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  1. Hope it doesn’t affect his ability to offensive rebound
  2. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s just a statement. MLS quality is improving. Do you want a 35 year old Tim Ream starting at left back at the next World Cup? Considering LB is essentially a third CB in Berhalter’s system, you can play essentially anyone there who is mobile and somewhat physical. They don’t even necessarily have to be left footed. Antonee Robinson should start when healthy. There are better options than Ream, even in MLS.
  3. Dest and Pomykal have me very excited. Good to see Sargent return, despite him getting very few minutes so far this year with Werder Bremen. It's good to see Ream called up for the match as a local guy, but I don't understand why Berhalter continues to include him... He's an MLS level player who will be 35 by the time of the 2022 World Cup. I fully expect Ream to sign with the STL MLS team for cheap to finish out his career... very possibly our first captain.
  4. I bet at least fifty people on this site would commit to buying an authentic jersey. Seems like easy money for the Team Store if they want it.
  5. Nope, Hargrove is in the shades. Hightower next to French.
  6. Yep it’s Hightower. Was on the team last year too. Still no Perkins or Weaver
  7. For the last three years I’ve been a big advocate of filling every available scholarship, even if the player isn’t clearly a starting level player right now. As we have seen far too often, things happen and we end up with seven or eight guys. It’s better to be able to bring in a Hankton or Jacobs level player than an Aaron Hines level player. And I don’t mean that as a shot at KCH or DJ- I think both will be solid contributors this year.
  8. What doesn’t make sense? The other team scored 11 more points than Willie’s team while he was on the court.
  9. Without delving too far into it, it looks like Weaver fills the role of Isabell from last year’s team. Decent shooter, takes care of the ball, good for a few assists and rebounds a game.
  10. We need some of the guys from Mendez to really start getting first team minutes. Berhalter will never call them up while they’re playing for German Fourth Division reserve sides or U19s. Gloster has interest from PSV and Soto should get serious minutes for Hanover in the 2 Bundesliga, if he doesn’t move on. Mendez needs to start getting minutes for Freiburg or a loan to 2 Bundesliga.
  11. Zardes over Sargent was, and continues to be, a travesty.
  12. It has been posted. See Bess to the Pelicans thread.
  13. To be more specific, he is playing with them in summer league. Not in camp with the main team. We saw Loe and McCall in summer league the summer after they graduated.
  14. Would love to see him make the team. That’s gonna be an exciting team that gets a lot of national TV time with Zion and the haul from the AD trade.
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