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  1. 2 players are playing in the Cape Cod League. 13 players are playing in summer leagues around the country. Two are playing in the NECBL which I usually go to at least one game--I will try to make it to the Vermont Mountaineers v. Nighthawks game or maybe to a Mountaineers home game.
  2. A month ago a gambler I know contacted me and wanted my thoughts about the World Cup and particularly wanted my thoughts on underrated teams. I watched a fair bit of African qualifying and Senegal seems underrated as Mané, Sané, Baldé , Pape Alioune Badou Ndiaye (there are three Ndiayes on the team) seem like a pretty solid core to get you out of the group and possibly into the quarters (not much of chance past that). They are in a pretty open group so it worth a bet to get out of the group (200-1 to win it all is worthy of a small bet if you can get it as well). I think they are underrated mainly because they took a very conservative approach to qualifying (which was smart) and are going to open up offensively for the World Cup. A lot of people have talked about Nigeria being exciting to watch but I am guessing that Senegal will be much more interesting as they get past the conservative tactics of qualifying (they have been playing an open 3--5-2 lately in friendlies but even them in a 4-5-1 would be exciting if Mané (Liverpool) has an central attacking role). They have had problems with Baldé's(Lazio/Monaco) behavior/injuries in the past but I am guessing any positive result early and all that will be gone until at least the World Cup ends. Sakho is an underrated striker as well. Their regular goalie was hurt but back up Khadim Ndiaye is fine. Overall, Skip has mentioned the big contenders (well he "skipped" over France but they are likely behind Brazil, Germany and Spain) but if you are looking for some exciting soccer and a slight underdog my guess is Senegal as they have had very little World Cup experience yet have a team that has impressive club experience.
  3. This numbers driven forecast using Isabell's numbers (not Wiley's yet) projects SLU as best in A-10 (and 14 seed for tourney) and 49th overall. Note that this is projecting Isabell as SLU's best offensive player (because of his efficient play last year) and does not project Gordon or even French as major factor. http://www.barttorvik.com/team.php?team=Saint+Louis&year=2019
  4. This is using a database (Real GM) that excludes limited time players so should work for the question (all the players with low FTA totals per minute are guards): The lowest FT per Minute out of the 2000+ players is Dillon Avare (Eastern Kentucky) 2-2FTs in 560 mins. Tum Tum Nairn of Michigan St. is 3rd with 5 FTs in 586 minutes but is included as I wanted to write Tum Tum. Wiley is 19th but the order seems to be FTA per game (I cannot directly rank the FT per minute)
  5. College Soccer News reports a top 15 recruiting class ranking but I have not seen it for this year. Top Drawer reviews players--SLU has 3 players in this recruiting class in their database (Mootz and Ramadan are 2 stars). The third is Alex Karasinski who committed to McGinty and seems to have gone somewhere else--he was 3 stars. The other 4 players are not in the database so would not be helpful to any ranking by them. I do not think anyone is rating transfers and this is hopefully where the strength of this class lies--the freshman may be fine players but they are not drawing a lot of recruiting attention. The sad part is that Top Drawer rates the top 20 players in every conference--SLU only has one player . . . in the A-10 (this would indicate they were overperforming but I suspect these ratings are not the best).
  6. The game is available on the A-10 Network http://www.atlantic10.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?CONTENT_ID=2136465&DB_OEM_ID=31600&id=6264968&db_oem_id=31600
  7. This is the stats through 3 sessions at EYBL(May 19th). SLU recruit Tyler Bertram (discussed on page 59) is third (I do not see Dingle but it may be a different grouping).
  8. Simi Shittu, a 5-star recruit (Top 10 before injury), is going to play this year at Vandy. Nothing can top the loss I felt when Dayton signed Obadiah Toppin (and yes he wears mustache sometimes but no it is not of the handlebar variety).
