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  1. ‘Pressing man to man’. Thank god. The packed 2-3 is our kryptonite
  2. Lol. Our offense is absolutely atrocious
  3. This might be the most boring basketball game I’ve ever watched. Any level.
  4. These pack defenses against us make for some ugly games. Weaver just has to keep firing. jimerson would have 40 against this defense
  5. Hargrove brings little to nothing in a half court game
  6. I hope our guys take their anger out today. Blow em out!
  7. I think a lot people on here keep forgetting that we probably should have lost to Umass and started down 10 points to SIUC as well. Our record is inflated and I’m not optimistic we don’t take an L before Dayton
  8. Can someone please give me the dolphin meme?
  9. Man, I feel like I’m one of the cooler heads on this board and I am filled with so much rage. Take deep breaths boys
  10. Of course Davidson gets up up for us. there is still a lot of time left.
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