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  1. It seems to me we should be pressing them.
  2. With Hyland and Curry out, outside of Baldwin, the only other guard I see on their roster is a seldom used freshman named Josh Banks. Why do I get the sinking feeling this kid will go out and have a career game against us.
  3. It seemed most of Crutcher's damage in the first game was against Yuri. In particular, he got off to a hot start. And I don't think JGood is quick enough to handle Crutcher. I thought Fred cooled him down in the first half of that game. So I would start Fred, to try to prevent Crutcher from getting off to a hot start. We can bring Yuri off the bench to provide a spark. Fred has started the last two games, so he should be comfortable in that role.
  4. I don't mind him picking his spots, but my preference is for every Billiken, including Goodwin, to get the ball in Yuri's hands as soon as possible after grabbing a rebound. Yuri is the best at attacking and leading the break. He'll often create a good scoring opportunity even when it doesn't look like one is available.
  5. I recall seeing him a few times on the tube, so I only have an incomplete impression of his game, but my biggest question is his shot blocking. Based on the numbers, that does not seem to be a big strength. Hopefully with his length and athleticism, he'll be a good rim protector playing in the A-10. Bell and Linnsen are not rim protectors. It's such a nice luxury to have French bring that element and before him Reed was excellent. It just cleans up so many defensive mistakes. I think you have to have one good shot blocker on your roster. I hope Okoro can provide that element, but not certain.
  6. Biancardi was just on with Frank. Always a great guest. He talked about how things are really tough for high school prospects this year. Not only do you have the covid situation, but the upcoming transfer free agency situation is squeezing high school kids. A lot of college coaches are waiting to see how the transfer market shakes out in the spring, before extending offers. This group of h.s seniors has faced a lot of uncertainty that previous classes didn't have to deal with.
  7. The put-back dunk against Fordham was my favorite - didn't have time to think, such a lightning quick reaction off the floor. The lob dunk was also spectacular - he got up so high and seemingly was hanging there for a long time. It helps that he also has a great wingspan. No offense to Jeffers and some of the others from the past, but I already consider this kid the best dunker to wear a SLU uniform. Ford has been talking him up more in interviews recently, so he must be progressing in other aspects of his game. I don't expect him to make a significant contribution this year, but I'm real
  8. That's right. A truly stacked roster. Bell, Thatch and Jacobs have all started games and are now coming off the bench. Linnsen, Hargrove and Strickland would certainly be starters on many SLU teams from the past. It's great to have depth. I think a good comparison is Jacobs as a freshman v. Strickland. Both were essentially bench warmers. The difference is Jacobs looked like a deer in headlights whenever he got his limited minutes. His sophomore year, he quickly blossomed into a valuable player. Strickland, on the other hand, already looks extremely confident in his limited freshman year
  9. The 1st half against NC State was a good example of how Yuri can score when needed. Our half court offense was really sluggish, so Yuri single-handedly kept is in the game in that half as he attacked the basket and prevented us from getting run off the court. The second half, Perkins, Jimmerson and Goodwin started to get it rolling and Yuri settled back into being a playmaker for others.
  10. It seems like a good time to bring this one back up. Strickland has delivered 3 electrifying dunks in limited minutes over the last two games. In fact, we have had entire seasons where we didn't see SLU three dunks that good. The one on Saturday at Fordham off of a rebound was spectacular. So quick off the floor and he timed it perfectly. Every time he steps on the court, I expect something exciting happening. I really look forward to watching him develop over his career. I suggest putting videos of his best dunks in this thread as they happen. I think when his career is over, we'll be a
  11. I see from the box score, former A-10 player Justin Kier slapped them around.
  12. He is putting up Goodwin-esque numbers - albeit at a lower level. Perhaps this could be a transfer possibility...
  13. Moser to DePaul would seem to be a no-brainer, so of course they will likely do something that makes little sense.
  14. I have made points one and two before, so of course I'm going to agree. Good post!
  15. Yes, experienced, productive guards like this get plenty of interest from P5 programs. If Aaron Cook can go from a crappy Methdale squad to in the rotation for the No. 1 team in the country, McKissic will have a lot of good options. He would be a good addition for us.
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