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  1. I agree. Anybody who can knock down 2 with 5 seconds left down 1 against one of the top teams in the country on ESPN is going to be nailssszzzzzz
  2. You are on a SLU message board. Where most of us are SLU fans. You can get lost now though.
  3. Just keep thinking about how drastic of a change one shot can make. How different everything would be if that shot didnt go. Crazy
  4. Only .1 left. It wouldn't of counted. But I like the try.
  5. Exactly. With the guys on their team 5 seconds is plenty of time to get a good look at a layup to win. I'll take a partially contested off balance 3 over almost any other shot.
  6. I'm all for French shooting underhand now. Thought it would get better with experience. I was wrong. He'd be a national story if he turned it around shooting underhand.
  7. There was just so many positives last night. How bout that reverse from Yuri on Toppin. How bout Perkins working in isolation when we needed a bucket. How bout Jimmy holding his own against one of the best in the country. How about Goodwin getting the bucket to send us into overtime. Has looked like a bit of his old self with some nice post moves. Jacobs playing with some fire. I think if you were at the game you have 0 complaints because it was a hell of a fun time. You just tip your hat to Crutcher. If you watched from home I think you might harp on the negatives a bit more imo.
  8. The idiocy in some of y'all. I'm sure Ford game plan was to give up open looks you right. I'mma go get drunk. Peace
  9. Im going to go through this tomorrow and I better not see any trashing of Ford. Game was fun. We played good. Fuoker hit a big shot. You move on.
  10. Students here 14 minutes to tip and plenty of open seats. Hopefully just a late crowd
  11. Get fuoking hypeeddddddddd. Got goosebumps and it's only 1:30
  12. I wanted a more explicit GDT title. Oh well. Fuok Dayton. Fuok Obi Toppin. Werewolves gonna be feasting on flyer tonight. Let's get it!
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