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  1. Makes sense. I don't know if you could get this old school Midwestern region on board with the team 'name' being a year. But I like it and think it could be a cool club shield.
  2. I'm sure Schalke doesn't go by the 04's. Supporters prolly came up with a team name. Or they just go by Schalke. 76ers and 49ers is what you would call those teams. Would you call us the 64ers? Probably not
  3. What's an example of another club with year of origination in their club name. Suggested the idea to some friends and they thought it was dumb and never heard of it. I know there's some European clubs with similar concept correct? I'm trying to find some and can't.
  4. Exactly. Not just someone who's told to do it. Carter seems to have a real interest in SLU. Can't wait to see everything that he puts out. Hopefully we get some more personal pieces and stuff like Jimmy's.
  5. More good news And this how I see all you guys trash talking twellman
  6. That's what I thought. Looks like he's got easy bounce and an ideal frame. Also great to see him fitting right in to the team. Can't wait for the season to start. In the Instagram video Bess comes in after hasahn but you can't see that from the Twitter clip. Looks like they are all having fun. Team blue is starting to carryover and mean something. I'm running out of off season towels.
  7. I thought that at first too. But somebody says Has and I don't think Jimmy got it like that... Yet. Not sure if that was Perkins. But didn't know who else that could of been. Seriously though who was second? They made that windmill off that alleyoop look way too easy.
  8. Goodwin, Perkins, Jacobs, thatch, hargrove, hasahn?
  9. Loved it when it came out and they redid the mascot. Love it still.
  10. If you go to their story you can watch it but it's a no look, on the move, one hand pass from the top of the arc to the block. I think to Jimmy Bell who #jamtimes it. I've had yurimania since I watched him play in the state playoffs. A true pg is just fun to watch imo.
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