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  1. It's also a fun style of play for the fan and for players. I could see him picking up some guys who love to play fast. I think it's a pretty solid hire.
  2. Didn't read anything after this. But just want to clarify. If for example we have 2 teams, one with say 4 local players and one with 0 local players. They are both of equal talent and are winning the same amount of games. You think that the team with local players is not drawing any more eyes or interest compared to the team without local representation? That could be an even worse take for you than the Goodwin take.
  3. More O+O. They also have a brat on the menu. Want to try that soon as well.
  4. I have and I thought the beer was solid. The burger and fries were money. Not normally a big burger guy but I really enjoyed there's. That patio looks nice (was cold when I was there so we were inside) and the inside is also pretty cool. I think they are going to do well. I want to try to get to that center ice brewery. Have they started serving food yet? I can't remember but I thought someone said that was a work in progress. Could be completely wrong though.
  5. With social media the way it is now I think it's fair to say the kids these days are much more visible to the general fan in St. Louis. Highlight reals etc. There's no doubt in my mind, interest in the program goes up with local talent playing a major role. I've always felt that the average fan in St. Louis doesn't associate with the Jesuit middle/upper middle class institution that is SLU. Having a team full of players that come from the same teams and backgrounds as the average fan is what will make the Billikens St. Louis's basketball team. My Mizzou friends who have always looked down at SLU but would be considered normal basketball fans are very intrigued by next year's roster makeup and are considering getting season tickets. The A10 championship and NCAA berth came at the perfect time. Now they just need to keep it going.
  6. You guys excusing the lack of coverage are part of the problem.
  7. Well I'll be disappointed if those rumors are true.
  8. Show flashes forward 10 years and Jon & Danaryeas incestuous child is on the throne.
  9. I think that's a pretty good hire for them. Keep their momentum going.
  10. Least we won't have to face him next 2 years. Not great for the conference though.
  11. If it's a foul it's a foul. These games have been solid.
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