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  1. Fair. It still doesn’t excuse his hopeless drives into the lane. Give the ball up. He has tunnel vision any time he gets the ball inside the arc… but yes, the failure is equally as much a ford’s for his repeated failure to recruit an acceptable backup ball handler. Hughes might be that guy, but he didn’t see the floor in the second half, as far as I can remember, despite a very solid shift in the first half.
  2. Well that didn’t work out. As I mentioned last night, Pickett was playing 3rd grade YMCA ball. Looking directly down at his shoes as he dribbled into two or sometimes three taller players only to throw up a prayer of a layup that more often than not had no chance. for as much as Pickett handled the ball, he had ZERO assists on the night.
  3. Anyone remember a more frustrating individual performance than what we saw from Pickett tonight? Truly shockingly bad. someone needs to tell him he ain’t Paul Pierce, he’s Brian Scalabrine. Give up the f****** ball dude.
  4. Who cares at this point. Any time we are building momentum this happens.
  5. No kidding. It’s like everyone except Ford and the players can see that it isn’t working. And you need to make threes to come back late. Did we even shoot any??
  6. Yeah running the offense through our bigs at the top of the key is so dumb. You’d think we had Nikola Jokic out there based on our system. But Okoro and Forrester are basically walking turnovers out top. couple that with how quick the hands of the Fordham guards were, as well as all the hand checks/ holds they got away with, it was always a recipe for disaster.
  7. Oh they were awful too. Okoro was best of a bad bunch tonight, but he still was bad when it came down to the wire.
  8. Maybe, still can’t give the ball directly to the other team two possessions in row in one possession game late in the second half. At least he usually has the courtesy to do it in the first half.
  9. No one played well tonight except maybe Hargrove. Okoro had a good first half and then undoes it with two consecutive turnovers in a one possession game. You just can’t do that. You can’t.
  10. Ford is the GOAT at taking any momentum this program has and stopping it dead in its tracks.
  11. I think next time we will just pass on the Mizzou reject. We win this without Pickett.
  12. They aren’t even good, they just have physical guards. They’ve been riding our ball handlers all game
  13. Travis is blowing this game. Pickett given the keys to the offense for some unknown reason. Sitting/not running offense through Franco. Can’t get a single open shot for one of the best three point shooters in program history. Just a total coaching failure in the second half.
  14. Pickett yet another turnover. Forrester bails him out. pickett can stay in New York
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