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  1. I hope this gif never dies... still love Jolly’s backwards shuffle like he drained it. trying to figure out who else is on the floor in the gif... Hines, Crawford, Bishop?, Yacoubou??
  2. if this is true, it does not bode well for our chances of completing a season/playing in the NCAA. If ~20-25 people are tested weekly or however often their protocol stipulates, the chances of one being positive have to be somewhat high. would make way more sense to just quarantine everyone for the initial period and then just hold out the remaining positives after that. this policy of every person in the program having to be cleared has serious potential to derail our season entirely. Which is a real shame for our best team since the Majerus era.
  3. I pity the 6 seed that has to play us as an 11. Hopefully spumac
  4. This one just didn’t have a good feeling from the tip. Touch fouls against us, getting hammered with no call on offense, and giving up wide open threes...
  5. There’s a reason these guys shoot 35 FTs a game. They know how to milk any contact for a call. Making a 3 while getting fouled is incredibly difficult. There’s a reason we haven’t done it all year. And they have two and-1 threes in a half? Yeah right.
  6. Ford is gonna have to get on these refs a bit or they’re gonna screw us out of the game here. I’ve seen three touch fouls called against us, and can think of two occasions (Linssen and Perkins) where we got absolutely mauled with no call.
  7. You can preach fit to high schoolers all you want, but you have to show that you can put kids in the Association. Until we do that, kids will still pass us up for the brighter lights of P5 schools, and it's a shame.
  8. It’s a real shame their barn burner against Prairie View A&M today is cancelled. They’d have had standing room only for that one.
  9. We just beat a really good team. If they have their full team that’s a very close game. Major respect to them for coming out and playing us with a short bench.
  10. I was watching this game at who-knows-what O’clock in the morning on a couch in Madrid. I think my yelling woke up the entire apartment building.
  11. KC showed flashes of talent here but never could quite find his role. I always thought he was a little too slow to play wing and not strong enough to play 4 at his height. Looks like he maybe out on some muscle based on that pic, which should serve him well. I’m glad he had a good first game, and hope he has a very successful career for the Mocs. I always root for former Bills to have success. speaking of... I wonder if Carteare will play for Grambling now with the blanket waiver for transfers. I know he was hoping for a waiver before the season.
  12. Would love to see them knock of Illinois. Strengthens our schedule and weakens SPUMAC’s
  13. Richmond absolutely exposed when they play a good team. Sucks for the A10, but should solidify us as the clear favorite to run through the conference.
  14. The virus is so widespread that literally any player could get it at any point from anywhere. The Minnesota game is equally likely to get canceled whether we played today or not. not trying to be a downer, but do people really think our guys are spending 100% of their time in their dorm rooms when they aren’t practicing? like others have said, play the games when you can... if you cancel a game for a possible exposure on the other team 10 DAYS AGO, you’ll never finish the season. Every team is going to have possible exposures almost every day. It’s when, not if, you have positi
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