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  1. Late tip again against a "meh" opponent. People will watch it on TV, but don't wanna be out that late on a weeknight.
  2. I think it goes back to Torch's point about Longwood players being favored over returners.
  3. Very confusing. Why not ease her back in and utilize her?
  4. I would think they'd have her on the injured list, then if she hasn't been ready this long. If my memory isn't failing me, she wasn't injured the whole season last year.
  5. A stupid decision considering she was one of the brighter spots last season.
  6. It's like we're allergic to big success sometimes.
  7. So were we, offensively. Defense is a different story.
  8. Honestly if this is our result against a top 15 team on an off offensive day, then we can beat anyone if we don't get in our own way like today.
  9. Lol if we win out in the non con and win the A10 regular, there's no way we don't get an at-large.
  10. If we don't make the Tourney this year we will in spades.
  11. I've attended most of the games where this applies. It's a true statement. Ford's teams haven't been able to come up big unless it's against St. Bonaventure. Why can't we bet the big time like the Majerus teams?
  12. The guys that can make them aren't getting fouled
  13. That's the MO of every NCAA ref, tighten it up in crunch time.
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