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  1. Japan tops the group. Spain moves on. Germany knocked out at the group stage for second straight world cup.
  2. Whole game I was thinking how nice it would be to have a little number next to our logo. We were so close
  3. Was Ford telling sincere to slow down there? Fruck that
  4. He's working hard. But ya hasn't had the touch recently
  5. Gimme hargrove at the 5 and Fred or Pickett at the 4.
  6. Old guys favorite player with 9 assists after a half. Slu up 36-26.
  7. 1:27 left. Slu up 32-24. Yuri upping the assist count. What I would give for a productive p5 big man
  8. Yuri with 7 assists. Can't imagine this team without him
  9. I mean it's tough to beat a team by 20. I for one expected a let down after Auburn so I'm just hoping for a dub lol
  10. Our bigs will be what holds us back this year. Pretty apparent.
  11. Mines fine. 6-5 bills. Okoro and Forrester with quick hooks. Momo getting minutes.
  12. Oh my bad. Ya he's pretty good. Kinda looks clumsy at times. Saw reports that Inter Milan (Big club in Italy's top league) are tracking/ looking at him during the world cup.
  13. I thought he was asking about Miles Robinson. Antonee Robinson is arguably one of our most important players not named Tyler Adams in my opinion. But ya yesterday wasn't his best game. I think he covers more ground than almost anyone and that man never stops. I think he's probably been one of the most consistent fixtures in the lineup during the whole qualification run. But don't fact check me on that.
  14. I mean ya we can just point out all the bad I guess lol Ain't saying it's all good cause there's nobody more disgusted with what happened last week than me but anybody can point out a bunch of losses and make it seem like the sky is falling. There's been some real good moments too.
  15. Pretty gross from what I saw. Mizzou looks like they got some Fred thatch builds.
  16. Wichita state doing their best bills impression and blowing late free throws.
  17. Lol he's done nothing but turn the ball over both games.
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