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  1. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/slu-has-seen-surge-in-ticket-sponsor-interest-since-hiring-josh-schertz/article_54cc7b36-122a-11ef-8f63-c755345c08af.html#tracking-source=home-top-story Getting some of that money back!
  2. So much change in 60 days...Wow. Good work Athletic Department.
  3. Wish me luck...The last time I was at Mizzou was SLU v. Mizzou at Hearnes Center, and an Antler tore up one of my signs.
  4. Surprised I had not seen this posted... Should be a team event.
  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but who is the woman in the second photo, which I assume is the "we"
  6. At the end of Avila's announcement, it was explicitly hinted that the first game of the season would be November 4th with something to do with the Pentagon (?) Any insights on this?
  7. No political science department love?
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