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  1. Tre Mitchell is leaving UMASS.
  2. Players of Note - NIT Field Marreon Jackson - Toledo Josh Mbala - Buffalo Kendrick Davis - SMU Landers Nolley II - Memphis Boogie Ellis - Memphis David Roddy - Colorado State Derrick Alston - Boise State Charles Bassey - WKU Kenneth Lofton - LA Tech Logan Johnson - Saint Mary Manny Bates - NC State Devontae Shuler - Ole Miss DJ Stewart Jr - Miss State Abdul Ado - Miss State Kellan Grady - Davidson Jalen Crutcher - Dayton Jacob Gilyard - Richmond Blake Francis - Richmond Jordan Goodwin - SLU Javonte Perkins - SLU
  3. I think teams like SLU and Dayton see what Butler did in 2010 and 2011 and think "that could be us". And it could, if everything goes right. Houston has a chance because they have coach Sampson. Memphis has the right market, enrollment, etc, but until Penny gets to a Final Four, I don't consider them anywhere close. Besides Gonzaga with what Mark Few has built there are too many obstacles for non-power 6 teams. Few has built the program brand up to the point where ESPN pays them to play in the high profile 1st half tournaments where Gonzaga gets the opportunity to prove themselves against the best teams. Win some games and the weak conference season in WCC becomes immaterial for the Big Dance. They earn it early.
  4. Young is relative. No postseason last year, half a season + conference tourney this year. Only Thatch and Bell have really experienced a full season with significant minutes other French and Goodwin. It could be worthwhile for this team.
  5. That CBI tournament in 2011 had a profound impact on both the VCU and SLU teams. These games can make a big difference for next years teams.
  6. As long as the AAC and MWC get no more spots, and Duke or both UCLA and Arizona get in, we should be in.
  7. Got an 11 and 12 spot left. Or is it 2?
  8. As long as I don't see Memphis, Wichita State doesn't hurt.
  9. A lot of runner-up finishes going back to 1989, when Steve Fisher's Wolverines became the 1st team to win after Bob Knight's last title (1987). Illinois was the runner up in 1989.
  10. I'm hoping for a game at Hinkle Fieldhouse or the Hickory gymnasium. How epic would that be?
  11. Big Ten and SEC really put on some entertaining basketball in its tournaments along with the Big 12. I think they are the clear top 3 conferences this season.
  12. The problem with the journalists is that they have fallen into the sam flawed model used in college football. They decided to make a projected bracket before conference tournaments started and then dropping or raising team's positions after each time they play. What they should be doing is completely reassessing the body of work each day. It's why CSU gets great credit for beating UNI and SLU gets no credit for beating LSU. Journalists weren't talking about LSU 2 weeks ago. Go look at that win now. In football a team ranked at the beginning of the year moves up if they don't lose, despite who they play.
  13. Who cares what Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm and other journalists think? They don't run this tournament. Business executives do. They want the best product. The CSU Rams, Drake and Wichita State are not it. SLU's resume is considerably better than those teams. You think CBS's producers aren't relishing the chance to feature Jordan Goodwin and Travis Ford's 92 Final Four? I think we will be first 4 in. We all saw each conference's product in the conference tournaments. The A10 was far above the MWC, MVC, AAC, and all the other non-power 6. There are so many great players. They have to give 2 at-large to the A-10.
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