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  1. UCBC is so far from SIUE though, relatively speaking. It makes less sense. We gotta change that if we can.
  2. In what world is 2 days really old?
  3. That's the opposite of a problem, time is money, money is power, power is pizza.
  4. Brooke is down in 'Stralia about to be playing in the pro league there.
  5. Dayton, I expect, haha. The vitriol against Dayton is justified.
  6. I think you should add "travelin' man" or "King of the Road" to your bio at this point. This is super cool!
  7. I think logging into my account when I'm either buzzed/drunk or tired is almost always a mistake, but I regret nothing.
  8. Dear lord, it does not pay to be any level of inebriated in this conversation. I am, though, genuinely surprised at Pete's hostility towards Mason as I've never seen them as a serious rival/program.
  9. New Mason logo I...think I liked the old one better. Edit: It looks like an investment/law firm now.
  10. I usually don't like your posts much, but you're 100% correct on this.
  11. Yeah but I'm never a fan of anyone but us sh*t talking our program lol.
  12. It's honestly healthier than smoking it lol. Every time my partner coughs after inhaling, I just yell "edibles!"
  13. It was always hilarious to me seeing the super tall players riding in the golf carts. They made them look tiny.
  14. If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time.
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