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  1. I like what I see on his videos. He appears to have a bit of Jordan Goodwin to his game.
  2. I recall most rankings of Cam being in the 50-70 range, yes a talented player, but certainly not a surefire NBA player. Not a McDonald's All-American type player. Hanlen is acting like he's hurt because one of his stable of talented young players didn't make the NBA. He comes across like he's viewing him as a commodity. And he's making this way too much about himself. This sentence is terrible "We tried to help him too many times & gave him far too many too many chances, but had to cut him off." It's understandable that people would take exception with that top paragraph.
  3. The last paragraph is reasonable and I don't see anything wrong with this tragedy being presented as a cautionary tale. But the first paragraph is awful. I wouldn't blame a friend or family member for being pissed about it. And to say he was "easily on his way to playing in the NBA" is hyperbole at best. He was not a one and done type talent - a Hughes or Jayson Tatum. He averaged 17 mpg and 6 ppg his freshman season. Sure, he could have had a very nice collegiate career, but an NBA career was unlikely.
  4. Seems unlikely the likes of Mizzou and Ole Miss would vote in two far superior athletic programs.
  5. A developmental shot-blocking big makes sense to add for this season. I always like having a shot-blocker among the bigs. I like JBell, but he didn't add that element. Both he and Linnsen are below the basket bigs, so a bit redundant. Now, we have a chance to add a big who brings something different.
  6. I agree. Macon got both French and Foreman (who was Top 150 out of high school) early on. In some ways, getting a player like French was more impressive than getting players with local ties who wanted to stay close to home. Ford stated early on that from his time at UMass, the A-10 is an East Coast league and that will be a recruiting area. It seems most teams in the A-10 that have had success recruit the big cities in the East. I have no doubt we'll get players out of Texas - it's a huge state - the question will be are they going to be any good. There are a bunch of big name programs recruiting the top recruits down there. I also wonder how appealing the A-10 will be for a kid from Texas. I get that this strategy is as much about Forte and where his connections are at, but I hope we don't forget the East Coast. Ford said from his time at UMass he learned that there are some big city kids who are more comfortable going to an urban school as opposed to a big state school in a small town. Those are the kind of kids SLU would appeal to.
  7. I think a developmental big makes sense. Try him out for a year, if it doesn't work out, move on. They gave Madani a look and then he moved on. Maybe after a year of practice, he develops and you have a legit prospect. So even if we sign him, we would have one more available scholarship, correct?
  8. At the end of last season, if you had asked to name some players who might transfer - I would have put Bell near the top of that list. Okoro replaces French and Linnsen, who take away a lot of Bell's playing time, returns for another season. Didn't Bell have a bit of a nagging injury heading into last season? Linnsen essentially passed him on the depth chart. He played less his sophomore year than he did his freshman year. It happens. He really exceeded my expectations his freshman year and I think he has potential if he stays in shape. He has an opportunity to finish his collegiate career strong. I wish him well. It was very impressive how much weight he had to lose to become a D1 player.
  9. Nur is 7-2. Extremely skinny and raw based on the video I saw. He got very little playing time for his JUCO. I suspect this is a player they are monitoring to be a possible addition for 2022 - not for this upcoming season. Diagne is an interesting prospect. He's 6-11. Pretty highly regarded coming out of high school. Fairly productive during his first season. Again, perhaps this would be an addition for 2022, not this year. He happens to play for long-time Ford assistant Butch Pierre - so this Northwest Florida is a program to keep an eye on.
  10. I saw Corbett's highlights vs. Baylor. He's very wiry, built like Perkins was (before his transformation). He definitely doesn't have the prototypical 4 body - which is what I would like to see from an addition. A 4 who can play D and rebound first and foremost, have the ability to hit the outside shot as a bonus.
  11. I wonder about Montavious Murphy - he's leaving K-State. He's from Texas, so naturally Forte will have a connection 6-9. had a nice freshman year, shot quite a few 3s which would suggest he's got stretch 4 potential. He only played 4 games last season which was cut short due to injury.
  12. I figured something like this or an injury was going down with our recruitment of another big. I don't think there was going to be a lot of playing time for him with Okoro and Linnsen. Good look Jimmy.
  13. A couple of nice 3s against us. I like that quite a few of the 3s I've seen him make are off the dribble. Some guards are only effective from 3 on the catch and shoot. He'll give us a different look at PG.
  14. Excellent! Now I can quit beating the drum about the need for depth at PG. This addition makes perfect sense. Usually Ford's roster additions make sense, trying to fill a need. If he wants to get another big with this last scholarship to help with some front court depth now, fine, but he has solidified the biggest area of need.
  15. McGriff is a tall point guard. Otieno a big.
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