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  1. UCBC is so far from SIUE though, relatively speaking. It makes less sense. We gotta change that if we can.
  2. In what world is 2 days really old?
  3. That's the opposite of a problem, time is money, money is power, power is pizza.
  4. Brooke is down in 'Stralia about to be playing in the pro league there.
  5. Dayton, I expect, haha. The vitriol against Dayton is justified.
  6. I think you should add "travelin' man" or "King of the Road" to your bio at this point. This is super cool!
  7. I think logging into my account when I'm either buzzed/drunk or tired is almost always a mistake, but I regret nothing.
  8. Dear lord, it does not pay to be any level of inebriated in this conversation. I am, though, genuinely surprised at Pete's hostility towards Mason as I've never seen them as a serious rival/program.
  9. New Mason logo I...think I liked the old one better. Edit: It looks like an investment/law firm now.
  10. I usually don't like your posts much, but you're 100% correct on this.
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