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  1. Frank C is reporting that SLU will possibly miss the next 6 games. That is not good and probably means a significant outbreak.
  2. Goodwin playing really sloppy. Will get blown out if that doesn’t change
  3. That’s what I did for the St. John’s game
  4. Get the app ready. This Georgetown St. John’s game is taking forever.
  5. I was able to watch the start of the Georgetown and at John’s game on the fox sports app while the seton hall game was still in progress.
  6. It will be on ESPN+ at the very least.
  7. At some point if we can’t schedule a game or two Ford and the AD have to take some blame.
  8. If anyone missed the game or wants to rewatch ESPN+ archives all their games just search Billikens.
  9. He was there but I did notice he was wearing ear plugs
  10. Not looking good. We really need French on Watford. That deflection then 4 point play might be the game.
  11. Jacobs was our best player that half. If we get this all year look out. Goodwin was everywhere on the defensive glass. Limit turnovers and drain our open looks. Let’s get this done.
  12. One thing to add is that Tom Ackerman mentioned that coverage Wednesday starts at 6pm. First I have heard of a potential gametime.
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