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  1. YC, JP, JN and FO seem very likely - I think the 5th spot will fluctuate throughout the season based on recent performances and match-ups with four viable candidates - TH, FT, GJ and RW (who I don't think is getting talked about enough as a potential valuable contributor).
  2. I guess you didn't look at the betting odds - virtually every site had him as the clear favorite.
  3. We definitely seem to be auditioning for the Big East.
  4. Well that certainly doesn't seem like "a side note"...
  5. Certainly don't disagree - whatever number of teams they land on my main point is that expansion has seemed inevitable. The question remains how many and when.
  6. If it's more conference games they want, simply take a 12-team league and have everybody play each other twice. That's 22 conference games, two more than they currently have.
  7. Big East expansion seemed inevitable when they added UConn. An eleven team conference is odd and not really sustainable, so at least one more team seems like a certainty.
  8. Getting anything out of Lorentsson would be a pleasant surprise. It's always nice to have a stretch big. Based on pictures and video he certainly looks like he has bulked up. Not sure about his defense and rebounding, but if he can do it at a passable level, maybe he carves out a niche this year.
  9. Talking about Yuri working on shot a lot during the offseason. Says Fred has been shooting well. Nesbitt is highly skilled - second best passer, very coachable. "We have so many guys who can play different positions." 1-4 is very interchangeable. Will be coming back from a break soon. Rammer on with Frank too.
  10. Ford on with Frank now. Says they will use the 1-3-1 at times with Hargrove at the top.
  11. Would we have enough spacing if the the two bigs are on the floor with three good perimeter shooters? Something like Jones, Jimmer or Williams and Perk?
  12. I mentioned Valpo and for the record - I don't exactly love that option, but with Belmont off the board - I was looking at private schools in the midwest. Loyola tops my list as the top target in order to get into the Chicago market. I had also previously mentioned Wichita State - very strong fan base, well funded too with their oligarchs backing it. I would prefer them to Valpo certainly. Bottom line, not only did we lose two strong programs when Xavier and Butler left, our program became even more of a geographic outlier in the A-10. The fact that MVC is making moves in this region is concerning. If they were somehow to get WSU back, that would be a strong move. I don't see the A-10 being pro-active.
  13. We essentially replace Goodwin, French, Jacobs and Bell with Okoro, Nesbitt, Jones and Williams. We figure to be worse with rebounding and defense, but much better perimeter shooting and free throw shooting. We will have a lot more viable 3-point scoring threats and dare I say it, we could be a very good free throw shooting - it should be a strength. Not a knock on Goodwin, but I think we have a chance to be a much better offensive team. My biggest question is how will Okoro take over for Has? In addition to rebounding, which was one of French's obvious strengths, he was also a very good passer, shot blocker and could really run and finish on the break. I will be interested to see what Okoro can do in some of these areas. He'll be counted on to more here than he was at Oregon, so hopefully he'll take advantage of this opportunity to blossom.
  14. Of course, everybody is, but this is a thread about conference reshuffling.
  15. I would take both Loyola and Valpo out of the MVC. Belmont would be better, but if that's not an option as it appears now - Valpo is a private school, has had some success in the past and gets the A-10 back into Indiana. The bottom line is getting more western members into the A-10 benefits SLU.
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