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  1. I’m going to be sick if we lose cause of free throws.
  2. Get Forrester out. I don’t care how bad Franco has been.
  3. Can’t leave this many points at the line.
  4. And we get the token, “What is a Billiken?” segment coming up.
  5. I’m just not seeing it with Forrester.
  6. Smith looks to have re-injured his ankle as well. Terrible last few days for Dayton.
  7. Anybody see what Pickett did to get T’d up?
  8. One of the better wins of the Ford era in my opinion.
  9. Forrester giving us absolutely nothing today.
  10. That 5 point possession for Providence feels like it’s going to be a killer.
  11. Hughes Jr. giving solid minutes all things considered.
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