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  1. Looking around at some Big East message boards… the overwhelming majority of fans do NOT want to add us at all. A lot of “they add nothing to the league” which is pretty funny considering we have more recent success that quite a few of their members. Funnily enough, they are much more open to adding VCU, even though the school is a much worse fit… those final four runs stick in people’s memory. I’d say the main desire of the BE fans is to add Gonzaga, obviously, but I don’t see that happening. Geography aside, Gonzaga has a good thing going… why risk moving to a conference where you aren’t top dog every year, when you’re getting 1 seeds year after year in your current situation. luckily, the BE presidents and FOX will be the ones deciding, and I think we are much more attractive to them than we are to the fans
  2. Yeah, and if you wanted to rotate the squad, you had Busio, Hoppe, De La Torre, Yedlin who are all better options that Arriola, Lletget, Acosta, and Moore. Acosta has had a couple good games vs Mexico in his USMNT career, and other than that has looked extremely mediocre. Final thought, I know Gregg basically had to play Bello since A. Robinson couldn’t travel. But Bello was awful. And we’ve got Joe Scally playing RB and LB at Gladbach, and playing both positions very well. That’s an inexcusable non- call in. Instead you played a Spanish second division player at RB and he had a shockingly bad game.
  3. Can’t expect much else with two mediocre MLS CMs. Gregg’s infatuation with Lletget and Acosta is insane
  4. I just hope Gregg doesn’t play Dest at LB. he’s so wasted there
  5. Similarly, you don’t want to go to a Sargent type situation at Werder, where you play all the time, but have no service on a team that creates nothing. Sargent has gone backwards since arriving at Werder, and his move to Norwich is similarly no better. Sargent should really be canning his agent. Pepi should be looking at an Ajax/PSV/Salzburg/Sporting Lisbon level team where he could bang in 20 goals and get his big move in 2 years or so. Aaronson’s move to Salzburg should be a great model… he’ll be at a top 20 club within the next year.
  6. Lorentsson is obviously in the second group. So there’s six. Happy?
  7. Can’t say for sure, but from the clips posted it looks like in the scrimmages they’ve been running a first six (in white/gray) vs second six in blue. first six: Perkins, Yuri, Fred, TJ, Linssen, Nesbitt second six: Okoro, Williams, Jones, Strickland, Traore haven’t noticed Gibson at all. not necessarily a first team/second team deal, but those are certainly not balanced squads. And if it is a starters/reserves thing, Okoro is trying to get moved up based on that dunk… holy s***
  8. Lorentsson is kind of a forgotten player on here, understandably so considering he didn’t do much of anything of note last year. If he’s able to develop into even a serviceable roll player it would be super helpful in terms of having someone to play the 4.
  9. Oh absolutely. Not to mention Pepi did a lot more than just score. I’m definitely super excited about the kid, but US Soccer fans have a tendency to overhype and put way too much pressure on any young kid who does anything. I certainly hope he can handle the pressure of being our 9 of the future.
  10. Jedi looked as good as he does for Fulham. Pepi was a beast… just remember Sargent scored on his debut too. I think Aaronson is gonna be recognized as our best player before long… the Medford Messi. very happy with the three points. Not happy with Gregg. But I said before the window, 5pts is the minimum for Gregg to keep his job, so for me, he gets one more window. Need at least 6pts next window.
  11. Gregg the Egg is in over his head with this team. It’s one thing to coast through a couple regional summer tournaments with one goal wins. But WCQ is a different beast, and he’s clearly overmatched and underprepared. Any result other than three points tonight and he needs to go. this is the worst position to be in as a fan, you want your team to succeed but know they will never succeed at the highest level with their current coach. I’m obviously pulling for a win tonight, a World Cup with GGG is obviously better than no World Cup. But I wish the USSF would’ve made the right hire at the time instead of going with one of their head exec’s brother.
  12. Word on most other boards is that he had a female visitor in his hotel room. I can’t confirm obviously, just passing it on. That would make more sense than signing some autographs for some kids.
  13. I didn’t say it’s a disaster. But lose to Canada, and we are facing disaster without a win in Honduras, which again, we just don’t do. We can admit that it was an awful result without saying it was disastrous yet for qualification. Out of curiosity, do you expect better results away vs Costa Rica and home vs Mexico in this cycle? Because at this point we will need better results to qualify.
  14. I didn’t see the same from Ream… too slow, his passing is always putting his teammates under immediate pressure…. I don’t get how someone who isn’t good enough to play for Fulham in the championship warrants a call up to the USMNT. And this is from a St Dominic and SLU grad… ream will always be a STL soccer great, but it’s time to move on. as far as berhalter goes, I don’t feel like retyping all of this, so I’m gonna copy and paste my post from big soccer boards… “Gregg certainly doesn’t make the players play bad… but he makes some tactical decisions that are truly baffling. He refuses to play Reyna in the middle, where he plays for one of the best teams in the world. He refuses to play Dest at RB, where he plays for one of the best teams in the world. He shifts Dest to the left for Yedlin, the second choice right back at a mediocre Turkish side, and arguably our 4th or 5th best right back. His substitutes consist of Pefok (who just isn’t the answer at ST— worse first touch than Zardes), Lletget (minnow killer, flops against good teams), Acosta (most inconsistent player in our pool), and Roldan (wouldn’t be a top 5 player on El Salvador). I’m not putting this all in Gregg, and I’m trying not to overreact. But his talent evaluation and tactical decisions are just so baffling. I’m sure I’ll get roasted for this post, but some of these things are VERY concerning, and Gregg should not get a pass because of his successes in less important summer tournaments. I’m willing to see how the next two games go, but any less than 4 points from them, and we should make a managerial change. We won’t, but we should. The last thing we need is to wait until it’s too late, like last cycle. If you want to be one of the best teams in the world, you beat El Salvador, plain and simple.” All this game did was remove all breathing room from the next two games. We need four points from them plain and simple… drop points vs Canada (who will be VERY motivated against us after dropping points in their opener) and we and in serious qualification trouble again.
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