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  1. So since MOKAN won, do they all get UK, Duke, UNC offers? Or is SLU still in the mix?
  2. It’s where jumpshots go to die (not fail) I like to call it the curse of Ross Varner. He shot 90% from 3 in practice, 9% in the game. Jimerson is our best chance for us at breaking this curse.
  3. Gibson needs to shoot everytime he touches it. Thatch guarding him too
  4. I keep checking the box scores and Bess isn’t showing out very well
  5. Agree with this. Isabell basically put us on his back in the A10 tourney. Weaver isn’t the guy whose gonna break down his man then finish at the rim
  6. So baseless speculation. Nice. ”doesn’t sound like he’s had time to heal” - GTFOH everyone on here knows he was hobbled at the end of last season
  7. This has been a theme on this board since Leon Powell. #VTIMEbaby #neverforget #sanjaywatts
  8. If he makes that team that will be something. Just looking at their roster composition. They have Jrue, Lonzo, Nikeil Alexander, and about 5 other SF/SGs that presumably would have a leg up on him. I don't know how it works...does he get a big check for being signed like this?
  9. I think we are going to need a breakout scorer to finish top 5 in conference. Thatch, Goodwin and French will D up. But whose gonna hit a shot? GJ and Perkins hopefully. Relying on Slu newcomers is never a good position to be in though
  10. Lok Wur would be some Travis Ford get. I feel like this situation does not happen every year. 6’9 guy with handles becomes available in the summer...of course every decent team with a scholly throws their hat in the ring. Here is hoping he finds the best fit for him and doesn’t go for bright lights to warm the bench
  11. Ugh. Tough one with Mack. Now for 2019 I want Darius Miles...I mean Lok. Same highlight videos, I get confused
  12. This is the one thing where my concern level is zero. French, thatch, Goodwin are boardmen
  13. I’m very excited at the prospect of Mack. I’m very happy that Ford looks at every season as one where he needs to compete for a championship. His plan was to play Gordon at the 5/4 spot with French....which by the way would have given us a ridiculous starting 5 of talent. That didn’t work out so he is adjusting and hopefully bringing in more competition. Thrusting a freshman big into having to play 35+ mins is the recipe for a 15 win season
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