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  1. I don’t care if either freshman big takes a single shot. Clear out space for French to work and open lanes for Goodwin, Thatch, and Hargrove to drive. That needs to be the job on offense in year one.
  2. I love the passion, but “on pace” in the top 3 all time? No, not yet.
  3. Plus, much like STL, the MLS absolutely wants a team in North Carolina. They are likely much more neutral on Indy. Though Phoenix will still be #30.
  4. If completed it will leave the Lafayette Square neighborhood pretty much fully developed. I know developers have had trouble getting enough interest in this spot before, but it being in an Opportunity Zone now may make financing easier. The area between here and SLU med is down to almost no vacant/city owned property as well, but definitely has plenty of underutilized spots. I hope that this along with the SLU hospital adjacent development leads to some bold/dense development along Chouteau between the two.
  5. How long before some Post Dispatch letter writer is complaining that the team has too many south american players and needs more Vianney/CBC grads?
  6. Wow, yeah guess I was still waking up when I wrote that. Unless we play a LOT of overtime games.
  7. With the hype that the board always gives recruits, it is easy to forget that the freshmen will not play a ton until they learn the system and prove they’ll play defense. At best this is usually not until conference play starts. 15 per for Hankton seems like lock for me. Even competing with Hargrove, Perkins, and any new recruits - there are 120 minutes available at the 3 and 4. Barring a GT taking his spot, Jacobs is likely the team’s 3rd guard until January at the earliest.
  8. Not really a gamble at this stage. If there is not sufficient pre-leasing the project simply won’t happen.
  9. Last year Porter Moser goes to the Final Four. This year Brad Soderberg does. Love it!
  10. It does look good for May/Pestello/Chaifetz that most of the other guys the board wanted over Ford (other than Bennett who was probably never that realistic) have gone on to lose their gigs. Meanwhile Travis has us dancin’.
  11. Maybe they mean 3 foot range.
  12. I think it will work overall. But I doubt the eating and drinking establishment will be priced for a college student’s budget.
  13. Ian Vouyoukas’s Greek Baskeball League team, Panathinaikos (Ian is team captain), had advanced to the league final this Sunday after their semi-final opponents walked out and forfeited at halftime in a protest over the refereeing. Panathinaikos is coached by some nobody named Rick Pitino.
  14. The Mayor of New York is ultimately the chief executive over five counties.
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