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  1. Looks like we will be playing freshmen bigs for 40 mins….Let the Bruce Zhang era begin. (Yikes)
  2. Does Ezerio have a strong case to get a two time transfer? coaching change isn’t enough I guess?
  3. 100% agree, our "best" defenders could not defend at all. Losing them is a net positive. Larry Hughes Jr had about 8 of the best 10 defensive plays of our team last year and he played 8 mins a game.
  4. I do not think the defense will be worse.
  5. Damn. This is a good memory. What was that guys name again.
  6. This board truly needs to find a way to resist equating number of wins to some kind of objective metric. Us loading up on 200+ Sagarin rated schools and going 10-3 is not impressive in the slightest.
  7. Count me as still ready to welcome him with open arms. without him our front court is a catastrophe
  8. It will be nice to not have the flowery preseason #1 ranking/ press clippings for a change. light a fire under them a bit
  9. Collins going hard defensively against Jalen Crutcher was kind of entertaining. Yuri was incredulous he got called for the bailout foul.
  10. Yea, I now see Torch’s perspective. I suppose Im just finally ready for SLU to surprise to the upside. Consensus A-10 experts seem to think we are destined for the PiG. Maybe with Zhang/van bussen/Dalger manning the front court. If our best 5 is suddenly Hughes/Parker/gibby/Hargrove/dandridge I think that line up is capable to duplicate last year’s team performance…and it will make for at least an interesting season.
  11. Yea, @thetorch - come on man. Dandridge would be a monster pick up for this team.
  12. Thank you for this. Summer League is a tough watch lol.
  13. +1 If he had one Okoro-like front court player then I think Brad would have gotten a tournament bid. Ps - I hate Drew Lavender. (IYKYK)
  14. Ehh…I’d argue that Ford would have sat freshman Kwamain behind yuri anyway. Ford had complete tunnel vision.
  15. I love Jordan but I think you guys are being pretty optimistic. Hope you’re right and I’m wrong
  16. Am I the only one that thinks this is kind of a bad thing for Jordan? He was going to presumably play for the rebuilding Wizards and now he might not be able to crack the rotation for the Suns super team favored to win the 2024 championship. I think beal should gift him 5M for coming along with him.
  17. I do not think this lone Instagram story means anything definitive
  18. So its Thursday and still no blue smoke about Dandridge. Does he have other visits lined up at this point?
  19. And who is the guy who said, "Team blue baby, team blue"....Ezieriro?
  20. The Dandridge silence is deafening. we need to just have a Billikens.com recruiting/transfer moment of silence until he commits. nothing else matters to me right now
  21. The BVF tweets are unintelligible, missing words etc. they should shut down the dumb Twitter account and just work behind the scenes. It’s embarrassing otherwise
  22. This is the most thoughtful post I’ve read on here in a long time. Perfect state of the program post. One thing omitted was any mention of kellen Thames. I think Thames is a wildcard this season. In extremely limited minutes, his length and athleticism intrigued me and suggested he had all the tools to be a lockdown defender. Combined with Hughes it might be a good recipe for stopping dribble penetration. one nit pick to the above post - we lost to edwardsville at home not semo
  23. It seems that as soon as players are getting paid various amounts based on perceived value, it makes team gelling and overall performance plummet. See UNC. it’s fascinating actually
  24. I understand your perspective Ace. I just disagree with it. I would say, while He DID return.... the team that should have been markedly better from last season regressed greatly and I think it was a direct result of Yuri's me-first approach. And if you say he is so valuable, then he should certainly move up to the P6 level this coming season as a grad-transfer. Right? We will see what dumb coach is dumb enough to throw the keys to him. In any respect, I suspect he will not lead any team to any type of relevance because basketball coaches see his empty stats and bullfighter defense for exactly what they are.
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