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  1. I will let others report more about the basketball side of things (I got somewhat distracted in conversation with my aunt and uncle). But the event was very nicely done by SLU. Had one drill in the beginning as people were wandering in, and then two 16 minute scrimmages. I am sure people who know more about basketball than me can get things out the drills, but the scrimmages were entertaining. Also much better than trying to attempt a dunk contest. Good job SLU.
  2. Just starting a thread for people to comment about the Billikens Open Practice this afternoon. Relatedly, do people know if the Lou Fusz lot will be open (for free)?
  3. https://twitter.com/WashWizards/status/1440478129382846464?s=19
  4. With the help of my web host, I just disabled a different security feature (and reenabled another to make up for it). In sum, a number of IP addresses were being blocked for security purposes, and I unblocked these.
  5. Multiple users have reported that at times they cannot load Billikens.com. If you experience this problem (or any other problem), email me at smrogers AT gmail
  6. In looking at Cloudflare support forums, the problem seems to be coming up with sites that use WordPress and Cloudflare (on their free service). https://community.cloudflare.com/t/error-520-just-keeps-showing-up/302001 I have other sites hosted on the same server that do not use WordPress, and there is absolutely no problem with those. My web host has done checks and indicates the problem is with Cloudflare. I like Cloudflare a lot, but not 100% sure how to resolve this particular problem.
  7. The problem is actually with Cloudflare. When I disable Cloudflare security features (which has been the case until I made the change this weekend), things work much better. Whoa! Are others having this type of problem?
  8. The issue is not a bandwidth issue. It is a DNS and caching issue.
  9. Testing something for labor day. Hopefully there are no problems, but let me know if there are.
  10. Hal Bush was the poster @DoctorB. Sadly, he passed away this week from an injury that occurred earlier this year. Our thoughts are with the Bush family. https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/books-and-literature/hal-bush-slu-english-professor-and-writer-dies-at-age-64-after-traumatic-fall/article_e57aa30a-44b7-5266-ac17-89f7f9062add.html#tracking-source=home-the-latest
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