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  1. I have had no other reports of this. I use Chrome on multiple computers and don't have this problem. If others have this problem, please let me know.
  2. Probably want to conserve energy by only playing two games
  3. Hey... This is a lot harder than you think.... Look at my track record. And compare it to slu. They blow me out of the water.
  4. Thanks for putting this together. It should now be on the front page.
  5. With an automatic upgrade (somewhere) the front page of Billikens.com got a little messed up. I have made some edits to make it usable. I will work on making it look better as I avoid grading papers in the next week. Apologies for the trouble.
  6. In more honesty, our software company has been busy. I just clicked the Upgrade button (well, more than that, but it took me about 10 minutes)
  7. The fabulous Meg Connolly asked me to pass along information about the the Get Her in the Game Scholarship Fundraiser, which has been taken virtual. Link to more information below. https://slubillikens.com/news/2020/9/15/billiken-athletics-get-her-in-the-game-fundraiser-set-for-oct-8.aspx
  8. I remember listening on the radio during study hall.
  9. This is correct. Edit: If someone can tell me how to filter the public display of a "Twitter list" I would be happy to look into applying filters. Please note, I can filter a Twitter list so that the filters apply when I the list owner see it (this requires going through TweetDeck), but I cannot make these filters apply to the public sharing of this list to the best of my knowledge. But I welcome knowing how if this is possible.
  10. Be sure to record it if possible.
  11. On this point, I am a bad test taker. So the summer before I took the GRE, I studied word roots (not words) on the bus to and from work every day. The GRE was also computer adaptive, meaning you get harder questions if you get early questions right. I then spent almost half of my time on the first third of questions to put myself into a higher score tier that I could not fall out of. I outscored on the verbal portion a friend is now an English professor (boy was she upset). However - and I am not an expert - the point of this story is that these tests can be very much gamed, particularly w
  12. I seem to remember someone once mentioning that there wasn't even a women's restroom in West Pine for some time, even though the women's team was playing there.
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