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  1. I’m sure there are other stadiums FIFA can use
  2. Can’t make the Friday night game, but will make it Saturday.
  3. Nice goal CJ! It would better to score earlier in the game, but that’s just fine.
  4. Found the answer, they are Div 2, in the MIAA conference. Does that change anyone’s mind about not renewing season tickets?
  5. Now we know why the schedule was so late, they weren’t going to get a lot of season ticket renewals after this got released, so get as many renewals as you can before this gets out. What Division is Lincoln (MO) in anyway? Div 3? NAIA?
  6. Disney on Ice doesn’t need a regulation size hockey ring, just enough space to set up a temporary ice surface of whatever size they need.
  7. 4-0 win over LaSalle, very nice overall, but LaSalle really seemed to park the bus for the first half and allowed the Billikens to retain control of the ball, but packed the back line to limit our chances. Only 5 shots on goal the first half, 0-0 at halftime, and that was a result of Emily Purcelli making a great save late in the first half. Scoring started in the second half, Emily Gaebe got fouled in the box and Lyndsey Heckel got the PK goal. Gaebe got her revenge for the foul with a goal, then Hannah Sawyer got a nice goal, then Emily Gaebe got another, and it was pretty much over at that point. The LaSalle head coach got a yellow card, I hope he keeps his blood pressure medicine handy, and an assistant got another. Sophia Stram who went down late in the Loy-Chi game was there, but her right ankle was taped and she didn’t play. Didn’t stop her from dancing before the game with Caroline Kelly and Lyndsey Heckel for a bit as per usual, so hopefully nothing too serious. Macy Lutz got the start in her place. Overall a nice game by everyone, Dayton up next in a week.
  8. Very true. It is still up there, go to the Billiken App, click on the rewards tab, and check out the future events, and it still says St Vincent Park for both the matches against VCU Friday and Saturday. I think they play at the Pavilion as normal, but this is more inattention to detail on the part of the Billiken Athletic Dept.
  9. Curious question, when I logged in to the Billiken app while waiting for the Women’s soccer game to start, I looked at the schedule and it said that the Volleyball team games on Friday and Saturday would be at St Vincent Park. Is there a problem getting the work done on the Chaifetz Pavilion, or is this just another example of the Billikens athletics dept not paying attention to details?
  10. Hofstra thinks they are coming, we apparently are not so sure. Maybe someone booked the basketball game on Dec 9th at the same time someone else booked Disney on Ice at Chaifetz or something?
  11. That website has the one issue with the SLU schedule as Hofstra - TBD. Go to Hofstra’s website, they think they are coming to St Louis Dec 9th. https://gohofstra.com/news/2023/8/28/mens-basketball-meet-me-in-st-louis-pride-to-face-billikens-this-december.aspx
  12. SLU 0, VCU 0. Looking at the statistics, SLU was lucky to get the draw. VCU got 16 shots, 6 on goal, to only 5 shots, 1 on goal from SLU. VCU also dominated corner kicks 13 to 4. The Billikens are now 5 games into a 16 game schedule, and have only got 3 goals so far this season to go along with the 1-3-1 record. They need to figure out how to score more. We are now nearly a third of the way into the season, and with every game played it seems more and more like this I who they are. There is still time to change it, but they need to fix it soon. Oral Roberts is next, their only loss is to SMU at SMU, and they beat #23 Tulsa (also that game was apparently Ted Lasso Night, so shout out to the Oral Roberts marketing people for coming up with that promotion. Not sure what they did that night, but it sure sounds fun).
  13. Unless SLU lined up offsides on that disallowed goal (which if that was the case, the flag should have gone up right away), then I don’t see how it could have been called offsides. I hope SLU had a private conversation with the conference office about it.
  14. If they are professionals, then they should be signed to a contract, which locks them to one team for the length of the contract. This is what the NCAA gets for not treating athletes as professionals, and not sharing the revenue with players.
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