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  1. Ya it's idiotic to think they aren't teaching these kids imo
  2. Not sure where we were talking about court designs. But wish we would get the arch on ours. Seems like a lot of schools are redesigning theirs this year. I know Memphis also got some pretty crazy stuff this year. Also don't really like this UMASS idea. But I saw it and thought it was interesting
  3. Look up some of these names.... he outplayed a bunch of top 100 guys. Small sample size but he looks to be big time. Did he hit a growth spurt by chance? Trying to understand the late bloomer status.
  4. Goodwin, thatch, Weaver, Jacobs, Yuri, hargrove all follow him on Instagram.
  5. You could hear rammer on the stream it was just competing with the music. I enjoyed the stream. Over replaying was a valid complaint. Music just not for you.
  6. Allll righty then. I'd never seen them. Sorry for the false alarm.
  7. True... But has this been a thing or are these new? I mean it's better than nothing....
  8. Edit: Nothing to see here. Move along Guys..... https://slubillikensgear.merchorders.com/saint_louis_bilikens__jerseys__mens There is replica jerseys.... The black one... All the new ones.... Oh my God.
  9. Yep. Looks like a practice jersey. Hargrove has a pic of him and jimmerson on his Instagram story. The black and white jerseys. Still a big fan of the black one.
  10. Not a fan. Like the new road blues though.
  11. Me likeyyy. I wanna see some powder blue. Come on please
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