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  1. Great point. It really is a relief knowing that Goodwin and French are going to play in the Tournament. When I was a student, I had to watch Lisch and Liddell, arguably 2 of the top 15 greatest Billikens of all time, not even sniff a postseason Tourney. It was excruciating.
  2. Dr. John Giannini is available.
  3. This makes me sad. I know we owned him on the court, but Martelli is a super nice man. Will be sad not to see him on the sidelines. Both Martelli and Fran Dunphy retiring in the same year. That's poetic.
  4. Mike Lopresti, the author, needs to get an earful from Billiken fans. Idiot.
  5. I want to come out and punch them right in the f****** mouth. After a couple of 3s drop and Has thunderdunks on their azzes, I want a chill to creep up their spines and a sense of doubt to enter their consciousness. And then, to complete the demoralization, I want Goodwin to lean over and whisper in Robinson's ear, "Remember me....I'm gonna make you wish you were still injured." Fin.
  6. From 538 Sneaky Final Four pick: No. 4 Virginia Tech. Led by the star pairing of Kerry Blackshear Jr. and Nickeil Alexander-Walker, the Hokies are a balanced squad that ranks among Pomeroy’s Top 25 teams on both offense and defense. Although they’ve lost eight times, only two of those were by double-digits. Virginia Tech also has a not-altogether-unfriendly draw, with extremely winnable opening games against Saint Louis (87 percent) and the Mississippi State-Liberty winner (63 percent) before most likely running into Duke’s juggernaut. We give the Hokies a respectable 25 percent chance against the Blue Devils — and a 54 percent chance against whoever emerges from the bottom of the region if they do manage to knock off Duke.
  7. "He is Ed Macauley, who once again proved himself to be the best center in the country, in spite of being so thin that the 175 pounds spread along his 6-foot-8-inch frame make him look like a star patient for a Saranac sanitarium." I read it in my head like an old-timey radio announcer.
  8. I just don't get it. It takes a player a few games to get back into the swing of things. Robinson will definitely be a concern, but I think the impact of his return will be mitigated by his lack of PT over the past month.
  9. I'd take Smits in a heartbeat. Mobile big man. Excellent passer. Mid-range game. I think he'd fit in pretty well here. Plus, having the Dunking Dutchman at games would be awesome.
  10. It's literally the exact squad we beat last year.
  11. I've watched them a handful of times and have been wholly unimpressed. I think we match up better against Buffalo than most on that line.
  12. So....I know it doesn't matter too much, but I'd rather get a 13 seed. Play a 4 seed, perhaps catch them off-guard in the first game. It also gives a 12 seed the opportunity to knock off the 5. Buffalo, Nevada, or even a K-State would be ideal opponents for us as a 13 seed, in my opinion.
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