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  1. Can’t they go to the all state high school choir competition or something?
  2. At the end of the game, if there is any doubt in the game result, he will not be on the floor. He is not going to play above Beal, Deni, Rui, Barton or Kuzma. I almost feel like "who is the better practice body" should be a key contributing factor on end of bench players. Goodwin would give better defensive effort compared to someone like Schackle. This is the last year he can be eligible for a 2 way contract right? at least that is what I remember from a previous discussion here.
  3. This might be the best produced Billiken content I have ever seen.
  4. I’m 37, dual income no kids. Giving 10k to SLU basketball seems just an outrageous proposition and I’m as big a fan as they come. old people are rich af also, I can’t believe I agree with old guy. I think NIL money will dry up as soon as alumni realize that they can give Tx a&m football recruits 50k each or zero and they will still come in 4th or worse in the SEC. Especially true If a recession (ever) comes
  5. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChiZ2KUDdgE/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Wow. Chills.
  6. I think I saw Forester on the Gibson dunk clip…I think he’s playing **No, that was Parker.
  7. Majerus probably shrunk him on the roster website but I agree there is no way he was 6’2. He was such a dream Majerus recruit. Never got beat on defense, never turned the ball over and hit 3s at a reasonable clip. This is sort of what I thought I saw from Nick Kramer in the scrimmage. He flashed Mike McCall vibes to me. I really really liked his defensive moxy On a related note, I’m announcing my candidacy for Nick Kramer fan club president. (The Rashad Williams fan club shuttered it’s doors some time ago.)
  8. If we make Elite 8 then the avatar is updated.
  9. That was a great treat to watch. I really thought all of the players showed pretty well. Jimerson seemed to shoot 3/28 from the field but not concerned with that at all.
  10. This is unsatisfactory. If I was there I would have been able to tell you exactly who was starting and players 6-9 coming off the bench. This is such a dreadful performance by the MBMs. Someone better say something valuable or give a full report soon or it is safe to say this board has lost its fastball.
  11. Looking forward to the full mbm report (probably deserves its own thread)
  12. This is a good and safe hire. Very happy with Bailey coming back.
  13. I am taking a wait and see approach with our newbies. If any of them cracks the rotation I'd be shocked. As a fan, it is a better place to be than all of us hoping Vashun Newborne is going to come in and average 25-12 because he looked like a stud shooting by himself in West Pine and dominating Ross Varner. Ah MBM memories....
  14. Goodwin killing. Leads all scorers off the bench with 18.
  15. It wouldn’t be a true “SLU-fan interest” game without the game from the previous broadcast going into OT.
  16. I thought this summarized my exact sentiment.
  17. Wanna bet that he does not get drafted?
  18. I will eat my hat if anyone from St Joes is drafted. They were legit terrible.
  19. We need a DJ Foreman-like guy in the worst way. Cory Remuken-like guy. There has to be someone who fits that description ready to come in and be a warrior for us. I honestly do not care if our 4 man has D+ offensive ability. I just want him defending, rebounding, and can make an open lay-up.
  20. I feel like we have star power but if Okoro is our only guy above 6'6, our defense is going to be pretty terrible overall. We will act like the Nets in the playoffs...KD and Kyrie are (probably) the best players on the floor but the Nets get swept because they are playing blake griffin big minutes.
  21. Can we close this thread? He is back in fold. The Fan base openly reacting to how "hurt" they were is not going to be good for anyone.
  22. I feel like we need Ford to find a point guard out of thin air. Some Aussie or something. It seems like our obsession with local area players is a little out of control. Now we think Ford will think about a CSU-Bakersfield castoff with off the court issues? Cmon now. we need a commitment from a player that surprises everyone. This ship needs to be repaired fast.
  23. Somewhere there is a SLU decision maker who concluded that any amount of NLI fund donations is just less money for University donations. I’d wager that’s the crux of the reason for no NLI movement from AD.
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