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  1. Let's not confuse NBA with professional ball. Unless I missed it, I've never heard Ford mention "NBA" when talking about TI - he talks about him going "pro." There are a lot of pro leagues in the world other than the NBA - and that is where TI will go. Also, when JG was signed, there was chatter about him being an NBA player. I have my doubts about that, although I have no doubt he'll be able to make a nice salary playing pro ball somewhere.
  2. ACE

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Another problem we have on the break, and it again goes back to not having good 3-point shooters. The way the game is played today, the drive and kick on the break is so valuable. I know I often refer to the glory days of RM, but if you go back and watch those games, when we would go on the break with one of our guards, if they weren't open to take it all the way to the hoop or dish to somebody like Evans, there would be Cody, Loe or McCall flaring out to the 3-point line to be an option.
  3. I get the frustration, but how bad would our offense be without him 😬
  4. ACE

    2018-19 season

    I agree 10-3 is kind of an ideal target for OOC, but I'm not ready to go "experiment" mode yet. This loss to Methdale, not at all unexpected by me, raises the importance of the Houston game to reach that 10-3 goal. We'll be underdogs for sure, but if we play more like the Seton Hall and Butler game, it is winnable. We'll have a week to prepare. I'm not ready to give up on the goal of an at-large just yet. The question is will we start to develop some level of consistency from game to game.
  5. ACE


    The loss of Jalen Johnson really hurt more than I think most expected. Potentially could have had Johnson, Welmer and Wiley coming off the bench this year.
  6. ACE

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    According to Ford, Goodwin did not have "the keys" most of last year, it was Roby.
  7. ACE

    The Bills over SIU by 1

    It's only Dec. 5 but tonight seems like such a big game. It's the kind of tough game that at-large teams find a way to win. Fletcher is a good player, so hopefully not at his best. Goodwin really needs to step up and be better than he was against Seton Hall and Butler. We gotta kill them on the boards and do damage inside.
  8. ACE

    2018-19 season

    A good win yesterday, but one I thought was likely - big crowd, team would be fired up, plus I think we're simply more athletic and talented than Butler. I think the next three games will really tell whether or not this turns out to be a successful non-conference portion of the schedule - I define "successful" as putting us in a solid position to earn an automatic bid. The A-10 is not that great this year, so not a lot of great resume builders and some potential bad losses. I think there is a BIG difference between having 3 non-conference losses and 4. So assuming, that we'll likely lose to FSU (although a victory is within the realm of possibility) that only leaves one more loss to get out of it with three. Oregon State should be a win, although if we revert back to some of the Troy and North Alabama nonsense, it will be tough. I like to think we're past that. Houston after that, they looked extremely tough for most of the game against a ranked Oregon. Again, easy game for them to get up for against a ranked team. Considering the way they worked us over last year, maybe they take us a bit lightly - STILL, I put this in the lean loss category. That brings us to the next game against Methdale. Are we more talented than Methdale, yes, BUT in some ways I view this as a tougher game than Butler. We have to go on the road mid-week, after a big home victory. There is a possibility for a letdown. Methdale is a veteran team. They figure to be fired up for us. I consider this a VERY big game in determining if this turns out to be a good non-conference season.
  9. ACE

    GDT vs Buttler

    Ford has said several times in interviews that Goodwin played his best off the ball, which is why Roby assumed more of a traditional pg duties as the season goes along. According the coach, JG was not the primary pg last year, so not surprised he's not this year either. Not saying TI is ideal in that role either, but I think he gets too much blame for some of JG's inconsistent play this year.
  10. ACE

    But over The Bills by 8

    Jim Crews owns Brad Stevens. 😉
  11. Cusumano says we are all in on this Bradford kid, making him a priority.
  12. I gotta give that little gym rat #21 credit for trying to take the charge. It can be viewed as either gutsy or stupid.
  13. I've met a couple of engineers who are real dumb a$$es, so it is possible that what he is saying is true...