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  1. Ford goes to the 1-3-1 for seemingly no reason. Put yuri and Gibson in. thatch brings nothing
  2. We are going down with the ship. ford refuses to put offensive players in.
  3. Our offense is so gross. Jimerson just buried on the bench
  4. They beat us twice...is there another metric you’d like to use?
  5. We might not mentally recover from this. A-10 tourney or bust
  6. Goodwin had the rebound before the foul was called
  7. I hate this cliche bc it’s stupid but I feel like the winner of this game is who wants it more.
  8. I want Hargrove one more time. i know I’m insane.
  9. When we play Tight D, we just get blown by and then foul. i don’t know how Ford can’t see this. It’s obvious. Perkins and Goodwin too slow 2x and 2 fouls
  10. We had one defensive possession where we played pack line D. we need that. See if they hit 3s
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