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  1. I'm fine with it. It will look good in locals eyes that Schertz cares about Tate and St. louisans.
  2. Ya. We got Schertz. The rest of the guys I hope we get but I trust Schertz to get the right guys. Might not be as strong of a first year if we don't land Robbie and them but imo Schertz was the one who made those guys who they are.
  3. Schertz and Tillet honored at the STL city game. Dirty is already a legend.
  4. I'm still holding out hope we just "SMU" our way into the big east eventually.
  5. Huh. If you look at bleacher report or ESPN or any of those bigger college basketball posts they are full of people saying UConn and other powerhouses. Obviously that's probably not going to happen. Still think he comes here but interesting nonetheless.
  6. It's crazy seeing all the big sports media outlets post about Robbie transfering and asking where is he gonna transfer to. Comments are full of people saying he's going p5 and fans wanting him to come to their school. I'm over here telling everyone he's coming to SLU. I thought since he had that no contact note it was pretty much done. But maybe he just didn't want to be bombarded by everyone. Pretty wild stuff. We instantly get a solid national following if he comes here.
  7. Damn if Avila doesn't come here I am gonna look like a clown telling everyone around me that he was going to be playing for SLU next year.
  8. We've seen the others. We haven't seen Nitu. I'm with him on this. He is really intriguing.
  9. Dirty Schertz szn is upon us. Cook baby.
  10. Lol really? But yeah it's hilarious that the young season ticket holder asked the best question out of all of them. Maybe simpleton questions were given on purpose.
  11. The people (us) changed the world. I just wanna say it was a rough few months but we have hope again. And hope springs eternal. Or whatever that saying is.
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