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  1. Might be an opportunity to hire someone who happens to have a very talented relative who would be interested in signing with SLU.
  2. Well, my last memory of him will be choking at the free throw line against us in the A-10 tourney.
  3. If Strickland were on one of Sodie's teams he would have gotten meaningful minutes and we would have been raving about his freakish athleticism. I agree, he was worth the giving a scholarship to. Dad played in the NBA and he had athleticism that you can't teach. Ford has assembled a roster with better players, so the kid the kid couldn't get meaningful minutes. Time to move on, like the more than a 1,000 transfers from around the country. No big deal. As long as it is the bottom of your roster transferring and not the top of your roster, then no worries. For the most part, Ford has done very well in this area during his tenure (survived the Yuri scare).
  4. In addition, I'm also happy to see local players who had SLU offers but originally signed elsewhere, wind up transferring to programs way below SLU... Kobe Clark, Kasubke, Mario McKinney as recent examples.
  5. If your definition of Ricma's rosters is disjointed, give me more of that...please!
  6. Why do you want players leaving SLU to be going "upward"? That seems like a strange thing to be worrying about. In fact, I'm happy to see the players leaving go "downward", but maybe that's just me.
  7. As a point of comparison, Isabell signed with SLU in early June, so there is time to land an impact transfer.
  8. I think we have 3 open spots, correct? We need one big who will play, a back-up point guard and a 3rd developmental big who probably won't play much. There are still a lot of players floating around out there. Give it another week-10 days before you start to worry.
  9. The difference is, those big combinations did not have a perimeter threat. Haase would bring that skill, making it a lot easier to play alongside another big.
  10. Haase would be amazing - too good to be true. Yuri and Haase running the pick and pop would be unstoppable.
  11. Okoro averaged 24 mpg. Let's say he gets that amount of time again. Carr can get the remaining 16 mpg at the 5 and 8 more mpg a the four... so he too can get 24 mpg - yes, starter's minutes. But the fact that this has dragged on a bit, has me thinking it may be slipping away, but that's just mbm speculation.
  12. I agree. GJ played a ton because we needed the scoring threat on the floor with the absence of Perkins. He really did a hell of a job under the circumstances, becoming more versatile. Opponents were keyed in stopping him, beating him up, etc. Fortunately we don't have to rely on him as much with the additions of Park, Pick and the return of Perk. Rather than the nearly 34 mpg, something like 29 mpg is a more reasonable expectation. He should be more fresh throughout the season.
  13. Kobe Clark to SEMO. That seems about right. I figured a Lindenwood/SIUE/SEMO level.
  14. Like I said - he is unusual - averaging 3.5 apg and 5.5 rpg in the Big 12. I'm not saying he's prototypical at either position, but he could get some minutes as an undersized 4 in the A-10. He's a physical beast. He led OSU in assists and 2nd in rebounding. Like Jordair, a terrible 3 pt shooter, but just a baller.
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