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  1. My opinion: I think it's as simple as your casual St. Louis sports fan/ athlete thinks the billikens are small time. Team blue is kind of growing into it's own thing and being supported/ rallied around by local athletes, fans, ball players. Billiken isn't as cool as you think it is to the casual demographic. As alum we like it but... If you don't like whats being said about your product, change the name of said product. Basically where I'm coming from. Again just my opinion.
  2. Starting my gdt complaining early for the year. We look sloppy. Don't look like a top 25 team to me. Partially a joke.
  3. Kramer is going to be a stud if he stays 4 years. Put it on the board.
  4. I was just joking. I do like the stars though. I agree it doesn't make any sense but I thought it was cool lol. And the foam trucker hat is for bachelor party like situations like you said. Just thought it was funny he went in on the exact pieces I got. Good episode though.
  5. Ya. Agree. Easier for the yunginz and casual fan to get behind that then the Billikens as much as people might not like it.
  6. Would they be able to see with students standing? Honest question. I always thought there should be a program where crazy season ticket holders like me in the upper bowl should get to move down if they aren't taken by a certain point in the game. Would help the atmosphere forsure. But idk how that would work.
  7. Debunked lol It may have been pushed under the table but it wasn't debunked. It almost certainly did happen. Several on twitter confirmed it. Not trying to bring all that up again and I love fire and passion but there was most certainly some attitude issues. But most college students have those so it's whatever. I wish nesbitt the best going forward.
  8. ?? All he said was unhinged attitude. You asked for an example of said unhinged attitude. I showed you one.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10620703/Teammate-NY-cheerleader-says-basketball-player-rival-team-called-w-s.html
  10. Until embellishment starts to get penalized in whatever sport, Players will continue to do it because they are trying to win no matter what it takes. Period.
  11. And linssen got hurt and couldn't play the rest of the game. Can't believe Fords strategy would allow that. Reeediculous
  12. Ya I don't see him in the same light as Strickland, Traore, etc. I think he could be a problem in the a10 from the jump. But that could be the blue Kool aid flowing heavy today.
  13. Omg he hit a three... This man needs pt this year.
  14. Info? Decommited from smu? Was he on the radar?
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