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  1. I thought this was a pretty good tweet from Loyola about joining the A-10. Already trying to start the rivalry with SLU too, love it
  2. With all their new additions I really hope they finish top 100 (along with UMass too).
  3. I guess it’s going up then, 8,138 from their 2022 profile. A lot of cool info on SLU in here actually https://www.slu.edu/about/key-facts/slu-profile.pdf
  4. I know these Twitter maps are BS and just done to get engagement….but I still like seeing the Bills on there
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfXiLIRDYdN/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. No indications that it’ll be us but should hear something soon
  7. The annual top 144 countdown started a few weeks ago and thought I would start a new thread for it as there was the first A-10 team that checked in. U Mass at #137 and are projected to be 9th in the A-10. I know they've had a lot of hype this summer with the addition of Martin and transfers so hoping they can outperform this ranking. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/mens-basketball/top-144-previews
  8. Checked in on Forte's new follows and he has recently followed 2 transfer guards. Finally the coaches are listening to the board!! Trey Boston - 6'2" 165lb Soph. Guard out of UL-Monroe (originally from Chicago) Averaged 10 points, 2.2 reb, and 1.9 ast in 9 games last year (19 min/game average) Tray Croft - 6'1" 170 Redshirt Senior Guard from Wisconsin-Parkside (DII) Last year averaged 20.5 points, 4.6 reb, and 3.84 ast. Shot 40% from 3 and 89% from the FT line. He's had a very interesting collegiate basketball career which started back in 2016 2016-17 - Played at Iowa Central CC 2017-18 - Played at Iowa Central CC (named DII player of the year) 2018-19 - Transferred to Northern Iowa and redshirted March of 2019 announces transfer from UNI and ends up at Wisconsin-Parkside, looks like it was academic (https://siouxcityjournal.com/croft-to-transfer-from-uni/article_7ba3c156-17b0-5023-b28c-e5646f3e2d03.html) 2019-20 - UW-P Started first 5 games but misses rest of year with injury 2020-21 - UW-P played and started in 9 games 2021-22 - UW-P Played and started 25 games, put up big numbers In May 2022 he announces he will transfer Looks like one option is someone who would sit behind yuri and learn to then see increased mins next year and the other is the definition of a veteran guard that some on this board have been asking for. Forte has followed a bunch of 2023 and 24 HS players recently too but I'll leave that up to @Pistol
  9. Anyone else get a email from the billiken box office with a video highlighting the first practice but you aren't able to watch it?
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