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  1. 12-5. game over. What a dreadful team. End the season. Fire Ford
  2. This might be the lowest energy game I’ve ever seen. Djorde airball.
  3. I bet Richmond ML -205. Seems like a lock. Theres no way we beat the first place team in the league right?!
  4. Jimerson with another unforced turnover. His turnovers are so bad
  5. “They can’t guard anybody” I love these announcers
  6. I don’t understand why he is not fired. What else is there to see
  7. So if I have this straight Cian can’t shoot, can’t pass, can’t defend and is 5’10. What on earth did Ford see in him? 62-39
  8. Is this a joke? That fall away shot when he was triple teamed was terrible. our guards can’t even get the ball across half court without it getting stolen
  9. I’m still watching and I’m not sure why. we might be a bottom 10 team in division 1. Our effort seems almost nonexistent
  10. Turns out if Parker can’t hit 100% of his circus shots, he is also bad at basketball:
  11. Jimerson has what feels like 10 turnovers by himself
  12. All we do is give up open 3s. Every single game; all season long
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