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  1. It’s awful. I have watched him take four ultra contested shots and haven’t seen him pass once.
  2. Not sure if it’s the same guy, but there’s a Luis Santos on Puerto Rico’s Olympic qualifying roster. Listed as a 6’8” C. Pure laziness on my part not to delve further, but I’d guess that it’s him. not sure if any other Bills potentially going to the Olympics. New Zealand pulled out of qualifying so I’d imagine they’re out (Loe usually makes their roster).
  3. If youre hoping for Pulisic, McKennie, Adams, Sargent, Steffen, etc. yes, you’ll likely be disappointed. But there should be some very exciting young names on the roster. I’m hoping for all of the following: Caden Clark, Cade Cowell, Daryl Dike, Gianluca Busio, Owen Otasowie, and (my long shot) Folarin Balogun. Id say the first four are probable, Otasowie is a toss up (Wolves preseason will be important for him), and Balogun is a very long shot, but one I’d definitely invite based on potential alone, and our lack of a bonafide striker.
  4. What a gut punch. Makes you feel sick to your stomach. RIP coach. Thoughts go out to his family and the team. Just awful
  5. As someone who has been here since ‘04, surely you know about “tools”...
  6. This is not the first time Chapley has tweeted something along these lines, and in the past it has been nothing. I’m not saying it is nothing this time, but the kid loves to stir the pot and get his name “out there”.
  7. Exactly. Our fit in this league is horrible, but barring admission into the big east (and NIT appearances aren’t gonna get that done) there really aren’t any better options
  8. This is admittedly very petty of me, but I’m not rooting for any of the A10 teams. I’m tired of the rest of the league choking during the non-conference only to beat up in each other to the point where the league only gets one at large bid. This league should routinely have four teams in the tourney every year. couple that with the horrible officiating we get year in and year out in this conference, and SBU and VCU are just another team to me. Good for them if they win, but I won’t be pulling for them
  9. You’re joking right? Osun may be the best player... but they play five guys. We were supposed to have two starting fives that could win the A10... that’s what we were all saying in the off-season
  10. I’m so tired of getting worked by teams with 1/2 the talent we have. Osun notwithstanding... he’s one guy.
  11. Is Jacobs hurt or is Travis’ ego the only thing keeping him out? We should all be pissed if it’s the latter
  12. Bell is absolutely killing us... so slow and soft
  13. These refs are trash. We always get jobbed by A10 refs. We may need to get out of this league to find any consistent success
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