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  1. No. He'd be our worst guard and we will continue to recruit more talented players in the future. Keep the tool in the shed and let him go to Methdale or Edwardsville. The only mid-season transfer I would consider at this point would be a decent big.
  2. Maybe, I considered that, but it was just interesting the way he said it... emphasizing the words "right now."
  3. Rookie of the Week, two weeks in a row. Not bad for a kid who "hardly sees the court."
  4. I would say Jacobs has been the biggest surprise of this young season. The fact that he is starting and 4th on the team in scoring has been a big bonus. Yes, he was pretty highly regarded when we signed him, but he did so little last year in his limited minutes. He scored 8 points and committed 18 fouls on the season. He looked like a deer in the headlights at times when he was on the court. In an instant gratification era, I don't think it would have surprised anybody if he had transferred following last season. Patience is in short supply in college basketball, where fans, players and sometimes even coaches expect instant results. Kudos to young DJ for sticking with it and for the coaching staff for believing in him. This will serve as a good example for freshmen like TH and MD who are not getting many minutes. Keep working, and your time will come.
  5. One little thing that Ford mentions during the interview that may have gotten overlooked... he said "we only have 12 players on scholarship right now." There was speculation that one of the walk-ons got the 13th scholarship. IF that is not accurate and we currently have one available, that would open up the possibility of taking on a transfer at semester break. There have been quite a few transfers already announced and I would expect quite a few more in the next week or two, when semester breaks happen.
  6. What was the problem with the shot? There was 1:12 left on the clock? It's not like it was under 30-seconds and we could have run the clock out. We were going to have to take a shot anyway. EDIT: I suspect you are talking about the one he took at 33-seconds, even then, he wouldn't be able to run out the clock. A shot would have been taken be somebody before the game could end.
  7. The double double duo did it again!
  8. FWIW... Irons told Cusumano Nicholas Kern and his mom really like Ford and SLU.
  9. Ford was just talking about this on the radio... they raised the question if Goodwin and French were the only teammates in the country to average a double/double. They weren't sure of the answer. I did a quick skim of the NCAA stat leaders and they appear to be the only teammates to average double digits in rebounds, so safe to say they are the only teammate duo to average a double/double. If they keep this up, the story of what these two are doing should start generating a lot of national buzz.
  10. ACE


    I figured it out long before now. When reports began to surface that he was having problems with teammates and especially a high character guy look Bess... it was time for the tool to leave the shed.
  11. Yep, appears he gone... again. Oddly, he is on this list: https://tv5.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28167956/college-basketball-transfer-rankings-2020-21-2021-22 It seems highly unlikely, but could he be looking to transfer again at semester break?
  12. One thing you can usually count on, any conference road win will be difficult.
  13. I was thinking more a Class of 2020 big.
  14. It seems Ford is just riding the hot hand. Outside of French and Goodwin, depending on match-ups, it has been different guys that have stepped up. Yesterday it was Perkins time. GJ had a game. Jacobs had a bust out game. I think you will continue to see the secondary players who step up vary from game to game. I don't mind, I think it is a strength and one of things that could make us tough to deal with. It is very unusual for SLU teams, which is why I think some people are getting hung up about who is getting how many minutes. Sit back and enjoy the ride. It won't always be pretty, but It's like we're treated to a new adventure every game.
  15. Ugh, Tenn hits a buzzer beater to knock off VCU.
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