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  1. Lol... that’s why I asked who are these guys?
  2. Correction 23-6... Perkins has 15-4/5 from 3
  3. Finally got one I like let me know if you’re interested I can give you the contact info to get one
  4. He is just so awesome. I don’t know that it’s ever been harder to pick a favorite! There’s so many class acts on our team that are just BA!
  5. Did jimmerson and thatch both get a red shirt? ( I’ve been really busy and not able to read through the board as much. I’m sure this has been addressed some where, right?) how are they both doing?
  6. Thank you. Feeling very blessed. hopefully some day!
  7. All is great. And though they make the hospital stay MuCH shorter currently ( 48 hours). When forced to stay in a room for 48 hours, it is all the more painful not to have sports to entertain. I usually watch the news, but since the only topic anymore is corona, we just left the tv off. I have a feeling we’ll see basketball yet from the Billikens in 2020. let’s go bills.
  8. Wow! What a week! my sweet Lillian Kathleen arrived on Wednesday and now okoro? sometimes, life is just GREAT!
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