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  1. Some early practice pics courtesy of Earl
  2. Carte'are's IG story shows him on a recruiting visit at depaul, would be an interesting landing spot.
  3. I love how Hargrove's intro is prefaced with "Saint Louis University Recruit...."
  4. Older announcer with the worst shirt and tie combo I've ever seen on air. Out here looking like a used car salesman.
  5. Jeez the Mizzou twitter-brigade is out in full force in the replies........did they even read the statement? "Still a terrible look for Evansville." "@MDSpencerAD so you're going to punish a 20 year old because you are butthurt that he sought out other opportunities after his coach was fired. Seems reasonable. Old white dudes in suits, I tell ya. (sorry for jumping in your replies Bethany)" "Kids should always come first. Now UE has a bad name. Nice job."
  6. Rooster is dece, I'm a proponent of the OG's like Uncle Bills
  7. Per Mike McCall's social media he is going to be a father to a baby girl. Congrats Mike!
  8. Looks like Welmer has been cleared for Paintball Activities, that has to be the final step in rehab before he gets on the court.
  9. TBH I think that fad is kind of over and a little played out at this point. I think some shirts with "Straight Outta the Lou" or something might play but plastering that everywhere might be a little much. I was born after the original song came out so maybe I'm just not connecting to it as much, idk. I definitely do agree with you that the marketing department can and should do better than what they have done.
  10. No missed free throws, I expect nothing less than 90% free throw shooting for the team this year (blue font)
  11. Jack Raboin, walk-on who is going to be a Senior.
  12. Definitely gonna have to do laundry after using so many towels. Love all the videos coming out so early.
  13. Just sitting here waiting for TheOne to bless us with some good news
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