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  1. Watched LaSalle earlier and VCU now. Both trying to knock of rust shooting, missing a lot of easy ones.
  2. Has it been addressed why the softball player is pitching on the baseball field in the SLU commercial?
  3. I played baseball at SLU and got asked if we were D1 all the time. That being said, when we traveled to the northeast we’d frequently get asked where St. Louis was so it’s mainly because people live in their own bubbles.
  4. Kendall solely covers baseball, this may only pertain to spring sports...
  5. Why I hate when the Bills purposely slow it down a bunch with the lead. Ewing told his GTown players to slow it down and now St Johns is on a 19-0 run...
  6. All of our past opponents playing today not playing another past opponent are getting smoked.
  7. Yes. We’d have to beat St Bonaventure and the Bonnies would also have to lose to either LaSalle or St.Joes. Davidson and Duquesne would also have to each lose 2 of 3 against tough competition. There’s actually a very long shot way going 1-2(win has to come against Bonnies) if Bonnies, Davidson, and Duquesne go 0-3.
  8. They are letting them play. We win any game with these refs
  9. VCU getting to a couple double digit leads then Richmond comes marching back. VCU hot from 3 early but cooling down
  10. Bud light seltzer’s and billiken basketball being injected into the veins right nowww!!!!!
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