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  1. If we are giving Rick credit for 3 NCAA tourney appearances (as we should), then that group won 2 regular season titles.
  2. All good points in your post. Regarding this statement here, I made this argument when I got the cease and desist for the Jordair shirts, but their valid counter was that even if I’m not profiting, others are (plaint t-shirt manufactures as well as the screen printer).
  3. Can confirm that there is at least one local screen printing company that will make the shirts. Can also confirm that you will end up with a cease and desist.
  4. I believe I am speaking for everyone else on this board when I say that nobody ever has the NIT in mind when mentioning "tournament teams".
  5. Not going to argue the part about 2008, but do people in podunk towns not get to consider the closest pro teams their own?
  6. If Jack Dorsey doesn't purchase the naming rights and call it Square Stadium I'm gonna be pissed.
  7. New MLS4THELOU stadium renderings have been released: https://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/news/2019/04/20/first-look-inside-mls4thelous-proposed-stadium.html https://mls4thelou.com/
  8. Offensive boards are the only reason we are in this game.
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