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  1. Go back to your podcast no one listens to.
  2. I touched a nerve. At any rate, CBFan, I see this going into OT. I'll leave it at that.
  3. Bad news. She oversaw the raiding of the conference by the Big East and might see the AAC do the same.
  4. Look at that. Unlike a certain chickenshit we know, KU isn't afraid to play their local rival.
  5. Well then turn into a hockey rink and elevate the program to D1 because they sure as S--t will live in basketball hell. 2. Santos, Henriquez, CAG, and Lewis II. Hell, go all the way back to Willie Reed and Craig Upchurch.
  6. You're in denial. They can't keep their talented players on the roster, so what makes you think they can accomplish all of this ? Chaifetz Arena will turn out to be a waste of money.
  7. But Creighton is ? El Oh El Anyway, screw the BE. We'll just make due with what we have.
  8. Billikens are getting just as bad in big games as their neighbors on 1401 Clark Avenue.
  9. Don't understand it. Why go away with what got you here ?
  10. Both the Billikens and Blues have been ass tonight. Experience St. Louis sports.
  11. Jim Crews has more wins in the NCAA Tournament than Ford. Let that sink in when you think he's better.
  12. KC was available. And, forget Brooklyn. It'll be a miracle if they win a game.
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