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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Justin never sported hair on his cheeks and jaws at SLU. I only recognized him from his tattoo.
  2. We already have the 1948 NIT Championship and also the 1958 NBA Championship. Just need Lord Stanley's Cup. LGB!!!
  3. He probably saw how Dean Smith's top assistant, Roy Williams, got a head coaching job at a big school and started challenging Smith for Final Fours. Coach K probably said to himself, "I'll make sure that doesn't happen to me".
  4. Coach K is from the Bob Knight coaching tree, which also includes Jim Crews, Steve Alford, Pat Knight, Dan Dakich, Mike Davis, Isaiah Thomas, etc. Really the only proteges whom have done squat are Coach K and now Chris Beard. Who are Coach Ks best students? Quinn Snyder, Tommy Amaker? I think Johnny Dawkins did a great job at C Florida this year but Coach K hasn't exactly churned out great coaches either.
  5. I knew it was either Monaco or Andorra and I managed to talk myself out of Monaco. But really when Double Jeopardy ended and we went to Final, everything was a blur. I looked at my score and looked at the champ's score and it hit me that I couldn't be caught. It was like going to the line for a couple of free throws with 10 seconds left and you are up by 9. It is kind of hard to concentrate on the free throws when you know it is over.
  6. No wire-to-wire. My first show I beat the a reigning 6-time champion in dominating fashion. Came back the next week and had a terrible board. I had to come from behind in Final Jeopardy to win. The last game was tight with the final scores $26k to $25k to $24k. I would have easily won the next two shows as all of the challengers were incredibly weak and didn't answer Final Jeopardy correctly. It's funny how some athletes say the losses stay with them more than the wins. That is my experience as well.
  7. I was on several years ago. Two-day champion.
  8. His dominance is impressive. He is per game average is double what I won in my two wins. He is going to have to beat Brad Rutter in some All Star format before he could ever be considered the best. Brad has never lost to a human.
  9. Creighton or Marquette would be my ideal Big East opponent, and I would consider travelling to those games if they were on the road.
  10. Hey, he got Derrick Rose into Memphis. What's that? He got Memphis on probation while he left penalty free to take the Kentucky job? Hmmmmm, sounds very slick and elusive--like a snake.
  11. Cheaney was as good as they came in college. The Big Ten had some great players from that era. Steve Smith, Jim Jackson, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Glenn Robinson, Michael Finley. Cheaney was as good as all of them.
  12. +1 for representing 5-C. Made a lot of good friends living on Clemens 5th floor.
  13. Cedar Rapids. How about you?
  14. Graduated high school at 17. Never got to travel much growing up, so I was dead set on attending college outside of Iowa. I applied and was accepted to SLU and Creighton. Omaha or St. Louis? Well, St. Louis had National League baseball and Budweiser beer. My college visit sealed it for me when I visited St. Louis for the first time. Being a place where the Midwest meets the South, it was unlike any place I had ever been. When I arrived, I heard about Spoonball and all the hype surrounding Larry Hughes. I decided to buy season tickets and my first game at the Kiel Center sealed it for me. You can buy beer and liquor at the basketball game??!! Free shuttles to the Kiel made things very convenient as a student. With no football program, Saturday mornings (or evenings if the Blues were on the road) were highly anticipated. I went to rugby and soccer matches, as well as swim meets while at SLU. However, basketball was and is my first love with Billiken athletics. From 17 - 21 years of age, SLU and the city of StL allowed me to see Roger Maris's HR record broken, Kurt Warner and the Rams championship, the Blues President's Cup win, a NCAA soccer Final Four, two NCAA tourney appearances and a victory over UMASS, Brett Hull's last season on the Note, Albert Pujols rookie season on the Redbirds. And that is just sports. The nightlife was just as much fun. The Madrid campus was an invaluable and unique opportunity as well. SLU cost me a bundle but I can't really put a price on all the great experiences I had.
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