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  1. Hargrove's monster 3 came at George Mason. All the Billikens are tight as GMU finally got the crowd into the game with 2 mins left. I think GMU was on a 8-0 run. Hargrove with no conscience takes the open shot, nails it, then the arena falls silent. Amazing.
  2. No way. He was way ahead defensively then where we expected. The auburn game he stayed right with his man and wasnt a liability on defense whatsoever. I think people thought we were getting drew diener. I genuinely think he has the most NBA potential on our roster.
  3. Texas gets blown out if they come to Chaifetz. I think Shaka knows that which is why it will never happen.
  4. Wow, 18 year old SLU_Nick sighting at the 2:07 2H mark right after Sloan hits the layup to tie it. Someone get that dummy in the dark blue jacket a blue crew shirt. I knew that I court rushed after the Drejaj 3. There was no plan at all, it was a spontaneous court rush, dont see those anymore.
  5. Now if only the A-10 can do work in the out of conference. If not, I suspect we will all beat each other up in February hurting all bubble teams.
  6. New Mexico St, the game where the opposing coach made Dwayne Evans beat them with 10 foot jumpers. And he did. Domination.
  7. I can’t believe we watched sports in low definition...I couldn’t make it through the UNC game.
  8. Crews made some dreadful choices in coaching this NC St game. Manning, McBroom, and Glaze all playing big mins in the first half. McBroom trying to guard Kat Barber is just hilarious. Jett, McCall, and Evans should have played 38+ mins on this team. I was such a Crews apologist when he was riding Majerus' players. Looking back watching this game knowing what we know now is pretty eye opening. Currently 2 mins left in the first half, Lancona in. Lancona hits a jumper with his foot on the 3pt line, then air balls a 10 footer. This is a tough game to watch. Of course I think I will keep watching through NC St garbage time free throws
  9. And then the replacement will be a Utopia where racism is non existent, oppression is no more, and there are no poor people? These things have always been in place since the beginning of civilization. I want to just get back to the place where baseball is on TV when it gets warm out, we can go to restaurants, picnics and church, then football and basketball in the fall/winter. This is the structure I am talking about. All that has nothing to do with Trump or incendiary twitter videos showing police/community disgruntlement in America. Remaining angry over everything that you see/read on the internet is no way to spend your life.
  10. I was with this post right up until the last sentence. To prevent people from simply starving, we allow people to work. The articles citing entire prison populations with the virus but everyone being asymptomatic is being downplayed. I don’t know what it is going to take to isolate the vulnerable and let others continue to live our lives. The entire structure of America may be in jeopardy here, Democrats want to remain shut until a vaccine and lay all the problems at Trump’s feet and most republicans want to just get on with life. This weekend in DC was gorgeous and had massive amounts of people walking around, some with masks but most not. I’m willing to wager that hospitals will not be overrun as a result. We just have to relax some stuff so people don’t go crazy
  11. Has anyone looked at total deaths from March/April this year vs last year. Take out vehicular deaths and I’d be curious if that number
  12. Totally got that and I remember I was impressed with Durant making a go of it. I still maintain there is no excuse for a healthy player to sit in street clothes under any circumstances. The regular season is just not compelling because the games just really do not mean anything. Baseball pennant races are compelling, Football obviously regular season means a lot, but I think NBA needs to do something semi drastic if they want people to tune in at all from Nov-May. TV ratings seem to back up that assertion.
  13. I guess re-watching the Jordan documentary explains why I borderline hate the NBA today. Can anyone ever imagine a player today demanding to play even though the front office has directed him to sit? Then just the emphasis on individual over team sours me as well. The regular season load management and it being widely-acceptable to openly tank for better draft picks is pretty awful. NBA playoffs is fine and I will watch, but not nearly as compelling as NCAA (for me).
  14. The 2nd paragraph here is what gets me. Who is going to be the politician that chooses to say that the American way of life for the masses outweigh the lives of the bottom 5%? No one wants to represent that position. Even bringing it up the possibility with my closest friends paints me as an absolute villain. In some room, somewhere, someone in the federal government is weighing this decision.
  15. Is that because those Viruses are impossible to get a vaccine for? Or bc after it went away there was no reason to invest in a vaccine?
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