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  1. They tried going to Hargrove and he wasn’t getting it done.
  2. Limped off the court. Had high ankle sprain written all over it.
  3. And the Jimerson injury you could see coming happens on the last play of the game.
  4. We let their Jimerson beat our Jimerson.
  5. Seems to be confusion on the Bills bench, can't figure out if Jones, Collins, or Nesbit should be in.
  6. I'll be surprised if that team doesn't win CUSA, for whatever that's worth. Didn't UAB always give us trouble when we were in that conference, even when they had no business doing so?
  7. Our defense could be better but yeah, with some of these shots all you can do is tip your cap.
  8. Anyone else surprised Fred isn't the one guarding Walker?
  9. It’s all about an approachable experience for businesses having “team building” outings. Just like the westport social-esque concept coming to The Armory or the mini-golf bar going in The Foundry. In that respect, placing it right between Clayton and downtown makes a lot of sense.
  10. I will say I never heard anything but good things from people who’ve gone to one.
  11. Plenty of space on the south side of Chouteau adjacent to the Med school track if they need to replace the shot-put area.
  12. What a wake up call for our defense this is, this is disgusting.
  13. There's the slow-it-down terrible BSU offense all the internet experts have been talking about all week.
  14. If Perkins was healthy I think there would be nights that we’d hardly see Nesbitt and much less of Hargrove. It would probably drive us nuts too except that Perkins is THAT good.
  15. Smart, proactive move by the A10. Departures from the league may not be imminent as Matt Norlander reported. But aside from SLU/Dayton’s BE aspirations, there is real potential to lose UMass or LaSalle at some point as Dana O’Neil pointed out in her piece. Better to add now than be reacting later.
  16. This account is run by SLU’s redevelopment corp so if they are posting it, something real is happening.
  17. I know it is only an exhibition game. I know it is Halloween. I know Perkins went down. I know that SLU's fan safety protocols are....questionable at best. But I'm still a little surprised. This might be the smallest crowd I've seen in Chaifetz for a men's game in 10+ years. And at least 20% of the crowd is Lindenwood fans.
  18. With Ford saying during the press conference that some A10 institutions “…just don’t care about athletics and it shows.” There must not be concerns about making SLU’s larger aspirations well known in the Athletic department.
  19. A YouTube commenter nailed it, “Weight rooms. It’s always just new weight rooms.”
  20. I’ve heard rumors about what some at the university wanted to do regarding athletic facilities and could imagine things falling in to place if other midtown development rumor like TopGolf are about to happen.
  21. At the very least, they like him enough that they don’t want him going to play in Europe.
  22. Really nice pieces on DoctorB on STLToday now. https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/books-and-literature/hal-bush-slu-english-professor-and-writer-dies-at-age-64-after-traumatic-fall/article_e57aa30a-44b7-5266-ac17-89f7f9062add.html https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/books-and-literature/a-present-minded-professor-hal-bush-coaxed-best-from-slu-students/article_67dd850b-4ede-59b0-8527-cebdbda4a7a2.html
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