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  1. 18 is the Billiken mascot's number.
  2. Parking at the Compton Sigma lot doesn't open until 5:30. Parking will be a problem, get there early!!
  3. Wear a white shirt to the game!!!!!!
  4. If Jimmy Bell continues to improve at the rate he has so far, at some point during his jr or sr year people will say Hassan Who?
  5. Next game I am going to cross Compton at Market, Then cross Market with the light. Puts me on the arena side of the street. Shortest walk distance to gate D.
  6. Snowed in. Too old to fight this much snow on my long driveway. Attendance will be sparce tonight.
  7. Sad, it's not much further than Springfield, MO. That trip was fun.
  8. Is the Billiken Club going to have a bus trip for members to the K-State game? If so need to start taking reservations to see if there is enough intrest.
  9. I will be there, bring my brother that lives in Sun City.
  10. To get 1 it would be written 8/(2(2+2))
  11. When French proceeds to drive the lane into 3 defenders, he needs to know where his shooters are so he can lead the team in assits instend of missed bunnies.
  12. I will be at the game. My brother lives in Sun City and I am taking him to the game. Tickets are expensive.
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