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  1. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Bess’s IG story has a picture of a Cleveland cavaliers practice jersey.
  2. He must do really well in practice. We could have used his shot. I didn’t have a big problem with Ford just checking to see if he was gonna catch fire. it was clear buzz did his homework on Isabell in keeping him out of the middle of the lane. A couple 3s from an unknown guy might have had VT change up what was clearly working on D
  3. I bet slu 2H +1.5 for an irresponsible amount. We can’t be this bad
  4. I’m sitting in Vegas ballroom in my slu shirt embarrassed
  5. Wonder if Charlie Brown jumps to NBA? If yes, seems like a good time to start over.
  6. We need stops. Isabell can keep playing hero ball. It’s what got us here. I’m 100% good with it
  7. We need one person to hit a 3...hope Wiley gets an open look
  8. Can we give Isabell/Bess rest? id like to,but if they hit 3 straight 3s, the. I just delete my account
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