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  1. I believe that Drew can recruit and does know basketball Xs and Os. His problem is that his character doesn't have a "mysterious" side (for want of a better term). He is too vanilla for the college athletes he was expected to recruit. As a result, they didn't feel compelled to play hard all the time. They knew they would always be in his good graces no matter how they played. Most of the P5 programs have coaches with a personality quirk that keeps the players guessing so they work hard to avoid greeting the dark side. Majerus is a prime example. Drew's personality worked at Valpo because the players recruited to that school were pretty vanilla like Bryce Drew. This is a sad commentary, but it is reality.
  2. I always felt that Reynolds deserved more consistent playing time than he got. I'm glad he gets to play at OU.
  3. I'm not so sure Porter Moser will leave Loyola. He and his wife are both Chicago natives, their kids are established in their schools, and Loyola will undoubtedly sweeten the pot.
  4. Are Drew Diener and Danny Brown still coaching?
  5. With the 2016-2017 roster, Reynolds would have established himself as a contributor, particularly with this coaching staff. That would have placed him in the mix this year, even if the Sit2 had not happened.
  6. I think Reynolds bailed a bit too early. He could have had plenty of playing time over the past two years. Heck, he probably would have had most of Hines' minutes.
  7. Xavier Sneed would sure make SLU a whole lot better. Did we even recruit him?
  8. Dave Telep? Rivals? Scout? I'm putting my money on pdiddy and the streets.
  9. How ironic. Bernie's "wasting his time" on a "mediocre" program.
  10. It's in Saturday's (April 7th) St. Louis Post Dispatch
  11. I believe you're right.
  12. Matthew Aitch passed away. Matthew was a tremendous basketball player at Maplewood High School. He was a local legend who went on to star and coach at Michigan State. He and Jo Jo White were perhaps the two most notable local stars to "get away" from SLU in that era.
  13. While it's fun to theorize just how much effect an athletic program has on the school spirit and enrollment of a college or university, in reality it's all about the BOTTOM LINE. And the bottom line at all colleges and universities is the market value of endowment assets. It is THE sign of stability and educational prominence that colleges and universities tout to students, alums, and donors. And SLU is the number 3 Catholic university (behind only Notre Dame and Boston College) in the country. SLU is even ahead of Georgetown. In endowment, they are leagues ahead of most other Catholic universities. Santa Clara is one the closest to them--any wonder why Biondi hired the AD from Santa Clara. What is remarkable is that SLU is not too far removed from those days of being in danger of closing its doors, until Father Reinert was able to enlist Augie Busch and Bob Hope to save it financially. The message behind this is that a university president is usually wise enough to know that he/she has a far better chance of growing the endowment and increasing stability through a student who becomes head of a law firm than through one who becomes an NBA player. Is it possible to use the financial assets to build recognition and excitement through athletics? Absolutely. Do athletics keep a university afloat? No way. SLU was in danger of closing its doors at a time when they were able to recruit just about every high school star who played in the St. Louis metro area. They were in contention for Missouri Valley championships--one of the toughest conferences in the country at the time--just about every year, and they built plenty of excitement at Kiel.
  14. >I find it funny that some on here offer every excuse they >can think as to why Brad doesn't land big recruits (of >course never admitting Brad can't recruit)and then fellow >A-10, Jesuit schools land top 150 guys in suicessive days. Brad can't recruit. Romar couldn't recruit. Spoon couldn't recruit. Grawer recruited one super class, and it was left to Spoon. Ekker couldn't recruit. Coleman couldn't recruit. The last person to recruit was Bob Polk. Something is rotten in Denmark!
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