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  1. That Perkins quote got me excited, too.
  2. That is certainly a solid point. And you're not wrong at all- we need a lot of contributors to be successful. But what, other than wishful thinking, have you seen from either Jacobs or Hankton that implies they are/could be playmakers (create their own scoring opportunities) or be that crucial 3rd option? I just dont see that in their skillsets. Not to say they won't contribute, it's just, to me, it's not very likely that either develop into our 3rd go-to option on offense.
  3. I would liquidate my 401K, sell a kidney, and/or pledge my first born to acquire an authentic black Billikens jersey.
  4. I think that our success this year relies heavily on Javonte Perkins. To me, he is the player most likely to emerge as the viable 3rd option behind Goodwin and French. JuCo players have a diverse set of outcomes, especially those who play Javonte's position (G/F), but there does seem to be a loosely positive trendline for those who go to non-Power 6 conferences. I think we are forgetting how truly atrocious we were on offense last year. We lost 3 of our top 5 contributors and more than 60% of our scoring. Furthermore, our already anemic offense lost its best 2 playmakers and 2 of our top 3 ball-handlers. I hate to be Debbie Downer here, but I will be ecstatic if we win 15 games and downright over the moon if we can win 18-20.
  5. The WurLok WurLok Holmes and Dr. Werewolf (Wur and French combo) BLok Machine I see a lot of potential with this guy.
  6. Yeah...scoring...pfff...who needs that?! Are you serious with this? We struggled to score all damn year, we lose our 2 top scorers (and probably our 2 best playmakers) and dis dude talkin bout it not being 'that big of a metric.' Okay, Frederick. But I guess Columbus wasn't looking for America either, and that turned out to be pretty okay for everyone.
  7. I'm surprised it wasn't number 46 and/or 2.
  8. I am currently in Rome with the wife and I can confirm that Ford was at the Trevi Fountain last night having grappa and gelato with an Italian big. Ford had mango gelato and the recruit had pistachio. People kept calling him 'La Grande Lasagna.' Only part of this is true.
  9. I wouldn't be happy at all if Ford had Martelli-esque results here. St Joes is a little over half the size of SLU. They've made some nice upgrades to their campus recently, and are located in a really good area right off the Main Line in Philly. But their facilities aren't comparable to ours...and it's really not close. No Med School. No Law School. Hagan Arena isn't great. For the most part, our expectations shouldn't be aligned with Regional schools. Martelli was great for St. Joes. Going to the Tourney once every 3.5 years is outstanding for them. I think our goal needs to be the NCAA Tournament 3 out of 5 years, or at least 5 times every decade. If Xavier did it (a rare exception for regional private schools), so can we. Up until they took off in 2000, X was hovering at about 5 out of 10 years in the Tourney. That is a realistic expectation to have for a school like SLU in my opinion.
  10. Are you guys serious? Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't see a scenario where Lewis gets under 25 minutes per game. We were absolutely atrocious on the offensive end last year. And that was WITH Isabell and Bess. Lewis is a proven offensive weapon at this level and has ~75 games under his belt. Freshmen are still freshmen. And Thatch has a long way to go to be an offensive threat.
  11. Lewis averaged 14 a game in the A-10 as a Freshman. There's no conversion from a lower conference or a Power 5 role player. He has A-10 experience. That's huge in my opinion. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. The team dynamic and offensive scheme will be different, but we know he can contribute (and thrive) at this level.
  12. Europe is the size of the Eastwood Mall....we can WALK to Berlin from there.
  13. These unforced of barely unforced turnovers are f***** infuriating
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