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  1. Already told the ticket office to apply my season ticket purchase 100% to the Billiken Club as a donation for this year. Don't think they will be calling me.
  2. Must have bought the upgrade with Billikens.com donation. (blue font)
  3. I have that exact same brief case, but mine is empty!
  4. No mention of the amount of FT's shot and made by Minnesota??!!!
  5. When will we be able to get the home page again?
  6. Check is in the mail! What happened to Billikens Donor tag from last time?
  7. Please email me your address. 

    [email protected]

    Billiken ID drkelsey55

    I will send a donation upon receipt.


  8. Mempis no has 15 for 2021 per Verbal Commits
  9. Why set the bar so low, win them all!!!
  10. The first SLU basketball game I ever attended was at the old Kiel and I watched Bonner playing against Oral Roberts. No sure but I beleive it was his freshman year.
  11. Looks like something the Cardinals would have given out on Billiken Day at the ballpark.
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