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  1. Folks interview for other jobs they are not really interested in order to get a better deal at their current job frequently.
  2. Not necessarily... leaving Methdale is a VERY easy decision. Anyway, I was talking about the possibility of Weber coming here IF had been canned at K-State a few years ago, as was being rumored around that time. That would have made it two BCS failures for Weber at that point, so coming here, which has been a recruiting hot spot for him, would have made a lot of sense.
  3. One thing in our favor is that I don't think the "big boy programs" will come around for quite a while. He is regarded as a "re-tread" at this point because he ultimately failed in the Big 12, and that works in our favor. IMO, Ford will have to have a LOT of success here before he gets another shot at the "big time" and that would be fine too, because it would mean we're doing very well. A lot of the BCS programs will go for who they perceive to be the young up and coming coach or some young mid-major guy who made a run in the Tourney - example, the Illini's horrible hire of Groce. Ford does not fit that profile at this point. He's nearly 50. And as long as Ford has the resources, a strong recruiting strategy, good facilities... he'll figure he can have a long run here of kicking butt in the A10 and getting to the Dance.
  4. I've always gotten the sense that Stallings thought he was too good for the SLU job. Going to Pitt seemed like an odd fit and proved to be a disaster. Bruce Weber is the guy who would have made sense as our Mark Few. Following the 2015-16 season he was on the hot seat at K-State. He has since turned it around, but if he had gotten let go, he would have been a perfect fit here. All that being said, I'm happy with Ford and think he is a good fit for this job. He can have a long and successful run here.
  5. Evans was such a good back to the basket player, even though he was undersized. That aspect of the game is a lost art.
  6. Assistant at Gonzaga for several years... that's the part of his resume I like best. He got to experience first-hand how a non-BCS program was able to sustain success and become a national brand.
  7. That line has now been changed to "sources close to the program told me" So I think we're all good now. Mods, please delete these posts so there is no record of the original. IMo, the original article was "perfect"
  8. I have no doubt Ford was looking for one and not every grad transfer big as R.Anthony 2.0 - that's a silly argument.
  9. Ford Stuen went to IMG and I recall hearing that Travis had some pretty strong connections there. Hope for good news soon. I like the video!
  10. Ford understands much more than his predecessors that you have to do all the little things to make your program attractive to recruits. The target demographic is 17/18 year old kids, not 60-70 somethings. Crews (a relic from the Knight era), RM (managed to win because he was a legend and could still do it his own way, but that is very rare) and Sodie (as boring as watching paint dry didn't get that part of it. From the music, to bringing DJs to practice, letting Goodwin come out and do a dance routine, wearing several different cool uniforms, the use of social media, etc... Ford is doing all the things that a modern coach needs to do with an eye on recruiting.
  11. A serviceable grad transfer big would have looked good for that last scholarship.
  12. I really like the unis. My only suggestion on the grey would be to make the Billiken head a lot bigger.
  13. Yep, I just needed the eye test to come to that conclusion. I used to enjoy KM and MM running circles around taller guards.
  14. I don't too hung up on the size of guards. I'm more interested in if they are quick and skilled. Playing Mitchell and McCall at the same time wasn't a problem. Guards like Chaz Williams and other short guards have had plenty of success in the A-10.
  15. True, but on the other hand, Pierre could be a good source for Ford to get leads on players in the future.
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