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  1. Graph is not cut off. But for comparison here is a similar graph for 2012 - 2013 season (but going through all of March). Notice max on Y-Axis is now 100,000
  2. Pretty much. Something to consider is that if someone is looking for information about SLU in the tournament, many places will provide this information. But with Gordon's tweets, pretty much the only place to really get news about it was here... In another example, a top 5 all-time traffic day was when SLU was competing with a recruit who ended up going to Kentucky (I think it was a transfer, forget his name). The Kentucky Board just swarmed over here for any information.
  3. Graph for the season through yesterday:
  4. I am really debating whether to wear my Billikens.com SignGuy shirt while I teach on Friday instead of my typical Oxford.
  5. Where are you seeing this?
  6. As people on this board seem to follow college basketball, Billikens.com will have its annual bracket contest. Per usual, we will use ESPN (link below) http://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2019/en/group?redirect=tcmen%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2FshowGroup%3FgroupID%3D3040983&ex_cid=tcmen2019_email&groupID=3040983&inviteuser=e0U2Q0UzNjQyLTMzODQtNDFFMC1CMTc1LTU5MkM5NUUyMDJENn0%3D&invitesource=email The winner of the bracket contest will get a bonus 6 reactions on Billikens.com.
  7. Tickets here: But at least for me, they are listed as $0.00
  8. Anyone know where the team is watching?
  9. I do not think seeds are set by locations.
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