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  1. Miles Simon should get serious consideration for the Zona job.
  2. Thanks for this. I really thought there was a strong possibility Goodwin/French could have a change of heart. A LOT has happened since January when he declared there was "no chance" he'd be back. The options going into next year (overseas, G-League) are less attractive given the level of uncertainty (travel restrictions, lockdowns, etc). In terms of exposure, coming back to SLU and being on a potentially highly-ranked squad with a chance to go deep in the Tourney is tough to beat. McKissic coming would be the cherry on top.
  3. Lucky for us that BOTH Oliver Purnell AND Jerry Wainwright are available so DePaul will undoubtedly pick one of those coaching titans over Ford. AND Pat Kennedy is still around. A treasure trove of coaching talent is at DerpAul's disposal!
  4. Maybe. If we had made the Tournament last night, this becomes a bit less impactful (but still a serious issue).
  5. This. 2 more games would have made a difference.
  6. Louisville in the mix too, right?
  7. Unfortunately, I don't think we will get in. But, it IS worth noting that most Bracketologists are off by 1-3 teams every year. I think Lunardi has correctly predicted an average of 66.5 out of 68 teams since the field expanded to 68. And this year is more uncertain than most. So his bracket likely has 1-2 spots of 'wiggle' room.
  8. We may need Mr. Hyde to win this game. I want to see us punch them in the damn mouth!
  9. He had a quiet 2nd half, but that baseline move saved our ass. LSU had just gone on a 9-2 run and were gearing up to get a big stop. Perkins was gassed on that possession, too. We needed it.
  10. Thanks, I did listen to the interview and heard his response to the question. I'm not upset or overly concerned, just simply pointed out an observation.
  11. How's that worked out for us in the past, especially before going into highly-anticipated seasons?
  12. Thanks for posting. In all likelihood it was nothing, but I did NOT like the answer to the 'have you decided if you're coming back to SLU for your senior season' question.
  13. Some of my fondest memories of Billiken basketball don't really involve historically significant games. During my time at SLU in the mid-to-late 2000s there weren't too many memorable moments. But I loved getting schmammered with my dudes and then going to sit courtside in an empty Savvistrade Center where we screamed vile obscenities at the opposing teams and officials. I didn't really realize at the time how truly meaningful those moments were. We only get to experience Billiken fandom as students for a brief time, and in most cases it's gone before we actually realize how special it was.
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