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  1. Seems pretty obvious that we're out of the running for Fletcher.
  2. All these bags of cash aren’t just going to spend themselves
  3. Kid has received a ton of offers in the last 1-2 days since becoming eligible (previously committed to a juco presumably due to the NCAA eligibility issues).
  4. His shooting percentages are a little odd. Only 42% from the field, but a solid 33% from 3 pt range. And then that nasty 56% from FT. I trust Ford and the analysis from some of the board members, but i'm left wondering how Mack really fits in. Not quite a 4, a solid but not spectacular shooting threat, horrendous from the FT line. Again, i'm not doubting Ford, just curious to see how Mack would fit in effectively with our guys.
  5. @billikenfan05 ready to get kicked out of some casinos?
  6. Should coaches not be allowed to call out offensive or defensive sets during live play? Not trying to be snarky, but seems the calling of timeouts is within the purview of a person coaching a team.
  7. Not necessarily saying we're interested in this guy, but it shows that there is still an opportunity to find someone who could help out.
  8. Not sure we ever expressed interest...
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