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  1. Played a pivotal role in one of my favorite games from the ‘19-20 season at Rhode Island. Not a huge blow to next years team, but still bummed regardless.
  2. I understand he could probably make more in the CFL or playing basketball overseas, but seeing French as the starting TE for the Battlehawks when the XFL returns would be pretty legit.
  3. What realistic options are still available?
  4. After what happened this season, I'm content with flying under the radar for the time being. I still don't get why people continue to hype up Richmond year after year, though.
  5. Pure speculation on my part, but I believe he was initially committed to SIUC before signing with SLU. Obviously different circumstances with new coaching staff in place there, but I'd imagine the Valley would be a solid fit for him regardless.
  6. Certainly not a good look, but curious timing of this being made public.
  7. Is the AAC really an upgrade over the A10? Seems like a lateral move at best.
  8. LSU doing everything they can to blow this.
  9. LSU starting to settle in. So far so good.
  10. Oh man, I didn't even recognize that was him.
  11. LSU beat Ole Miss by double digits on the road earlier this year. No reason to think they can't do the same tonight.
  12. Boise St. is not good. Nevada looking good early on.
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