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  1. Do I need to enable performance mode for this game
  2. about 50 spread out throughout the arena @Taj79
  3. Consider resting guys for tomorrow?
  4. Dumb question, but is ESPNNews included on ESPN Plus? Otherwise stated, is the game on ESPN+?
  5. Impressed Ford stuck with Okoro with 3 fouls. It is paying off...
  6. Am I missing why Perkins is not getting more minutes.... D?
  7. This thread is for users to post if they have an extra ticket to an upcoming game. Sometimes we get stuck with an extra ticket, and they go to waste. If you have an extra ticket to an upcoming game and are willing to give it to another user, post its availability in this thread. Users who could use the free ticket, Private Message the person who offers it. Once the ticket is taken, the original ticket-holder can post again in this thread that the tickets are gone. No tickets are to be sold in this thread. Free tickets only (I do not want disputes over money starting). Finally, understand before any transaction, Billikens.com cannot be held legally liable for any transactions or the results of the transactions of this thread. So please exchange at your own risk. Steve
  8. Updates to server made. But it broke a few things (e.g., the news aggregator on the front page, and the board itself may be a little slower due to caching issues). I will work more on this during the weekend. Hopefully it will not be too difficult.
  9. As a slight warning, I have to do a semi-major upgrade to the server this weekend - so we may have some downtime on Saturday/Sunday. Just wanted to give this heads up.
  10. Article written by former SLU Student!
  11. Went to the ticket office this morning. Got all of my tickets printed out no problem. And if you still want to use the digital tickets after printing, you can.
  12. My tickets downloaded automatically to Google Wallet and the ticket taker couldn't scan them. Last year they downloaded to Google pay, which showed a bar code. Wallet tries to do NFC. Had to go the web site to get the QR code version in the ticket lobby. I will get printed tickets. But Overall, the system is pretty bad for season ticket holders who share their season tickets because you have to transfer individually. And I think the system is designed more for iPhone than android.
  13. Merged this thread with the previous Apple Wallet thread
  14. Bump. When I download tickets on Android, they go to Google Wallet (not Google pay), and it seems you hace to use nfc for the ticket instead of a bar code. This is a pretty annoying system..
  15. If you get tickets printed, can you still use the digital ones (e.g., if I want to transfer tickets to a friend)?
  16. Steve's week: Navigating Missourians opinions about abortion and controversial women's soccer threads. Also would rather keep politics off the board, but thanks @willie
  17. It was college. I remember because I mailed the shirts out to many people from my GW freshman dorm room, which was a little humorous.
  18. Shirt was 2003. It would neat to do another - but I think we got by with using the Billiken logo because Doug Woolard just sort of randomly approved it.
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