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  1. Bonner89

    Off topic: Screw Stan Kroenke

    Hope the good Doc pulls out a miracle and bring the NBA back to STL.
  2. Bonner89

    Off topic: Screw Stan Kroenke

    Why can't bad things happen to bad people ? Thank the Lord for the Billikens.
  3. He's further proof that there is no justice in this world.
  4. Bonner89

    Other MCBB games on TV '18-'19

    2OT in Olean. A-10 basketball is not for the faint of heart.
  5. Well, well, the TV announcer acknowledge our 1948 win as a national championship. Hear that May ?
  6. It's never easy with this team.
  7. HA. Good point. F those guys. I'm reppin the only remaining NFL team in Missouri.
  8. Did I see a Brady jersey in the student section ? GRRRR Go Chiefs
  9. Damn. I can feel the heat here in Virginia !
  10. Every game is a roller coaster.
  11. Bonner89

    Ingvi to transfer

    No doubt. I'm starting to wonder about TFord.
  12. Bonner89

    Where’s Ingvi?

    This is absolutely ridiculous. What's going on ?
  13. Hope we get out of our own way.
  14. Bonner89

    NET, et al.

    No question. There's a time and place to make a point, that wasn't one of them.
  15. Bonner89

    NET, et al.

    I really don't get the Dayton love. Lunardi has Dayton as the lone A10 team in as a 12 seed. VCU in the Next Four Out category. And the updated NET heading into a big week of hoops: 55 . VCU 63 . SLU 66 . Davidson 73 . Dayton 131 . URI 143 . George Mason 156 . Duq 170 . St. Joseph's 181 . UMass 184 . SBU 210 . Richmond 226 . Fordham 267 . La Salle 279 . GW