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  1. I’m thinking it will be a moot point. It is easy to see that Fred’s career is at risk. The writing would appear to be on the wall for KC. What Hightower has accomplished is really commendable. If all three are back next year I will be happy and happy for them. But, as pessimistic as it may sound, I suspect that the coaching staff is recruiting as though they have up to three spots still available for next year.
  2. The idea of protecting Dayton is silly. By preventing another A10 team from getting a marquee win and earning an at-large bid, the league would actually be hurting itself financially.
  3. Toppin and Mikesell will be gone and Jordy just isn’t that good. French and Bell should feast next season.
  4. Bitching about our conference because we aren’t able to beat the #6 team in the country is utterly ridiculous.
  5. Might have something to do with the Flyers being the #6 team in the country. McCarthy and Wenzel are one of the better national crews that call A10 games.
  6. Obi and Miksell off the court the last few minutes. Yet French hasn’t gotten a single decent look and Dayton has extended their lead. Tells you all you need to know about this game.
  7. No waste, I have no doubt that scholarship is available.
  8. City no. County no. If he starts losing St Charles and Jeff co (he won’t) he’s in trouble.
  9. I’m not shocked we’re saying that SLU doesn’t have an answer for a Davidson player. Just wouldn’t have guess that player would be Jones.
  10. I believe on the coach’s show a couple weeks back Ford mentioned both Bell and Hargrove may have the best chances.
  11. No need to sugar-coat it. it was 6 straight.
  12. I couldn’t agree more. Ford’s teams have never done a good job of denying threes. This has been truesonve before he was even at SLU.
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