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  1. For people looking for something to do here are a couple of highlight videos of some of these local players we're looking at in 2022
  2. Watching some of the Okoro BBE Highlights made me wonder if the other player is Mckinney. We'd basically have that whole beagles squad
  3. If he stays in the Chicago area my guess would be Whitney Young
  4. I thought he was great in the Tulane game where he was lights out from 3. Making a couple shots seems to greatly increase his confidence.
  5. Don’t think I’ve seen this posted but Markhi did a little periscope interview on twitter and talks some about the Bills. It kind of hops all over the place but starts talking Billikens at 10:30 in. Sounds like he has a likes his relationship with Coach Ford and all the other coaches and really emphasized how he like the “family” aspect of team blue.
  6. ESPN+ had an article yesterday with an early look at the top 25 NCAA players for next year and was hoping to see Goodwin or French sneak on there, but they weren’t. Only A-10 players were Crutcher at 15 and Fatts at 20-something
  7. There are a couple of seniors every year that get drafted in the first round, usually not lottery picks though. There are a lot more in the second round. 2019: -Pick 11: Cameron Johnson (UNC) -Pick 20: Matisse Thybulle (Washington) -Pick 26: Dylan Windler (Belmont) -Second round: 9 selected 2018: -Pick 21: Grayson Allen (Duke) -Pick 22: Chandler Hutchinson (Boise State) -Second round: 8 selected 2017: -Pick 29: Derrick White (Colorado) -Pick 30: Josh Hart (Villanova) -Second round: 11 selected 2016: -Pick 6: Buddy Hield (Oklahoma) -Pick 12: Taurean Prince (Baylor) -Pick 14: Denzel Valentine (Mich State) -Pick 20: Caris LeVert (Michigan) -Pick 25: Brice Johnson (UNC) -Second round: 10 selected 2015: -Pick 9: Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin) -Pick 19: Jerian Grant (Notre Dame) -Pick 20: Delon Wright (Utah) -Pick 27: Larry Nance Jr (Wyoming) -Second round: 13 selected
  8. NCAA offseason is turning into NBA offseason with all this cryptic emoji use
  9. Yeah I am not really worried, if you are an elite player this is the new norm
  10. Little SLU love from Rothstein, Goodwin at #4
  11. With working from home I'm just constantly checking in on our Verbal Commits page to see if we're sending out any new offers. I could really use some news this week to fill up my time with watching new recruits highlight videos and chugging the blue koolaid.
  12. Anyone think we have a shot at Alan Griffin? I know we were in that first tweet but have mostly heard Duke and Dayton as the front runners. Would be a nice plug in for Goodwin after he graduates
  13. Just saw Bishop is testing out the NBA waters. Knew he was having a decent season (15.6pts/3.5reb/2.2ast per game) but didn’t think it was worthy of NBA consideration, unless he just wants some feedback on his game.
  14. A thing I've recently noticed about Ingvi's time here was that he built some stronger relationships with the other players that I wouldn't have imagined. After he left he still interacts on IG with Goodwin, Jacobs, Isabell, KC, TJ, and Thatch. That doesn't mean they are best friends or anything, but makes me think that he fit in well and got along with Team Blue. He does seem like a big "what if" for the Bills just like Santos, Henriquez, and Graves
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