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  1. If nothing else, the dude is nice and does great with kids, even if we adults think he's a bit doofy.
  2. She's so good, she's a few more blocks away from the top 25 all time in blocks for all NCAA D-I players.
  3. The only comfort to me is that no one in the A10 is getting one either lol. NET can say all it wants about Dayton, but they don't deserve an At-Large just like we don't.
  4. SIUE was bad because it was a home game and we blew a 17(?) point lead. Maryland and Auburn were road/neutral court contests and both ended up being ranked teams, so honestly no one expected us to win those even if we did compete. Fordham was on the road, but was a WTF kind of game.
  5. Because this is the best conference start we've had in years and who the hell knows why
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