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  1. I think their fans are tired of it, too.
  2. I hope he’s doing better but I’m personally against him returning at any point in the future. Actions should have consequences, regardless of what demons a person is struggling with. He could’ve easily killed someone by choosing to drive intoxicated on multiple occasions.
  3. Assuming this is Mike Meadows, we are really going to need Ezewiro to get his waiver approved. Not a bad signing though, especially in August.
  4. Played for Pitino at Iona and it appears as if he was booted to make room for Ledlum. Averaged 11 and 5 for Iona last year. SLU should reach out.
  5. Good post. Another example would be how our current head coach left UMass high and dry to take the Oklahoma State job.
  6. We really need to get this last scholarship filled
  7. Just going off the top of my head and people I haven’t seen mentioned yet. CUSA: Steve Logan A10: Courtney Stockard
  8. Curious to see what Ford will prioritize with the remaining scholarship.
  9. Can anyone shed light on how involved Bonner still is with the program? I remember him helping out at practices a few years back but not sure beyond that.
  10. I wonder if Beal somehow managed to get that worked into the deal. Would definitely love that for JGood.
  11. There’s plenty of things to rightly criticize Ford for, but Perkins injury was not remotely his fault. It occurred early in the first half of the team’s first exhibition game.
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