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  1. That reminds me, now that the MLS stadiums looks to be happening, Ross tweeted out a while back a question to St. Louisans. Would STL be interested in major league lacrosse?
  2. Just flipped on The Basketball Tournament to see Willie Reed playing for Demarcus Cousins’s Loyalty Is Love team.
  3. I know I’m jumping out of line actually responding to the OP’s question but.... I’ve been told by someone at SLU that the idea of building a tennis facility somewhere on Compton at or south of Chouteau has been discussed. I don’t believe a final decision has been made however.
  4. Clearly you give much more to SLU than I do. Kuddos. The response my email got was, “Sorry you didn’t like the article.”
  5. Ok fine but if the team is going to drop him and the school is going to pull a scholarship offer then do it. Do it and inform the kid and his family as soon as the decision is final. No need to be coy about it.
  6. Disappointing. Yet another example of SLU getting negative media mentions unnecessarily. Even worse that they essentially un-did something they received positive press for previously. I’d love to know if the student athletes at SLU feel that May cares about them as people. I doubt it. Schools moving on from players is a common, if ugly, part of D1 sports. So I am not particularly upset that they would move on from him. But, as is typical for SLU, it sounds like their communication was terrible. That lawyers needed to get involved is all the evidence needed to see that. i have much more respect for coaches and ADs who will just be straight with a kid and give them the best chance to move on. This passive aggressive, we won’t kick you out but we’ll make you feel so unwanted you’ll leave on your own, routine is unbecoming of an institution that holds itself up as a bastion of Jesuit value.
  7. I missed it, where was it reported SLU owned the Humphries lot/building? The city records I see still indicate its some speculator.
  8. Someone competent needs to reopen the Dante’s/Firehouse space.
  9. Posted elsewhere but I feel like it belongs in this thread too. Here’s what Kyle Cassity has been up to.
  10. I don’t care if either freshman big takes a single shot. Clear out space for French to work and open lanes for Goodwin, Thatch, and Hargrove to drive. That needs to be the job on offense in year one.
  11. I love the passion, but “on pace” in the top 3 all time? No, not yet.
  12. Plus, much like STL, the MLS absolutely wants a team in North Carolina. They are likely much more neutral on Indy. Though Phoenix will still be #30.
  13. If completed it will leave the Lafayette Square neighborhood pretty much fully developed. I know developers have had trouble getting enough interest in this spot before, but it being in an Opportunity Zone now may make financing easier. The area between here and SLU med is down to almost no vacant/city owned property as well, but definitely has plenty of underutilized spots. I hope that this along with the SLU hospital adjacent development leads to some bold/dense development along Chouteau between the two.
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