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  1. Yep, I’m rooting for an end to everything i posted in that message. If you can’t call it out and/or recognize it, then that’s on you. I’m not asking for perfection, I’m demanding that we attack inequity as ferociously as we can.
  2. Nick, I’ve met you and think you’re an awesome dude. I will say the quoted portion above is the epitome of white privilege. Go to the black and brown neighborhoods, go to Navajo Nation, go to the Zia Pueblo...these are places that America has forgotten. Many of these locations don’t event have running water. I’m pissed. I’m pissed for these humans that have been fuoked. I’m pissed that our country is more concerned about corporations than they are about humans. There are people in our country that can’t get running water, electricity, and/or internet. And then these ppl get the plague and no assistance. You know what...it pisses me the F off. You’re a solid dude; I have nothing against you. I’m exhausted by a majority that has zero understanding how people have been fuoked by this country for a long time.
  3. @SluSignGuyif you won't ban @Old guy, then delete my account. I appreciate the forum you've provided. You are a great moderator and the Billikens community is lucky to have you (and Nark and @Quality Is Job 1). But if we're cool with the antics of Old Guy on this thread, then I don't want to be a part of this board. I've made a lot of friends through this forum and the Billiken community. I hope to cross paths with each of you in the future. I'll continue to cheer on the Billikens. ball game.
  4. Old guy, you need serious help. You hope a member of the Billikens community will die from COVID19 (you still haven't apologized to @courtside for that outrageous post). Also, you've been consistently wrong in this thread. So maybe...just do some self reflection. p.s. @SluSignGuy, why is Old Guy still allowed to post?
  5. Thanks for this. As it relates to the endowment, he mentioned that portions of the endowment are restricted and can only be spent for specific reasons (e.g. cancer research). It'd be interesting to see what portion of an endowment is restricted, what portion goes to need based financial aid, what portion goes to op-ex, etc.
  6. Cool. But I won't hope for someone to die, so I have that going for me.
  7. Here is the structure of America and just a few reasons why i'm ok with it being obliterated: White Americans with military style weapons can verbally attack police officers and face no repercussions while black Americans who kneel during the national anthem lose their job... Corporations bailed out 10-12 years ago get another bailout because they spent their tax break on stock buybacks... America is responding to a pandemic like a third world country... Large areas of the US don't have running water, but have to face a pandemic without federal assistance... Public cash flush firms get PPP dollars... Jared Kushner's companies refuse to grant relief to tenants during a pandemic... People of color, thanks to decades/centuries of oppression, are dying disproportionately... Our president thinks we should inject disinfectant... Tens of millions unemployed but only a fraction receiving assistance... Tons of food being destroyed while millions starve... Thanks to the federal government seizing supplies, states secretly negotiating with foreign countries government to get essential medical supplies to its citizens... 70,000 dead is considered success...
  8. Given the breakdown of occupations amongst the "young people", I would say that an overwhelming majority of them are already working (or back to work): https://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat18b.htm.
  9. I'm admittedly ignorant when it comes to university operations and the endowment, but why does a university with a $500mm-$1b endowment have to cut anything? I understand the endowment is not a savings account, but why does a university (any university) continually build up a financial nest egg for the future, but refuse to deploy those resources in the present troubled times? Honestly asking.
  10. Iona should have known what they were getting into... https://www.si.com/college/2020/05/04/louisville-notice-of-allegations-rick-pitino-college-hoops-scandal
  11. Look, I don't have 100% understanding of endowments, but as of 2018 SLU had a ~$1billion endowment. There seems to be something incongruent here.
  12. Really disappointed to see that Old Guy isn't banned or at least given the Metz treatment. He wished death on a fellow board member and we're cool with that?
  13. How often are we actually competing with Duke for recruits? Tatum and who else? Point is, the blue bloods will continue to get the cream of the crop regardless of this rule change. Does this rule change in any way benefit us against the schools we usually compete with for recruits (mid-tier P5 schools, and upper tier mid-majors)?
  14. This. He needs a ton of work defensively. Based on this limited video, I wouldn't be shocked if he redshirted.
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