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  1. 68-56 win over George Mason, Brooke Flowers got a Triple-Double with 11 Pts, 18 Rebs, 11 Blocks, which gives her the first Triple-Double in the history of the program, and she also broke the season blocks record (she has 96 this year). Kyla McMakin get 22 pts, Julia Martinez 10 pts, and 8 each for Mia Nicastro and Peyton Kennedy. Overall both teams shooting was low, the Billikens line was 24/23.5/61.5, and George Mason’s line was 34.4/15.8/72.4. The crowd was large and loud on Education Day, which probably affected both teams. By the way, if you have a room full of kids and want them to make as much noise as possible, Dre is the man to make it happen. SLU is now 4-5 in conference.
  2. Time to sweep the A10 tournament if we want to get in the NCAA tournament. Otherwise the NIT awaits, assuming we get in there, of course….
  3. Axl Rose caused a big storming of the stage at Riverport in the early 90’s
  4. NET Road Neu Home Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 67 67 Dayton Atlantic 10 14-8 2-4 1-3 11-1 0-3 1-2 4-3 9-0 81 81 VCU Atlantic 10 16-6 3-3 1-1 12-2 1-1 1-3 6-0 8-2 85 85 Saint Louis Atlantic 10 14-6 4-3 1-1 9-2 1-3 1-1 6-1 6-1 Looking at the NET ratings, the only reason I can see for Dayton being ahead of us is that they have no Q4 losses. We have a better road record, a better neutral court record, and better Q1, Q2 and Q3 records. They have a better Q4 record, which apparently counts much more than all the rest. Conclusion: we need to schedule cream puffs and beat up on them if the NCAA actually takes this NET garbage seriously for selection for at large bids.
  5. Bottom line....Play like we have been playing and this game is ours. There it is. Play our game (even if we are playing in a broom closet this game) and take the win. No looking ahead to VCU, concentrate on taking care of business. As always, compliments to the Wiz and his computer
  6. With the limited training and the uncertainty at coach, not much to be learned from a team perspective. For individuals who got on the field and were able to make some plays, a great opportunity that some took advantage of. We do need a better answer at 9, B Vasquez played himself into that discussion.
  7. Yeah, I might need to visit my doctor for high blood pressure meds after seeing that… BUT, a win is a win…
  8. A huge win! Fordham is one of the better teams in the A10. Kyla McMakin was on, 33 pts, Brooke Flowers had one of the best games of her career, 23 pts 12 rebounds for her double double. Julia Martinez gets a double double the hard way, 13 rebounds 12 assists, but only 6 pts (she had a lot of layups bounce out for some reason). I thought the defense was good, but Fordham was just hitting on every piece of junk they were throwing up in the 2nd and 3rd period (they shot 60% in the 2nd period and 70% in the 3rd) to take the lead, but the Billikens hung tough and the law of averages caught up with Fordham, they shot 27% in the fourth (and only 16% from 3pt range). Peyton Kennedy had a monster game off the bench, 17 pts and 5 rebounds). Camree Clegg did go out with an injury on a more somber note. They are starting to really come together as a team.
  9. I think that clip may actually represent normal student life at Davidson
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