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  1. Good article. He has not been a facilitator at all during his career, so I'm skeptical that he'll be able to fill that role. Also, I'm not sure how well Nesbitt will be able to do that. Goodwin was a secondary playmaker and I don't feel like we have replaced that. If he returns, problem solved of course, if not, it needs to be addressed. Remember last year, even with Goodwin, we had a couple games where our walk-on PG had to play some meaningful minutes due to injuries to YC and DJ. Also, this is another example of why the criticism that the P-D ignores us (yadayada) doesn't fly a
  2. I wonder if more high school kids will choose the prep school route to try to improve their stock.
  3. Dunn-Martin, after saying he was going to return a month or two ago, is now going to transfer. The constant turnover of Dambrot's rosters continue.
  4. I used to be a big Stu critic, but I think he has gotten better and has done a better job with SLU on social media. My only nitpick is his lack of coverage of recruiting. I also think the P-D coverage complaint has been a bit overplayed. In year's where we're relevant we got a lot of coverage, often times preferred placement over Mizzou bball. We got plenty of coverage in the RM years and the last few years with Ford. Also, the last couple of years, it seems the P-D has given a lot more coverage in the offseason.
  5. I think our perimeter shooting will be fine and major contributions from Cook in that area would not be essential. We have several good perimeter scoring options. What we need is another ballhandler/playmaker and quality perimeter defender. That's would Cook would provide.
  6. Goodnews Kpegeol transferring from Valpo - we recruited him at one point. Not a very Good player, but a great name.
  7. We had that with Goodwin and Collins. Cook is a better perimeter shooter than Goodwin. He shot 38% from 3 his second season at SIU and 35% his 3rd season. He also shot 35% from 3 this past season. Goodwin only topped 30% once during his SLU career - this past season at 31%.
  8. Also, big difference between Yuri pre-injury (URI) and post-injury. His three games right after the URI game were three of his worst.
  9. I don't think Yuri should or would have been guarding Thomas anyway. Seems to me that would have primarily been Goodwin's job, Thatch was out that game with an injury.
  10. That is a good point. If you look at his game log, the 13 mpg is a bit skewed. The Iowa game is the exception, but most games you can tell based on his minutes the level of competition. In the two BYU games, the toughest WCC opponent, he got under 10 mpg. Conversely, in their blowout WCC wins he got close to 20 mpg. Not only would he get more minutes here, he would get more meaningful minutes.
  11. If he wants a 30+ minute gig, it probably won't be for an NCAA Tourney caliber team. Like most transfers, he'll have to decide whether winning or playing time is more important. Maybe he can find the right balance He was getting 30 mpg for SIU teams that had no chance of making the Dance. He got 13 mpg for a great team far away. I think you try to sell him on the vision of having something in between - a nice balance... a bigger role (more than 13 mpg, but not 30 mpg) on a team with a shot at the Dance (but not the No. 1 team in the country) and do it in your hometown where your friends a
  12. I could see Cook getting about 18-20 minutes per game here. Even if more of a 6th man, at least pretty close to starter minutes. He got 13 mpg for the Zags. Yuri averaged 28 mpg last year, take one more mpg from Yuri to save a bit on wear and tear - so there's 13 minutes at the point for Cook. Throw in an additional 5-7 playing alongside Yuri, and there you go.
  13. How do we know there is a SLU interest? A social media follow or is it mentioned somewhere?
  14. What a strange roster roller coaster Penny has going on... https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/college/memphis-tigers/basketball/2021/04/26/memphis-basketball-davion-warren-decommits/4844327001/
  15. Well also Nesbitt. We were both among his finalists.
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