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  1. Anyone happen to know what is the expected length (in time) of Billiken Madness?
  2. Support responded quickly. At least for the mistake that arose today, the problem was that the user who got the false notification today used an IPAddress that was "banned" to prevent another banned user from posting. [This is absolutely not the fault of the non-banned user]. I have unbanned this particular IP Address, but if others encounter the problem in the future. Notify me of the problem, but try logging in from a different computer.
  3. Two users have now reported that when they log into Billikens.com on their mobile device, it reports them being banned. No one has been banned from Billikens.com in at least the last six months, so if you receive this notification, it likely is in error. I have contacted the forum software provider about the issue. If your mobile device says you are banned, I suggest logging out and logging back in. If still a problem, try logging in on a computer instead of a mobile device. If you still have problems, contact me - and I will do my best to try to remedy the situation. Steve
  4. Glad to hear that strategies were successful on this front.
  5. I really am only speculating here - but I am not sure how large these extra cash flows are going to be (e.g. lots of the dining is contracted out; dorms are always full already; students attend games for free). But there will likely be more demands upon a recently depleted staff. Again, unfortunately, I cannot speak intelligently on recruitment efforts. Within my bubble, there did not appear to be a whole lot of change from past years.
  6. I don't think it was intentional. Just more people said yes than expected.
  7. One of the key reasons for higher enrollment is that a considerable amount of financial aid was given. More students but not necessarily more revenue.
  8. That is some useful information. Thanks for posting.
  9. Shot clock rule will even further solidify the Billikens 20 point record.
  10. My uncle had a great idea to make a t-shirt with all of the versions of the Billiken on it. I tried to make it myself, but shirt printers wouldn't print it out of fear of trademark violation.
  11. I think you may be slightly over estimating the value of an academic signature. SignGuy signature, your appraisal is obviously on point.
  12. Key is foam board, and really bad marker penmanship. Going to go deep... @Triangle and Too That's old SignGuy That's @Taj79 age SignGuy (or SignPunk). More seriously, thanks everyone!
  13. 24 years ago, I waved a couple signs at a game...today, SLU granted me tenure. 11 year old Steve really did not see that coming when I got on the big screen with my signs... :)
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