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  1. https://youtu.be/cdX184vBnpI
  2. He didn't have them prepared in this must win game on the road??
  3. Need to get it down to 12 with 6 min left
  4. We must be intimidated by the cardboard cutouts and the hostile environment.
  5. Put in Russell and Strickland
  6. I hope they don't, but they deserve to lose.
  7. This is all a big steaming pile of crap!
  8. Two things are going on here. The first is that transfers are so common in college basketball today that these are the thoughts that first come to mind for so many. The other is that we have what we've been screaming for throughout the years - true depth. Let's not halt the parade before all floats have even started. What's happening with Hargrove is what should be happening in a good bball program. It will help his development and truly push him to earn minutes on the court.
  9. I didn't see this anywhere on here. This is terrible news. A female student was shot multiple times today in a parking garage on Lindell Blvd down from campus. She is in critical condition. Prayers for this young lady.
  10. Congratulations! Thanks for all you do!
  11. Exactly! I would make him shoot underhand. If after all these years you can't make free throws, then go underhand. I know that will never happen because of egos, but if you could make five more points in addition to your current scoring, why not? If a guy hates doing it enough, he should spend more time on his own improving his free throws and prove he can shoot 70% or better shooting normal. If not, it's Rick Barry time.
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