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  1. I’m guessing the Husky is Northern Illinois. Not sure about the Bronco, Western Michigan?
  2. This is the only one on the schedule so far. I would bet there will be more, but nothing scheduled that I am aware of.
  3. This will be interesting to see what happens. Nothing has popped up on transfermarket yet on either the St Louis City incoming rumors or AC Horsens outgoing rumors. Transfermarket does have his value at 1 million euros, for whatever that’s worth. With the incoming players (Teuchert and Hartel) and injury returnees on the attacking side coming back eventually (Pompeo, Klauss, Alm, Ostrak) plus their long term interest in Caden Glover, is there room for Simon long term? On the other hand, Pompeo’s injury was bad, are we sure he makes it back? No reflection on him, but man, that was a bad injury.
  4. You raise an excellent point, a coach that gets this team to the quarterfinals or semifinals of the World Cup, for example, will make their reputation and legacy forever. How likely is that with the American players available? I don’t know. One thing I can say is that for all our faults, the USMNT was ranked 11th in the world (before Copa America), so will a coach see that as enough talent, and see how he can impact things to improve? I just don’t know. And as for De La Fuente, will a 63 year old who has a contract through 2026 and has never played or coached outside his home country of Spain really want to head to the US? He has to see how he can get the American players to score goals against top international teams or there’s no point to coming here, but even if he has seen the games and thinks he knows he can get that fixed, will he still want to come, or is this just looking for an offer to get a raise from Spain? I just don’t think so, but I definitely could be wrong.
  5. Should be interesting, they might need to give away programs so fans can tell who’s who…
  6. Hard to tell. If it’s legitimate interest, go for him. I have a hard time thinking it’s anything more than a way to get a raise from Spain, he’s spent his whole career in Spain, and it’s hard to see how, at age 63, he now wants to head overseas. I can’t see how you don’t pursue this, the guy is everything you can want. But don’t be surprised if he just takes a US offer as a way to get a raise.
  7. I get that. What the MLS is trying to thread the needle and allow owners to bring in some better players while maintaining enough control over spending overall to allow for competitive balance in the league and preventing widespread team bankruptcies. Overseas the overall love of the sport can overcome anything, leagues changing (the English Premier League is only 4 years older than MLS, built by breaking teams off from the old system), teams going bankrupt (fans just find new clubs to support). That’s not the case in the US, the old NASL was pretty wide open with spending, until it reached the point where it drove most owners out of the business (when it folded, only 3 owners wanted to keep playing). We didn’t have a top tier soccer league for 12 years, it really looked like there would never be one, and when MLS was formed, they really thought they had it figured out. However, the MLS went technically bankrupt in January 2001 (they never declared bankruptcy, but they had no money to pay their billls). Phillip Anschulz dumped millions of his own money into the MLS to save the league, and these complex rules started taking shape. The Designated Player rule (and U23 Initiative Player designation) allows a limited limited number of higher paid players to join without triggering bankruptcies and allowing for competitive balance. Most leagues that allow any team to pay as much as they want end up with a very few number of teams with a legitimate chance to win the league and that group does not change to to concentrating talent on a few teams. There are only 4-5 Premier League teams which have a legitimate chance to win the league, and it ends up being the same group year after year. Other leagues, like the Bundesliga, are the same. MLS looks at the other highly successful sports leagues in the US, sees how they try to achieve competitive balance (salary caps and drafts) and wants that. They don’t think they can sell the product they have if only the same 4-5 teams ever have a chance to win the league. And for the most part they’ve succeeded, more MLS teams actually have a chance to win the league every year than in other league so it’s actually working in that respect.
  8. Per the CBA: Year Salary Budget General Allocation Money Discretionary TAM Available Spend on Roster* 2021 $4,900,000 $1,525,000 $2,800,000 $9,225,000 2022 $4,900,000 $1,625,000 $2,800,000 $9,325,000 2023 $5,210,000 $1,900,000 $2,720,000 $9,830,000 2024 $5,470,000 $2,585,000 $2,400,000 $10,455,000 2025 $5,950,000 $2,930,000 $2,225,000 $11,105,000 2026 $6,425,000 $3,280,000 $2,125,000 $11,830,000 2027 $7,068,000 $3,921,000 $2,025,000 Sorry the table I copied didn’t work. First number under each year is the salary cap, second is GAM (General Allocation Money), third is TAM (Targeted Allocation Money), last is total available to spend on roster. The MLS salary rules are complicated. I realize that may be a complete understatement…
  9. Dayton got the Automatic bid by winning the conference, there were no at large A10 teams invited. VCU finished ranked #36 in RPI, we were #42. With 48 teams in the tournament, and 23 automatic qualifiers from the 23 conference champions, that leaves 25 at large bids. Given that 7 conferences had no one in the top 48 in RPI, that means that roughly the cut off if you didn’t win the conference tournament was somewhere around 41. We were almost there (going solely by RPI) even with our play, but not quite. VCU may have more of a complaint, but didn’t play a tough enough schedule. Generally, you need to be 30-35 in RPI to guarantee an at large bid, higher than that you are on the bubble. The A10 was a one bid league last year by results. That however, had nothing to do with our not making it in my opinion.
  10. Being unable to score was the entire reason we didn’t make the tournament last year, it had zero to do with what conference we were in. To make the NCAA as an at large bid in soccer your RPI needs to be around 30-35, we were 42. There was plenty of room for us to do that in our schedule, we just didn’t do it. Turn a couple of those ties into wins, turn a couple of those losses into ties, and we’re in the NCAA tournament. We didn’t score enough when we needed to.
  11. With only 211 D1 Men’s Soccer programs, being in the top 100 for RPI means you’re in the top half of all D1 programs. Being in the top 100 for Men’s basketball (362 programs), means you are in the top 27.6% of all programs. Big difference.
  12. I think City got into the MLS with an idea of what they needed to spend to be competitive, then Messi happened and the cost of getting higher quality players went up and blew their ideas out of the water. They have responded to it with landing 3 international players, but you can only add them during the international window, which is in the summer (when every other league playing fall through spring is off). The only other time you can add is during the MLS off season, which is actually in mid-season for the European leagues, which makes it hard to get good players at that time (not impossible, but hard). So City was stuck with who they had until the summer transfer window opened (which it still hasn’t until July 18th). You can also add on an unusually high number of injuries to City’s problems, most of which happened in training (not all, but most). Is that on the coach for pushing too hard? I have no idea.
  13. It’s a lot easier to replace the manager than it is to replace a lot of players who are under contract and you must pay through the length of their contract. Every team in every sports league in every country in the world has figured that out.
  14. 3 wins out of 20 games is not good enough, so while I didn’t want to see it, I really can’t argue against it. But it was not his fault alone. After selling off Nico, the team just sat on what they had, and we went out on the MLS campaign with one of the lowest (if not the lowest) payrolls in MLS. Is it really realistic to expect to compete on the cheap like that? They did it with some luck last year, but no luck this year. If Diego and Lutz were telling ownership we could compete that way, then at least some blame rides on them. If Diego and Lutz were saying we needed to spend more and ownership wasn’t listening, then Carolyn Kindle & Co need to take that blame. But it’s only a share of the total blame. New players are coming, is there time to salvage the season? They need a lot of wins (3 pts) in their remaining games to make the playoffs. Maybe they should really try to do something in League’s Cup, a good showing there would at least give us some optimism.
  15. What was his full stat line from the game? I’m not sure only 4 assists in 26+ minutes keeps him in the G League after the summer
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