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  1. I mean when you leave them wide open they are going to hit em
  2. Collins Jimerson/Thatch Perkins Fletcher Okoro would be a very good starting lineup and compete for the A-10 title.
  3. We get absolutely mugged and then we get called for touch fouls. Don’t get it.
  4. Great play by Jacobs but its obvious he is not healthy.
  5. We win and joeys win we get the double bye
  6. French has his swagger back especially on D now we just need Jacobs and jimerson playing like they were pre Covid
  7. Do these announcers talk about the game. Dear god.
  8. Im assuming VCU will just foul french once he gets it?
  9. Linssen still cant defend a ball screen
  10. The first 10 minutes jimerson and Perkins were getting wide open shots and throwing up bricks, then we panicked and tried to force things.
  11. I guess we can put the Goodwin for All-American talk to bed.
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