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  1. Keith Stone is taking his Keystones to Miami
  2. Agreed. May be one of those times where Coach Ford is just making the offer to keep SLU's name out there associated with top recruits. With that said - lets get him!
  3. I think he will, it’s just going to take a minute to get worked out
  4. Yeah it sounds like the new NCAA transfer rule is pretty narrow and doesn’t actually apply to Lewis. That is dumb
  5. Sounds like Lewis will be able to play right away if I am reading that correctly.
  6. I think Mike Anderson is a good coach?
  7. Good quote and the video of Jimmy from his Michigan days really shows how much weight he has lost! It's incredible.
  8. St Johns reportedly looking at FRANK HAITH. What a disaster
  9. SLU should make the tournament 4 out of every 5 years
  10. Sorry I was missing the “i would bet he will” also i would love to see a lot of 4 guard lineups
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