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  1. Haha! Thanks. They're ugly as balls. Embarrassingly enough, I did have a Bryant Reeves jersey growing up. I was a sucker for expansion teams and he was the only dude available. Wish I had kept my Toronto Raptors Starter jacket from middle school though.
  2. Yo, gimme some of those Vancouver Grizzlies shorts in the background. Fire.
  3. For what it's worth, Roby was retweeting Yuri's brand links up until yesterday. Maybe he was doing Yuri a solid, but it could also be true that the staff had no clue.
  4. Never said he was...and I agree with you completely.
  5. I don't necessarily think NIL's are the end of life as we know it. It does change the landscape, though. Moneyball has come to college basketball...and we are the Athletics. We need to focus on building out our talent evaluation infrastructure. In addition to high school and JuCo players, there are so many players on the transfer market nowadays that it's gotta be impossible for our staff to effectively analyze them all. It's a firehose of information and there needs to be a method to the madness. It's a numbers game. There are 75 P6 schools with roughly 975 scholarships available. There's enough talent beyond that pool of players to get us where we want to be, we just need to find them.
  6. I'm pretty much with you. I didn't buy anything, but my feeling is if someone aspires to be a professional, they need to act like one. If you're going to act like a sleazy dude selling sh!t out of the back of your trunk, then don't be surprised when you catch some flak. I simply do not understand why anyone would burn bridges in your hometown. No problem with him leaving for a better program. Sucks, but that happens. I do have a problem with the merch drop scam.
  7. I'm naturally pessimistic when it comes to sports, but I actually see some opportunity here. We are definitely behind in the NIL game, no question about it. But I think the blueprint for mid-majors, especially ones located in large metro areas, isn't all that different from what it is now: Selectively target 3-4 players with solid NIL deals, try to get local guys who starred elsewhere to transfer home for their 4th or 5th year, fill in the roster with downstream transfers that are unhappy with playing time at big schools, and hire an above-average Xs and Os coach. Talent evaluation is more critical now than it's ever been. I don't think mid majors have that internal infrastructure built-out as much as the bigger programs. That's where we need to place our bets.
  8. But you can return a shirt to the store, right?
  9. 5 of the 6 (I didnt see Thatch) were at the Basketball Awards last night. All looked content.
  10. Yuri, Jimerson, Perkins, Pickett, Okoro Dude has been a starter most of his career. Maybe he will be 6th man. I just find it hard to believe he'd commit someplace where he didn't get serious minutes.
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