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  1. One more late addition -- I had my bachelor party in St Louis in January 2017. One of my friends in the alumni department arranged for my brother and I to watch one of the closed practices. We watched the starters that season get absolutely torched by Bess, Henriquez, Graves and 2 walk ons. Then 17 year old JGood walks in and watches practice and my brother and I talked to his parents for a while. I told my brother than JGood was "the future" and would be one of the best billikens of all time (basically just listening to all the Billiken Roy hype). Talked to Ford for a while and all the players came over after and thanked me for coming to practice and supporting the program. Then each one of them shook our hands (seemed to be protocol for practice visitors). This is really why I give Ford such a long leash and am probably too easy on him. He represents the university so well. We are lucky to have him. Lastly...It did not shock me at all that Johnson transferred out...He saw Bess and Henriquez coming in poised to take every minute from him.
  2. It seems like over the weekend the overall tone has changed somewhat. A lot of people are starting to ask how many lives will be lost due to a 35% unemployment rate. Then it looks like Pres Trump tweeted out last night (in all caps of course) - "We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem". I also read that New York is allowing that malaria drug to be administered to treat Covid starting today. The death rate seems not to be getting exponential on us and it seems like conditions in Washington state are improving. I say "it seems" because I cannot keep straight what is actual info with all the slanted takes out there based on whatever viewpoint in the news you are looking for. It also seems that the GOP Senate really does not want to send people monthly checks. That seems to be the problem with the, "give a mouse a cookie" and having the govt float checks in the mail for rent/bills/etc of the normal American. If people realize that the gov't can actually do things like this on a mass scale, it becomes very hard to take it away and stop the country from moving left on the spectrum. I think GOP senate leadership will resist that at all costs. I think they'd prefer to open up the economy and let Covid run its course. So they will stick to the bailouts for corporations, loans, etc.... and the Dems will continue to be somehow blamed for any inaction, bc their ability to put out a coherent message is about equal to French at the free throw line.
  3. I can't watch the game footage without feeling soooo sad. We were totally gonna take down Dayton with the way we were clicking.
  4. This is a good take. I think the reason why people aren't taking it seriously is that it has never occurred before and the trust of the media/big govt/the president, take your pick is at an all time low. I'd also venture to say that society at large has systematically taken the empathy out of a lot of people...especially the young that are somewhat disenfranchised paying minimum payments on student loans that don't really see a path to upward mobility. i.e. why am I supposed to stay indoors and not live to keep the 60+ year olds sitting with $5M net worths comfortable. It is a dark thought that I am seeing in Twitter mentions. Might be all russian bots but I dont think so. It is a scary thought. I just hope we find a vaccine/cure soon so we can get out of this spiral we are in. I also think that the "situation" in Italy has not really had that shock factor to the casual observer that would drive a change in behavior for the under 30 healthy person. If this thing had ebola or SARS-like symptoms it might be a different story. It is too easy for a young person to say, when I get it, I will get a cough, recover at home for 2 weeks and be fine.
  5. I feel like billikens.com weekday posters skew somewhat affluent so this is the accepted viewpoint on this board. I'd be surprised if there was a laid off service worker who held this viewpoint. My uncle and cousin work in the service industry in Las Vegas and make a normal living financially providing for their families. Now their paycheck is stopped. If I was in their position, I legitimately would not know what to do. The vast majority of people in this country cannot afford to skip 2 paychecks. Are the government checks just going to be continually sent in the mail...indefinitely? I just wish there was some semblance of timeframe here. If the virus dies when the temperature warms up, that would be good information to have because then there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I've heard people speculate this but do not believe this fact is confirmed. The 1-2 million person figure is an estimate, based off a model, based off of inputted assumptions. Good point above @cheeseman that maybe the Chinese being 6 weeks ahead of us may shine some light on expected outcomes for the USA.
  6. At what point does just halting the economy, people's paychecks, etc outweigh the cost of all these drastic measures to contain a virus. Basically all of Las Vegas was just laid off, restaurants basically the same. This is not sustainable for multiple weeks in my opinion. At some point we have to open up the economy to at least let the non-vulnerable demographics return to normal. right?
  7. There’s already a thread for this
  8. I agree with @Basketbill that the scary thing is that really no information on what happens after a healthy patient gets over the Coronavirus. Is there any long term damage to your lungs? People like to equate it to the FLU because it gives flu-like symptoms but the unknown is still there . All that said, I am still planning on going to Vegas for March Madness next week. @Wiz - prepare to send me those Vegas lines that are off
  9. What if Dayton is upset in the quarters, and we lose in the final in a heartbreaker. I still think we would be bubblicious
  10. If we beat Dayton, that should be enough.
  11. Never cheered so hard for another A10 team. Go Richmond! I want the 3 seed
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