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  1. Am I blind or does it seem like there has been about 6 times the ball should have gone the opposite way on an out of bounds?
  2. refs come out and call 15 fouls in 5 minutes to hit quota like last game?
  3. we are a headcase team. great when we get momentum but b-holes get super tight when we get behind.
  4. hasahn and linssen coming in together. like it.
  5. I'd rather they call a block than not anything. that's embarassing no call
  6. Why aren’t we rebounding nearly as well offensively as we’re used to?
  7. My guess is a significant other of a player or coach got COVID and is a gray area for contact tracing.
  8. At this point we need to be cognizant that due to current policies another, contact tracing pauses, or worse a positive test in the program, will likely decimate the rest of our regular season leaving us in a terrible spot. If we’re at risk due to an iffy scenario, it’s much better to bite the bullet on one game then potentially lose another 4-8.
  9. Although insignificant in win/loss, I think our fight to not lose by double digits to Minnesota may be an underrated/under discussed reason for how we got to 12. If we stop fouling/fighting and lose by 10+ like it looked like was going to happen and I don’t think the algorithms get us this high. And obviously the big win margin as opposed to the to close for comfort wins we’re used to.
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