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  1. There are probably only a handful of people in the World that think they’re bigger than the World Cup, and it is no surprise at all that Enos Kroenke is one of them.
  2. I’m anticipating some promising signs from some of the young guys, with frequent reminders of our inexperience. I imagine we will show just enough for some Ford supporters to say “give him one more year”. In reality it should be NCAA or bust, but it won’t since expectations are much lower this year.
  3. Not that this schedule is a surprise, but it confirms it was a complete waste of a season to keep Ford around. We will be forced to decide between firing him after our 18-14 record (may be optimistic) and losing the only promising pieces in the program (Medley, Zhang, whoever else looks decent) OR keeping him and wasting yet another year mired in mediocrity. This past spring was the time to rip off the bandaid.
  4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but scholarships count for the whole academic year, I believe. So in order to add a player mid season, you’d have to have a scholarship available from the start.
  5. The mental health card is gonna be played early and often in these waiver appeals. Not saying this particular player is falsely claiming that, just that if every player trying to transfer claims it, it’s not going to mean anything when someone is actually struggling.
  6. I do not remember a pair of opponents for “A-Team” friendlies as weak as Uzbekistan and Oman. I follow soccer religiously and couldn’t name a single player or club team from either country. I also seriously doubt the average American can point within 2000 miles of either country on a globe. This is an obvious attempt to start off the Berhalter 2.0 Era with two victories, to avoid fan outrage over his re-appointment. The shots at STL over attendance are completely unwarranted considering the opponent. If I had to guess, it’s due to direction from USSF to take attention off the joke of an opponent (in the case of soccer journalists), or out of jealousy of the success of CITY (in the case of other non-STL fans).
  7. Nations league should definitely be an A team. With no World Cup qualifying, we need all the “competitive” games we can get prior to 2026.
  8. No MLS “vibes guys” (Arriola, Roldan, Long, Morris, Acosta)!!! Are we sure this is the same Gregg, or has he been replaced by an imposter?
  9. Any chance Curcic factors into the ball handling mix? Frank labeled him a “difference maker” when hinting at his commitment. Any truth to that, or is it typical Frank carrying the water for Ford and the program? He looks good in euro clips, but so did Ingvi and Andre.
  10. How the A10 has fallen… “comparable” to Eastern Washington and Portland.
  11. Just threw up in my mouth at work. Thanks
  12. Tay Weaver/ Deandre Jones role. Fine by me.
  13. So stupid. I think if they polled season ticket holders, 95%+ of us would happily give up a game vs Paul Quinn in exchange for a good road game, and still pay the same for the season ticket. Maybe I’m wrong though.
  14. This must be the mythical SLU-Madrid team that dude committed to on Twitter earlier this year.
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