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  1. I thought Gianni's when I watched that highlight tape. Lok Wir in transition looks terrifying.
  2. Ya I heard hbo wanted to do 10 seasons of 10 episodes. Extremely disappointed it wasn't given the time it deserves. D&D writing for star wars is the reason I heard they cut it short. So dumb. Think the ending was good. Not happy with how it got there but overall satisfied with how things ended. Drogon saved westeros which is kind of funny. Ready for the Jon & Tormund spin off.
  3. Yep. Terrible terrible writing. He's always harped on how he killed the mad king to save all the innocents in king landing. But now all of a sudden he doesn't care? That line annoyed the hell out of me.
  4. Feel like we always struggle to hit open nets. But bush league call.
  5. The between the legs dunk attempt during billiken madness. For me anyway
  6. Agreed. One of my favorites of the series. I think cersei death by having the red keep collapse on her has obvious symbolism. She always said it would never fall and everything she built and worked for overwhelming them coming down on top of her. But ya it wasn't the most entertaining death. My money is on Arya killing Dany now. I don't know how they wrap this up in one episode. Going to be interesting.
  7. That was the best episode of tv I've ever watched just from a thriller/action standpoint. Absolutely wild.
  8. Just saw that on the Twitters. A little confused but he probably knew we are way to deep at that position.
  9. I honestly thought that second episode was one of the best episodes in the show. Lot of great interactions. Hopefully they throw some more twist in here towards the end.
  10. Ya think the gripe about not many main characters dying is fair. I definitely felt the tension of everyone before the battle started. Think it was a well shot episode with lots of action. I enjoyed it. Expectations were very high though. Crypt scene with Sansa and Tyrion was classic. This is no longer RR Martin's baby. That is very apparent. Now they can focus on the battle for the throne which is the main plot of the story anyway. Also why is ghost not getting more screen time?
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