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  1. Watched the Goodwin mins against the raptors. Last 3 mins if game. He seems to be the only one on the entire roster that plays any defense at all. He had one very good one on one defensive lock up that could have been a foul but it was not. He played within himself and I thought he helped his cause tonight. One thing that’s funny is He crashes the glass just like he did with us…but then is about 7 inches shorter than everyone in the paint so he can’t grab it lol good showing overall.
  2. He is going to have a big time role for sure. What is our overall projected contribution for Lorenstsen? a euro sticking around just to be a practice body doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe he cracks rotation?
  3. I know it’s an exhibition but Jordan was essentially playing the Bradley Beal role for them down the stretch. Only judging from this highlight video. iso ball for Goodwin in an NBA uniform is something I never thought I’d see. His offense looks wildly improved from when he left SLU. I’m rooting for him so hard
  4. 20 players are at training camp, 15 players make the final roster. Taking a look at the roster, it is tough to envision 5 other players cut to leave Goodwin on the roster. Obviously hope I am wrong.
  5. I think your screen name explains it
  6. This is exactly where my head was. Play our 5 best defenders and introduce them to Billiken D #shaft then have perkins cook down the stretch and we pull it out like LSU last year.
  7. So Todd, JGood or Huff for the final 2 way contract?
  8. I thought we handled the Bell situation perfectly. As soon as he realized he would play only in emergency situations, he left. No fault on either side. We can't ask our recruits who could easily play big mins elsewhere to be the 12th man on the roster their 3rd year.
  9. He didn’t flash at all in this game. Even the most rose-colored glasses could not say he played well.
  10. I hate Tu Holloway. That is all. Have a great day everyone!
  11. I 2nd this. I have no idea if he is going to make it, but I think he has a better shot than a guy like Caleb Holmesly who leads the team in points shooting 16 shots a game. His defense and making the right play was evident today and he Kispert and JGood were the only people who looked like they were playing more than playground ball..... but I am admittedly in no way objective at all.
  12. 3-13…yuck. Good thing If he is ever in the court with Beal, Dinwiddie or Bertans, he won’t be allowed to look at the basket unless it’s an uncontested lay up.
  13. It’s impossible to evaluate players in the summer league but Goodwin looks like just another guy running around out there. I wonder how much “making the team” really hinges on performance in the summer league. This game looks like high school basketball tryouts where there are 60 guys trying to fill 12 spots. If the ball comes to you, there is no incentive to pass lol
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