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  1. Terrible... Didn't know the man but as an aging upper 20's fan this is incredibly sad and like others have said makes you think. Thoughts and prayers are with the family. Speechless
  2. .... Then stay out of the thread.... Nobody cares that you don't like soccer. Some of us are interested in following the team. What a stupid run of post.
  3. 'Recently, Fletcher talked with 247 Sports and listed the schools that have already contacted him. “I heard from Florida State, USC, UCLA, Washington, St. Mary’s, San Diego State, Oklahoma State, Marquette, Georgetown, Memphis, Tennessee and Loyola Chicago,” said Fletcher. Many are still linking his name with the Saint Louis Billikens. We will see if that idea gains any steam.' https://www.aseaofblue.com/2021/3/16/22332903/camron-fletcher-kentucky-basketball-uk-wildcats-news Older article but found it wierd they included the bills when they weren't in the quote. Think it wo
  4. Exactly. I'm interested to see who gets the last scholarship. I realize it may of been Russells decision as well.
  5. Got Baylor at +175 earlier. Too much pressure on Gonzaga and like mentioned above Baylor was really good to begin the year and people kind of forgot about em. We will see though. Just hope it's a good game really...
  6. True true. That's fair kinda forgot bout his cause I wasn't as hyped lol. Ya Just me ranting and I know it's not school personel but you think they could/ would try to provide something better than that. Not trying to offend just a thought.
  7. Not to nit pick cause I don't know anything about edits (and not to offend the person who made this if they are on here) but why can't we have cool edits like all the big schools. Who is our edit guy/ we need to get an edit guy. This looks like some real 'mid major' sh!!t. Bothers me so much. You know Dayton would give the player some better content to share for their tweet when they commit.
  8. Agree. Phillip being another STL kid I hope we keep him happy and wanting to stay here. I get the feeling he is content to be a role player on the home town team with kids he grew up playing with. But got no clue and that's just an opinion.
  9. "I know the guys who are already there. And they are pretty talented like me. So I feel like once I get there we're going to gel together because I already know them," Nesbitt said. "And I think we can come in and work hard every day and win a national championship. And that's what I want to do in my hometown." Towel shortage. Going to need more towels.
  10. Was so disappointed when we didn't get him but it's all good now. Travis Ford is such a baller.
  11. Seeing your ", per sources" gave me a good laugh lol
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