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  1. Thankfully it hasn’t looked necessary so far, but if this team faces some adversity and a losing streak I expect we’ll see a lot of 4 guard lineups with French. Or 3 guards with KC at the 4 and French back at the 5. I guess what I’m saying is I’ve seen nothing to indicate Bell will more than a 6-7 minute guy this season.
  2. Seems like the appropriate thread for this.
  3. I think I still have that CD, will check.
  4. Will this rule apply to former players as well? I still want an Air Jordair shirt.
  5. If you are D2 or minor conference school that is your best chance to compete. You won’t be able to recruit much size or athleticism. So find coachable guys who can kinda shoot if they get open and hopefully play fundamentally sound ball.
  6. The guys getting their first D1 action (such as it is against a non-D1 team) are playing like......guys getting their first action. Not all that shocking really.
  7. Looks like KSHE will be the radio home tonight.
  8. That will probably come later this month.
  9. If SLU just took all the money that the baseball team generated and re-invested it in the team they could buy......lunch?
  10. That reminds me, now that the MLS stadiums looks to be happening, Ross tweeted out a while back a question to St. Louisans. Would STL be interested in major league lacrosse?
  11. Just flipped on The Basketball Tournament to see Willie Reed playing for Demarcus Cousins’s Loyalty Is Love team.
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