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  1. Better comparison for Jimerson. Would be awesome if he could have Joe Harris production down the line.
  2. We need shooters. Take shooters when you can. Stretch 4 is even better.
  3. Concerned it might be Yuri's shoulder
  4. Weaver's angry because of his quick leash. Dayton had a layup around two screens and they yanked him. Angry at Ford.
  5. At least Ford will know the whole story seeing his son plays for Mizzou.
  6. Anyone going? I'll be there with my son. Not many seats left.
  7. They need an on campus facility. The fact they need to get in vans to go to practice and games is a joke. Treat it as a joke, it will be seen as a joke. On that list, I think there are only four teams west of the Mississippi River....Cal, Stanford, SLU, and Iowa. I might have missed some.
  8. Regarding Trevor Smith: I actually teach with Woodside's JV/Summer coach. His varsity coach is Stefan Welsh who played at Arkansas. Matthew Nunez transferred to a private school if i'm not mistaken. Trevor Smith's dad went to the high school I teach at and is well-connected around Newport News. I'll have to get with his summer coach at lunch to see what the deal is. Pretty cool SLU is recruiting in the 757.
  9. All three goals should not have happened. That's the difference between upper tier teams and SLU. 1st goal - Many guys in the box that can't clear it 2nd goal - No excuse 3rd goal - horrible clearance attempt that led to goal
  10. Billikens didn't look too bad tonight. Some unfortunate luck on two of the goals. A ricochet goal for the first. A howler by the freshman goalie. All-in-all nice to see the Billikens play attractive soccer....much better than what McGinty put on the pitch.
  11. This is great news! No more pitbull around here? We need shooters to space the floor for French. Lewis Jimerson, potentially Perkins and Fred. More shooters the better. Quick release from deep.
  12. How in the world was this guy allowed to play in the first round? Get charged the day of our game....thats whack. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26379473/va-tech-outlaw-play-passing-drug-test
  13. I might have missed this somewhere else but who is the black guy wearing a white shirt at the end of the SLU bench? He's sitting with the walk-ons.
  14. Right down the street from me. Maybe I'll have to go be the one white dude in the crowd when they play Hampton. I wonder how he and the rest feel about the Billikens now. Bishop always seemed like a cool dude.
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