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  1. Couple things: 1) I was thinking more Love than Fletcher, but in my eyes Fletcher was never coming to SLU either and Ford moved on quickly. 2) As I mentioned above, SLU is a "local school" and very deliberately made a call not to spend recruiting resources on Love & Fletcher. I think it was quite evident early on that neither was very interested in SLU.
  2. Maybe our new assistant is from Florida?
  3. I think Ford played it right with Love & Fletcher. Offered them early, stayed in it for a minute, and then moved on. Mizzou & Illinois are banking hard on those guys, and someone is going to lose out.
  4. Agree with you and @billiken_roy
  5. Looks like he was a JUCO commit up until last week? I'm glad to see that Ford is not holding two scholarships. Go fill them and worry about it later.
  6. .... we definitely need help with shooting
  7. That's Diarra and Jimerson, but I believe all of the Freshman are moving in today.
  8. Give me Tevin Mack. I am shocked that some on this Board wouldn't welcome Mack with open arms. A sharp shooting big that would likely be a top 5 4/5 in the A10 immediately? With Big 12 and SEC experience? YES PLEASE.
  9. Sorry, I meant NCAA Tournament. I don't care about the NIT.
  10. I'll take any Billiken tournament win over a Cardinals WS any day and 3 times on Sunday.
  11. I’ll take sub 100 and tourney every year. Just sayin
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