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  1. Got an error screen a couple of times stating that there were no more unread threads. No problem returning to the forum.
  2. We moved from Escanaba, MI in Novemeber of 1960. I was a Sophmore in high school. First day at my new school in Centralia, IL,I went to the gym an sat down to watch a basketball team during practice. There was also a junior college on the high school campus.I had just had a growth spurt and was now 6' tall, and wanted to play. As I watched player after player slam home dunk after dunk I turned to someone seated near by and asked if that was the college team. No the replay was that's the Centralia Orphan team. They lost two games that year. The last one in the super sectional game at Salem, IL against The undefeated Collinsville Kahoks. I have been a basketball fan ever since. I attended Centralia Junior College after high school. (Now Kaskaskia College) The college team averaged 113 points per game (no 3 point line era), and had 2 of the top scores in the nation. Russel Coleman and Donald Duncan, both former Orphan players. The team finished 7TH in the nation. When I moved to St Louis I adopted the Billikens as my team to follow as I was a basketball fan.
  3. Accually he did get in the game when Forman fouled out.
  4. Doc you forgot the blue ink, most MBM don't understand without it.
  5. So we beat St B and get the 4 seed, next game we most likely will play St B! On Friday the 15th.
  6. Wear Billiken Blue and I will look for you in the crowd. I also live 5 minutes away from the other direction.
  7. He lost 90 lbs, maybe he just stands up straighter now.
  8. This all we have for Dayton. Goodwin, Foreman, Isabell, Wiley, French, Thach Jr, Raboin, and Courtney. These are the remaining uninjured players.
  9. Bonnies up 10 at the half over Davidson On ESPN2
  10. I don't care about our NET score. Just work on playing better together. The only guarentied path to the dance is the A10 tourney. Work on things and play your best then. JMHO
  11. VCU 4 Davidson 4 under 12 min first half
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