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  1. How in the hell is Will Wade still coaching?
  2. Frank has been very reliable on his info in the Ford era. I suspect Tate is his source. I don't doubt we were in a strong position with Nesbitt. Obviously something changed near the end - Memphis made a strong pitch, perhaps one of his h.s. coach or handlers convinced him Penny was big time. I don't entirely trust those associated with his high school program - seems a bit like a basketball factory.
  3. I don't really wish ill of the kid, but I also hope he is not a one and done. I'm hoping for a mediocre, disappointing career - a bit like Scott Suggs. From our perspective, we don't want a bunch of stories of local players leaving town and thriving. Keep the focus on local players who stayed home and thrived at SLU - Perkins, Goodwin, Yuri, Hargrove... that's what will help us in future local recruiting.
  4. I also have a tendency to forget about Thatch. If healthy, we have another quality 2/3 over the next 3 years.
  5. I get it, and there is plenty of time for the kid to get more "high major" offers to go along with Michigan State, but the other three schools I mentioned aren't in that class and don't fit that label.
  6. I would hardly call Mizzou, Nebraska and K-State "high majors" although they are P6 schools.
  7. Pretty sure you can say things off the record, seems like that happens all the time with "sources", just not publicly in interviews.
  8. Frank said they feel good about Nesbitt and Kern. Reiterated Kern may also commit soon. Specifically regarding Nesbitt... he said he texted with a staff member (likely Tate) and they feel good about Nesbitt.
  9. Yeah, my sense with Clark seemed to say more about the state of the Georgetown program - a lot of roster turnover with I believe 7 newcomers added, as opposed to him blowing up. They seemed to be scrambling to fill spots and not exactly dealing from a position of strength. Who knows, perhaps the Clark kid goes on to have a nice career, but it didn't seem like there was a long line of high profile suitors.
  10. Status? Easy, still a tool.. More important question, how is Granny doing?
  11. Any big time scorer would have to love playing with Yuri.
  12. Maybe he was just waiting on his photoshop guy? We're in the center, so he can just eliminate those losers off to each side of him.
  13. I don't mind expanding the field, but I still want the regular season to count for something. Reward those that had a good regular season. Just spitballing, but perhaps the Top 75 or 100 get a double bye and maybe even a home game before the field is reduced to 64 - then shift to the typical neutral site bubbles. The field of 64 would actually be a lot stronger than usual as most of the teams from the bottom 7-8 conferences won't make the field. You won't have the conference champs from the MEAC, Patriot, etc, survive the early play-in games to advance into the tourney. If a few do, then
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