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  1. This feels like too much blue Kool aid from Mr. Rothstein.
  2. I'm with skip here. Seems like some past relationships with Mrs Stone have soured some on this board initially to Mrs Tillett. She wants to start with her people to build something. Let's see what happens.
  3. And he ended up on the wrong end of an Anthony Edwards poster. Guess this was last year. Oops
  4. Relax old guy. I just think it's a cool idea. And an actual NIL the way it's supposed to be used... I guess. I understand it's not that simple.
  5. Nah. Just as a crazed SLU mbm.
  6. "Yep! They have some nice fans who live in a dream of the day SLU will be a top program. I'm not of the same thinking....." We all have some Mizzou friends who talk like that. Is he a troll. Probably not but he deserves a little time out to reconsider his allegiance. In my book if anybody talks like that they aren't a real SLU fan(atic).
  7. So... Do I have to rebuy this merch... Unbelievable.
  8. 2023. The one playing now is like the usfl or something.
  9. Andy katz has him in tier 4 with the vcu guy they picked up. Probably is a nicer pickup than we have made it seem.
  10. Disagree but you can feel how you want. It's definitely just a hype video for himself but there's .a subliminal message in there
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