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  1. I remember reading that Ford has recruiting ties in Florida, so that's probably the source of these offers. Ford signed Henriquez and has made numerous other offers to Florida players.
  2. The Ty Graves Invitational - not bad! Anytime you can get a P5 school to agree to a home/home, you take it, because those are increasingly harder to come by. Today, BC just got a nice commitment from Thornton- the USC grad transfer.
  3. Yep, a lot of competition. It would be an upset if we could it off.
  4. Oregon seemingly goes after every decent grad transfer, so not surprising they're in the mix. It's really simple - whenever there is a chance to upgrade the talent on your roster, you go for it. This is a no-brainer. Especially considering we have two open scholarships. We have two potential Top 15 players in the league, surrounded by a largely unproven supporting cast - although I expect some of the talented newcomers to make solid contributions. If we could add another starter at this point, that would be a tremendous steal. I don't expect to contend for the regular season title, but this season does not need to be viewed as a rebuilt. As last March showed us in the conference tournament, if we just get hot, we can win this baby!
  5. But to me that is an important distinction - OSU chose to fire a coach. They have to weigh if it is worth the risk of losing incoming recruits when they decide to fire a coach. Also, players are much less likely to follow a coach a "level down" than they are to follow a coach a level up. And, unless there are extenuating circumstance, I usually don't feel too sorry for kids who have to sit out a year. It seems to me getting another year of a free education and getting to hang out in college for another year, while continuing to work on your game is hardly a "punishment." As it is, there are already 700-800 transfers per year, the majority have to sit a year, so it is hardly a deterrent. Making it even easier to encourage more transferring doesn't make sense.
  6. But I'm talking about the increased likelihood of players coming along with the coach from the mid-major to the new P5 school he was hired to. Imagine a program like Nebraska or Alabama, on the lookout for a quick rebuild. They look to the mid-major level and see which coaches have put together the best recruiting classes. Example, Travis Ford signs a couple of Top 100 recruits in the same recruiting class (let's say Goodwin and French). A P5 school comes along and makes the coach an offer he can't refuse - not so much because they think the coach is great, but rather because of the possibility that the coach could bring some high level immediately eligible players along with him. Coaches will be able to more easily leverage strong recruiting classes at one school, into a better job at another. I think a distinction needs to be made in how the coaching change occurred.
  7. The difference is that P5 programs are much more likely to hire coaches from the mid-major level. Usually the only time a "mid-major" program gets a former P5 coach is on the rebound... after he has been fired. Mid major coaches who put together outstanding recruiting classes can then leverage that into landing P5 jobs... you hire me, my recruits become free agents and can instantly come along with me to my new school.
  8. As a SLU fan, I am most concerned about protecting the interests of mid-major schools, which continue to get squeezed on things like scheduling and the ever changing criteria for earning NCAA at-large bids. Allowing players to leave with no restriction each time a coach gets hired away to a P5 school would further cripple mid-major schools.
  9. Good chance we are going to be a poor shooting team again and now the depth suddenly comes into question again. Eleven man roster that includes two project bigs.
  10. This is an interesting topic that probably deserves its own thread. I am in favor of signed players being immediately eligible ONLY if a coaching change is prompted by a coach getting fired. BUT, If a coach is hired away to a "better" job, I don't want to see those signed players be allowed to leave and be immediately eligible. Under that scenario, the school that lost its coach (typically a mid-major) potentially gets screwed twice. The school could have done everything right, treating their coach well and playing by the rules, only to have a power school come in and steal their coach AND players.
  11. That is not correct. Johnson left a month before Isabell and Wiley. We would have gotten Isabell anyway, as we were desperate to land a starting guard. The addition of Wiley was more of a response to Johnson's departure, rather than Johnson departing because of Wiley.
  12. Dambrot is a loser. If he had not lucked into Lebron, he'd probably be stuck in Akron teaching high school PE.
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