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  1. @brianstl the article pretty much outlines what you have been saying regarding our government needing to more blunt about the situation. https://fox2now.com/news/expert-report-predicts-up-to-two-more-years-of-pandemic-misery/?utm_campaign=trueAnthem+Manual&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook
  2. When I lived in soulard I went to Blues City Deli pretty much once every 2 weekends. I have to get back there as soon as possible. Haven’t been in probably 5 years but to me they have the best sandwiches in St. Louis and you can’t beat the live music.
  3. I would recommend Jack Ryan as well. I thought the first season was better than the second though.
  4. Bodyguard on Netflix was good. It’s only 1 season so you can rip through it pretty quick.
  5. Im betting the NCAA tournament gets postponed or even cancelled.
  6. Their defensive strategy wasn’t very smart it was like they didn’t even scout us. First team in a while that didn’t just pack it in against us and you saw the results.
  7. French doesn’t get the respect from the refs as the other top players in the league. This needs to change.
  8. Am I crazy for saying that I would rather play Dayton in the A-10 tournament then Duquesne?
  9. I agree but they called the foul on the wrong player. Why didnt they review it? Shouldve been the 4th on Perkins.
  10. The last three possessions were killer. This game will be a blowout.
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