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  1. What tv didn’t show was all the standing room only crowd back in shaded areas, and all people milling around inside the stadium getting concessions (incidentally, more internet bandwidth connected to the Point of Sale machines at Busch is needed, maybe something for Chaifetz to look at if everything is going no paper money). While some people maybe didn’t show after buying tickets, the place was packed.
  2. I was there Friday, it was as packed as any game I was ever at, including playoffs and the 2013 World Series. Heck, more packed than some early playoff games
  3. More golf carts to run people from the parking garage to Chaifetz and back seems easily doable. Maybe there is a place for a lot or garage down by the Med campus that they could run busses or shuttles between them? Maybe work with Humps or any other bar/restaurant to get buses to shuttle people to/from Chaifetz? Maybe a shuttle bus from say West County Mall, or St Charles or Arnold like the one from St Clair Square to Busch?
  4. I must have missed the reason for the old threads being bumped too. By my count there are approximately 1186 pages of threads older than Dec 2021, each page with 25 threads on it. So potentially, 1186x25=29,650 old threads that could be bumped, which would make it impossible to use this site for any meaningful discussion.
  5. Thanks! We sure keep the moderator busy sometimes….
  6. Larson looked really good in spring soccer. I know those were only exhibition, but it looked like Coach Shields got them to take the games seriously, and they were playing hard.
  7. They lost one senior and 1 transfer, who didn’t play much and got 1 assist all year. They add 7 incoming freshmen, a transfer who was the points leader at her old school (Julia Simon, from Louisville, 4 goals 3 assists as a freshman last year), Hannah Larson is back at full strength after missing last year (she had 8 goals and an assist as a freshman), and Emily Groark back after she only played 49 minutes last year (the year before she got 7 goals and an assist). So plenty added to a team that won a game on the road in the tourney. Lots to be excited about.
  8. Classes start Aug 24th, so very little time left. Also, he’s about to miss a free trip to Europe…
  9. Look at it this way, sure beats the alternative….
  10. Just means I watch too darn much TV…
  11. Very true. I suppose the Big 10 could just schedule around it, no road games for UCLA against the U of Iowa, THE Ohio State University, Purdue and Indiana University, those teams can travel to UCLA. Bigger question for UCLA is what Gov Newsom will do to them. He heads their board of regents
  12. Congratulations to Julia, Carol, Soph, and future Billiken Nina! Should be a great season coming up.
  13. And in both cases, the people running up the debt are telling their bosses to buzz off and getting away with it. How ever much they make in tv deals in whatever the new conference format will not solve their basic problems, just enable them for a brief while longer before the next spending spree they go puts them back in the same situation, probably further in debt.
  14. So basically, most university presidents and boards of regents can’t control their athletic departments. Keeping to a budget is a basic thing
  15. FIFA is more corrupt, but they are very competent at carrying out their corruption. The NCAA is inept at both formulating effective policy and carrying any policy out. I will say that the NCAA can never be as corrupt as FIFA, because to be that corrupt requires effectiveness at carrying out corrupt practices.
  16. But are they MORE inept than the NCAA? That’s the real challenge, getting more inept than the NCAA…
  17. In my opinion, no, there has never been a more inept organization than the NCAA.
  18. Truer words were never spoken. The transfer portal just became more important than recruiting. We will still need recruiting, but if a Billiken freshman player has a good season…
  19. As for why the Big 10 makes sense for the Fighting Irish, check out the following article: https://www.uhnd.com/history/2020/04/29/top-10-greatest-rivalries-in-notre-dame-football-history/ from the list, teams that will be in the Big 10: 1 -USC 2 - Michigan 3 - Michigan State 6 - Purdue 10 - Penn State on the list, the highest rated rivalry not in the Big 10 is number 4, Miami. If Norte Dame wanted them in, and Miami wanted to come along, the Big 10 would agree in a heartbeat. Of the other big Norte Dame rivals on that list, the Big 10 would take any of them to get Norte Dame to go along (7-Stanford,8-Boston College, 9-Pitt) except maybe Navy (the #5 rival of the Irish). Not sure I see a service academy going to the Big 10.
  20. I agree, but what exact teams go where is in flux, because the biggest domino waiting to fall is Norte Dame. Last checked, they wanted a deal giving them alone about $75 mil a year. Not sure they could get that, but if every Big 10 team in the next rights deal could get $100 mil a year without the Fighting Irish, the question becomes just how much money is Norte Dame willing to give up to maintain its Independent status. If Norte Dame wants to join a conference for football, the logical choice is the Big 10. They fit in every other way (geographically, academically) and a lot of their traditional rivalries are going to be in the Big 10. After that, then the Big 10 grabs whoever they want from the PAC 10 for another team (Oregon? Washington?), and the rest of the PAC 10 joins either the Big 12 or the Mountain West. Exactly who goes where I’m not sure, multiple teams could make logical cases to join multiple conferences.
  21. Exactly. Apple could get it financed very easily with all that collateral to back up any borrowing. People would be falling all over each other to give them money. And that’s assuming they would take a 100% ownership position. Set it up as it’s own corporation, and they could sell off 49% of it and still have total control. Lots of options
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