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  1. That is true, but if the 13th guy is a quality sit-one transfer, that is different. That's a valuable player waiting in the wings.
  2. Griffin will be in high demand, but trying to land an impact sit one transfer to step up following the departure of our big 3 is a recruiting strategy that makes a lot of sense.
  3. Good to hear, but that's also not saying much.
  4. Fats Russell is 5-10, 160 lbs, similar to this Russell. I'm not suggesting this kid is as good as Fats, but a kid that size can certainly have some success in the A-10. Hell, that size isn't much smaller than Kwamain. Also, Gilyard at 5-9 is one of the better players in the league.
  5. I agree. I hated him as a coach, with all his whining, but I do enjoy him as an analyst.
  6. Commitments are still happening, so he could still go thru with it like other kids are doing.
  7. If it makes you feel better, Frank's "sources" claim that he proved to be much better than a SEMO level recruit this past season.
  8. The other potential bonus - could help land Kern next year.
  9. Frank not always on the mark, but he has been pretty spot on with his local SLU recruiting scoops during the Ford era - Goodwin, Yuri, Gordon, Hargrove and even the Mike Lewis transfer, he was spot on and had it early on. He clearly has a good source on the staff or close to the program.
  10. Ok, it was Lap 5 today, Frank said "I think they're going to end of taking this kid from Vashon. He's Yuri's cousin. Kid can really shoot."
  11. Looking at the video, he reminds me of Tay Weaver with his shooting, but with more playmaking ability.
  12. I want to go back and listen to the podcast, but doesn't look like it has been updated. I caught it while Frank was in the middle of it, so I was trying to figure out if it was a hypothetical, a likelihood or certainty - the more he talked, it seemed like a certainty. He said he has some of Yuri's playmaking ability and could be a back-up there, but could also play along with Yuri and provide some good outside shooting. Frank said don't be fooled by the fact he was a SEMO recruit - he was under-recruited. We'll see, maybe somebody else was listening to Frank and could fill in some blanks.
  13. Good point. Hoiberg went heavy on transfers in building Iowa State, so it would make sense he would do it at Nebraska. That would be his quickest route for a rebuild. He had a track record of success doing it, so I'm sure that will be his sales pitch.
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