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  1. Your approach of not reading Carter Chapley's twitter thread because of some of his political takes is very mature... Grow up. Have you ever listened to Rammer and Cusumano on the radio? When they engage in political takes, it's far to the right of where I'm at, but it still doesn't prevent me from listening to their SLU-related takes. You fit the definition of a snowflake.
  2. National player of the year Obi Toppin played 31 mpg last year. Bigs tend to rest a little more than guards, but somewhere around 32-33 mpg for Goodwin seems reasonable, mainly because I think we will blow out a lot of teams, especially some of the cupcakes in the nonconference schedule - we played several of them pretty close this past year. I don't expect that to happen next year.
  3. I agree. I think there is the potential for a lot of blowout victories.
  4. The Hargrove 3 was in the Mason game. We won by 12, but the game was slipping away at the time. Mason had cut the lead to 4, then Hargrove hit the 3 with about 2:30 to go which turned out to be the dagger. It was a gutsy shot. One of those when he launched it, you're thinking... what are you doing? But when it went in, you're like - yeah, that's what I'm talking about! It was really exciting to see late in the season glimpses of what Hargrove was capable of and it was a big reason for our team success. Interesting numbers, in our three consecutive losses in February, Hargrove played 6, 4 and 1 minute in those games. Then, followed by the final five games of the regular season which we won all of them and some in blowout fashion, he had 25, 20, 26, 16 and 21 minutes in those victories.
  5. Love that step back jumper off the dribble. In addition to being a lights out shooter, GJ was more athletic than I expected. Collins to GJ for the next three years - awesome combo.
  6. This is an opportunity to add an assistant who can bring in a quality player or two with him for 2021.
  7. I really think we need a guy with East Coast connections. Ford said that was important for an A-10 school when he hired Macon. Perhaps a former assistant at a Big East or A-10 school or maybe an up and coming assistant at a place like Siena or Hofstra.
  8. Mutts going to VaTech. There are still a few new players transferring out at this late date too.
  9. I don't think it will be the starting lineup, but my favorite lineup combo is Collins, Gibson, Goodwin, Perk and Has. A pure PG, combined with a couple of natural scorers and then throw in two elite rebounders - wow!
  10. Schools have been in his ear about transferring - wonderful. Imagine how much of that will be going on if/when the NCAA adopts free agency.
  11. A tough blow for Indiana - Justin Smith leaving as grad transfer. Poor Archie.
  12. Stony Brook, of all programs, has had three players this offseason transfer to P5 schools. That's pretty wild. Still quite a bit of transfer action going on.
  13. As the season progressed, Perkins became the man in big situations. He just has so many different ways to score, plus he can get to the line and make them. Think of the game at St. Joe's - Perkins became the man.
  14. Great! I have absolutely no interest in Stockard. I really want our entire team back, but I have had concerns about Fred.
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