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  1. I thought Stu wrote a very good article on RW. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/williams-wants-to-diversify-his-game-at-slu/article_2d220edd-afc9-55e3-a206-4ff5fbf72500.html If Williams really is a point guard, I could see him taking a large portion of minutes away from Yuri if RW can consistently knock down the outside jumper. It really just gives us another weapon which is a good thing. Ford being able to keep all these players happy is a incredible feat.
  2. I think it is definitely more powerful to come together as a billikens.com community and provide straight financial support. A bunch of strangers buying things off a baby registry is sort of weird. Just my .02
  3. Seems like by all indications, the 2021 high school recruits are just getting screwed. Like I suspect is happening with other teams, we do not need a 2021 recruiting class. We already have Strickland, Lorensttsen, Nesbitt and Jimerson (!) in that class.
  4. I am glad that there is a thread on this as I saw the twitter post and too was confused. This seems like a subject worth tracking closely. Goodwin being intentional to sign with an agent that allows him to return seems like a big deal to me. The thinking is probably to test the waters to see what his pro prospects are before deciding. If Goodwin's ultimate goal is still the NBA, I put the chances at greater than 50% of him returning to SLU. One more year to return with a packed Chaifetz, break every SLU record there is, and then in April 2022, he will be in the same spot
  5. Correct. Those are the games I remember. Our point guard should never get lit up on defense by anyone except lottery picks. Did Yuri guard Cam Thomas from LSU when he dropped 25 on us? I cant remember because as it was a quiet 25 because Perkins had 32!
  6. Yuri could use some competition. Aaron Cook may beat him out and that would be fine with me. Yuri's passing ability is an A+ but his shooting is about a D and his defense is about a C-. Cook playing solid D and the ability to hit the open 3 may lead to more wins. Yuri's flashy passes have gained him a lifetime pass on this board. I'd like to see other areas of his game vastly improve before I consider him a non-questioned/unchallenged starter.
  7. If Nesbitt and Okoro come as advertised, I am not scared of the Bonnies. They are all Seniors but they lack talent. We beat LSU when we weren't worn down by Covid and Bonnies got blown out by LSU when they faced them. You can say what you want about our performance in the A-10 semifinal, but we were still not the same team as Ford created and fielded at the beginning of the season. The match up at the end of 2019-20 season is more indicative of what would have happened if two healthy teams played last year. 72-49 final IIRC
  8. Ted Mimlitz! lol Played for SPUMAC in 84, SLU in 85. I look forward to the day when I am the only one on this board who remembers Chris Sloan and can talk about how great it was when he dunked on Channing Frye. The year will be...2060?
  9. If you click on chapleys tweet, he responds saying so. He says that Jordan put it on his Instagram although I don’t see it on there
  10. Makes sense. I really appreciated DJ at as a player. We were very crowded on the wing. Something had to give. Wish DJ the best. It probably deserves its own thread. He did everything asked of him and was a solid Billiken
  11. So Goodwin probably coming back. French may too. Apparently no current Billiken is leaving and we are fishing in transfer pool. Looking forward to seeing which of our 15 players get on the floor next year
  12. I feel like this is where he confirms or denies that he is actually done. This is sort of a bombshell. Can't listen, but would love a recap.
  13. No one is going to self-eliminate. If the NCAA is relying on that then it is basically a stance against safety. It might be the biggest conflict of interest of all time.
  14. "The individual is asymptomatic, according to Pastner. No other members of the team were deemed close contacts through contact tracing." Hahah, this is just a farce at this point. Just stop talking about Covid if there is actually no way to be disqualified unless it is self-elimination. No team is going to self-eliminate. Kansas, Georgia Tech and UVA should all be out if the NCAA followed through with the plan they said.
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