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3 minutes ago, cgeldmacher said:

If the NET ranking gives credit to blow out wins, I think you will see teams leaving starters in much longer in games.  Don't expect as many situations where the end of the bench plays the last five minutes.

Pretty sure we’ve already been seeing this. How many minutes have the freshmen played this year?  There were certainly games they could’ve come in earlier than with 90 seconds left. 

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1 minute ago, SluSignGuy said:

I missed the first five minutes... Anything from Perkins? 

A couple of misses, the team 3 point percentage is 14.

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1 minute ago, SLU_Nick said:

Hargrove is always good against inferior competition.  Parker too. 

I want Perkins in more to get his confidence.  Siue is bad. 

Parker has been good around the rim and driving against weaker teams.. he hasn’t shown consistent mid and def not deep so this is already an improvement for Parker. 

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