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  1. That’s such a dick move by Isabell....lol. But he’s my guy so st joes can eat it.
  2. Can we just end this thing...ugh.
  3. I need a stat person to find our last 16-0 run...I’ve been a fan since 2003 and I can’t remember one. Let’s goooo
  4. Our FT problem is a problem
  5. Bess and Goodwin nba 3s...why????
  6. Isabell needs to play D or take a seat
  7. SLU_Nick

    2018-19 season

    We are on the 13 line. That is unheard of...wow.
  8. I really like when the opponent has one guy to stop. Bess will take Charlie Brown and turn his 20 ppg into 6. Lets go Billies!
  9. SLU_Nick

    NET, et al.

    Zona loses at home to a bad Oregon team in a game that was played in the 50s and really wasn't that close. There were 50 in the NET before last night. That fall should be pretty substantial.
  10. I thought it was curious that Ford ever wanted to move Goodwin to the 2 considering shooting might be his one weakness. I dont want to turn this into a Coach Ford bash thread though. I am just happy the offense has looked much more fluid the last 3 or 4 games. Isabell seems much more comfortable attacking the defense after receiving the first pass too. The change of having the threat of French catching and scoring from the free throw line has really opened everything else up. If I was an opposing coach, I would be in a 2-3 zone for all 40 mins....
  11. SLU_Nick

    NET, et al.

    It just seems ridiculous that our margin of error cannot withstand one slip up. I knew that it was unfortunate the A-10 OOC performance was historically disappointing, but I do not think I fully appreciated that it would put us in a position where we have to just run the table.
  12. SLU_Nick

    The Bills over St. J by 13

    It may have already been said, but when Jacobs picked the guys pocket at the top of that key and then ran the break perfectly....only to have isabell blow the open lay up....that was really unfortunate. I have a feeling that Jacobs is one of those guys that needs some good things to happen so more good things can happen