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  1. I think Yuri finding Gibby/Jacobs/Perkins in the corner for the open 3 is my most anticipated. He is going to give defenses fits this year. Watching that video reminds me truly how many weapons Ford will have this year. I would really like to see a 9-10 man rotation in the beginning to ensure we do not wear down over the course of an entire (weird) season. With a 9 man rotation, Jacobs is on paper the #9 and Linssen, Loresntson, Strickland are all watching. The competition in practice has to be insane right now.
  2. It felt great to watch NFL yesterday. That said, they have all the resources to implement quick-result testing to ensure no one has it before they get on the field. Colleges simply do not have those resources and I am surprised that the situations with the football teams at Memphis and VA tech are not garnering more attention. Either it is a big deal that a healthy college student is "Covid Positive" or it isn't. If Memphis and VA tech pick up their schedules in 2 weeks with no issues, that will give me a good feeling that sports are moving forward for good. SLU's decision to test a random asymptotic population to assess the situation seems not great, but I do not have a better solution. With basketball teams only being 12 people, maybe the NFL's methodology is executable for D1 college basketball.
  3. I think that this works to our advantage in Orlando given the amount of returning production we have.
  4. On the floor with, Hines, Jolly, Crawford, Bishop and....who? Youcoubou? Good lord Crews couldn't recruit
  5. Thanks for the reasoned post Brian. The SEC in particular seems like it really is going to push for the season to start on time. I know that Golf might not be people's thing but the PGA championship was fantastic yesterday. I even hit a monster score with Morikowa at 25/1. It is funny how live exciting sports on TV just makes my life more enjoyable. I am rooting that the NCAA leadership finds a way for football and basketball seasons to go forward.
  6. The Big 10 is rumored to be cancelling football this week. I wouldn't say, "this was inevitable". It just makes me sad. One thing I don't understand about messages like this....Why such the gleeful tone? Don't we all have a common goal that we want to see Sports come back successfully as soon as possible? I do not understand people who were sports fans in 2019 suddenly shift to being a fan of cancelled seasons and stumping for an end to amateurism for NCAA athletes.
  7. I don't hate it. I would just rather have Hargrove Rim Running on the baseline compared to GJ/Perk running into each other trying to curl off the same screen at the elbow.
  8. I do not think Perkins and Jimerson should see a lot of minutes together unless we are trying to play catch up. I think rebounding and defense would suffer too much to play them together in long stretches. I also am making the assumption that Thatch will not be the 35+ minute player that we had him slotted for this time a year ago. That's where I would find the minutes.
  9. Good takes all around. The only bone I have to pick is in regards to #10. I just cannot see how Hargrove sits given how strong he came on last year late in the season. He is a rim runner that has worked hard on his defense. He introduces so many problems for the defense because they always have to worry about the back door lob. There will be a time when a limited possession game may suit Perkins or Thatch better but if Ford gets his way, I think Hargrove is on the floor for 20-25 mins until his "spark" wears off.
  10. I do. Grambling St isn't going to be so quick to boot him off the team like DePaul and SLU.
  11. It is going to be something when a P5 team ignores the buy game against Grambling St and Gordon goes for 35 and 15 (in a losing effort of course).
  12. I watched that game and the Marquette team managed that tournament perfectly. They saved Travis' legs till the final and he looked fresher than the other younger guys coming down the stretch. When they kicked it to him in the corner for the wide open 3....there was no doubt in my mind that it was buried. I've seen him hit too many of those at the billiken's expense.
  13. Hoosier...It is your thing to summarize for all of us who are surfing on Billikens.com during work. It is not the cross you chose, but it was the one you took up. I look forward to your recap.
  14. If SIUC got him, then we cooled on him. Guaranteed
  15. Wow, 18 year old SLU_Nick sighting at the 2:07 2H mark right after Sloan hits the layup to tie it. Someone get that dummy in the dark blue jacket a blue crew shirt. I knew that I court rushed after the Drejaj 3. There was no plan at all, it was a spontaneous court rush, dont see those anymore.
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