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  1. Nysier Brooks, UC big man is grad transfer. Excellent shotblocker, 6-11 big man. A native of Philly, my guess is that he would have his sights set on a perceived bigger program - maybe Nova if he wants to head back home. I'm sure he will be in great demand.
  2. Not much shaking on the grad transfer market, a couple of bigs have come off the board, but a new name has popped up - Austin Trice from Kansas State. He was considered a disappointment this past season as he was rated as the 5th rated JUCO coming out of Wabash Valley. A 6-7 power forward out of Chicago known for his rebounding. He had double digit rebounding games in 2 of his first 3 games of the season, but production dropped off as season progressed. He had a season high 12 points against OSU. A very productive JUCO player, could be a good fit in the A-10.
  3. Interesting fun fact - at Travis Ford's previous school - their average attendance this past year was only 300 more per game, despite playing in a more high profile league and having an arena capacity 3,000 more than the Fetz - so far example, they have the ability to get a big one-time boost when they play a high profile opponent like Kansas or OU.
  4. Update on grad transfer rule proposal - http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-council-adjusts-transfer-rules
  5. Jameer Nelson Jr. to GW. I guess he wanted to stay in the A-10 so he could stick it to St. Joe's.
  6. Very impressive how Mo State got West. I hope we take a shot at the Drexel kid. It will be a challenge getting a good grad transfer big since they are always in high demand.
  7. I never said 25 mpg, I think around 18-20 seems about right - which on most teams is top 7 in the rotation (I called it starter minutes, so technically that could be disputed). My main point, is that in the way the game is played today, it seems you need at least two reliable shooters on the floor at the same time. Yuri, JG and FT are questionable whether they can shoot above 30% from 3. If JG and FT prove they can be more reliable outside shooting threats, then I totally agree that it will greatly reduce Lewis' minutes. But this team had an obvious need to add a guard who can shoot, and I'm glad Ford filled it. If nothing else, how great will it be to have a guard in the final minutes who will be able to shoot free throws and help protect a lead.
  8. I really like Thatch and if his offense improves, you'll get no argument from me on him getting around 24 mpg. Under your breakdown though, I see more minutes for Lewis and fewer for Jimerson. I do think the addition of Lewis, lessens the need for the possible grad transfer big (to be named later) to be a stretch big. Hankton gives us that look off the bench if needed and Lewis adds a much needed shooter (regardless of position), so I would be fine if the grad transfer big is more of a traditional low post type.
  9. With the departure of Bess, Thatch becomes our top defender, so there is an opportunity to get some additional minutes at the 3 in a three-guard lineup. Bess played a remarkable 37 mpg last year. While Perkins figures to step in at the 3 - he will not play JB minutes. Yes, Hargrove will be in the mix as well. Offensively, a backcourt of Goodwin and Thatch is not ideal, unless you pair them with a couple of shooters - that's why there will be plenty of opportunity for Lewis.
  10. How many minutes for guards who don't have some D1 shooting skills?
  11. Why are you so sure he will come off the bench? Even if he does, I would expect him to play something close to starter's minutes.
  12. One of these things is not like the others.
  13. I know we had a little debate about the merits of adding another guard, but with three scholarships to give, I'm not surprised by this at all. And if it wasn't Lewis, I suspect they would have been on the hunt for another experienced guard who is a proven shooter. Look at our other guards - Goodwin, Yuri, Thatch, Jacobs and GJ - yes, GJ profiles as an excellent shooter, but who knows if he can do the other things to be anything more than a zone buster his freshman season. The other four, don't figure to be reliable 3-point threats, unless there is some major improvement. This team was still in big need of another shooter, so this is an ideal fit. With two more scholarships, there is still opportunity to round out the frontcourt: French, Hankton, Bell, GT to be named, and werewolf freshman to be named. I like the way this team is shaping up.
  14. Camron Justice, a guard from IUPUI hit the grad transfer market. Similar profile to TI - started at P5 school, went to a lower level and excelled, now on to his third school. Averaged 18 ppg, excellent 3-point and free throw percentages. Started his career at Vandy... he's from the great state of Kentucky.
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