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  1. Per Instagram, FT traveled with the team to Davidson. His situation is different from a traditional medical redshirt. I have no doubt the NCAA screws us over somehow.
  2. I’m not saying @slufanskipf’ed it up but I’m also not not saying that.
  3. Still wondering why Tay only played 4 min. I’m guessing Coach liked the flow in the second half (until Dayton started lighting it up).
  4. Auburn going to lose their second in a row to an unranked team. Both losses come against teams we might be on the bubble with.
  5. Watched the replay of that shot a few times and wonder if TJ should have left his man to contest. Sure, his man would have been open, but not sure there would have been enough time for Crutcher to pass and the open guy to get the shot off. Tough split second decision for anyone, especially a freshman.
  6. Given that I was more than a few drinks in, can’t quite remember why Tay didn’t play more. Was his D that bad? Wish he had more of a chance to get some open looks. We need some type of threat from 3.
  7. The only bad thing about that loss is how we played. Play like we did last night and we win that game by double digits.
  8. One thing I noticed about Ford is that he’s not afraid to put a smaller guy on Obi at times (Thatch last year, TJ and others last night) and it generally works well. Good coaching decision.
  9. Keep playing like we did last night with a few more made bunnies and we’ll be dancing.
  10. Still processing the loss. Not putting it on Ford although an adjustment was needed when they were hitting 3s. I would have pressured the ball on the last play and try to force it out of Crutcher’s hands. Anything to force someone other than Crutcher or Watson to hit a shot. But hindsight is 20/20. good stuff by Jacobs on offense tonight. Keep being aggressive. i thought bell did a decent job in his first big A10 game. The missed bunnies hurt though. Also, I was hoping we’d get it to bell more in the first half to force Obi into tough situations. Has and JGood did what they do. Warriors. Perkins really is a spark. Really like his game. Damn, we miss Thatch and Jimerson. yuri...stud in the making. He’s only a friggin freshman! Bummed, but not upset. We are who we are. Not gonna talk about the missed FTs. But the missed bunnies killed us! love this team. We’re lucky to have Coach Ford and his staff, even if we think they’re not perfect. great job by the fans and students. We can still make the tourney!
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