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  1. A buddy sent me this and said it reminded them of Bates I felt bad laughing but not that bad because he destroyed us all night
  2. https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina-state/Article/DJ-Funderburk-Cam-Hayes-NC-State-Wolfpack-Basketball-Saint-Louis-9-players-157187553/ Little more clarity on who will be out
  3. Like many others have said I’ve loved the faster pace. One small thing is I would like Yuri to try to have the ball in his hands quickly whenever possible. It looked a little sloppy at times when other were bringing it up. A couple times French tried the point forward thing where I think he could be so much more valuable running the floor and beating other bigs down the court for some Yuri lobs.
  4. "Grandy I want you to get to the tip of the zone and spread em' as wide as you can. Once they penetrate I want you to collapse on them" - Jim Crews probably
  5. A-10 5 point teaser of the day St. Bonaventure -.5, Davidson -6.5, SLU -8 Fade Kansas State 5 pt teaser Iowa State -2.5, Florida State -3.5, Wofford PK Dogs 5 pt teaser Clemson +7, Wichita State +6
  6. K-State takes down perennial powerhouse UW-Milwaukee by 1......
  7. "He who will not be named" revenge game for sure. After this win we can finally put those years behind us
  8. Unreal cover by Villanova today, thought that was dead at the half. The one day my picks go well I don't post smh. What do we think of the SLU line tomorrow, -23.5? And I think the biggest lock of tomorrow is Illini -2 right??? (unfortunately I can't bet them since my Illinois casino app doesn't allow you to bet on Illinois colleges for some unknown reason)
  9. Also can’t win. And it makes it more fun to watch random college basketball games that I wouldn’t usually watch. I was glued to Bryant Vs St Francis the other day. It was actually a good game, Bryant blew a 16 point second half lead.
  10. Recap: 1-3 and lost the teaser. Not been doing great in basketball so will be more selective on picks and would love other peoples picks to tail.
  11. I like it, if UMass is as good as their fans think they will be they should cover. I’ll tail
  12. Ok recap from Yesterday: -W SLU (-21.5) 5 point teasers -L Creighton +8.5, Minn -2, Dayton -7, and OK State -10.5 Dayton missed by 1 and OK State only wins by 5 -W SLU -16.5, Ohio State -.5, and Iowa +2 Plays for today: Chattanooga -4 @ Bellarmine San Diego +20 @ UCLA Oklahoma -2 @ Xavier Nebraska +2.5 vs GT 4 Point Teaser Bryant -2 @ St Francis, Rhode Island +15.5 @ Wisconsin, Richmond -4 vs UNI
  13. Good teams win, great teams cover! That sequence where we could’ve scored or just taken down the whole clock and turned it over instead was setting up perfectly for a back door cover
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