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  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Porter is a class act. Happy for him.
  2. Guilty as charged. Saturday. Beautiful weather. Biggest Bills game of the year. I'm disappointed that I didn't start until noon. Go Bills!
  3. Going to be a good one for sure. Thanks again for the details, The Wiz! Question on if/when the Bills make it to the final: Does the percentage to get an at large increase if we lose to VCU instead of losing to Davidson? I think we can beat both, but just curious if your 63% chance to make the dance was an average between losing to either VCU or Davidson.
  4. Agreed. We need vcu in the final and we need to win today. Before this tourney started I felt we had to win the whole thing...I’m more and more comfortable thinking we get in if we beat the bonnies today and have a close loss to VCU in the finals (although I know we can beat them). We absolutely have to win the entire tourney imo if Davidson makes it to the final.
  5. I honestly think we are on the outside looking in if we lose today. Hell I don’t want to take the chance of winning today and losing in the final. Totally get what you are saying that we will still have a NET 40 but in no way would I feel okay. I would be sweating bullets on Selection Sunday.
  6. Favorite play of the game: Perkins giving a big middle finger to the entire UMass D and throwing it down with authority.
  7. That’s too close for my heart. I would go into cardiac arrest halfway through the show.
  8. Dear Slu, Stock up accordingly on alcoholic beverages tonight. I will be throwing a raging fit if you run out at halftime. Amateur hour.
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