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  1. Sure, fake cards and IDs have been going on a long time. Just ask any teenager looking to buy beer. Just because fake IDs are a thing, doesn't mean people trying to buy a beer at the concession stand won't get carded.
  2. I'd rather see WSU and Loyola ... the A10 already has Philly covered, plus you don't have to deal with whatever football plans Temple has. Add two non-football schools that are further West - that helps SLU. Plus it would be good for the conference and SLU to get in the Chicago market.
  3. IF there are four 16-team mega conferences that form out of this football reshuffling, wouldn't the Big East also have a possible incentive to also grow to 16 to increase their chances of earning NCAA Tournament bids? ... Of course, that's assuming the Tourney as we know it remains the same or at least similar to the current set-up.
  4. Perkins- 18 Nesbitt - 10 Williams - 8 Okoro - 8 Jimmer - 7 Yuri - 7 Hargrove - 6 Linnsen - 5 Thatch - 5 Jones - 4 Others - 1 79 PPG
  5. When Ford was hired, he mentioned that in recruiting there are some kids from urban areas, who do not want to go to small towns like Stillwater, Oklahoma, Manhattan, Kansas, etc. - they are more comfortable going to urban schools. He said that SLU, some other A-10 schools and Big East schools have an advantage with some (not all kids) because of their campus location - the key was to identify those kids early in the recruiting process.
  6. I thought Bess developed quite a bit during his career here. The coach can't do it all either. The player has to buy in, be willing to put in the work and make adjustments when necessary.
  7. The first player Tate said Ford is really high in is Hargrove - which is consistent with the Rothstein tweet.
  8. Corey Tate will be on with Frank and Rammer at 11.
  9. Well I've mentioned this previously, admittedly perhaps a bit wishful thinking on my part, but I still have this feeling that the football conference alliances will in turn impact basketball - there will be even fewer opportunities for quality non-conference basketball games between P5 schools against Big East and other quality non-football programs - which in turn will provide Big East the incentive to expand. At some point it seems there will need to be a bigger Big East Conference comprised of the best of the non-BCS programs to ensure that they have enough quality games on their schedule.
  10. Looks like our new recruit has played a lot of soccer and is practiced at setting up a wall to block a free kick.
  11. The roster on the website is now up to date.
  12. Yep, that's about all I could find. Not much out there. Youtube searches of him were all soccer videos.
  13. Have no idea if he is any good, but this makes sense. We had to get one more big.
  14. Both of those guys were 6-footers. Fraschilla said yesterday, if I heard correctly, there are only a handful of 6-footers in the League. In other words, you may be a great player in college at that size, but the odds are really stacked against you in trying to get to the next level. The topic came up when he was talking about McKinley Wright, a former Dayton commit btw.
  15. Goodwin is not a plus athlete, certainly not by NBA standards. He's always been a blue collar, over-achiever. When you are not an elite athlete and a below average shooter, that's a tough combination to overcome to make it in the NBA.
  16. Yep, basically Rashed Anthony. A good practice player and team first guy. Help at practice and provide depth in case of injury or extreme foul trouble in a game.
  17. Not much time left before school starts, but I gotta think Ford will still add a big. At least that's my hope. Some insurance in case of an injury to FO or ML would be helpful.
  18. Former SLU assistant Marcus Wilson is his guardian.
  19. An estimated 97% of the current hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated. It's simple math, not politics. As it relates to basketball, I certainly hope all involved with our program do the smart thing. Play the percentages. Get vaccinated.
  20. I'm sure this is wishful thinking on my part, but if there turns out to be four 16 team conferences for football (as has been speculated), would there be any incentive for the Big East to grow into a 16 team conference to make five super conferences in basketball?
  21. There are doctors and medical officials all over the media talking about how the vaccines are safe and effective. I guess they are not being put on the media outlets you are watching.
  22. The more I think about it, I think starting Thatch over Hargrove makes more sense. I like having the rebounding and defense of Thatch to start the game - hopefully prevent the other team from getting off to a fast start offensively. Guys like GJ and Williams can provide an offensive spark off the bench and Hargrove is an excellent energy guy well suited to come off the bench.
  23. I think most can agree the top four: Collins, Perkins, Okoro and Nesbitt. I think the final starting spot is between Thatch and Hargrove. I think GJ is best coming off the bench.
  24. I like what I see on his videos. He appears to have a bit of Jordan Goodwin to his game.
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