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  1. With Ford saying during the press conference that some A10 institutions “…just don’t care about athletics and it shows.” There must not be concerns about making SLU’s larger aspirations well known in the Athletic department.
  2. A YouTube commenter nailed it, “Weight rooms. It’s always just new weight rooms.”
  3. I’ve heard rumors about what some at the university wanted to do regarding athletic facilities and could imagine things falling in to place if other midtown development rumor like TopGolf are about to happen.
  4. At the very least, they like him enough that they don’t want him going to play in Europe.
  5. Really nice pieces on DoctorB on STLToday now. https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/books-and-literature/hal-bush-slu-english-professor-and-writer-dies-at-age-64-after-traumatic-fall/article_e57aa30a-44b7-5266-ac17-89f7f9062add.html https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/books-and-literature/a-present-minded-professor-hal-bush-coaxed-best-from-slu-students/article_67dd850b-4ede-59b0-8527-cebdbda4a7a2.html
  6. For a guy who “didn’t stick”, a quick google shows that Willie Reed made an estimated $3.6 million in the NBA. Much of that is probably an over estimation that doesn’t account for the times he was waived. But it shows it doesn’t take much once you are deemed worthy of a contract at all. And that’s without considering the story about his hack, un-certified agent allegedly screwing up a multi-million $ deal at one point. While we might want more for Jordan as a player than to be a journeyman/fringe player, even that fate is still pretty lucrative financially.
  7. I don’t know about an outside competitor, but I think the G League could be a much bigger revenue generator if the league invested in it. But hyper-local revenue maximizing is the opposite of the NBA’s business model which is all about marketing a handful of stars to the entire globe.
  8. I saw Davell say he was moving back to St. Louis yesterday and it didn’t even occur to me that might be why.
  9. Jimerson is a bench guy until he develops a more well rounded game. Sucks but that is just the reality.
  10. That is a shame but I imagine the writing was on the wall that he was not going to be getting starter’s minutes in what could be his senior season. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up.
  11. It would also be revisionist history for many to suggest they would have been on-board with hiring Porter back then. Many on this board were less than impressed by the handful of games he coached when Rick was out. Most belief in Porter back then came from having an “in Majerus we trust” attitude. Rick always made a point to specify that Porter was not an assistant coach but his associate head coach.
  12. Your impression because that is what happened. Unless those who repeat it, I believe Cusamano is one, Porter himself may be another are lying.
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