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  1. Grant Golden also removed his name from the draft.
  2. Kinda hopeful that MLS4theLou bring him back when he’s ready for his just-before-retirement MLS contract.
  3. If any alum is concerned about the University’s standing - they should be more worried about whether or not the faculty is providing meaningful instruction and rigorous coursework than the admission standards. Merely my opinion, but in my experience if there was an area where SLU was falling down, it was faculty.
  4. The chances that this coming season will be a confused, halting, asterisk-riddled clusterf&#% make me wish the NCAA just announces ahead of time that fall/winter sport athletes will get a blanket waiver for an additional year of eligibility. Especially since I could see the NCAA itself being part of the problem as it desperately tries to defend their business model.
  5. Given the market lately it may very well not be that anymore. And while they may very well draw it down, I doubt very much that is only way SLU makes up the difference.
  6. I imagine the same story will be playing out at other D1 schools. Don’t expect the long promised increase in commitment to athletics at our A10 brethren like Fordham, LaSalle, GW etc. to happen anytime soon.
  7. The pain and destruction among small businesses she references is very real. But I don’t see anything in her argument that supports the suggestion that no new enterprises will rise up on the other side of this to take their place.
  8. As has been said by others already....it’s good to see the #2 and #3 teams in the state playing each other.
  9. Given that there are politicians in this country building their entire campaigns around a “Blame China” narrative, (Sounds so much more ominous than Blame Canada) I think you know the answer to that already. While a vaccine developed sooner than later by a Chinese lab would be better than no vaccine at all, it will be much messier than one developed outside there and/or post-election day.
  10. Hard to stay motivated on a Sunday morning when you are already up 25.
  11. There is a reason you feel that. Really rooting for him to catch on somewhere and have a great career.
  12. Or could this mean something for one the other 2020 recruits?
  13. I don’t disagree. I’m not saying (most) of these institutions will be going away. But they’ll be hurting. Perhaps it will finally lead to some changes to how tuition pricing and financing is done.
  14. The whole situation is fast-tracking a lot of societal changes that were moving along slowly due to humanity’s natural resistance to change. While I think a lot of the talking-head essayist are going too far in claiming “things will change for good” (while usually pushing their agenda on what that change should/will be), there are some things it is hard to see not happening: -The university system bubble is going to burst with a lot of schools who focused entirely on enticing students through buildings and sports with weak academics having no value proposition to offer student. -Mail-in voting become much more ubiquitous. -Commercial real estate seeing a huge demand drought for years as smaller firms realize the cost savings of all virtual teams. -(Hopefully) The end of the fly-across-the-country-despite-having-nothing-to-say-just-wanted-to-shake-your-hand model of b2b sales and marketing. -A re-birth of the late 80s early 90s made-for-TV sports properties where everything is based on creating a show and not a live audience. I’d expect the next attempt at a XFL-style alternative league in any sport will be played in a warehouse-turned-TV studio and not a stadium/arena.
  15. I assume you mean Thatch or Diarra. This does look to be a great pickup but I’ll be sad to see either go.
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