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  1. Caleb Love and Cam’Ron Fletcher could commit to SLU tomorrow and Mizzou twitter would say it was because Cuonzo passed on them. Mizzou was actually the first choice of Tatum, Beal, Liddell, Otto Porter, etc. They just didn’t know it.
  2. They’re a real special breed down there
  3. Agreed. There would probably be less than 50 at the school who could actually do that though
  4. Hope the school does the right thing here. We need loyal students there who will be loud and supportive. Not students who can’t name a single player on the team. Can you imagine how sad it would be to have 25 students who’ve never been to a college basketball game as our representation? They’d probably be sitting down honestly.
  5. It's really a huge shame they don't sell the authentic jerseys. I'd for sure buy at least two- Blue and Black. The grays we wore for one game were sweet too but I think we lost the game if I remember correctly.
  6. Agreed. I hate going somewhere only for the biggest TVs to be turned to some regional softball tournament or some obscure UFC fight. Best bet is to call ahead to make sure a certain game is receiving prime billing.
  7. Just asking as they all realize we are just MBMs
  8. It’s certainly fair for VA Tech to be the favorite in this game, but how can some publications be giving us only a 7% chance to win? Especially after the week we just had, and considering that we beat basically the same team last year, with both teams improving somewhat.
  9. I see what you did there usually the intentional jinx doesn’t work but you’ve engaged in some sort of sorcery over the past week. If you’ve sold your soul we appreciate it
  10. Maybe they meant to say we have four guys who shoot over 40% from the FT Line...
  11. I feel like VT (-10) is a pretty disrespectful line, but I'd rather be underestimated so who cares...
  12. Our tournament championship just confirmed what I had expected most of the year— we got screwed often by refs on the road. Neutral site we are hard to beat.
  13. Just took a look at a VA Tech message board... they are COCKY. One poster literally asked what conference we are in... we beat them last year. Idiots. I like our chances. ROLL BILLS
  14. Dr Chaifetz probably put a cool mil on us at +1. Seems like it would be a smart bet if you can get it.
  15. No matter what happens today you’ve gotta be happy with how this team has showed up for this tournament. With that said, I WANT THE DAMN TITLE. ROLL BILLS
  16. How do we post the Chaifetz throat cut gif? Feel like that’s gonna come in handy today.
  17. They let both teams play and didn’t call a lot of touch fouls, which certainly benefits us. They’re probably used to a lot more physicality in the ACC. But that made the phantom Tech on Goodwin that much more perplexing.
  18. As long as we aren’t playing 8 on 5 today I like our chances. Look out for more rogue technicals though. This league has it out for us.
  19. Only thing that would have made today any better would've been if Welmer's shot fell.
  20. It's a conference semi final and they're going to call a T for "something he said"???? That's so soft
  21. What the hell is happening? How do you start so good and then let this happen. We're in danger of getting blown out if we don't snap out of this.
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