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  1. Feb 16, 2022 - Lisa Stone’s final season, the Billikens (injury plagued all season), played St. Joseph’s with only 6 players and WON. Starters were Brooke Flowers (40 min), Julia Martinez (40 min), Natalie McNeal (40 min), Peyton Kennedy (38 min), and Sarah Lazar (32 min). The entire available bench was Anna Maria Prifti, a transfer in from Greece in mid-season, who had not played a single minute all season prior to this game, who played 10 minutes (Sarah Lazar was a seldom played bench player who scored her first goal all season the game prior). St Joseph’s played 10 players, rotating in fresh players all game. Billikens hung tough, but were down by 7 points with 5:27 left. Then SLU makes it’s run, tying up the game on a Peyton Kennedy layup with 2:25 left, going ahead by 2 with 1:32 left on a Natalie McNeal layup, then icing the game with 2 FT’s each by Julia Martinez and Brooke Flowers, while only giving up 1 FT to the Hawks that stretch due the great defense. Final score 51-46, Billiken win. It had to be the most impressive win I’ve seen outside of the A10 tournament win last year, not a pretty game at all, but all guts and determination. Yes, you can play with 6. https://slubillikens.com/sports/womens-basketball/stats/2021-22/saint-joseph-s/boxscore/15274
  2. Apparently they are done for the season. From their announcement: DAVIDSON, N.C. – The Davidson College athletic department announced Friday that the remainder of the 2023-24 women's basketball season has been canceled due to a significant number of injuries. The Wildcats, who started the year a program-best 12-1, highlighted by a win at Duke, conclude the campaign 18-8 overall. Davidson College Statements The physical, mental and emotional toll of this unfortunate and injury-riddled season has brought us to this point. We are incredibly saddened that we cannot finish out the season strong but feel this is the best decision for our scholar-athletes. – Chris Clunie, Davidson Vice President & Director of Athletics The injuries we have sustained this season have weighed heavily on our entire program. This decision is not one that we are taking lightly, as no one wanted it to end this way. Our team of young women is the strongest, most caring, and most competitive team I have ever been a part of. They have been an absolute JOY to coach, every single day. Despite the challenging nature of the way this season has unfolded, our team never wavered and competed to the very end. I am confident there is no team in the country that would have handled the hardship we faced with as much grace, strength, and adaptability as our young women did. I am so proud of them. – Gayle Fulks, Davidson Head Coach
  3. This actually sounds like a big deal for Knox College. They put out on their website that this was the first exhibition game against a D1 team in at least 20 years. Also, average SLU attendance - 1,456 per game, total attendance for all 12 Knox College home games combined was 1,575. Glad to have them over for a game instead of nothing. The tallest player on their team is only 6’1”, but they do have some players who can shoot, they led their conference in scoring, and have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th highest scoring averages in the conference on their team.
  4. I expect to see a lot of the bench players getting a lot of minutes. The top players? Some minutes to exercise them. Knox probably will play like it’s their postseason tournament, which it is.
  5. I guess see if enough players can compete with the extra rest, if not they forfeit. Right now they are the 10 seed, so the 15 seed, St Bonaventure, just gets a pass on day one? Not sure how that works, honestly.
  6. Yeah, not like Travis is doing anything worthwhile at halftime anyway.
  7. Being an FBS independent not named Notre Dame has no way of working the way things are changing. UMass had to chose between 3 options: 1.) - join an FBS conference. 2.) - go down to FCS in football. 3.) - just kill the football program. They chose option 1. The MAC was the best choice they had right now. Whatever the effect the decision they made about football had on the basketball program was irrelevant, the basketball program needs to just roll with it and do the best it can wherever they ended up.
  8. Any bets on how long it will take someone to sue over this, and all restrictions get removed from the transfer portal by judicial action?
  9. 80-64 loss. We kept Jordan King from getting 30 points, that’s about the best I can say right now.
  10. Travis has a top secret plan which he will disclose provided we extend him again. Keep the faith!
  11. Jordan King is on pace for 30+. Here’s a plan, try defending him…
  12. That’s exactly what it is, two color commentators and no play by play.
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