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  1. Who better to teach how to have a Conklin summer than the man himself?
  2. I think we have different definitions of raw, so I’m gonna say no, that’s not enough for me.
  3. When has Ford ever shown a willingness to give PT to raw, but high ceiling, talent? Would love to be wrong on this one
  4. Seems like we should’ve just kept Bell
  5. Do scholarship limits even matter anymore? Could just give a walk on a $100,000/ year NIL deal, no?
  6. We always play fast to start the year, and typically play very well as we do. Then, inevitably, when a good team shows that they’re able to play with us a bit, we panic and slow down, usually to our own detriment. And from then on, Ford settles into his 7 or 8 man rotation. we have had some players that would’ve thrived in a run and gun style offense (Demarius Jacobs, Strickland immediately come to mind) who were totally wasted when we constantly slowed down into half court sets.
  7. Kasubke is a 2/3. Ball handling seems to be one of the weaker parts of his game. I don’t think we want to rely on him as a primary ball handler. I’d certainly take him as a shooter off the bench though.
  8. Kroenke is a vile human being, even outside of sports ownership. Yuri is 1000x the man Kroenke is, even if I don’t like how he left.
  9. I’d like to think those in charge of the HoF have a little more self respect than that. But who knows. I know I wouldn’t stand and clap for Yuri after this.
  10. Do we dare say it?? Yuri = tool??
  11. Is it really worth it? Why scrape together our hard earned money just to match some billionaire’s $200k, when Yuri essentially gave a giant middle finger to the team and the fans? What would stop Yuri from just transferring next year? Another $200k? I’d rather spend my time, money, and energy on guys who want to be Billikens.
  12. I alluded to this on Twitter yesterday. For someone who had the third most turnovers in the entire nation, it seems that “needing to step up the competition” would in fact be pretty poor advice.
  13. I said exactly this to some friends and family that closely follow the team. I don’t have anything against Yuri as a person, but as a Billiken fan, you have to root for him to fail now. And that really sucks. But if he struggles and gets relegated to the bench in favor of the next 4 or 5 star, our next all-conference player might think twice before leaving for “greener pastures”.
  14. The huge upside is only true if the rest of the roster remains intact, and at this point, why would anyone expect it to? We all saw Hargrove’s retweet. I think it’s safe to say Ford does not have a great finger on the pulse of how the players are feeling.
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