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A10 around the league


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2 hours ago, HoosierPal said:

Women's Action....plenty of it!


It will be interesting to see if the A10 comes down on the GW players, and if the Big 12 comes down on the TCU players. The two who started the fight had both lost control. The TCU Coach made her players apologize to the refs and the GW coach.

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According to KenPom, SLU has the #34 SOS out there right now.  Conversely, Fordham is at #357 , Duquesne is at #295, Loyola is at #285, with Umass as an outlier at #169.  Mighty, undefeated Mizzou at #361.  There are 363 teams in KenPom's D1 rankings.  

I have foudn that teams schedule lightly when 1) a new coach takes over, 2) when joining a new league, and 3) when roster turnovers are great.  This is a case of just about every team listed.  I expect it will all even out as league play heats up.

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