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  1. Bizziken

    GDT @ La Salle

    Man, I hope French is okay. His arm bent weird on that fall.
  2. Bizziken

    The Bills over LaS by 7

    Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this one. Since we joined the A-10 we are 2-11 in our first conference road game (granted, we were probably only favored in a handful of them). And that includes 2 losses to LaSalle. Gola Arena is a wildcard. That place is charmingly depressing and it will be hard for our guys to get used to playing in what is essentially a high school gym again. When I lived in Philly, I attended ~10 games at Gola, and each time the ambiance smacked me in the face. Also, the temperature in the gym is weird. It's either 900 degrees or slightly above freezing.
  3. Bizziken

    Umass from da'Couch ......

    1 million times yes. It's my pet peeve too. I was taught that in 6th grade (literally). I remember the drill. As 72 pointed out, we were spoiled during Majerus's time here, and it drove me crazy during the Crews era. The guards during that time- Roby, Hines, McBroom, Ash, etc- were TERRIBLE at running their man into screens. Too often, Agbeko, Gillmann, and others were left in no man's land, which resulted in a ton of stupid fouls. Watching McCall, Jett, Kwam and Loe (and Ellis) execute it was a thing of beauty. When sealed properly, Loe was left open for a 3 almost every single time. I miss that.
  4. Count me in the minority, but I didn't think Holloway was that bad. He's 310+ pounds and likely closer to 350. Oafish tendencies come with that body. On the flagrant, he clearly stumbled and pushed French in the process. In my opinion, Clergeot and Pierre were much dirtier. They were brutal around screens all damn night...grabbing and shoving. Those guys should have fouled out in the first half. They absolutely manhandled Bess and Thatch as they were shadowing Pipkins. We caught a break that one of their best players was out. We have to pick up the shooting...we had some really great looks. I'd like to see more of Wiley. The way the game was going, it felt like we were up a lot more than we were. It seemed like we were outplaying them for the overwhelming majority of the game.
  5. Credit FSU. Big, fast, physical. They will likely be the best team we play all year.
  6. Bizziken

    The Press

    This is exactly right. We simply cannot do the press full time, but as a 'switch it up' measure, it can sure change the tempo and help a stagnant offense. Ford has tried to inject some energy at various points throughout the season by using the 1-3-1 trapping defense with French out front. Coming out of a timeout, switching to a press or a 1-3-1 can be really useful in getting some easy points.
  7. Bizziken

    OT: Midtown Development

    Scottish Arms count?
  8. Bizziken

    GDT vs Buttler

    Butler makes 2 Final Four runs and now they think they're blue bloods. Give me a break. If they dont watch it, their fanbase will become Xavier-lite.
  9. Bizziken

    GDT vs Buttler

    Chaifetz was great. The gold standard is still the Dayton Mardi Gras game. I really like Thatch's game. Reminds me of a McCall/Jett hybrid.
  10. I would recommend Scottish Arms or Amsterdam Tavern. In 2010 during the Germany/England match I was the only guy at Scottish Arms with a Germany jersey on...it was a blast.
  11. Bizziken

    Coaching Carousel

    I don't think they are actively exploring dropping out of Division 1. I was on a pretty senior Committee there, and they had/have 3 projects in the works: 1) New campus church, 2) revamp the basketball 'arena', and 3) build a new B-school. They chose the 3rd option to start. My take is that their next project will be revamping Gola...which is a chore. Don't get me wrong, they will have a tough time recruiting a quality coach with the area and facilities being what they are, but I think talk of the school dropping down a division is a bit premature. The President walked-back that comment considerably.
  12. Sure, Davidson is good. But let's not overinflate them. They've lost 11 games this year, and we should never be down by almost 30 in one half of basketball.
  13. What a crappy way to end the year.
  14. Aldridge is annoying
  15. Foreman is going to have to have a big game today. He only played 17 minutes last night, so he should be relatively fresh. I hope we will see more of Anthony tonight. This team is full of warriors. Bess and Johnson both played 40 minutes last night, and French was on the court for 38. That is crazy. A healthy Welmer would have elevated this team quite a bit.