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  1. Yep, Baltimore, DC, NYC/Jersey, Philly - we have to have a presence in those areas. The best teams in the A-10 typically have East Coast players from urban areas. Also, keep an eye on Michigan - our new assistant has ties to the area - he played collegiately there and recruited Eric Williams for Duquesne.
  2. Exactly! I was there just last month. Very vibrant. A "news" network with such a ridiculous agenda to scare their audience - sadly it works for their business, but it contributes to a dumber society.
  3. It actually looks worse. I remember a time not too long ago when conferences like the A-10 and MVC were routinely getting multiple bids. Another factor - the change from RPI to the NET as a criteria for Tourney selection. Some of the non P6 schools had cracked the RPI code, particularly in the MVC were able to earn top 40 RPIs. The big boys didn't like that - and magically changed the criteria.
  4. The free agent transfer portal should not be looked at in a vacuum. Now, you're combining it with NIL which is also motivating some of these departures. Then add all of the conference re-shuffling driven by P5 schools chasing every dollar of football tv money and you wind up with a LOT of major changes to college sports in just a few years. I think it will be several more years before we have a better picture of what the new normal looks like, but I don't like the direction it's heading. Players no longer have identities with certain schools, it's all very mercenary. It will get even more difficult for non-P6 schools to compete. Conference affiliations and some geographic rivalries are continuing to be destroyed. I used to enjoy at least the appearance of amateurism of college sports, but now that's all blown to hell. Increasingly I find myself turning back to pro sports. At least it's purpose is more honest.
  5. It looks like Bradford still has not found a home. Maybe he has retired.
  6. I don't think it's helping the A-10. There were former A-10 players all over the most recent NCAA Tourney field, yet only one A-10 team in it. And I think NIL is an even bigger detriment to all non-P6 schools.
  7. How about a tool like Noland? Did he officially sign something with SLU? If so, it would seem to me that he should also have to sit out as a two-time transfer even though he never played here.
  8. I'm a big fan of combo guards and we need more experience in the backcourt, so if we weren't going to get a big like Dandrige, this was a good pivot. I'd rather go this route than take a flier on another foreign big or a project. Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY the kind of player we needed LAST year to round out the roster to help the backcourt. Instead, we got Daniel Rivera.
  9. I think you have the right idea, try to create a new conference consisting of all the best non-football schools who are not in the Big East. The challenge is several of the schools you mention still have football: UNLV, Boise, Sant Diego State, Utah State, Memphis, Tulane
  10. The travel is absolutely ridiculous. Those Oregon/Maryland volleyball games are going to be great.
  11. I would say getting dominated by SEMO in the Sodie era was an all-time low.
  12. Yes, I have, he was pretty good as a freshman in the Big 12, but has sucked since and is a tool... and yes, we are desperate at this point. My guess, the most likely outcome is we roll the dice with an obscure foreign big.
  13. According to Verbal Commits, two-time tool Davion Bradford has not committed. We're desperate, he's probably desperate - could be a match made in heaven. Although, he's a two-time transfer, so I guess he would likely have to sit out?
  14. I REALLY like his name - if he's a good player, it's a bonus!
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