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  1. At least we know now 100% that it had nothing to do with Coach Ford or SLU. I have to admit when it all first happened I thought we were going to regret him getting away.
  2. Burglary, sexual harassment, and assault from the police reports. Seems like all the players ran to transfer portal anyway. Dumpster fire situation
  3. Looks like it’s gonna be bad news with female accusers, court docs, etc etc. Probably sets program back multiple years.
  4. If I remember correctly, Goodwin had 2 really good turnaround jumpers off the glass fueling the big run against BC. Does that not count bc they aren’t swishes like MJ?
  5. Good write up @Sheltiedave . This situation occurs nightly in college basketball with most teams capable of beating each other. The slow down feels like we are playing not to lose but every D1 coach teaches not to take a quick shot with 4 mins left up double digits bc they analytics shows its bad business. I watched all of the game sans for the last 4 mins so the fact that I didn’t have to go through the agony might be the reason I can smugly type this. I don’t mind Yuri methodically running the offense in that spot
  6. BC only beat Eastern Washington by 4 as well. Hopefully we don’t forget how to play basketball when we are away from Chaifetz.
  7. Perkins might not be in the best defensive stance all the time, but if they guy he is guarding isn’t torching us or everyone is being forced to help him on defense, then it can’t be all the bad. I prefer players like Perkins in the game looking to attack as opposed to the offense of last year where we pass the ball around the arc hoping that a miracle lay up will materialize. We need Thatch to step up. I thought there was no way we’d beat Belmont without Fred playing major minutes. what a great win
  8. Watching UMASS losing to UVA. They are gonna be a handful. Looks like a much more talented team than the last 2-3 years. Oh and they can shoot some free throws i think the A10 is really going to eat it’s own come conference season.
  9. I really hope that Ford coaches the guys to stop gambling on defense.. Just solid defense against Belmont with our guys who are bigger and stronger seems to be the best defense to employ. If we run more than 2 possessions of the 1-3-1 trap stuff I will be perplexed. Our 3pt defense being at an F+ is very uncharacteristic of us and it would be a really good game to get back to Billiken defense and making every 3 pointer a difficult shot. I think that aspect alone will be the difference in the game.
  10. Just because Jamie Luckie was the ref and he is someone you wanna keep on your good side.
  11. Our defense is average with thatch and a failure without him
  12. Yuri getting blown by on D and reaching. Wtf.
  13. These type of games shouldn’t be scheduled ever in my opinion. Kills the SOS, we always play without intensity, just a waste
  14. I am happy he can shoot. Not meant to criticize at all. I am just saying pump the brakes on those wanting to send Thatch to the bench based on the hope that we can just plug Jimmer in and he will hit 4-8 when then pressure is on in a tight game.
  15. I am not sure why Thatch did not draw Powell on defense and Ford assigned Powell to Yuri. That probably wasnt the initial plan but then when we needed offense, it was forced to happen. After the opening 6 minute blitz, it all sort of felt like a loose scrimmage to me...not unlike how we toyed with FGCU. I agree with @billiken_roy that there is really nothing to take away from this game. French getting his empty stats (14, 10, 5 blocks) and Jimmer getting 12 points on 50% from three should be basically ignored because Seton Hall was just running out the clock. Also those who lament our free throw shooting and blame Ford as the architect of the systematic failure should look at the box score. It is almost all French hovering at 30%. That is just so terrible. No one on here seems that mad because we were supposed to lose. I don't look forward to the day where a savvy coach puts French on the line over and over and forces empty possessions for us. Pitt did it last year if I remember correctly...I would think a team with inferior talent to us would employ that sometime this season.
  16. It is such a weird feeling to be genuinely disappointed when we get fouled
  17. Goodwin and Thatch have been on the bench for a long time
  18. This. I sort of alluded to this fear in my post earlier in the week. Still hurts watching it happen...especially with the reverse line movement in Vegas
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