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  1. Bills got to within 3 then: Has turn over. Dayton Turn over: Has turn over Dayton scores Has turn over (#4) Dayton scores up ten, Time out. Next SLU miss Dayton scores up 12 . game over at this point.
  2. Yes there is but you can only hear yourself. Sound is too spread out.
  3. I paid for mine again this year. Donated the entire amount to the team. Just would have liked for those who where in attendance to be able to have an impact by cheering.
  4. I was there......horrible seating arrangement. The is plenty of space to put fans closer together in a compact area without risk. Fans could then have some affect.
  5. I will be in section 216 tonight. Just have to dig out from the 8 inches of snow on my driveway.
  6. You are correct. Once again I am David R.(middle initial) Kelsey
  7. I am just saying that it gave him a good look at how well the others played.
  8. Watched the replay. Not only did he not re-enter until two min left but he Barely touched the ball in that time.
  9. Goodwin went to the bench at 9:17 left in the game yesterday and got to watch the rest of the team play better without him on the floor. I think it opened his eyes to the fact that he doesn't have to do everything for this team to win. He returned with 2 minutes left in the game and let the team play as a team. JMO
  10. Leads the team in turnovers. 33 so for this year. Goes with his 33 assists. Needs a break during games to maintain his concentration. Tends to turn it over at the worst times. Jimmie Bell makes a basket and gets subbed out???? Thoughts. JMO
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