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  1. Billikens are getting just as bad in big games as their neighbors on 1401 Clark Avenue.
  2. Don't understand it. Why go away with what got you here ?
  3. Both the Billikens and Blues have been ass tonight. Experience St. Louis sports.
  4. This is Ford's team. We should be dancing right now.
  5. Jim Crews has more wins in the NCAA Tournament than Ford. Let that sink in when you think he's better.
  6. KC was available. And, forget Brooklyn. It'll be a miracle if they win a game.
  7. Yet another year when Ford doesn't play his best players in a big game. Give me a great COACH over a recruiter any time.
  8. You don't have to be a Missouri fan to recognize an injustice. But, hey, you do you.
  9. I will not spend any time or money watching NCAA professional sports. There is a clear line between professional/college and it's become glaringly obvious that some of the "college" programs are part of the professional side and play by different rules. Stand up for your fellow statesmen(and women) in the west.
  10. I'm not this tilky fellow or whatever. Again I ask, was I wrong ?
  11. Was I wrong ? First step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one. I'm not saying we should be Kansas, but we should be playing for and in the NCAA tournament on a regular basis and miss it 2-3 times a decade. It's time to raise the standards.
  12. We've been operating as a third tier program for as long as I can recall. It's only fair that the press treats us as such. We're in a big media market with rich basketball talent in our own yard. We should be better.
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