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  1. If that goddamn Havoc bus is here, I'm going to slash those motherfking tires and light that ***** on fire. Or hijack it and drive it into the Mississippi.
  2. I really think Jacobs has the potential to he the star of this team once Goodwin and French graduate. He can shoot it from deep, he has a good mid-range game, and he can take it to the hoop. His wingspan is absolutely absurd too. I know you can't teach a killer instinct, but he could still be a force on this squad. His passivity reminds me of Frank Williams from Illinois...there is a very fine line between being laid-back and being smoooooov.
  3. Yeah...absolutely no mercy on these clowns next year. I'm glad Crutcher will be around to see it, too.
  4. I mean, they could at least TRY to make it appear as if they aren't playing favorites. Call 1 or 2 on Toppin.
  5. Toppin is going to get destroyed in the League. He won't be able to out-athlete those guys. He's like that pickup guy who is a star football player. Cleans up athletically, but awkward and uncoordinated.
  6. A win is a win, especially on the road. But it concerns me that we've blown two 13-point second half leads in the past 3 games.
  7. I just happen to be in LA right now, and people are literally crying in public. Absolutely gutted.
  8. Remember when Kenny 'Get Outta Mah Swamp' Frease got his head stomped in? Pepperidge Farm remembers... Yancy Gates got 6 games for his role in that altercation, so I'm assuming Vasco Da Gama will get 5-8. But it IS Kansas, so maybe 5, appealed down to 3.
  9. Kansas fans are among the worst I've ever witnessed firsthand. Worse than Xavier, even. No doubt they will, without hesitation, defend their scumbag players.
  10. Last night's game was a microcosm of this weird fuoking season. I had middling expectations at the start. We outperformed those and so I raised the bar. Some guys got hurt and I lowered it back. We surprised yet again and I regained some of that lost hope. And in the end it turns out that we have to fight our way up the mountain again.
  11. This pretty much nails it. This TEAM generally doesn't have a Free Throw issue. Goodwin and French have Free Throw issues, and they happen to be our 2 best players and the 2 guys taking most of those shots. I think when you break it down, those 2 have very different issues. French has always been bad at the line (36% as a freshman, 35% as a soph, and 34% this year). His form is bad, his rhythm is bad, and he looks uncomfortable. To me, this is more technical than mental. Goodwin, on the other hand, shot 69% as a freshman, 51% last year, and 53% this year. Sure, the freshman sample size is a bit smaller, but it's not enough to explain the drastic decline. I think the reason why he's shot poorly over the past 2 seasons is that we've been pretty successful and, consequently, are in more high-pressure games. To me this signifies that the issue is more mental than technical, especially considering Goodwin's mid-range game is excellent. That's not to say there isn't a technical component, I just don't think it's the main issue. Both of those problems require very different solutions. It will be interesting to see how both of those issues are addressed during the off season.
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