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  1. It doesn't feel like we're close on a commitment. It's still early, so certainly not the end of the world. And with only two scholarships to give at this point, it's ok to be very selective. It's just different from previous Ford recruiting classes where he would get some very early commitments.
  2. A small forward. We are making offers to a variety of positions, but I expect a big would be a priority for one of the spots. Interesting list of schools. Kinda all over the place.
  3. Apparently a combo guard from the KC area.
  4. Bummer, this confirms the staff was not planning on "saving the scholarship." Time is running out, but perhaps they are still exploring options.
  5. He's going to GW to play for his old coach. Seems like a nice pick-up. He will sit one and play three.
  6. SLU can never win with some of the self-anointed local insiders and advisors. They are condescending toward us and never think SLU is good enough for the good local recruits, yet they turn around and blame SLU for not doing "more." They will also blame SLU when they don't offer fringe D1 local recruits. It's always SLU's fault!
  7. I really like what Thatch brings defensively, but I think I'm more restrained in my expectations for his offensive contributions during the upcoming season than many on the board... He ended last season scoring just 8 points in our final 6 games. He can make an incremental improvement, but I'm not counting on a major improvement offensively. That may come when he is an upperclassman, but I just don't see it this season.
  8. Running would figure to really help a player Hargrove and if Jacobs is to carve out a role, he's gonna need to play that style as well.
  9. The success Bonawelding had last year following the graduations of Adams and Mobley, gives me hope that it could be a good season for us if things break just right. Like us, Bonnie had two Top 15 conference caliber veterans returning in Stockard and Griffin (although it's debatable if Griffin was even a Top 15 level player). We'll have Goodwin and French to anchor our squad, with a lot of newcomers. The key to Bonnies success was they had three freshmen who exceeded expectations and made an impact with their two veterans. I think the Bonnies had more question marks heading into last season, then we have heading into this year, yet they still finished 4th in the league and were just a 3-pointer away from making the Dance. Yes, the A-10 figures to be tougher this year, but talented freshmen who are not Mickey D's All-Americans can make a big impact in this league. IMO, the key will be how the complementary parts mesh. How will the shooters we're adding work with our young playmaker, and how will that benefit our returning bullyball type players. A lot will have to fall into place, but I think there is an interesting mix of players to have a good season.
  10. Samba Kane who played for Illinois has hit the market. He is a 6-10, sit-one freshman... was a 3-star coming out of a Florida Prep School. Known as a good defender with some upside. A sit-one big for the final scholarship is not a bad idea.
  11. Ford on with Frank now... Gushing about GJ, says Hankton is much improved. Also said Jacobs has really stepped it up. Bell continues to lose weight. Perkins still finishing up classes and not practicing - that is slightly troubling. He did go on to say Perkins will help with his shooting. Said we need to use our athleticism and depth and try to play up-tempo. Said he hopes to play 9-10 guys. Can't comment on Weaver. Goodwin, French and Thatch are the core players - a lot of interchangeable players after that.
  12. There are a LOT of reasons we needed this signing - it's not all on Jacobs. As we entered the start of the spring period, it was clear to me we needed one more guard, ideally one who could shoot. Unless there is a last minute surprise, the one missing piece Ford wasn't able to land in the spring was a grad transfer big.
  13. Weighs 225 lbs, so pretty solid and 59% FG%. Sitting a year wouldn't be ideal, but I would consider it given our lack of experienced front court depth.
  14. Interesting name just hit the market - Jaalam Hill. He was a productive PF his junior season at Cleveland State averaging 11 ppg and 6 rpg. What makes him potentially interesting... he played at SWIC and was teammates with Perkins.
  15. Texas Tech made the Final Four with two grad transfers playing a key role. More and more blue bloods are going for grad transfers. Even Kentucky, who used to rely mostly on the one and dones, is increasingly pursuing grad transfers. It would be foolish to not consider them in your recruiting strategy.
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