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  1. Venmo option is great. If anyone tries, it asks for Steve’s last 4 digits of his phone number..however, you can bypass that and pay without confirming.
  2. I ended up buying tickets but now can’t use them. If anyone wants two free tickets together in upper level, let me know.
  3. I’m also looking for 2 for the Bonnies. Thanks, Davola
  4. Looking for 2 for tonight. Doesn't matter what location. Let me know, otherwise I'll just purchase through SLU. Thanks all.
  5. Channel 5 is an absolute clown show when it comes to weather forecasts.
  6. Looking for 3 tickets for the game today. Anyone have any they want to part with?
  7. I'm in. I'll be using the 'bags' for my Jameson again...
  8. Anyone have 4 seats they can’t use tomorrow? Please let me know. Thanks.
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