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  1. I’m really surprised Ford hasn’t been able to land a GT big with the immediate PT on offer
  2. Hope we can keep Macon... IF he does move on, I assume another of the ACs gets promoted to associate head coach. Wouldn’t mind us taking a run at Corey Frazier for the other AC spot then. It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone more plugged in to the local hoops scene than Frazier. I have zero idea whether there would be interest from either side. Some might also say having Frazier and Tate on the same staff is redundant. Just thinking out loud.
  3. It’s frustrating to see SPUMAC (is that nickname still a thing?) continue to be mentioned with guys like Love and Fletcher. We are the better program and much closer to home for both. I get that it’s a conference thing. Won’t matter in the end because neither are going to Mizzou. Would still like to see our name mentioned/ possibly get some visits.
  4. I’d say it’s more about the mediocrity (relative to the competition) of the product. This year so far has been an exception, obviously, with the team in first place. If they can keep it up closer to playoff time, I’d expect bigger crowds.
  5. I love that all the seats are very close to the pitch. In my opinion, this is a characteristic of very good soccer stadiums with capacity in the 20-30k range. The ability to expand is good as well, as MLS is going nowhere but up right now.
  6. As long as they aren’t using a designated player slot on them... if they waste a DP slot on either of them, there will be serious questions to be asked about management before they even play a game. Now if they could get Vedad on a cheap deal to be a mentor/ draw for the Bosnian crowd, then MAYBE it could be beneficial. But the team is going to draw 20K+ With or without a Bosnian star.
  7. This, and a mid 30s Tim Ream and late 30s Vedad is not what anyone wants to see. MLS is trending towards youth- both homegrown and South American imports. Atlanta getting $20 mil for Almiron officially announced MLS’s status as a selling league, as it should be.
  8. Seems late to be getting involved with a Five Star guard in 2020 class. Don’t see us having a chance at this guy.
  9. As a retirement league for average players, yes. But if truly generational players like Rooney, Zlatan, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, etc want to play here at the end of their careers, MLS will always encourage that.
  10. I didn’t need to use Google to provide the answer because it was major college basketball news when Musselman went to Arkansas. My comment on Google was light hearted and I specifically didn’t quote anyone so as not to hurt any feelings. I should've remembered that it’s 2019 and people are always looking for reasons to get offended. I’ve provided a link below regarding Musselman so that you can have some closure: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Eric+musselman
  11. It’s wild that we are in 2019 and people still don’t know about Google.
  12. Assuming he is elected as a player. As an assistant to {Dead}, he was about as worthless as they come.
  13. He’s played two years but been in college three years. If he hasn’t graduated yet, he should be busting his ass to do so in the next year. Play one more year at St Joe’s. If you’re good enough, go to the NBA. If you’re not there yet, leave as a Graduate transfer to a better team where you can get more exposure. Thats what I’d do.
  14. When he signed with us I thought he had crazy potential... basically had guard skills with good athleticism in a 6-7 body. Looks like I was wrong.
  15. I think we want to bank at least two scholarships for 2020. Specifically I have Bradford and Kasubke in mind. Therefore I hope we see two one year GTs this coming season. I’d still take Brunk, but he’d be a two year player eligible immediately.
  16. Really really wish Goodwin would’ve kicked it to Welmer for the last sot of the season on Friday.
  17. Fouls 10 to 5 this half. And I think that’s 9 straight against us this half
  18. Well, I’m not going to sh!t on our guys or Ford. It was a good run and we ran out of steam. They weren’t ready to play but it is what it is. Thanks for the run guys. See you next year.
  19. so we are gonna get screwed by the refs all night
  20. Also in the upper right hand corner where they’re flashing the upcoming games across, they have us abbreviated as “STL” rather than SLU. I hate that so much.
  21. Miles Reynolds on the floor for Oklahoma right now
  22. Our win at Butler the year we beat them 3 times... our group of 50 students was louder than their entire student section. My best memory from all of college
  23. Would love to somehow add Drew as an assistant but I’m sure he will go for a HC opportunity somewhere. I also don’t want to lose any of our current ACs, but if one left for a HC position it would be hard to say no to them.
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