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  1. I love that Kelly's Heroes is as much a counterculture movie from the late 60s/early 70s as it is a classic WWII movie.
  2. Plus, isn't the FH program usually toward the bottom compared to the costal schools? I would also feel bad.
  3. I was advocating you point to some folks a few weeks ago and they looked at me sideways.
  4. They keep the records from before the 90s in chaifetz in the pep band storage room in some nondescript filing cabinets, so the answer might be there. I've stol... appropriated some really cool memorabilia from the hockey team in the past.
  5. Or Harry is taking his first head coach job after next season (I know he never will but he's got experience out the wazoo)
  6. This waxes poetic as well as any baseball writer.
  7. You'd be surprised at how we've hidden alcohol in recent years, haha.
  8. Back in DC last year, the alums were able to go on the trip and some of us found a bar with a latin-funk house band and Perry sat in with them for probably close to an hour. This was around midnight and they gave him a t-shirt that he wears every once in a while now. That was such a fun night.
  9. Hear, here. The band would be nothing without the old timers.
  10. Pressure to do it won't make it work. You've seen student attendance at games. What makes you think you could push students to do another thing when sometimes it's hard to get them to show for a game? Not bashing current band students because they're awesome and work hard, but there are legitimately not that many students who play instruments or are bought in to spending their free time watching a sport they may not care about. Alumni have experience, memories, buy-in, they spend money, they help mentor the new students, they forge connections which are life-long in some cases. There's no real argument against the alumni remaining.
  11. A band of only student would also drastically decrease attendance at women's games, unfortunately. Sometimes we were among the few who showed up during the rough years pre-Lisa Stone.
  12. This sounds like everything I've heard. Didn't know the bit about the lounge act, though.
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