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  1. This is my offseason, just for fun lineup, having not seen many of these kids play. I know, position-less bball yadayada, but for the purpose of this exercise, I put them in traditional positions. STARTER BACK-UP 5 - Avila Brockoff 4 - Anya Casey (I think this will be the most interesting position battle) 3 - Gibby Thames 2 - Swope Hughes 1 - Johnson Dotzler I am assuming the three freshmen will be the last three off the bench, but maybe one of them surprises and cracks the rotation.
  2. Where's the cute little graphic? Looking at his twitterX, I guess it's no surprise he had an offer from ISU and Schertz a while ago.
  3. The stats are not very inspiring and there aren't a lot of highlights because he didn't play much, but after looking at this, you can see how he could fit in Schertz system. He has a nice stroke and quick release from 3. You can't really tell much else. Schertz definitely has a system and types of players who can fit. Coach is going to be in the honeymoon phase for quite a while, so there's no reason not be optimistic. One more to go. It seems like we're set with bigs now, so probably a roll of the dice with the last scholarship for another lead guard or wing. My guess would be a high school kid.
  4. I’m most concerned with how he will adjust to the altitude
  5. Another former A-10 player headed to a P6 school. Brantley to Oklahoma State.
  6. He actually did it more than a lot of people think: Often did it with Bell and French and with French and Gordon (during his brief run) and after Gordon departed, he typically did it with Foreman and French.
  7. It helps him develop connections with fellow coaches and also players. It's all part of relationship building. He's not likely to get any of these players the first go around, BUT in today's free agency world, there's always a chance to land a player down the road on the rebound.
  8. This is a good breakdown - I agree about Kent, He really was ho-hum in his career prior to last year. I think the combo of Anya and Casey can at least equal what he did. We're fortunate to have Gibby return and I agree he should thrive in this offense, I just that Conwell is a more well-rounded player - better defensively and even chipping in with rebounding. But again, not a huge downgrade. So that leaves Johnson v. Larry. JLarry was clearly a much better player in his second year playing for Schertz. He appears to be better from 3 and a better distributor than Johnson, but again, the difference between those two may not be great. I expect Johnson to be a plus defender and very strong finisher at the rim and will help us push tempo.
  9. That's what I thought (and hoped) the computer would conclude. Thanks
  10. The starting lineup probably won't be as good, but the bench will be a lot better. It's very interesting to see the minutes distribution with his team last year, compared to the prior year. A BIG difference. All five starters averaged 30 plus minutes per game last year; and the 6th man Bledsen was the only notable contributor off the bench. The 7th man Wolfe barely average 10 mpg and didn't do much, everyone else was a non-factor. Schertz was fortunate to avoid any lengthy absences from his starters. Looking at the prior year, I don't think Schertz thought that minute distribution was ideal, although it worked for that particular roster. He did it out of necessity because the starters were so far superior to the rest of the bench. The breakdown of minutes from 2022-23 tells a much different story. Only one player averaged more than 30 mpg (barely), two others came close. Ten players averaged at least 10 mpg and an 11th man just barely missed it, averaging 9.4 mpg across 31 games. So my conclusion is that Schertz (thankfully) is not a Mark Schmidt who will usually run his starters into the ground. He's not afraid to play his bench if he has the depth. I expect he will play his bench more this coming season than he did last year (particularly the Kent and Julian Larry spots may each be more of a shared role)- I would predict something in between his bench usage last year and 2022-23.
  11. Now we got the starting guard we needed!!! Based on numbers and video, I liked him a little better than Roddie. Wiz, which guard is better according to your computer?
  12. There is definitely a starting spot available for a lead guard.
  13. Are your “inside sources” still telling you that Ahearn will be the next coach?
  14. I wonder if the NIL money is drying up after the signings of the big three? A number of visits and speculated commitments, but a bit of a dry spell.
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