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  1. I imagine by training center they meant the athletic training portions of the draw-ups, like courtside said as well. That was huge need to have a useable AT room by the soccer fields.
  2. I saw west pine bills react to this tweet and agreed with their take, especially the second part I almost see this as Power 5 teams just feeding this to Rothstein as a way to get ahead of why they won't be playing against teams outside of the Power 5 conferences, especially ones that are top 50-100 in Kenpom or NET.
  3. Are these tidbits from a radio broadcast?
  4. Also I imagine everyone has seen them but love the clips from practice that were put up on Twitter. Would like to see some more highlights of okoro other than him being scored on by Fred and dunked on by markhi though lol
  5. Per his IG Rashad is on campus already. Love to see him already at Chaifetz and feel like this is a lot earlier than past transfers have been on campus. Maybe mostly online classes have helped with that
  6. Orlando Antigua is probably the top recruiter at Illinois. And has played a big role in them getting Curbelo, Kofi, Feliz, Plummer, Melendez (21 commit), Bass (22 commit). Those recruits aren’t really ones we compete with them on directly but it would be a big blow to a local program.
  7. I feel like basketball has focused more on promotion through Instagram and twitter while the athletics department as a whole has focused on Facebook.
  8. Yep that's the main undergrad major for PT and AT. Maybe she had a change of heart in what she wants to do and SLU didn't have the program for her. Wish her all the best
  9. DaJuan Gordon from K-State via Chicago is looking to transfer. I think Coach314 alluded to this earlier this year. Not sure if SLU was ever interested or offered
  10. Fletcher and TJ had a nice little twitter interaction the other day talking about who gets more hype during games.
  11. Davidson follows Richmond and schedules a tune-up game before they resume A-10 play. Kinda wish we would’ve been able to do something like this and play Harris-Stowe or UMSL. I guess we were the A-10 guinea pigs on how to come back from a long COVID pause
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