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  1. Lol, it’s the only thing that will Heal how today played out.
  2. So when do French and Goodwin commit for the additional year and we come back next year to take our rightful place?
  3. I’m a diabetes educator. A big piece of my job is introducing insulin and helping people get over the fear of needles they acquired from movies when they were young. They aren’t like the movies. majority of people are like “oh! ... was that it?! Didn’t even feel it!”
  4. I received moderna right when it came out. Didn’t feel the needle, didn’t have arm soreness, didn’t have any follow up trouble. Crazy how different individual responses are- but what I think is really cool- they’ve made needles so insanely sharp now- that aside from big needle that are for I’ve and such- you really can’t feel them!
  5. Oh it’s happening. Gibby finds his shot with confidence today.
  6. ESPN has SLU by 2 with 53.2% confidence. maybe I’m an optimist but I’m saying we’ll do better than that. gibby finds his (confidence) shot- sets new career high.
  7. So, follow up question- in the profile, it says “days won” what does that mean?
  8. Absolutely. Without a doubt he’s become my favorite billiken. After all the early mudslinging, he’s always been right there, proudly repping team blue.
  9. So flipping frustrating for the refs to play such a heavy piece in this game.
  10. About 20 years ago I got a call from my soon to be high school golf coach asking if I’d be interested in joining the charter team for Ursuline academy. I laughed and said I wanted to play something more active. all of the more intelligent girls who joined the team received great scholarships for golf. by the time I attempted golf again- everyone was way too far ahead of me. Never attempted again for risk of hurting my pride. it actually is a huge regret or mine- dangit.
  11. Which coach had recruited him again?
  12. Congrats rgbilliken! Hopefully he sleeps easy for you
  13. I wore all blue today, so I’m pretty sure I’ve done my part.
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