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  1. No player who sees pro basketball as a career choice could also put in the effort to be an honor student? That opinion is utterly ridiculous.
  2. You mean the situation we were in last year when we won 23 games
  3. For all the grief teams and programs get for re-branding, I bet they feel a lot better about it when they see the bump in merch sales that comes with it.
  4. From the little research I've read on empirical studies of home court advantage in basketball it would be a function of how well the crowd can influence the refs. I doubt anyone has really measured that. Other ways of calculating it would rely on suspect assumptions of how the results would turn out compared to reality.
  5. It is uncommon but not entirely unheard of for Yuri to get himself in foul trouble. I imagine Pickett is your default answer and yes Thames and Hughes may have the opportunity to earn some time.
  6. "Raw" or not, with a 7'3" wingspan if he stands under our bucket and swats everything in sight for 10 min per game his recruitment is already a win.
  7. St. Bonaventure has entered the portal.
  8. Depends on how the end of season meeting with the head coach went. Most coaches should give a player a pretty good indication of whether or not seeing game minutes is a possibility the next season. Even as a freshman, if you were just told you probably won't even get in the rotation until year 3, I could a fresh start elsewhere looking pretty appealing.
  9. Yes no one is seriously suggesting our generously listed 6’3” shooting guard play at center ( though he did play the 4 at times ). We are all well aware that we have a roster full of guards and Franco at the moment.
  10. Are we honestly suggesting Fred Thatch would not dominate as a 5
  11. So was TN's offer to Yuri pulled after they landed Tyreke Key?
  12. Everyone at ComPsych getting an Unknown hoodie?
  13. Ultimately I think the average fan wants to see the best players. Yes there will always be a core group who want the purity of watching student-athletes. But the majority of the fans, the eyeballs, and the $$ will follow the best players whether they are student-athletes, paid state-owned minor league (which less face it, is what we are taking about with the big boys), G-League, or any forthcoming other XFL-for-basketball leagues. I'm not offering up an opinion of what SLU can or should do under such a scenario. Just saying that in a world where the major conferences are gone, and potentially March Madness has been NIT'd by whatever they create to replace it, the distinction between what's left and D2 is pretty meager.
  14. This scenario would be bad for SLU and like programs in the long run. No matter how much more honest or lure it may feel. While there is certainly a world of haves and have-nots in the current setup, programs like SLU still have the potential for the significant revenues that come with being part of the overall D1 landscape. A world like he described, where programs like SLU are essentially in an FCS level situation would likely severely cut back the potential for TV revenue and March Madness participation. Without the NCAA making them do it, do you really think the big boys will even let the student-athlete programs take part? If you can't raise the revenues to help fund your other sports, and gain national marketing exposure through TV and sports coverage.....(I'll say it) What's the point then?
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