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  1. still think jolly will be good in the long run. solid build
  2. early jolly sighting. crews feelng confident?
  3. i feel much more confident about our d at this point compared to start of the season
  4. Anyone else think MR's point guard skill set may have been hurt by having okafor on his high school team? Seems like he tries to force it inside too often and usually resulting in turnovers because our guys aren't able to catch every single ball inside like his old post mate. Still think if he stays dedicated to the process he could make the rotation with good defense. He seems like an able ball handler in terms of bringing the ball up the court (something that makes me nervous more often than it should), just needs work in the halfcourt offense
  5. This is amazing. Wish I had these links for all my sports streaming
  6. Would like to see us use our size more. Lots of mismatches
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