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  1. Hargrove lost on the bench again. Whyyyyy
  2. Been thinking this was the way we were gonna play for a year or two now. Ford even talks about wanting to play faster but it never comes to fruition. Would love to see a full court press thrown at opponents occasionally.
  3. I don't know. But I do know the guys are going to go out there and play their hearts out and do everything in their power to get us the W and for that reason I will stand behind all of them win, lose, or draw. Us mbms sit here and critique them when they turn the ball over or have a down game with only a sliver of an idea of what it's like to play at that level. Thinking 'oh why didn't coach just do this' or 'why didn't xyz just kick it out to the open shooter' when you know Ford and these kids want nothing more than to win. I'll be the first to admit that Ive said dumb things in the spur of
  4. Some of you never played competitive sports and it shows. Unfortunately there are things called bad games and even great players go through slumps. Things aren't always sunshine, rainbows, and undefeated seasons. But keep trolling I'm sure you don't have anything better to do.
  5. Weren't we also one of the few teams to have most of our players get covid and have 3 weeks of quarantine with no basketball activity?
  6. We don't have a month layoff in the middle of the season
  7. Nah 3 refs lol Also want to get ur opinion on the flops lol not super 'havocy' lol
  8. For such a crappy half court offense we sure like to slow it down to get into it
  9. Per usual. Someone not missing from three on the other team. All the hate for hasahn asking for linssen. He's looked terrible. Hasahn is needed
  10. The fact we are the ones getting called for hand checks against the havoc of vcu is down right hilarious
  11. It happens every year.... It's absolutely maddening. It makes no sense.
  12. I'll be excited when we move to a more skill based team. Not sure if that will ever happen but
  13. Man was 2 feet in the restricted area? That's not a charge right ..
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