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  1. Great post. Yuri will always be a favorite of mine. Just had a conversation with a casual SLU hoops fan yesterday and he was upset with the news that he was staying in the draft pool and not returning. I informed him about how there was a chance that he would transfer, etc. I had told him that a decent chunk of the inner circle of rabid bills fans weren't fond of his play and aren't upset that he wasn't coming back and he was shocked. He said he was probably his favorite bill to watch since the Jett teams. He then proceeded to tell me that SLU basketball is probably falling off his sports fandom radar. I think Yuri did more for our program for the casual watcher (especially local) than people realize. As many have mentioned previously and as sad as it is to admit, SLU hoops is pretty irrelevant again to the common fan and seems to be trending in the wrong direction. Having someone on the national level kept us kind of in the news. Anyway, thank you Yuri for a fun 4 years and the memories you provided. Wish ya the best going forward.
  2. Calling Yuri me-first is down right hysterical. I'm ready for him to move on but not because I don't want him. I'm just tired of having to get on here and read a bunch of arm chair qbs critique a local billiken great. There's also a part of me that hopes he goes somewhere and tears it up just to prove a point but the other part of me hates that idea cause it'll just prove how disfunctional our team is.
  3. Ya that was my first thought. At first I didn't think it was likely but that would be awesome. One can only hope.
  4. Odds he plays in the Gold cup for us here at city park?
  5. This poster is the originator of the long standing tool recruit joke for those who don't know. Legend Honestly there was a moment a year ago I envisioned slu with bol and that sounded nice. Oh well.
  6. I thought we were supposed to hear good news regarding a transfer today...
  7. I mean I had some good times as a fan last year. Obviously it wasnt the year everyone expected but there were plenty of good moments (Many can be attributed to Yuri). If that's the case though then they were never a fan to begin with. If you expect to win in sports everytime you lace em up you're due for a rude awakening. Maybe there aren't that many big money fans, I just remember May saying stuff along the lines of "People asking me what its going to take to make a winner here" during the new Athletic Center presser. Now you have a direct way to make a "winner". But point taken and I don't disagree. It would be disappointing to see that money not achieve what should/could of happened.
  8. Ya this is why I'm confused. If SLU basketball truly has the backing of major doners like we hear about than we should be able to be very competitive. We don't have a football program to share money with... We won't be competing with Texas but we should be able to compete with schools of our level.
  9. That's right. Apologies. So there has to be someone coming still
  10. I want big bodies that can win the a10 though lol. Didn't see much in the video. So our bigs as of now are Bruce, cisse, and stef.... I was just really holding out for a splash big who could help us win now.
  11. I'm pretty meh about this. But guess we'll see.
  12. Javon bess averaged 3 and 3. Just saying.
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