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  1. He didn’t really address that (sounds like good news he’ll get a waiver) but I assume he’d sit out all year next year and play in 2020-2021
  2. My take from it was that by traditional rules he would have to sit out 2019-20 but he has a strong feeling and would be happiest if he essentially acted like a grad transfer and was able to play immediately and have one year left
  3. Just listened to Lewis with Frank. Started off asking how it feels that he wasn't initially recruited by Crews. Lewis said he always played with a chip on his shoulder but reiterated that "it's all love now". In regard to his eligibility, he said he played over the minimum amount of games to redshirt last year, and even though he didn't play this semester the whole year kind of counts as a wash. He said they're fighting to get a waiver for him, should get more news on it this week, and would be happy having one year left and playing this upcoming season. Last they kinda talked about Tatum and Lewis said he talks to him almost everyday and is hoping to go see him in the playoffs this year.
  4. And who is the prince that was promised?
  5. I recall that Purdue’s Vincent Edwards was on the winning Big10 team last year and he still got drafted. So I don’t think the possibility of these guys getting drafted is out of anyone’s minds. Hopefully a last push for Bess and Isabell in the eyes of scouts
  6. Davidson's backup center is transferring
  7. Anyone know if Petty (or any other transfer who is leaving after a coaches firing) has a better shot than in recent years to get a waiver and play right away?
  8. Hargrove finished 2nd in Illinois Mr. Basketball voting behind the obvious winner in Liddell. Saying Hargrove isn’t a top 3 recruit in Illinois (as many sites have him way lower) is just disrespectful
  9. Thanks to all who supported. If you haven't heard the news, someone donated so 14 devoted SLUnatics (myself included) get to go to San Jose, so you can be assured it'll be loud. Sorry for keeping you in the dark @billikenfan05 lol
  10. I believe the athletic department is making strides to include the best people. I think initially the higher-ups in the SLU admin didn't even talk to the athletic dept so I'm hoping to hear an update tomorrow. @RiseOfTheBillikens
  11. Posted in the Chaifetz appreciation thread but thought it might get more traction here. Like I said there, details in the petition link and anything is appreciated! https://www.change.org/p/saint-louis-university-send-the-slunatics-to-the-ncaa-tournament
  12. https://www.change.org/p/saint-louis-university-send-the-slunatics-to-the-ncaa-tournament Any signature would be appreciated!
  13. News just broke, lottery of 25 random students. Can’t wait for some randos who don’t know cheers or the starting 5 to be there...
  14. Anyone got a lot of airline miles that I can cop?
  15. Definitely St. Bonaventure, their brigade of drunk students has only grown from yesterday
  16. He was loving telling people about the throat slash before the game today
  17. Gudmundsson on triple double watch with 6,7,6
  18. Thought so. I also want 2 teams in the dance so whoever has the freshest legs I want to beat VCU
  19. My thoughts the first 10 minutes exactly
  20. UMass shooting free throws a lot like us
  21. Sounds like a good project player. Didn’t Hankton gain like 10 pounds in a month with summer workouts? I bet our strength coach could do wonders for him
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