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  1. I thought Mizzou was on covid protocol and yet they played today. How is that?
  2. I believe it is Virginia that has cancelled its entire women's basketball season.
  3. Interesting instant reschedule. LSU and Missouri was cancelled because of Mizzou Covid issues. South Carolina vs Mississippi was cancelled because of SC's Covid issues. So LSU ended up playing Mississippi today and winning.
  4. Perdue beat Michigan State on a last second shot. Michigan State was tied with the Billikens in the AP.
  5. He had 14 in a tough loss to Kentucky on Saturday.
  6. I watched the end. St. Joe was up 3 with about 6 seconds to go. Fatts dribbled down and let go an off balance 3 but the defender fouled him just before he released the ball. Fatts made all 3 free throws. No excuse for fouling then, but it happens. Crushing defeat for St. Joe.
  7. One of Spoonhour's teams won 14 straight to start the season.
  8. My wife graduated from Southeastern. To her it was always SLU. She was surprised to see SELA.
  9. I was going to check out the game until you mentioned Bill Walton. I think he is the absolute worst announcer on college basketball. I thought motor mouth stuck with the west coast schools, but maybe he is moving east which can't be good for college basketball.
  10. Today the radio was in sync the whole game. The pause button will help when the video feed falls behind. Also, you can always move the radio.com app ahead if you need to catch up with the video feed. The ESPN+ feed on firestick worked flawlessly today. On Thursday, the LSU - SIEU game had some green bars near the end, but had worked well until then.
  11. We visited the Upper Peninsula about 20 years ago and the Shipwreck Museum. For some reason the story of that particular shipwreck has always stuck with me.
  12. I'm surprised no one has posted this, unless I missed something. Some more good press. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/dribble-handoff-predicting-college-basketballs-next-cinderella-team-to-make-the-final-four/
  13. Is it correct to assume that SLU does not "retire" uniform numbers?
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