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  1. Old guy, I get it. I work at the hospital. They just aren’t available. The car conpanies have all said they’d start working on production of respiratory materials
  2. I just need a dang pack of n95 masks. Come on ford, Tesla, and GM....
  3. I don’t mean to spread any mis information or anything else. This was a picture of an email I received from other medical personnel. it makes sense to me. Take it or leave it if you’d like. wash your hands and 6 feet are what I am trying my best to utilize while seeing patients. Good luck all. Make wise decisions.
  4. I can say the most frustrating thing for my family as of yet is the run on pharmacies and household items. I went to get my son baby Tylenol because of teething and the whole pharmacy looked ransacked. Completely empty shelves. I stocked up on TP before hysteria swept in - $10/roll if anyone needs it.
  5. 7 coming from Illinois tonight. Let’s do this!
  6. They said they had to defibrillate him. Very scary stuff.
  7. Lol. I hardly remember the massage.
  8. I went for an hour long massage with my husband... and when we got over to my parents, it was, of course, the primary topic of conversation.
  9. I’m a very optimistic person. I kept being positive we’d win last night all week... but deep down didn’t everyone really feel it was more likely we’d lose that game? that game was amazing. We did a lot of things fantastically well. We had a handful of things that we did poorly. Every game there is give and take and there is always something that could be improved. it was a great game. for those complaining, get real. Your expectations are too high. It is not ever going to happen that every category will be flawless. ... maybe if we were a top 20 team- but then how much did Dayton struggle with us all night? no player is best at all categories... accept the flaws and support the boys in their strengths so they can have the confidence to always be improving. love my Billikens. Hell of a fight last night.
  10. Omg I hate this Bracketology crap when I want to watch my game. Get outta here!
  11. I think my daughter is already a dedicated bills fan for life .
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