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  1. That's a cool fact so I decided to look up all time attendance records (Link). Out of the top 10 attended NCAA soccer games in history, only 2 of them were not from a NCAA semi-final or final match. Those two are the #1 attended SLU/SIUE game at Busch that you mentioned (1980), and #7... also SLU vs SIUE at Busch (1973). In addition, 5 of those top 10 matches were NCAA semi-final double headers, so higher attendance was due to there being 4 different teams playing.
  2. Seems silly to be taking vacations at a time like this,so I’m not sure that’s it. In one of the pics, he’s in a nice hotel room or apartment that is overlooking Staples Center.
  3. Any lip readers know what Hasahn is saying after he puts #10 in a poster at the 22 second mark in this video? #10 was smiling after the dunk so it looks like there was some friendly trash talking going on between these two. https://youtu.be/pfW33hmRzVQ
  4. It was from the SLU AD. I don’t recall if they mentioned they actually saw the shirts, but they certainly were reading this board and urging me to not place a second large order of shirts that I was about to go through with. After I acknowledged the C&D, I came back to the board here to explain what happened and that I couldn’t make more shirts and the AD hit me up again and were all ticked that I was even talking about the shirts still.
  5. Cease and Desist recipient here. Here's my input on some of the comments above: 1. The problem with the Jordair shirt was, as previously noted, the obvious "likeness" of the player. The combination of using his unique name and hair on the shirt was a big no-no. I do not believe that infringing on Nike's Jumpman logo was ever mentioned in the C&D. I think using Yuri's name still falls in/around the "likeness" category, but don't quote me. 2. I made the "nobody is making any money" defense, since I was selling at cost. The response to that was that SOMEBODY was making money (t-shir
  6. Looking for 2 for tomorrow night. Trying to turn a couple youngsters into lifelong die hards.
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