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  1. Not only did Goodwin barely play, Miami is gonna blow my parlay by not covering -7 after being up almost 30. Pretty on par with what I expected
  2. Horrific start. We need to cut that out. With that said, gutsy performance by the boys to grind out a win. Yuri was much better in the second half, but overall not a good game from him. I wish people would slow the hype train on him a bit, he’s much better when he’s under the radar.
  3. Not really… bit hard on the pump. If their guy jumps inward instead of fading away that’s a foul 100% of the time
  4. Think they’re calling a flop on Nesbitt. We’ve already been warned (which was horse s-h-i-t). This one actually was a flop though
  5. True. But has also more than made up for that vs French at the FT line. If you combine French with Franco’s FTs, you’ve got a first team all conference player.
  6. How many dunks is Okoro gonna miss this season?
  7. Not only do we suck, refs are screwing us already. 4-0 fouls
  8. Great preparation here. Way to have the boys ready to go. Fantastic work.
  9. Yuri’s worst game as a Billiken that I can remember. We are winning despite him tonight, not because of him. Jones has been much better
  10. Linssen has been in full Der Panzer mode tonight. Keep feeding him
  11. How on earth did Bates end up at Memphis, apart from some really illegal stuff ??
  12. The biggest loser of the night is me for believing we had a chance in this one. not gonna totally blame Travis, because he can’t help the shooting, but we are always so unprepared for the big game
  13. He’d be buried on the bench in favor of Thatch
  14. Jimerson always disappears in these games. He can fill it up against Harris Stowe, but always looks scared against the big teams
  15. Well, we had our run and they punched right back. nothing against Fred as a person, but he’s more of an OVC level player at this point… I’m sure SEMO would take a look at him if he entered the portal.
  16. Haven’t seen us play this bad and afraid since seton hall a couple years ago
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