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  1. This is great news! No more pitbull around here? We need shooters to space the floor for French. Lewis Jimerson, potentially Perkins and Fred. More shooters the better. Quick release from deep.
  2. How in the world was this guy allowed to play in the first round? Get charged the day of our game....thats whack. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26379473/va-tech-outlaw-play-passing-drug-test
  3. I might have missed this somewhere else but who is the black guy wearing a white shirt at the end of the SLU bench? He's sitting with the walk-ons.
  4. Right down the street from me. Maybe I'll have to go be the one white dude in the crowd when they play Hampton. I wonder how he and the rest feel about the Billikens now. Bishop always seemed like a cool dude.
  5. Here you go: https://www.d1circuit.com/news_article/show/271557-peach-jam-top-team-leaders Some impressive numbers on the EYBL circuit....not to mention he outplayed some other major names on that list. It's unbelievable to see who played that summer.
  6. Well, my brother went to Terpland and I asked about Wiley. He said Wiley can make it rain from three when his confidence is high...not so high on his defense. We needed a shooter and TFord got it. About damn time.
  7. Thatch EYBL stats from last year GP PPG 2PM 2PA FG% FTA FTM FT% 3PTM 3PTA 3PT% 16 6.8 38 88 .432 27 38 .711 6 26 .231 Hankston EYBL stats from same year. They actually played each other so I'm sure Ford saw him play there. 16 6.4 34 67 .507 13 19 .684 11 36 .306 Jacobs EYBL Stats from same year 15 13.5 69 123 .561 49 61 .803 11 35 .314
  8. Watching Oakland Soldiers now just to see Scottie Pippin and Kenyon Martin getting angry their kids getting destroyed. They're not afraid to drop f bombs.
  9. Game about to wrap up...EJ and Harmon best Beagles players. Hargrove looks freakishly athletic. Okoro got destroyed by Stewart. Yuri did nothing...literally. His shoulder strap looks uncomfortable. The real Brad Beal still cant hit a meaningful shot.
  10. Side note: Dewayne Wade's son just sat next to me and put his jersey on....needed to move....his BO just way too bad.
  11. Yuri passes up open shots. I don't like that. Pretty tenacious on D. EJ showing some life....not afraid to go at Stewart. Harmon is beagles best guard today....losing by 26.
  12. Hargrove quickly returns to bench after two quick TOs. Down by 16 now. EJ now has the defensive assignment of Stewart. Man child.
  13. Yuri now on the bench. Not offering much. Hargrove finally seeing some PT. City Rocks guards are better. Can actually shoot.
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