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  1. RiseOfTheBillikens

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    Fred is feeling it tonight. He's going to have a hell of a career
  2. RiseOfTheBillikens

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    Feed Fred them minutes
  3. RiseOfTheBillikens

    GDT: Floggy Bottom ....

    Look at the press smh. Think we would do this more if we had enough players
  4. RiseOfTheBillikens

    OT: Midtown Development

    RIP in peace penny pitchers. Sad these youngins won't get to experience that. Those were the days.
  5. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Radford? Rutgers? Bowling Green?

    This is just an idiotic post. It's not trolling because I think you believe it. Think logically and you won't have this opinion.
  6. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Dayton from da'Couch .................

    I will really feel for Goodwin and French if they don't get a shot at the dance. It's a depressing thought. All cause of the title IX bunch.
  7. RiseOfTheBillikens

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    The people who were calling him a disappointment this year. Just don't think his value to the team is fully appreciated by some. Haters may be extreme though it was a little tongue in cheek.
  8. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Dayton from da'Couch .................

    Nevada I'm pretty sure. Think it was posted here a little while back.
  9. RiseOfTheBillikens

    OT: Ford’s seat getting warm

    Interesting stats for all the Goodwin haters. It's about more than scoring.
  10. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Jumper looks clean. He can't be much smaller than McCall Junya. Used the Google machine. McCall was 6'? They got kwam at 5'10 and Yuri at 5'10. Can't believe McCall was 6'0.
  11. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Dayton from da'Couch .................

  12. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    That seems like a big win. Great to see Yuri playing well against great competition
  13. RiseOfTheBillikens

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    This is what I like to see!
  14. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Hochman article

    Dumba$$ you were the one anointing this team the a10 title 3 months before the season started. You said we would blow out most teams in the a10. You have never been right. I'd be willing to bet you have been wrong more consistently than anyone on the board. Half the board has you muted and you still end up with a handful of troll/bad post every time you say something. And now you are saying these guys are faking injuries. To be a good team you need chemistry. You need players to play their roles. You need team first guys. This is why the 2012 teams were so great. They didn't have the athleticism these guys have but they played the game the right way and it showed (almost) every night. How highly they are recruited out of high school means nothing when the games are played. All that recruiting hooplah just makes uninformed people like yourself think they know everything. Take a hike glory ravs. Leave the board to real fans.
  15. RiseOfTheBillikens

    Hochman article

    Holy fuok your post quality keeps getting worse. It's amazing.