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GDT: Duck Fayton

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1 minute ago, Taj79 said:

We suck.  Nothing can be said otherwise.  Play Hargrove.  Play Jacobs.  Play guys who can shoot.  That ain’t French and that ain’t Goodwin.  And it might not be Perkins.

That's the only chance we have and that chance is slim and none, and Slim packed up and left town.

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2 minutes ago, gobillsgo said:

Ford’s repeated lack of preparation in big games has to be called out

How do you know it’s lack of preparation?

Isn’t it just as likely to be lack of execution?

The Bills started off the half with 3 great looks from 3. 2 for Jimerson and 1 from Perkins....Missed them all. 

That’s when the panic set in.

I don’t think it’s preparation but missing open shots.

if they hit those wide open threes this is a completely different game.

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Got to stay with the guys that got us here.  Goodwin will do better and so will Perkins.  French tries to do too much.

Hang in there we were down 20 a long time ago in the pit in New Mexico on a NIT game and won.  Charlie Newberry had a great game.


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1 minute ago, 3star_recruit said:

When they've pushed the tempo they run into a crowd of Flyers and turn it over.

The haven’t really pushed the tempo though. They have let Dayton start getting back before they start going.  They need to go had soon as they get the rebound.

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