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  1. Here’s a post from Transfer Portal for Playing Time’s twitter @TP4PT Transfer Portal for Playing Time @TP4PT CBB Division 1 programs with most available scholarships today. 8: Cal State Northridge 7: Prairie View A&M 6: Bethune Cookman 6: Mississippi Valley 5: Coppin State 5: Eastern Illinois 5: Nicholls State 4: Alabama State 4: Arkansas-Pine Bluff 4: St. Louis 4: Notre Dame 4: Jacksonville State 4: Texas 4: SC Upstate 4: Michigan 4: Chicago State 4: Buffalo 4: Manhattan 4: Howard 4: Maryland Eastern Shore 4: Louisiana 4: Texas Southern 4: New Mexico State 4: Southern Utah 4: Pacific #TP4PT #TransferPortal 9:05 AM · Jun 1, 2023· 3h Update: EIU now has 1 available, and SC Upstate has filled out their roster. ᗩᑎT ᗯᖇIGᕼT
  2. I am curious to see where Yuri ends up in his pro career. I would guess overseas somewhere.
  3. True. Will that stand up to a lawsuit if a student pushes? The way scholarships work, they can be taken away by a coach on a yearly basis. If the school isn’t going to commit to a 4 year guarantee to that student, why should the student not have the same freedom to move? My guess, the NCAA makes a lot of noise about stopping multiple transfers by a student, but if push comes to shove they will find a way to grant an exemption under the current rules to the player who makes a fuss rather than risk losing in court.
  4. Or, the law of Supply and Demand kicks in. Extra year goes away, fewer players since players don’t have 5th Covid year, price per player goes up
  5. I’ve always wondered why SLU doesn’t have men and women’s golf teams, seems right to be appropriate for SLU
  6. That is an outstanding question. I have no idea
  7. Amazing that in all these years of NCAA Track and Field there has never been an athlete from SLU who made the national championship meet until now. Well done Toby Gillen!
  8. How’s the competition in the A10 shaping up?
  9. Looks like a rematch against George Mason tomorrow
  10. If we win the first game, second game is not needed, we just win.
  11. Nope, it’s a winner!!!!! 6-5 Bills win!
  12. And here I thought entering the portal and putting down “do not contact” was the same as just not entering the portal. Clearly I have a lot to learn about this….
  13. not sure where to put him without messing up the rest, but it would add to the overall effect!
  14. And introducing the new Revolutionary themed court for the GWU Revolutionairies!
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