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  1. When French proceeds to drive the lane into 3 defenders, he needs to know where his shooters are so he can lead the team in assits instend of missed bunnies.
  2. I will be at the game. My brother lives in Sun City and I am taking him to the game. Tickets are expensive.
  3. Several people near me left at the end of the game with their bobble head still sitting under there seat. I picked up two of them and if they ask about it at the next game I will see to it they get them.
  4. 18 on there roster, did TF want them to run alot on us? Smith is 252lbs Sasha 220
  5. How will Bell do against this guy? Kentucky Weslyan centers. CENTER 7'2" 15 NATHAN SMITH SENIOR CANVEY ISLAND, ENGLAND Or This guy? CENTER 6'11" 20 SASHA SUKHANOV SOPHOMORE TOMSK, RUSSIA TEAYS VALLEY CHRISTIAN
  6. You don't know what you ae missing. Your loss.
  7. See link on left side of Billikens.com front page.
  8. If I know I can't make the next game, I bring the ticket with me and give it to the person next to me If they have someone they would like to bring to a game. My seat is almost always filled.
  9. Came last week. Left them out in the driveway!!
  10. I am going to the Tulane game, anyone else???
  11. Are they back on Dish and Directv yet?
  12. I agree 5 for 7 for Jimerson a mere 71% (I know small sample size) but it looked like he could do it all day long. Other teams will not be ablr to pack it in close like the have done before as He will bury it every time, Well 71% of the time at least.
  13. I will be attending this one. Still thinking about Tulane in Phoenix.
  14. We only play VCU once this coming season, at home. Always like our chances at home.
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