  9. Apologies for incorrectly stating that Bertram had a Vandy offer (Pistol, as you all know, is the better source of information). I can tell you more about Saxtons River though (Vermont Academy campus is very nice and Saxtons River has the kind of 4th of July celebration that is very cool and very unintentionally retro). Pistol would have appreciated their brewpub but in a town of 685 even good places go out of business. Last year Bertram and Torrance had to do a lot after Shittu got injured. The team lost a lot of games without Shittu so I could see why there was less interest in Vermont Academy from bigger programs.
  10. Bertram is the top 2019 recruit in Vermont! This would have meant little 10 years ago but Vermont Academy is a top prep school (Shittu was there best recruit this past year and he went to Vandy--note Vandy have also offered Bertram). Bertram is a top 20 NE recruit for sure. Symir Torrance (Guard, 2020) is also a great shooting Vermont Academy player for this year.
  11. Capital spending or debt service is most definitely not included in this data. This information is available at the links Adman gave above. I wish capital spending information and debt servicing was available (it would not be pretty--look at the Cal case it is abysmal what athletics have done to the university). I am sure whatever little revenue Chaifetz generates would go to paying off bond debt but that is tiny part of what is being paid. It is being paid as an institutional cost (like research facilities) by SLU. There was a broader report of college finance a few years ago that included all of the institutional support including capital investments for NCAA D1 athletics and it was not pretty. It basically concluded that institutional support (outside of athletic department budgets) for athletes was 3-4 times what it is for other students even at non-football schools. The real eye opening thing I learned was how much student fees are used to fund athletics in the bulk of D-1 schools (there have been some fights about this but students do seem to accept this). I have no idea why people think college athletics in any sense make money because the reality outside of a handful of institutions with unique revenue situations they do not.
  12. Malik Hines is a grad transfer now so they officially have an open spot. Holloway would have been the most likely transfer (BTW, he was not red-shirted this year--he played in the first semester and then was off the team because of academic issues) but maybe now he stays (he needs to do some better conditioning to prove he is worth a return I would think). I think Baldwin was likely exploring transfer options (even with Holloway out never got much more minutes despite visibly being a "team player") but the fact that he has not announced anything leads me to believe he did not get any/many offers he liked. Anyway, the guards are pretty set for UMass and they are looking to get help with bigs as soon as possible (recent beat article mentions them high on 6-10 Javan White's list and having some HS Senior bigs in reserve).
  13. I will admit that St. Bonaventure has a weaker profile once you let in Margin of Victory and Efficiency ratings (high 50's in Sagarin and worse in Pomeroy) but their RPI will get them a serious look even if they lose 3 more games. They have wins over Syracuse, Maryland, Vermont and Buffalo that all greatly help them. They have avoided bad losses in the A-10 and their worse loss will be to Niagra (who will be under 200). Remember that RPI is 75% who you play and their RPI will get better just by playing Rhode Island. The rest of their schedule (besides Duquesne) will generally help. If they do something like beat Rhode Island and still lose 2 more games their RPI would be in the high 20's or low 30's--they would be in tourney with 3-5 top 50 wins (St. Bonaventure needs Buffalo to stay strong down the stretch but they will likely be top 50) and beating Rhode Island would give them a top 25 win. Going 4-2 down the stretch with a loss in the A-10 final would get them to around upper 30's in the RPI and they would more than likely be in (although this is where their bad Pomeroy/Sagarin would hurt so I would put their odds at greater than 50% but it would then depend on available at large spots).
  14. People on this board are underestimating St. Bonnie's position on the bubble. ESPN talking heads regularly proclaim other teams with a worse profile in (not that they are right either). I would suggest 5-2 finish, 2-1 tourney would put them in a more than likely position to get an at-large. They have some tough games down the stretch Rhodey, at VCU, Davidson, at SLU but if they go 5-2 things will be decent for them. The A-10 could very easily be one bid. They could also be 3 bids. They could also be 2 bids. None of that changes the fact that this is a particularly weak year for the A-10 (and bids are given to teams not conferences).
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