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Who Is On Your All Decade Billiken Team

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Just now, Zink said:

Fun thread!
First team of Jett, Mitchell, Goodwin, Evans, French. 
Second team of Loe, Conklin, McCall, Bess, Ellis.

Think it’s hard to disagree with anyone’s preference within this group of 10. 

That's my exact same list. 👏

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Is this list for for players or mbms? 

I'd go Mitchell, Jett, McCall, Bess, Loe. It hurts to leave Evans and Conklin off. 

Coached by Majerus. Assisted by Tate, Moser, Harriman.

My all "what could have been" team: Keith Carter, Henriquez, Graves, Reed, Gordon 




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Bess, Jett, McCall, Evans, Mitchell.

I think McCall is underrated. In my opinion, he's the best perimeter defender (at least on-ball) we've had in the last 15 years. 

I think, depending on how this season ends up, I'd switch out Evans for Goodwin or French. 


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1 minute ago, RiseAndGrind said:





brian/3 Star/ Roy (but only when he isn’t talking about the Deep State and only passionately defends all things Team Blue) 


I’ve been disappointed in Jimbos second half of the decade. He did most of his damage from 07-10. 

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Jett was the best player of the decade hands down.  CPOY

Evans was great for 3 years.

Mitchell, even though his final two seasons it seemed like he lost a step

Conklin, best single season besides Jett.

Bess rounds it out.

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