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  1. Good Lord. Linssen obviously had multiple options and decided he wanted to spend his last two seasons with Team Blue, despite never visiting campus, and knowing that he is likely coming off the bench in a supporting role both years. This is a player we should NOT want on our team? Give me a break
  2. Haha I’m not speaking as if he wouldn’t at all. Just figured it was easier to make the point that way rather than saying “our 10-13 scholarship guys plus our preferred walk on”. It’s definitely pretty clear to everyone that Phil would undoubtedly be a scholarship player (And probably a top 8 guy) on almost any other Billiken team in history.
  3. these guys are gonna be borderline suicidal/homicidal when they aren’t declared the official supporters group of the club.
  4. our 9th-13th scholarship guys would run them off the floor. We've come far since then.
  5. No doubt Okoro could get a waiver if he were healthy. Obviously it benefits our depth and future continuity of success for him to redshirt this year anyway.
  6. So theoretically our non conference schedule could end up being even better than anticipated
  7. What I’m gathering from this thread is that we need to create our own Billikens.com MLS supporter group. The MBM Citizen Tools.
  8. Out of curiosity, why do you say that? They've always given me a clique-y vibe (especially amongst their leadership), and some of their leaders think they're the #1 authority on soccer fandom in the entire world. But overall, I'd say the group is good for soccer in STL.
  9. Not unexpected at all, but Saint Louis FC announced today that they will cease operations after this season. Really a bummer, those games are always fun to attend. No professional soccer in STL until 2023 now.
  10. I’d agree Pomykal and Aaronson have looked much better. I still think it’s important to keep in mind that Busio just turned 18. Pomykal really didn’t do anything in the league until he turned 19, and Aaronson looked decent last year when he debuted at 18. But he really broke out this year, in his age 19 season. Point being Busio is still very young and I’ve seen enough not to write him off. There’s a reason he’s been linked with major Euro clubs. I definitely agree Aaronson and Pomykal are currently much more ready to move abroad. all in all, I’m just happy that, as a nation, we are finally producing quality young soccer talent.
  11. I’ve never heard of that being the case. In fact most homegrown contracts usually have a bunch of option years for the team that are specifically designed to prevent losing players for free. Maybe you are thinking of Amateur “Academy Contracts” often used by teams like Saint Louis FC in USL? you are correct that MLS rules are incredibly complex and confusing. I’m not even sure the league knows how to apply them correctly all the time which led to the introduction of things like TAM.
  12. The interest in Busio seems to be mainly due to him having an Italian passport. But he's also barely 18, and already has 30 MLS appearances. He's far from a finished product.
  13. Haha I was referring to Brenden, but by some accounts Paxten may be better than his older brother.
  14. Oh for sure... I wasn't arguing that. Garber has even admitted that MLS needs to be a selling league in order to thrive. The more success that young MLS exports have (Davies, Adams, Almiron), the more money MLS will start to receive. Aaronson, Pomykal, Busio should be the next young Americans to move abroad.
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