Crawford liked this tweet
  13. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4066491/mike-lewis-ii
  14. I actually only started watching a couple months ago. You obviously won't catch up in time for the premiere, but it is a good show (albeit, I think a little overrated - but still a good show).
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