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  1. They’re on pause from being a good team.
  2. Look for the A10 to try and schedule another game at Chaifetz between SLU and GW or Davidson on Feb 3. LaSalle would also be possible.
  3. Dana has been one of the premier writers on college basketball for years now. I’m sure it is upsetting to you to read someone say that about a woman. But neither her gender or who she takes photos with has any bearing on the quality of her work to anyone smart enough to read her.
  4. Have Jordan and/or Hasahn made any formal statements on not considering a year 5? The above quote makes it sounds like a done deal and I didn’t know they’d indicated anything either way.
  5. Really unfortunate. There have to be serious discussions about shutting down for the season at this point.
  6. It would be so refreshing if the Billikens could not let Weathers look like a Wooden award contender for a change.
  7. The offense works when French has touches....what a concept.
  8. Because Ford doesn’t believe others teams will ever hit enough 3s to beat us, no matter how open we leave them.
  9. At least we played well against Minnesota. There’s no excuse for this.
  10. Passing is bad all around. Guys are in their heads. As much as we want to see the 3-pointers fall, we’re going to have problems this year if we get away from French being a big part of our offensive game plan.
  11. I just want to hear Travis’s postgame. I can’t imagine giving up 80+ to this team is acceptable to him. Or more than 70 for that matter.
  12. Is that 18 blocks against SLU over two games? At least that we can be sure won’t continue going forward.
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