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  1. ARon

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    Is it just me, or does it look like Thatch is, fairly effectively, guarding two people?
  2. Ok, so then why give Isabell time over Goodwin when Goodwin has 2.5 more seasons to develop and Isabell will be gone come March. For Isabell to play the 1 over Goodwin I’d hope he can clearly outperform. Otherwise he needs to be a clearly better outside shooter than the alternative (true vs Thatch but not so sure about Jacobs or a healthy Wiley) or a better defender than the alternative (certainly not true vs Thatch). It is still fairly early, but I imagine Thatch and Jacobs will earn more minutes as we get into conference play and I doubt they’ll be taking them away from Goodwin.
  3. I definitely laughed at that notion. I’m pretty much of the same mind. Put Goodwin at the 1. Isabell can spell Goodwin but mostly play the 2. Honestly if this team can ever get a 8-10 point lead on anyone I’d go so far as to sit Isabell entirely in favor of Thatch. He just just isn’t a good enough ballhandler or decision maker for me.
  4. Just gonna leave this here. I think we’re going to need it a lot this season.
  5. ARon

    MLS 4 the Lou

    They were coming here even with a sensible lease. Georgia was from St. Louis and wanted to be here. But area politicians treated it like we had 0 leverage since Civic Progress completely screwed up efforts both to keep the Cardinals and get one of the expansions teams. Expansion teams that the league had all but earmarked for us.
  6. ARon

    MLS 4 the Lou

    Even the alderwomen who have asked some tough questions are not exactly against the deal. Just doing some sensible due diligence, If Bosley and the board of alderman had done the same during the 90s the “top-tier” clause would never had made it in the Rams lease. The Rams negotiatiors flat out said years later they asked for it as a way of shooting for the moon and having something to give up during negotiations. Bosley and the city quite literally said yes to anything and everything with no thoughts to the consequences. I’m glad they are doing their jobs and in a fairly sensible way and this deal should still pass easily. The biggest threat now is SLU’s own professor buzzkill sueing to force a public vote.
  7. ARon

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    With crowds like that he’ll be comfortable playing at Lasalle.
  8. ARon

    2018-19 A10 vs P5

    If the A10 can have 14 teams, the P5 can have 6 conferences.
  9. ARon

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Unlike most recent years where the coaching staff’s options were limited, we are entering a period where we shouldn’t expect freshmen to play many minutes. Especially if they are guards or swingmen. i don’t know why we wouldn’t expect JGood to be the #1 PG each of the next two years.
  10. ARon

    No Criminal Charges to be filed

    I’m guessing this lawsuit is their bigger concern. https://www.riverfronttimes.com/newsblog/2018/11/16/saint-louis-university-student-sues-colten-bonk-university-over-rape-assault
  11. ARon

    GDT: Don't Baste the Lions, Maul Them

    Anyone else feel like there is nothing going on here we don’t see every single season?
  12. ARon

    GDT: Don't Baste the Lions, Maul Them

    Started slow last year too.
  13. ARon

    2018-19 season

    A lot can happen in 30 min
  14. ARon

    GDT #Hawktober

    He doesn’t wear adidas does he?