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  1. Have to think Travis will have us ready to go much more so than against Seton Hall.
  2. Would love to keep this momentum going with some good recruiting news from Europe... Pitbull's getting rusty.
  3. How good would Lawson have looked on our team as a grad transfer?
  4. That charge call on yuri was the worst call ive ever seen... robs yuri of an assist and hasahn of a dunk
  5. Was hoping to see some Hargrove this half.. not gonna happen now
  6. Ron Hunter's reactions to our made threes were my favorite part of that half... mostly because I've made the same exact reactions in the past when our opponents just can't miss.
  7. Jacobs got yanked pretty quick in the half after a turnover and foul... Must've seen his playing time flashing before his eyes because he came out shooting with a vengeance after coming back in.
  8. No clock or scoreboard on the feed?? I guess its better than nothing
  9. Gotta go for the Tinto de Verano while in Madrid. €1 used to get you a massive jarra on Wednesdays and Sundays at Cien Montaditos... think it still does.
  10. I guess I just have to trust Travis that Hargrove isn't better than what we currently have out there.
  11. When’s the last time an A10 team went undefeated in conference play? Genuinely asking. Even when we were a top 15 team in the country we didn’t do that.
  12. Eh we can take em. But it’s great that they’re looking good in non-con
  13. I really hope Travis can get us into a decent early season tournament next year. We will probably never get Maui, since we don’t travel well enough, but there are some other good tourneys it would be great to be in. We should be an attractive option for tournaments next year, as we (hopefully) only lose Weaver from what looks to be an above average team so far.
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