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  1. Really hoping for a pickle promotion this year. Maybe an eating contest. Who can eat Thatch level # of pickles in a media timeout.
  2. There was a really good conversation about attendance happening in another thread, so I thought I would bring more attention to it by giving this discussion its own thread.
  3. My impression is that My impression is that it is tickets sold. But I ma no 100% certain (This is also a very nice discussion (that I am almost tempted to put into its own thread)). Nice change of pace from yesterday.
  4. I think I removed all the "troll post" posts, merged each of the soccer threads, and removed the years (so we don't have this problem again).
  5. Kramer has a clean shot.. Does the release seem low to anyone else?
  6. Thatch does look good. Little more reassured if Yuri gets in foul trouble. Have the pickles handy.
  7. Jimmerson seems in form (including a dunk)
  8. On the stream is someone doing play by play?
  9. Kinda neat 50 excited campers are now sitting behind me excited for everything
  10. As it was a topic for Stu Durando, any idea why they are using the leather and white ball?
  11. I am becoming an old man, but it is hard for me to think about paying $34 for a t-shirt, but I want it.
  12. Updated the front page schedule. I am sure I made a mistake. It would not be a front page schedule from Steve without one. Free free to yell at me if I did.
  13. Nope. Still spring until there is an MVC or Blake Ahern life update thread.
  14. The urban legend with the Hippo thing is that the a former university president got drunk and bought the Hippo statue at an auction and had the university pay for it. GW embraced it some (e.g., when I was there they renamed part of the student center the Hippodrome (or something similar) and had an inflatable Hippo mascot. I would much rather stick to the American politics/historical theme for a new mascot.
  15. I hid a number of posts that contributed to stirring the pot. But I kept the one above...because I chuckled. I don't want to close this thread because it is of greater personal interest to me. So I hope the trolls don't come out from under their bridge again.
  16. I just hope the new mascot is something Founding/American Revolution related. I admit, I may buy up a fair bit of colonials swag in the next year.
  17. I am just going to close this thread before it takes a worse turn...
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