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  1. Go Colonials Revolutionaries! https://twitter.com/GWtweets/status/1661429915164499975
  2. Numbers I thought the board would find interesting: Revenue of Mens Basketball Programs that do not have football teams. Found via a Tweet from West Pine Bills. West Pine Bills Tweet Here https://twitter.com/WestPineBills/status/1658565464254042127
  3. Gotta love the offseason... Yes. I brought up "plagiarism." Largely in jest and humor. I should have known better than to give you an opportunity to be...you. I am not going to wade into whether @Midtown Madness podcast "plagiarized" or not. I have not listened to those episodes, and I am not going to in order to settle an internet dispute. What I will say - as I have said before - is the @Midtown Madness podcast with @billikenfan05 and @Pistol bring some of the best content to the SLU internet community. And with that in mind, I am not inclined to do anything to make their jobs harder and will do what I can to help get their podcast out there. And more frankly, as I have said before...I play favorites. For instance, @Pistol brings some of the best recruiting information and content to the board - and he has a good head on his shoulders, so I will be more flexible with him (but I really don't need to be). Hell, many people complained to me about @jimbofive, but I found him funny - so I let him do his schtick. I have not been shy about saying this, and I don't feel too guilty about it because this is a volunteer job. You do bring so much information about soccer that I get repeatedly asked: "Who is this guy?," which generally is a positive for the board. However, many others have told me they skip reading soccer threads because of you. Now, I have bent to you sometimes, for example the stupid soccer thread controversy last year. But if you continue to keep cluttering up the board with tirades that others (including myself) have made clear they do not give a shit about, I may just start hiding those posts. I hate even making this post, as I am probably just adding fuel to the fire. But long story short, my recommendation is to stop trying to stir the pot with @Midtown Madness publicly on the board. Because at least right now, you won't get anywhere with me with it. And you likely are hurting the soccer program itself, because it turns so many readers off that they will not read what you can more valuably contribute to the board.
  4. He used the direct URL. You were fancy and made a hyperlink that linked to the URL. I can only assume that @billikenfan05 was seeking to avoid a plagiarism charge.
  5. Do you enjoy watching SLU v. School of Pharmacy?
  6. Stu Durando tweeted the following Ford quotes about the schedule: https://twitter.com/studurando/status/1651249790439522306 While it is great to have more home games, would people (mainly season ticket holders) be willing to have fewer home games (and perhaps endure perhaps a 5% increase in ticket price to make up for costs) in order to secure a better road opponent this year and then have a better home opponent next year? In my mind, I would do it, as buy games really are not all that exciting if that is the alternative, but I was curious what others thought
  7. I split this out of the Assistant Coach thread, as it is pretty big news on its own.
  8. I think the issue is more constrained to private messages. In a nut shell, I think the email server is timing out (when most people send a private message it also sends an email).
  9. SluSignGuy


    Test by Steve
  10. For some users, the time it takes to post is very long. I have some work items I need to do today, but I am starting to try to diagnose the issue. Thanks for your patience, Steve
  11. I think Pepperdine originally kept him from playing 4 years, but after he played 3, he appealed and got his 4th year back...(but not 100% on this)
  12. Actually an Addy https://twitter.com/SLU_Billikens/status/1646540898413555713
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