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  1. Not quite as prestigious as getting a degree from Trump University.
  2. The battle for the last starting spot is between Thatch and Pickett. It may change based on match-ups, but my nod goes to Fred. His rebounding is what gives him the edge, IMO. Plus, IF it's tied between those two, the edge goes to the guy whose been in the program the whole time. Personally I think he earned it with the way he played last year. Pickett still figures to play a big role and the two of them may very well get very similar minutes.
  3. Contrary to what is sometimes reported on this board, Ford's preference is to play 9 players. IF Perkins played last year, he most definitely would have played at least 9 every game. All you have to do is look at his rotations the season before. He played at least 9 in every game and even periodically 10, with Jimmy Bell being the 10th man. There is no doubt the 9 you mention will be in the regular rotation. The only question for me is will he use a 10th man in a competitive game - based on match-ups & foul trouble, I will be interested to see if Thames or Rivera get some PT.
  4. TheOne liked this post... does that mean good news for SLU OR that the speculation that X is the likely destination is accurate? X is putting together an excellent recruiting class and will be tough to beat, but I love that we're making headway on the East Coast. This is exactly the type of recruit we're going to have to land if we want to be a consistent A-10 contender.
  5. Jack Godar @JackGodar · 2h According to his Instagram, Kachi Nzeh(@KachiNzeh) will be committing at 2:50pm CT/3:50pm ET today. Will likely be either SLU or Xavier. He visited Xavier last weekend and SLU the weekend before. Dynamic 6’8 big out of the Philly area
  6. I would much prefer the program aspire for more than a Cinderella story like St. Peter's and Oral Roberts. The three-year run by the Majerus teams are what the program should strive to be - trips to the Tourney with #9, #5 and #4 seeds, teams that were often ranked throughout that time, and got a NCAA Tourney victory in each of those three years. A Sweet 16 was just one more win away.
  7. I'm all about filling all the scholarship, but really curious what kind of role if any he could play this year. Maybe a defensive stopper at the 4? Dayton's frontcourt poses a match-up problem, perhaps he could come in handy in a game like that. Competition for playing time on a roster is a good thing!
  8. Stu just confirmed it is for this year.
  9. Ford has specifically talked about this. He's said that there are some kids who want to go where bball is king and not overshadowed by football and there are also some kids who are comfortable going to school in a city as opposed to a small town - these are the types of kids SLU needs to identify and target.
  10. But it's a smooth looking shot. Reminds me a bit of Jalen Crutcher who had a low release, but was able to make it work.
  11. I just love a good smelter!
  12. So you are saying we average 81 ppg. Very strong, I have just a few tweaks on how to get there. Perk - 16 Jimmer - 13 Okoro - 11 Yuri - 9 Fred - 8 Pickett - 8 Parker - 6 THJ - 6 Forrester - 4 Thames - 1
  13. We absolutely have to run the table on those home games. Then it comes down to four challenging games away from home: Maryland, Providence, Auburn and Iona. If we're going to be a special team, splitting those four games is a realistic goal and puts us in good shape for an at-large.
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