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  1. I'm an out-of-town Alum who doesn't see the local news flow. Who is on the current roster for the coming season? Thanks
  2. Starters 5 out of 25. Bench 7 out of 12.
  3. Starters are 3 out of 18 for the half.
  4. Don't post often but let me say again that this is the best Bills team I have ever seen. I'm also delighted to see that Coach is increasingly comfortable with reaching down the bench to find the night's hot hands.
  5. In my considerable experience of watching the Bills over the years, I think that this year's Bills team is the best I have ever seen. With that said, what distinguishes this team over others in my judgement, is that this team contains at least ten players with the skills to compete with any team in the country on a given night. If I have any criticism of the coach it is that I believe it is a mistake to over focus on the "starters" when assembling the team on the floor at various points in the game. Any one of these ten or so can have a dominant night and the challenge is to find and keep those players on the floor. Any one of this group can be a "starter" on a given night.
  6. Coach better figure out who the starters should be now. Bench has been consistently outperforming the starters. Not just this game either.
  7. Many talk about players that have been infected by Covid as being "immune". I think that this is misleading and potentially dangerous. I have never heard Dr Fauci, the CDC, or any expert in the field make any statements about "immunity" following an infection. As a matter of fact, there is now talk about the possibility that vaccinations may need to be annual just like with flu vaccinations. Additionally, with the now discovered Covid strains, South African, Brazilian, etc. (with others to doubtless to follow), it many be that any anticipated "immunity", may only be for a certain strain. The fact is that this virus is a moving target and the experts are learning and understanding more every day. As an aside, I have been surprised that so many members of the team and the staff have become infected. It seems to me that if careful compartmentalization measures had been observed this could have avoided. What we also don't know and won't for awhile is the long term lingering symptoms that the players exhibit over the year.
  8. I hope you are wrong and the positive is limited to one or a few cases. This is not the three day sniffles that is involved here. Many people that have become infected are reporting long term serious effects from this disease.
  9. Starters: 16 points on 16 shots Bench: 12 points on 9 shots
  10. Yes, Jacobs. This is the most talented and deep Bills team I’ve ever seen, with at least four behind the starters that can really play. I think it’s a mistake to keep unproductive players on a given night on the floor because they are “starters”. Bring in “the Calvary” off the bench and exhaust the other team.
  11. It looked to me that when Minnesota packed in the lane that it stopped the Bills offense, particularly when Jibberson and our leading scorer couldn’t get untracked. I thought it was an ideal moment to bring in the slashers, Jacobson, Fred, and Hargrove to change the tempo and disrupt the stacked defense.
  12. When Minnesota started sagging under the basket, the Bills couldn’t respond from outside. I don’t understand why Demarius is limited to 10 minutes a game. Does everything well.
  13. The team has got a big hole at point guard that may not get better through the balance of the year or beyond: Min Pts FG% 3Pt% 3PtShotsMade FT% TO Ast Reb Stl Yuri 30.7 5,5 37.7 35.0 7 54.8 3.0 5.4 3.0 1.6 Tay 15.9 4.6 40.2 37.7 29 77.8 0.3 0.8 1.7 0.6
  14. I still don’t see a quarterback on the floor controlling the tempo and the shot selection. A flashy pass here and there is not the answer. I’d like to see more of Weaver.
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