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  1. I don’t understand where this statement comes from. Are you trying to say, we WILL have a player or 2 unhappy with their PT?
  2. I dk how Bess has a shot at making the team without playing. G-League bound I guess?
  3. I want this guy. I think he is better for us than kasubke
  4. This is a hard non conference. We will lose an infuriating one I’m sure and will be dogs in 4 others. 8-5 or even 7-6 going into conference is very much on the table (please don’t bad post me)
  5. Haha, hanging out with Yuri and Hargrove for the weekend looks like the blast.
  6. Towel.... I don’t think Ford has ever been this positive about a group of players since he’s been here. I’m so ready for my 23-8 season prediction to miss by 10 wins
  7. High Major offers to Mashburn. I’m way in. I know I’m supposed to not trust recruiting stars, go see the kids play etc, but I still pine for us to land kids who have offers from Oh St, UVA and blue bloods. Glad we are on him.
  8. I dont think CT2004 is saying anything outlandish. Yuri would have to seriously impress for Ford to hand him the keys right from the start. This includes being able to shoot 35%+ from 3 point imo. I also do not think Ford would bring in Weaver just to have him sit behind Jacobs, Goodwin, Thatch, Yuri, and Jimerson. Out of those 6, it is super tough distributing 80 mins assuming that 3 will be manned by Perkins, Hankton and Hargrove (I realize that Thatch will likely play some 3 as well). I think we would have saw a Jacobs transfer or no Weaver if Yuri was ready to come in and run the show. That said, if Yuri walks out as a starter on day 1 then I think we are dancing. That would signal to me that Ford thinks Yuri is the second coming of Kwamain Mitchell.
  9. The practices have to be so competitive. No one wants to be the odd man out of the rotation. I love it.
  10. Isabell got a contract offer from someone per the twitters. Unclear what team/league
  11. So since MOKAN won, do they all get UK, Duke, UNC offers? Or is SLU still in the mix?
  12. It’s where jumpshots go to die (not fail) I like to call it the curse of Ross Varner. He shot 90% from 3 in practice, 9% in the game. Jimerson is our best chance for us at breaking this curse.
  13. Gibson needs to shoot everytime he touches it. Thatch guarding him too
  14. I keep checking the box scores and Bess isn’t showing out very well
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