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  1. SLU has done a fantastic job scheduling non-conference opponents. Frankly I’m amazed they wanted to play SLU at all. But due to how the conference works, those games can only be scheduled early. (I also think part of that has to do with the other conferences. Example, if you played in the ACC, and had to go against teams currently rated 2,3,4,6,7,14,19, 22,30,34,47, I’m not sure you go looking for another good non-conference team to play, you get your share just playing conference games.). It would be great if the A10 conference had higher ranked teams, teams, but right now they don’t, and they are where they are in the rankings. Net result, SLU has peaked in the rankings, their playing teams ranked much worse than them, even if they beat them, just doesn’t move the rankings at all upward. It’s simply how it is, so all SLU can do is play one game at a time. GM is up next, go beat them.
  2. There apparently is a National College Cricket Association if people are interested… https://www.nccaofficial.org/about-us
  3. And the Cardinals beat Milwaukee 6-2, so tough night for Milwaukee fans.
  4. SLU’s real problem at this point is that they’ve peaked in RPI, only way to go is down since they don’t play any high ranked teams. Highest RPI foe right now on the schedule is VCU, at 41. Beating lower ranked teams doesn’t help your RPI, but losing to a lower ranked team sure can hurt it. The only thing they can do is play one game at a time and find a way to beat them. Next up is George Mason, RPI of 243. Beating them does nothing to help SLU’s RPI, but you can’t lose to them and expect anything but a real sharp decline in RPI. Highest Conference regular season ranking gets you home field in the A10 conf tourney, and the higher your RPI come NCAA tourney time, the better chance at getting a home game in the NCAA (highest ranked team gets home field until the final 4 in Cary, NC). Grind out those wins, Roll Bills!
  5. A big 0 is how I look at it. They knew they needed to improve the offense, they only manage 7 shots, 2 on goal, no scoring. Is that really an improvement? I don’t think so. If this bunch can’t score, better find some people who can. 1-1-1 MIGHT get you through this group, but there’s no guarantee of that. Without scoring, I don’t see how you get the 1 win part of that. Sorry to be a downer, but it is what it is.
  6. Getting some home games in the NCAA tourney would be great, but we are a long way from that. Need to keep up with the schedule and beat the teams that we play, then win the A10 Tournament (which is also based on the higher ranked team hosting), the we can worry about the NCAA. It’s a long way to go until then, George Mason is up next, concentrate on beating them.
  7. The next step is to be put on “Double-Secret” Probation….
  8. Question - Who could ever have guessed that Memphis would ever be accused of violating NCAA guidelines? Answer - Everyone
  9. They are in the top 10 in every major pole right now, and #12 in RPI, only lost 1 game to one of the top teams in the country. Last year they were never ranked.
  10. Emily Gaebe, A10 Offensive Player of the week, for the second time this year.
  11. I have no idea. The only theory I can advance is that the early games were at SLU, so the extra wear and tear on Hermann’s natural turf would be fixed by the time the season starts, while Korte Stadium has the artificial turf, so no worries about the extra games in season. That’s the only logical reason I can see, but I have no idea really.
  12. Well, a win is a win. I thought SLU should have had another goal off that foul penalty, but oh well. They outshot them 21-4, including 9 on goal, but couldn’t get the second goal. While it’s nice to statistically look good, the scoreboard is the only statistic that matters. That having been said, they did win on the road against the Dukes, which they have had a tough time with on occasion in Pittsburgh. Nice pass to Abbie Miller from Emily Gaebe for a great header for the goal. Emily Puricelli slipped trying to kick the ball a couple of times, but it didn’t cost her. The Dukes keeper looked pretty good on some of those saves, so credit to her for keeping the score down. I think the wind affected the game somewhat, but it evened out for both sides. No Hannah Larson again, but she now gets a week to heal up. GM up next Sunday at home, Mason just lost vs Fordham, and is currently 0-2-1 in the A10 and 1-7-3 overall, their only win against Howard, so another game the Billikens should win. SLU gets Thursday off, but GM has to play on the road against the Bonnie’s before they come to St Louis (that’s a brutal travel schedule, but that’s how it is in the A10 sometimes).
  13. I think the NCAA taking away the OT periods was a mistake, there are too many ties this year. I’m not saying PK’s every game, but last years rules about the two OT periods and ending with the first score, rather than just going to a tie.
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