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  1. I mean, I bet Seton Hall 1H +4 against Villanova and had LaSalle moneyline at +800 hit and I have won every bet blind-fading Clemson their last 3 games. The Clemson/FSU line particularly made no sense to me. So Vegas perhaps have not adjusted yet. (Too bad I lose it all back on NFL. NFL is impossible) But at the same time, when Dayton line comes out at +5.5 against us, are you really gonna back Dayton only to have Perkins drop 30 on them? Definitely no bet tomorrow night.
  2. Given how other teams have laid eggs coming off of Covid pauses, if we do indeed cover this spread then our legend will continue to grow Richmond losing to LaSalle was just abysmal.
  3. Richmond was always bad anyway. Good for LaSalle.
  4. The refs are protecting Richmond. It’s unbelievably blatant. I feel bad for LaSalle. They are being cheated
  5. Ford is going to be talking live on the bonnies broadcast. Tips in 1 minute
  6. I agree with Littlebill here. There is really nothing to analyze. Looks like Richmond just paused too.
  7. Really? I think it is just SLU following self-imposed stupid rules and us getting really unlucky with a 2nd positive test. The way the admin handled situation 2 (and the overall positive consequences after that fallout) have reinforced the Pestello leadership philosophy of take no risks to benefit athletics. That seems like all this is. A 2nd person unluckily popping positive restarting the 14 day clock yields about 3.5 weeks of no games. I do not think there is something larger at play. Just SLU taking a no-risk approach. On the other end of the spectrum, does anyone think Al
  8. Did Dayton hire Jim Crews or something? They are in a dogfight with Fordham.
  9. Has there been an official return to practice date announced by the school?
  10. He should have learned underhand in the off season.
  11. Completely disagree with the GJ dissing on here. If an opposing coach wants to post a defender 6 inches away from him all the time to take away the corner 3 (refusing to help off) then that should play into our offenses favor. Goodwin had 2 monster games in a row because pitino and umkc employed a plan of don’t let perkins/jimerson beat us. We couldn’t have expected teams to give us wide open 3s all year like LSU did. Duquense will be a true measuring stick for us bc it is exactly the same team as last year. I really want to see someone other than Yuri on Sincere Carry.
  12. That grossness set the game back 50 years. Forcing a half court game against us isn’t a bad strategy. Duquesne shouldn’t do that
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