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Jordan Goodwin Is Now A Memphis Grizzly


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13 hours ago, thetorch said:

Not worried about Dotson.  He's a scorer at the rim but he doesn't have what it takes to finish at the NBA level.  Can't shoot at all.  Not as versatile as JGood.  He's competition but lets face it tehir exhibit 10 signings weren't wowing anybody in the first place.  Goodwin is better than him.

Mintz was not even G League talent so he will sit on the Go Go bench.

The more concerning move at least for future Jordan Goodwin NBA playing time is the Go Go trading for Kris Dunn.  While offensively he is terrible, Dunn might be the best defensive player alive.  He'll get multiple call ups during the season if he stays healthy.

Wizards are serious about shoring up a 4th option at PG.  It is Goodwin's spot to lose.

hope you are right.   i have followed jgood since he was a freshman in high school and except kevin Lisch, he is the hardest working player i have ever personally watched.   pound for pound and inch by inch, i think only rodman rivals him reboundingwise and i have always felt rebounding and defense is about 90% effort.   he deserves his chance at the glory for all those years of hard work and effort to go along with his very talented skills.   i am amazed he is not getting that chance.  

i am not saying he is starter worthy.   but GD he is surely a great practice player to prepare his starter teammates preparing to go to battle and i cant think of a better off the bench guy to try to wear down an opponent with his tenacity.   come on wizards give this man his chance.

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Goodwin played 21 minutes, 7 points, 5 boards, 4 steals, and 2 assists. He had as many minutes as the other Exhibit 10 signees combined.

Looking like the frontrunner for the final2 way contract.

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Some clarifications on 2 way contracts.  They can be confusing.

Players on a 2 way are eligible to play/be on active roster for up to 50 games during an NBA regular season.

Players on a 2 way are paid a flat rate, 1/2 the NBA minimum salary, & their salary is no longer based on number NBA games played.  So Goodwin will earn $508,891 this season.

2 way contracts are not guaranteed.  Goodwin can be cut at any time with no penalty to the team team and no payoff to Goodwin.

As long as Goodwin is not assigned to the Go Gos, even if he is inactive, he can travel and practice with the Wizards.

Goodwin is not eligible for the playoffs.  He would have to be signed to a regular contract.

A 2 way contract has no salary cap implications.

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