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  1. Was there nothing that could be done to prevent Forte from leaving is he was so integral to our top 2 recruits? Find it hard to believe we couldn’t match the salary he’s getting at North Texas, but who knows? And a promise to promote to associate head coach when Tate retires or leaves?
  2. Right, this is reminiscent of the “we stopped recruiting him comments” we used to see all the time. Ford’s defenders hyped up Noland when he signed, pointing to it as a sign of Ford’s recruiting prowess. Now, they’re saying things like “he must’ve practiced with the guys and realized he can’t get minutes” or “he barely played for Oklahoma.” The 7’4” center from Oral Roberts barely played for Oklahoma the year before and he'd have been the best big we have had in like 8 years. The reality of it is kids don’t want to play for a program in decline, especially in this era of college free agency… and I don’t think anyone can argue we aren’t trending the wrong direction
  3. Don’t see how anyone could be optimistic about the direction of this program right now. Looking like another wasted season upcoming.
  4. Some great movies listed in this thread. I’d add The Patriot as a great American war film. (Maybe more appropriate for 4th of July)
  5. Serious question: why are there even “dead period” rules anymore? Players are paid, tampering happens with every single player, transfers don’t sit… it seems so arbitrary to enforce a period of no contact with recruits. At this point, may as well make anything outside of threatening recruits legal. Sign guys to multi year, legally binding contracts… only way to prevent it. NCAA athletics are forever changed and there’s no going back.
  6. While I agree there will be those exaggerate mental health issues for their own devices when it comes to transfers, what “medical foundation” is there that can prove mental health issues? Anxiety, depression, etc. shows up on no blood tests, scans, or any other objective form. It’s all subjective. Mental health issues are 100% real and need to be taken seriously, but there’s no way to challenge any student athlete that is using that to take advantage of a transfer waiver. If a player claims they are having mental health issues at their current school, they will be granted a waiver. The ncaa knew that when they added that stipulation.
  7. This was an argument I made when those guidelines came out. In today’s atmosphere, how can you argue against a player saying his/her/their current situation is bad for his/her/their mental health?? You can’t without your university getting essentially canceled. It would be tantamount to your school not releasing a player from a NLI after a coach leaving (ie Brock Vice).
  8. I’m not saying it was for sure never said before that, but it wasn’t a widely accepted thing to call a recruit, as you can see from the responses if you read through the thread. I do think the “stopped recruiting him” joke predated that though. I could also be wrong, I’ve been on this board over half my life, so the time is also all warped for me. on another note, there are some very funny posts re: Brett Jolly’s commitment in that thread.
  9. spent a few minutes trying to find the first time referring to a recruit as a tool. Best I can tell, JP Macura was my first, but this thread in reference to Kelan Martin is where it seems to gain some steam. https://www.billikens.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24359-recruiting-2014/&do=findComment&comment=378034 @Quality Is Job 1 (great poster, RIP) didn’t take too kindly to it at first, but pretty sure this is what started it all.
  10. You really could have just led with the bolded. I say sign him up.
  11. Ingvi and (maybe) Lorentsson were late signings too if I’m remembering correctly. And they contributed nothing on court. Although I do admire Ingvi for having the courage to launch a near 35 footer with basically his first touch of one of his only games played. Can’t remember if it caught any rim, but shooters shoot.
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