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  1. Ah yes, board darling Mark Schmidt. His team entered last season in the Top 25 and as the consensus pick to win the league. By mid-December, his team had crapped the bed and they were out of contention for an at-large for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Ford who catches his share of heat on this board, loses the preseason conference player of the year to start the season, but proceeds to lead his team to a better year than Schmidt's team had.
  2. Can I put myself on ignore for certain posters so they can't read and/or respond to my posts? Just asking for a friend. Haha!
  3. I think the biggest game for the remainder of the non-conference schedule will be the Iona game. Of course if we pull it out a win against Auburn all will be good, but we'll be the underdog. A couple of home games that could be tricky if we are not on our game - Boise St. and Drake. Not easy games, but if we are an at-large caliber team, we can't stumble there. So that brings me back to the Iona game. On the road against Pitino - it was a very tough game last year and it will be again. That is a huge game. Getting out of the non-conference schedule with just two losses would be huge for our at-large chances. Three losses is not a deal breaker, but it certainly leaves less margin for error during conference play.
  4. Regarding Rivera, unless I have missed it, I have never seen him on the bench or in the huddle. Kramer and other players who are redshirting are typically on the bench in sweats.
  5. So it as relates to Yuri, a chance to rack up some assists that would be counted in NCAA ranks, correct?
  6. I know the game doesn't really count, but do the individual stats count toward the NCAA totals?
  7. Bynum was a 2nd Team All Conference and 6th Man of the Year on a team that won the Big East last year, but he sucks! Just keep doubling down on those misguided hot takes. Haha!
  8. Does anybody know how to follow Zhang and his team? I've searched a bit and haven't found anything.
  9. Croswell scored 24 points and added 18 boards in a game against SLU his sophomore season. Not a bad game. Haha! Just keep doubling down on those hot takes.
  10. Bynum averaged 11 ppg and 4.5 apg as a freshman. He had offers from Notre Dame and Va Tech among others when he transferred from St. Joe's. He scored 20 points over SLU in one game and 18 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds in another game against SLU that freshman season. He's also been a pretty damn good player in the Big East too.
  11. You certainly have your share of unusual takes.
  12. Imagine if Claggett blew out his knee in an exhibition game and missed his junior season? H didn't have to face that situation. That's what Yuri dealt with at the start of last season. It's tough to make an apples to apples comparison to their college experiences. They have been very different. Also, sometimes Yuri's lack of NCAA Tourneys gets thrown out there. Remember, Dec. 23, 2020 - SLU with a strong non-conference performance with wins over LSU and NC State, had just cracked the Top 25. Then Covid shut the team down for a month. And when they came back, not surprisingly they weren't the same - two straight losses including one to a terrible LaSalle team. Yuri and co. were poised to make the Tourney before that shutdown. I also have no doubt that last year's team with a healthy Perk is dancing. Context matters when analyzing these things.
  13. Also, sometimes players just need to catch their breathe. If you exert a great effort on the defensive end for a long possession, it doesn't make sense to come sprinting back the other way if there is no clear opportunity to break - especially for a player who is usually going to play about 33-35 mpg.
  14. Interesting. On a completely unrelated topic, I think it would be nice to bring the "bad post" option back.
  15. I'm fine with that. I expect Ford to hit the transfer portal in a big way this spring - hopefully coming off a season where we make some noise in March.
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