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  1. You want ball handling from a 6'11" center? His footwork is what you should expect from a freshman big... room for improvement. Hasahn would do the same as a freshman, and guys like Agbeko and Manning did it as seniors. Bell is a good passer and very underrated on defense. He makes a lot of freshman mistakes, but he's going to be one of the better bigs we've had when it's all said and done.
  2. Only down 9... considering our starters have 4 points, and fouls were 10-4 against us, that could have been so much worse
  3. Diarra is more mobile than Bell, but Bell is more skilled. And both are similarly poor in conditioning, which would be expected for freshmen of their size.
  4. Perkins hammered at the rim and no call despite fouls being 8-3 against us
  5. Can't say this very often, but they're making French their B****.
  6. I’d imagine those seats were sold.
  7. I guess I should’ve said win and we are more likely than not to get an at large. We still have a “chance” at one even without a win, but it’s difficult. either way, props to Ford and the players for being in this position at this point in the season, without Thatch and Jimerson for much of the year. Truly incredible.
  8. Win tomorrow and you have to think we have a good shot at an at large. Obviously any bad losses could knock us off that perch really quickly. Still can’t help but be thrilled that we are in this position. ROLL F****** BILLS
  9. We have a shot at an at large bid, and as last year showed, anything can happen in conference tourney. If we have a chance to add Fred to this team, you've gotta do it.
  10. Wasn’t McKinney interested in VCU? Seems like type of player who would be successful there.
  11. Someone get this printed up for the Slunatics please
  12. Sorry, was trying to ask if anyone had video on ESPN+ yet. I have it now tho
  13. Anyone more in the know than me know if Schulte would be a target for the new MLS team as a homegrown signing? I know he played for STLFC, so I would think he would be eligible as long as the new team is considered some sort of continuation of the USL team.
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