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  1. Yep. Rise of the Billikens was the best.
  2. There's no way that is true. I will not let myself drink that much Kool aid
  3. Pepi going to be the number 9 for a while it looks like. What a goal.
  4. They play basketball. Video pickup games at parks, make highlight videos. There's a big YouTube basketball market right now.
  5. Yep forsure. Give me all the woofin.
  6. Ya forgot about Turner. He was great all tournament. Think it is fair to say they dont win without him playing the way he did. Berhalter has some interesting decisions coming up regarding whose going to be the #1 keeper.
  7. What a game. Zardes wasn't great and we still have no solution for a striker unfortunately. Hoppe was great. Made some dumb mistakes but overall he was one of the standouts of the tournament. As well as Robinson and Acosta. I like Busio off the bench Think US soccer is coming alive.
  8. Thought he was a wr for the Steelers several years ago? He got eligibility?
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