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  1. Unbelievable he has a job in this sport....
  2. Hargrove should play the rest of the game
  3. This their Superbowl. Mckissic is going to want this game.
  4. I was gonna say before the game. But this could be bad
  5. Fred most certainly slowed him down. Carr just knew how to flop and draw fouls.
  6. Linsen got wacked no call. We are good they are pretty good. Not sure how illinois blew them out tbh. Carr is a player.
  7. Yep I like em a lot. Haven't seen the new blacks yet have we?
  8. Bru he just joking. Everybody knows the wiz is the man. Relax
  9. ..... Slu basketball with the shadeeeee. I love it
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