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  1. I feel like basketball has focused more on promotion through Instagram and twitter while the athletics department as a whole has focused on Facebook.
  2. Yep that's the main undergrad major for PT and AT. Maybe she had a change of heart in what she wants to do and SLU didn't have the program for her. Wish her all the best
  3. DaJuan Gordon from K-State via Chicago is looking to transfer. I think Coach314 alluded to this earlier this year. Not sure if SLU was ever interested or offered
  4. Fletcher and TJ had a nice little twitter interaction the other day talking about who gets more hype during games.
  5. Davidson follows Richmond and schedules a tune-up game before they resume A-10 play. Kinda wish we would’ve been able to do something like this and play Harris-Stowe or UMSL. I guess we were the A-10 guinea pigs on how to come back from a long COVID pause
  6. A buddy sent me this and said it reminded them of Bates I felt bad laughing but not that bad because he destroyed us all night
  7. https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina-state/Article/DJ-Funderburk-Cam-Hayes-NC-State-Wolfpack-Basketball-Saint-Louis-9-players-157187553/ Little more clarity on who will be out
  8. Like many others have said I’ve loved the faster pace. One small thing is I would like Yuri to try to have the ball in his hands quickly whenever possible. It looked a little sloppy at times when other were bringing it up. A couple times French tried the point forward thing where I think he could be so much more valuable running the floor and beating other bigs down the court for some Yuri lobs.
  9. "Grandy I want you to get to the tip of the zone and spread em' as wide as you can. Once they penetrate I want you to collapse on them" - Jim Crews probably
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