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  1. The conference is going to be a dog fight. It wouldn’t be surprising to have multiple teams with a chance to win it on the last week of the season.
  2. Even though Grawer was plagued at the end with players loaded with problems, he saved this program from extinction. He took on a program that was dead in the water and went to two NITs.
  3. Fred Thatch epitomizes all that a student athlete can become. He brings great honor to himself, his team, and his school. Glad he chose SLU.
  4. I feel it’s going to be tough keeping Pickett on the bench. He plays with a ferocity that will make everyone better.
  5. I loved Drejaj as a Billiken. I could see his having great success as a head coach, hopefully for SLU someday.
  6. If Cuonzo showed up on the Bills’ staff, Pickett would be charged.
  7. If Cuonzo showed up on the Bills’ staff, Pickett would be charged.
  8. It would be nice if we did, but the conference is.going to be a tougher road. I believe UMass. Rhode Island, and George Mason will join Richmond, VCU, Davidson, and Dayton as conference challengers. It would be nice if this created a 3-bid league, but I’ll believe that when I see it.
  9. Sorry. I’m referring to Keira.
  10. Offering one of SLU’s last scholarships is a good investment. He is a beast inside. I know his injury history will follow him, but if he can get healthy, he will be a helpful addition.
  11. Another point: Pickett played last year without a point guard. Yuri will make him more effective.
  12. Pickett and Cuonzo have a mutual respect. Supposedly Pickett was a gym rat from day one and really upped his game, especially his defensive game. He had 19 pts. against Kansas-the only threat Mizzou had that day. He definitely plays bully ball and is not afraid to crash the boards against the trees. I feel this is a solid get and will make the Bills better.
  13. A number of successful coaches employ that stylle: Pitino, Leonard Hamilton, and Bill Self doesn’t press, but athletic players are lightening quick on offense.
  14. Williams, Jones, Strickland, Traore, Hargrove. I’d even put Fred in that group. These guys are are athletes who I feel would be more effective in a wide open game.
  15. Dayton’s defeat of Kansas this season is definitely more impressive after last night.
  16. True. Trouble was, Ford had Mike Anderson-style players-and Hargrove as well-on his bench who were athletes, who would be much better pressing and running. My point is: it doesn’t make sense to recruit players who can’t max their ability in your system. McKillup does a great job of finding players who are taylor-made to his system.
  17. I agree. Our coaches need to figure out how to handle VCU, Dayton, St. Bonaventure, and Davidson on a regular basis. Any players we recruit have to enhance our chances of owning these teams. They don’t need to fill this team with bench players who will leave at the end of the.season.
  18. Noah Carter, who averaged 15 ppg as a sophomore at Northern Iowa, has entered the portal.
  19. I gather that he is done at SLU. Another scholarship opens up.
  20. The MO for Ford is to play a max of 7 to 8 players a game. He is not alone, plenty of other coaches have the same MO. However, there are plenty of coaches, like Leonard Hamilton, who trust in their recruiting and play 10 or more in each game. They don’t have angst over injuries or foul trouble that the others do.
  21. Brazile from Mizzou has entered the transfer portal. He is a player. Would be a nice target for SLU.
  22. Pitino wants him to be the next coach at UMass, Pitino’s alma mater.
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