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  1. So flipping frustrating for the refs to play such a heavy piece in this game.
  2. About 20 years ago I got a call from my soon to be high school golf coach asking if I’d be interested in joining the charter team for Ursuline academy. I laughed and said I wanted to play something more active. all of the more intelligent girls who joined the team received great scholarships for golf. by the time I attempted golf again- everyone was way too far ahead of me. Never attempted again for risk of hurting my pride. it actually is a huge regret or mine- dangit.
  3. Which coach had recruited him again?
  4. Congrats rgbilliken! Hopefully he sleeps easy for you
  5. I wore all blue today, so I’m pretty sure I’ve done my part.
  6. I still think we’re winning this. for what it is worth, I feel that they are putting up quite an impressive effort for their first game back.
  7. I feel like a kid on Christmas.. this has to be the slowest 30 minutes in recent memory since I got home
  8. Cbfan, I’m sorry for your family’s loss. That’s tough. I’ll keep you all in my prayers. And for anyone else as well. I think everyone has to navigate and not judge others on their decision. I work In The health field and have seen some awful impacts on families that give weight to opposing viewpoints on it. you’ve gotta live sometimes and youve got to be careful in a way that works for you. Much of my family don’t have the option to hunker down. But because im in the hospital, im not judged by the fact that I see hundreds of people daily- albeit, very well covered by protocol.
  9. Lol. I’m a nurse, it’s like the equivalent of a membership to a jelly of the month club but how bout when the corona virus is gone- I’ll get you a bud at a game?
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