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  1. ICYMI, Sport Illustrated is giving us the win. They have us in the Midwest section as a 14-seed playing 3-seed Purdue. https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2019/03/17/ncaa-tournament-bracket-predictions-selection-sunday-watch-march-madness
  2. When it gets close to game time, try http://firstrowi.net/basketball. You may have to be patient. Yesterday the link didn't show up until 5 minutes into the game. As always, be wary of the popup ads. Also, sometimes the feed freezes, but that could just be because of my crank-powered laptop.
  3. If I'm reading/figuring KenPom's figures correctly--always debatable--his prediction is Dav 70 - SLU 68.
  4. The old guy in the back row, taking notes and trying to keep up.

  5. Adman, thank you for the link. My usual source (firstrowi.net) isn't even carrying the game.
  6. If worse comes to worst and the game's not carried locally, check firstrowi.net. Depending on market size (they don't know nuthin 'bout Olean, NY) sometimes they carry our games. Considering the game's in NYC, I suspect that they'll offer it. If not, we always have Rammer. BTW, if firstrow does carry the game, be careful about all those damn popups. They can be a real pain in the patoot.
  7. Speaking of "next year and beyond", is there a list somewhere of who, not counting the A10, is actually scheduled so far? Google has been no help; it keeps pointing me to 2016-2017. (And, inexplicaby, to a lot of UMass links.) Listening to the talking heads yesterday about mid-majors' inability to schedule "quality games" in order to get higher seeds has me wondering who we have lined up so far.
  8. On the surface, this sounds like a good move for SLU. I've heard of Learfield, mostly in passing during (most likely) football radio broadcasts. So anything that expands the SLU brand, especially locally, is a good thing. (It's disheartening at times to see the proliferation of Duke or Michigan merchandise, for example, in the 314.) I have to wonder if this presages a change of venue for broadcast rights, specifically from WXOS to another station. I don't mean that to be an alarmist speculation; I'm just wondering. JMM28, what do you have in mind when mention "secondary broadcast stations"? To my non-cable-subscribing brain that means KPLR.
  9. All the talking heads are saying "blowout" this morning. I hope there are plenty of crows in Orlando for their post-game meal.
  10. Thanks for the link! CampusInsiders.com is also offering a free stream at http://campusinsiders.com/network/a10/live?DB_OEM_ID=27200. (It never hurts to have a backup.) Their preview of the game is here. BTW, the SLU-GW game is the marquee matchup on CI's list of live streams on Saturday.
  11. Tom Timmermann just posted an article about where the Bills may land for the big dance. He explains something I've always wondered about, namely, how some teams can end up half a country away from their fan base.
  12. From the sjuhawks.com website: "A new era of Saint Joseph's basketball began in 2009-10, with the opening of the Michael J. Hagan '85 Arena. The culmination of a 16-month project of the expansion and renovation of Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse Hagan Arena has a capacity of 4,200, which is an increase of 1,000 from the Fieldhouse. It has many more amenities to enhance the Saint Joseph's fan experience, while providing the basketball program with a top-notch facility which preserves the homecourt advantage enjoyed for so many years at Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse."
  13. I work in retail and we have a company policy to accept all coupons, even expired ones. The trick is to give the impression that we're bending the rules a little just for them. And the result? They're happy and they come back!
  14. According to rpiforecast.com, the games will be tight. The linked chart will show the spreads for all remaining games. Basically, we should beat handily those teams farthest from us record-wise and have a tougher time with those closer to us. (So what's new about that???) And please, Old Guy, don't use the I-word.
  15. I've been wondering for a while how long it would take someone in the media to come up with "Crews Control". "Bill Ball"? Uhh...no thanks.
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