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  1. 1818, the year SLU was founded.
  2. Any lip readers know what Hasahn is saying after he puts #10 in a poster at the 22 second mark in this video? #10 was smiling after the dunk so it looks like there was some friendly trash talking going on between these two. https://youtu.be/pfW33hmRzVQ
  3. It was from the SLU AD. I don’t recall if they mentioned they actually saw the shirts, but they certainly were reading this board and urging me to not place a second large order of shirts that I was about to go through with. After I acknowledged the C&D, I came back to the board here to explain what happened and that I couldn’t make more shirts and the AD hit me up again and were all ticked that I was even talking about the shirts still.
  4. Cease and Desist recipient here. Here's my input on some of the comments above: 1. The problem with the Jordair shirt was, as previously noted, the obvious "likeness" of the player. The combination of using his unique name and hair on the shirt was a big no-no. I do not believe that infringing on Nike's Jumpman logo was ever mentioned in the C&D. I think using Yuri's name still falls in/around the "likeness" category, but don't quote me. 2. I made the "nobody is making any money" defense, since I was selling at cost. The response to that was that SOMEBODY was making money (t-shirt maker) on a NCAA players likeness. 3. Yuri's eligibility would only be hurt if SLU did not make an attempt to stop the shirts from happening after they found out. Nobody made us stop wearing the Jordair shirts, we just had to stop making them after the C&D, which I did. Luckily for many of you, I had quite a few printed before the C&D came. I probably dished out 50+ of those shirts before SLU found out. Bottom line: You'll probably be fine if only a handful of people get them, but I would not blast it around the board.
  5. Looking for 2 for tomorrow night. Trying to turn a couple youngsters into lifelong die hards.
  6. Here are some highlights from the game. JB was in for the last 7ish minutes. https://youtu.be/EVF7KZ0Igsg
  7. “Attendance” just means tickets sales, not how many showed up. I’ll bet the true attendance number is closer to half that.
  8. I couldn’t disagree more. Library, rec center, church, and student center all right in the middle. Same with most of the dorms. Sports facilities all in their own place. You have a university in the middle of a city and you could literally go weeks without ever leaving campus because it’s all nice and contained (unless you have to go to the med campus of course)
  9. Jimmmmerson airballs his first three point attempt in a Billiken uniform. Glad he got that out of the way early.
  10. St. Louis Toasted Ravs St. Louis Asian Carp Invaders St. Louis Megan Ellyia-Green's St. Louis Battlehawks St. Louis City, NOT COUNTY!!! St. Louis Clydesdales
  11. I was responding to the comment stream from where you questioned why the 76ers and 49ers were different than the European team examples.
  12. Philly and San Fran team name/years are based off events that have nothing to do when the teams were founded.
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