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  1. Looks like we will be playing freshmen bigs for 40 mins….Let the Bruce Zhang era begin. (Yikes)
  2. Does Ezerio have a strong case to get a two time transfer? coaching change isn’t enough I guess?
  3. 100% agree, our "best" defenders could not defend at all. Losing them is a net positive. Larry Hughes Jr had about 8 of the best 10 defensive plays of our team last year and he played 8 mins a game.
  4. I do not think the defense will be worse.
  5. Damn. This is a good memory. What was that guys name again.
  6. This board truly needs to find a way to resist equating number of wins to some kind of objective metric. Us loading up on 200+ Sagarin rated schools and going 10-3 is not impressive in the slightest.
  7. Count me as still ready to welcome him with open arms. without him our front court is a catastrophe
  8. It will be nice to not have the flowery preseason #1 ranking/ press clippings for a change. light a fire under them a bit
  9. Collins going hard defensively against Jalen Crutcher was kind of entertaining. Yuri was incredulous he got called for the bailout foul.
  10. Yea, I now see Torch’s perspective. I suppose Im just finally ready for SLU to surprise to the upside. Consensus A-10 experts seem to think we are destined for the PiG. Maybe with Zhang/van bussen/Dalger manning the front court. If our best 5 is suddenly Hughes/Parker/gibby/Hargrove/dandridge I think that line up is capable to duplicate last year’s team performance…and it will make for at least an interesting season.
  11. Yea, @thetorch - come on man. Dandridge would be a monster pick up for this team.
  12. Thank you for this. Summer League is a tough watch lol.
  13. +1 If he had one Okoro-like front court player then I think Brad would have gotten a tournament bid. Ps - I hate Drew Lavender. (IYKYK)
  14. Ehh…I’d argue that Ford would have sat freshman Kwamain behind yuri anyway. Ford had complete tunnel vision.
  15. I love Jordan but I think you guys are being pretty optimistic. Hope you’re right and I’m wrong
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