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  1. Updated the front page schedule. I am sure I made a mistake. It would not be a front page schedule from Steve without one. Free free to yell at me if I did.
  2. Nope. Still spring until there is an MVC or Blake Ahern life update thread.
  3. The urban legend with the Hippo thing is that the a former university president got drunk and bought the Hippo statue at an auction and had the university pay for it. GW embraced it some (e.g., when I was there they renamed part of the student center the Hippodrome (or something similar) and had an inflatable Hippo mascot. I would much rather stick to the American politics/historical theme for a new mascot.
  4. I hid a number of posts that contributed to stirring the pot. But I kept the one above...because I chuckled. I don't want to close this thread because it is of greater personal interest to me. So I hope the trolls don't come out from under their bridge again.
  5. I just hope the new mascot is something Founding/American Revolution related. I admit, I may buy up a fair bit of colonials swag in the next year.
  6. I am just going to close this thread before it takes a worse turn...
  7. Based on this post, I updated the front page of Billikens.com If corrections should be made, let me know. I always seem to make typos.
  8. @HenryB @dennis_w and @BIG BILL FANcan take a two week break (suspension). You are doing too much to derail the conversation. I now readily expect emails and private messages about how I play favorites. And I am upfront that I do. When you provide the content and generally strong contributions @Pistol does...You become a favorite.
  9. Gotta give some props to this post.
  10. Thought I would bump this thread for those who may want to say to themselves: "You thought today was bad, at least it wasn't as bad as Upchurch"
  11. I was in the Billiken Club when I was 12. You can be a member before it is possible to be an Alumni!
  12. Don't forget to send in your Billikens.com Donation in the fall!!!
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