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  1. Hockey. Unlike Chaifetz, the programs can use it for OOC games against the blue bloods.
  2. That may change with the move to D1.
  3. I wouldn't dismiss Lindenwood. Of the three D1 schools in the region, they have football and will use it to their advantage. St. Charles is growing every year. Not to mention they have the family arena nearby that is Chaifetz Arena's equal.
  4. Program's 108 years old. Players have come and gone but it remains in place. Root for laundry !
  5. What's SLU's excuse to not elevate their club program to D1 ?
  6. Including the Pistons in 2004 and 2005 (Eastern Conference Champs).
  7. Let's tear down the arena and go back to playing at WP and Enterprise since there's a good portion of the fanbase that think that getting blown out in consecutive games in the conference tournament and NIT is acceptable FOR THE HIGHEST PAID COACH IN THE ATLANTIC 10 WITH A BASKETBALL BUDGET THAT'S HIGHER THAN DEPAUL AND BUTLER.
  8. Tired of the excuses, and the reason the teams before Majerus didn't finish in the top 2 is because, you guessed it, they didn't play at Chaifetz nor had the resources that came along with it. It's a miracle we landed Bonner, Spoonhour, and Hughes. How long are some in the fanbase going to use the past as an excuse to not get better ? I'm sorry Coach Stone's gone, but May thankfully sees the bigger picture. The clock is ticking on Ford.
  9. Yeah, it's sports folks. Let things remain as they are all the while we watch programs from small markets (Creighton, Wichita St, Xavier, etc) pass us by because they had the nerve to take basketball seriously.
  10. BUMP This is his ceiling. He's gotta go.
  11. Gee, the highest paid coach in the league should've thought of that too.
  12. Imagine losing to UMKC by 20+. UMKC.
  13. Yesterday was too good to be true. Hope the rumors are true of the Mizzou AD giving Ford a looksee.
  14. Eli Drinkwitz's 2022 class finished 6th in the SEC and 11th the previous year. Can't turn around Odom's shitejob overnight.
  15. Big 10 thought different and they're an afterthought in a market that the Washington R..um Commanders and Ravens dominate.
  16. The local and national media disagrees with your snark. Like it or not, football rules America and Lindenwood is the only game in the St. Louis area.
  17. I'm glad Lindenwood is in D1, because this program needs competition locally.
  18. Jimerson...the kid is just mentally weak. He just is. No one can fix that but him.
  19. Maybe, but I wouldn't bet my life savings on it.
  20. Wait till next year. That's all we have lol
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