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  1. Was that last goal Ream’s fault? seemed like it.
  2. Jimmy Bell on this team would have been nice.
  3. The refs protect us so much at home. Can’t look past any opponent. 19 point favorites …sitting here hoping we pull it out.
  4. No it’s not. Auburn will finish middle of the pack SEC. They are not good. Win or it’s a failure
  5. Does Okoro have covid or something. he looks like so helpless out there
  6. At large bid make or break in the next 20 mins. Auburn is not that good. We gotta take it. go billllllies
  7. Danger zone early. we don’t guard 3s
  8. Is a draw here a catastrophe? Wales has like 5000 people in the country right? Seems bad
  9. Goodwin not needing to shoot to be effective is great to watch. He has been a key piece in the Wiz winning 5 of their last 6.
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