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  1. That's a lot of if's... regardless of what label you put on Polk, the bottom line is that he was considered one of the five best players on the team and he was still getting 30 mpg as a junior. He wasn't recruited over - I don't care if it was by a point guard or a player like Perkins in your dream scenario. The point is that Sodie was more than just one player away. Rather than Perkins in your dream scenario, you could put a true pg like Collins in the lineup and do just fine as well. Personally, I'd rather see a great shooter like Lisch playing alongside a true PG, rather than being the PG. Outside of Lisch, not an abundance of good guards either. Just not enough depth in general.
  2. Well, he also did an extremely poor job of recruiting point guards. The fact that Sodie could never recruit over Polk was another key to his failure. In Sodie's final season, Polk's junior year - he was a starter who averaged nearly 30 mpg.
  3. It's not just local recruiting... Ford understands recruiting in the A-10. I was impressed in an early interview when he talked about how he went about putting a staff together. From his time in the A-10, he understood the landscape and what type of players you needed to be successful in this league. He talked about having a local presence (Tate), an East Coast presence (Macon) and then to add somebody like Bailey (a current A-10 coach who knew the league, plus had some connections in Chicago, which has always been a natural recruiting ground for SLU). Then you sprinkle in Ford's own connections that he has built during his long career (Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and even Iceland). All of the sudden, you can cast a wide net and have a realistic chance of making inroads. And one other thing Ford said which applies to the A-10 - not every urban kid wants to go play at a state school in a small podunk down. There are some kids that are more comfortable being at a city type school - those are the kids that SLU should be targeting. At this point, Ford and SLU are a very good marriage.
  4. Ford just talked about what a great play that was in his interview with Bernie.
  5. He cared a lot about it when RM was here. RM did a smart thing charming Bernie as soon as he got to town - probably with food.
  6. Correct, no foul on the play. It was a hell of a play by Yuri - one of many great hustle plays he made in the second half of that game.
  7. Foreman, French, Bell - they also landed Santos, Johnson and Gordon (although those ended poorly). Getting bigs has not been a problem. Keeping them has. I have faith this staff can find a good fit.
  8. I never said I wouldn't take him (I mentioned he would fill a niche), just wouldn't be overly excited about it. This staff has shown they can recruit, and I'm confident they could land a comparable or better player if it doesn't materialize with this kid.
  9. Yeah, that possibility is nothing to get excited about. I believe the only double digit scoring game of his career was against us. We basically left him alone and focused on defending Sneed and everybody else. Since that game, he's back to getting 2, 4 points a game. He would be a back-up big to get a few minutes when Bell and French get into foul trouble. There would be a limited role, but finding a comparable or better player shouldn't be that difficult, if it doesn't materialize.
  10. Yep, averaging 14 ppg as a freshman. From Ann Arbor Michigan, so who knows.
  11. His second half was outstanding. So many outstanding little things that added up. Found French on a long pass down court which seemed to spark the comeback. A big offensive rebound and dish to French. Falling out of bounds and firing a pass up ahead to Goodwin for a dunk. A fast break and dish to Bell for a dunk. And late in the game, pounced on a loose ball to win that battle and help seal the victory.
  12. Gilyard, 1st team? Against SLU, 39 minutes, 1 assist, 2 points, 4 fouls and 5 turnovers.
  13. Yeah, Weaver needed a few more minutes and Jacobs a bit less. Weaver played well the few games after GJ's injury. He needs to come in and chuck up 4-5 3s a game to open things up, like he did in the KState and Cookman games.
  14. A stretch four like Jamison Battle from GW is exactly the kind of player that would be a good fit for us. An impressive freshman.
  15. Loe created so much room for Evans to operate one on one in the paint. French needs a guy like that. He gets double and triple teamed constantly. That's one reason I always saw the value in Welmer if he had stayed healthy. Pretty decent shotblocker and rebounder defensively who shot 37% from 3. Even Jalen Johnson, although a different type of player, was a "big" who could help space the floor. In theory, Hankton could provide this, but has not earned the trust of Ford.
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