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  1. Definitely did not help Gudmundsson (sp?) or Lorentsson. I think the physicality of the Euro youth tournaments pales in comparison to Division 1 hoops.
  2. I won’t be buying a customized jersey unless it’s an official Nike one… shame because I really wanted to go full Avila uniform with the goggles and everything
  3. Welcome Tim Riggins! Texas Forever
  4. definite Tim Riggins vibes. Possibly even werewolf.
  5. Right, I was thinking it would help more along the lines of “I coach the national team, I know what it takes to get to that level” more so than recruiting the All American types. At least until we establish ourselves as a consistent top level program.
  6. This feels like it could be huge for recruiting? Or am I overstating it’s importance?
  7. Worked for butler after we waxed them three times in one season…
  8. Need some good news on Anderson and/or Campbell today!
  9. Know you’re being sarcastic, but let’s not put this stuff into the universe…
  10. Can’t believe Schertz didn’t think he could use Curcic though. He could be a stud under Mack at Charleston
  11. Asking for a friend… what’s a St. Louis 5 in Miami?
  12. I’ll state for the record this guy is gonna be really good. Wouldn’t be shocked if he starts. I think too much is being read into him not playing much for Creighton, who were stacked. Swope, Dotzler, Gibby, Avila, (yet to commit) big. That’s starting five I think. Hughes, Thames first off the bench. Casey first to spell the bigs
  13. Hard to be efficient on a terrible team. He seems like exactly the type of player HCJS has turned into a stud in the past. Again, big guards that can score, rebound, and pass don’t grow on trees. If Schertz wants him I’m all in.
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