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  1. Strickland’s D on that one possession where he made the Fordham player look like Iverson made me finally realize why he doesn’t play. He doesn’t even bend down on defense, it was very weird.
  2. Why are we playing slow down now? Up 8 with 5 mins to go against Fordham
  3. Traore gets way too much hate. He’s not even supposed to be on the floor the entire season. He’s already just as good as Reggie agbekgo
  4. Has our half court offense provided any made FG?
  5. They have? I can’t tell. I like the theory that the players were hammered drunk 10 hours ago.
  6. 8 turnovers. This is unbelievable. Play Rashad Williams and lorensttson
  7. I bet SLU 2H so hopefully they can lose by 8 or less
  8. I don’t think we will score 57 in the game. So the game is over lol
  9. What a TERRIBLE sequence. Dayton isn’t even good. This is infuriating
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