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  1. I remember listening on the radio during study hall.
  2. This is correct. Edit: If someone can tell me how to filter the public display of a "Twitter list" I would be happy to look into applying filters. Please note, I can filter a Twitter list so that the filters apply when I the list owner see it (this requires going through TweetDeck), but I cannot make these filters apply to the public sharing of this list to the best of my knowledge. But I welcome knowing how if this is possible.
  3. Be sure to record it if possible.
  4. On this point, I am a bad test taker. So the summer before I took the GRE, I studied word roots (not words) on the bus to and from work every day. The GRE was also computer adaptive, meaning you get harder questions if you get early questions right. I then spent almost half of my time on the first third of questions to put myself into a higher score tier that I could not fall out of. I outscored on the verbal portion a friend is now an English professor (boy was she upset). However - and I am not an expert - the point of this story is that these tests can be very much gamed, particularly with (expensive) guidance. I also took a Kaplan class to help me prep. That said, I am not 100% sure that there should not be some sort of standard test for colleges to use in admissions, but their limitations need to be recognized.
  5. I seem to remember someone once mentioning that there wasn't even a women's restroom in West Pine for some time, even though the women's team was playing there.
  6. I have pretty much had it. Maybe it is the culmination of multiple not great pieces of news today influencing me, but I am going to close this thread. If anyone brings the repulsive garbage that was in this thread to other threads, which have stayed relatively clean, I will have a very short leash for banning.
  7. You really are doing a good job. I am playing catch up on the player interviews during pandemic walks. Just finished Sloan. Loved learning Ahearn wanted to transfer to SLU and was told no again. Adds to the legend of Ahearn.
  8. Thanks for these great updates. Too lazy to look it up, but was Ian on the team that upset Louisville when Pitino was coach?
  9. I was alive for Jeff Luechetefeld, but I don't think I ever saw him play. Larry Hughes did have a sign. For a lot of players, I gave them their signs upon graduating. But many are still sitting in my parents basement.
  10. I appreciated this comment more than I should have
  11. I have. I only have one class this semester with a good group of students, so I have had it relatively easy. Only one more class to go. If you are really bored, below is a small excerpt from one of these classes.
  12. In quarantine boredom, I added a Podcast link to the main page of Billikens.com that links to the Podcast. If @The House That Rick Built objects, I am happy to take it down (or make edits however they like).
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