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  1. Link to the story: https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/billikens-transfer-mike-lewis-ii-always-wanted-to-be-a/article_c60e7ced-b32c-5a6b-b7ee-83cedcbaf6c9.html
  2. Agreed. Definitely more than a 3 point shooter. He'll need to work on going left, but beyond his shot making ability it looks like he has a great skillset to build on.
  3. Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but seems Jameer Nelson Jr. wanted to really stick it to St. Joes.
  4. Would love to have him, but it ain't gonna happen.
  5. Are you thinking Wiley type minutes (when Wiley was healthy)?
  6. Forget battles and Armageddon. I’m just here for the naughty stuff. My girlfriend promised me lots of it. We watched season 7 last night and I hardly saw any. Disappointed. If I don’t see some R rated things tonight then I’m moving on.
  7. I see from IG that Hargrove took the ACT today. I assume that means he hasn’t yet received a qualifying score. Let’s hope he got it today.
  8. Theoretically, he could come back to Iowa under the new rules, right?
  9. I keep getting promoted ads on Twitter for Now Apocalypse on Starz. No clue what it’s about, but the eye candy is enough to get me to watch a few episodes.
  10. Man, he has really transformed his body. Gotta love the dedication and hard work to do that. Looking forward to Bell’s years as a Billiken.
  11. I hope jimerson becomes our Macquaid.
  12. Agreed. Hate to see it end that way but it was the right call.
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